MTV's Tamar Anitai in Times Square.
Photo: MTV

We know what's been on your mind/holding you back/hanging over your head/clouding your judgement/taking over your life ever since May 20, 2011—what EXACTLY does Justin Bieber's new Someday perfume actually smell like? And, more important, will I like it enough to buy it? Well, luckily, our own MTV Buzzworthy blog editor Tamar Anitai pulled some strings and got THE honest-to-god Someday perfume in her little hands. So, what's the first thing she did? Took it to the streets for testing, obvi! Tamar asked strangers in Times Square what they thought about the perfume WITHOUT letting them know it was made by the Biebs. Do you think these strangers passed the smell test? See what they had to say!

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Bella's wedding veil and clip.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The MTV Movie Awards are practically around the corner, and our favorite movie peeps are all happily prepping for the big night, thinking it'll just be another awards ceremony and none of us will be screaming/crying in ecstasy. WRONG. Suddenly, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has to jump in and turn us into crazy people by showing us the first glimpse of matrimonial proceedings between Edward and Bella. Now, of course, we can’t think of anything else and we are buzzing around the office like a pack of starved newborn vamps. Back in April we saw a teensy tiny sketch of Bella’s dress (long, dramatic, draped) and very coyly, the back of her be-veiled and braided head. No glimpse of the wedding dress yet, but we are guessing it’ll be as dramatic and breathtaking as we imagine. And we just got word (HOT OFF THE PRESSES) that Robert, Taylor, and Kristen will be on hand to personally introduce a never-before-seen exclusive clip—and we are praying to see more of the gown.


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Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley.
Photo: Courtesy of typeF

Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley have teamed up to make a series of 'Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion' vids for Tyra's new fashion website/community typeF. The duo picks a topic that real people can relate to like skinny jeans or little black dresses or trench coats or whatever (you know Tyra, she likes to keep it real) and runs absolutely bananaswild with it for five minutes. ALT stations himself in a metal chair and really grounds the whole endeavor with a wealth of historical context (in this one he talks about the Victorian bustline and the Edwardian uni-boob), and Tyra sits on his lap, hamming it up to his every word.

In this installment about "Shapewear" (basically corsets and spanx and prosthesis-looking binding crap that goes from your knees all the way up to your boobs) there is a point where Ms. T is wearing nothing but flesh-colored (like, anglo "flesh-colored") support underwear and walking around like a mummy to indicate how binding all of it is. Obviously the best and only way to illustrate this point...


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Saturday Night Live bumper photo of Lady Gaga.
Photo: Courtesy of NBC/Mary Ellen Matthew

As you all well know, Lady Gaga was the musical guest on the season finale of "SNL" hosted by the ever entertaining and dapper Justin Timberlake. Hordes of eager monsters waited in line FOR DAYS in front of NBC's 30 Rockefeller Center in hopes of getting their claws on standby tickets for the show and, of course, in true Gaga form she sent out donuts, pizza and coffee to keep her adoring public well-fed and happy. Classy broad.

What you might NOT know is who Lady Gaga was wearing for her performances of "Born This Way" and "Judas." While we've chronicled Gagaloo's previous sartorial forays into latex with such designers as RISD-grad Sally LaPointe at her last Oprah performance, and her appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, the latest young gun whipping up stretchy, shiny smocks for mother monster is none other than Jac Langheim.

With an eponymous debut only having JUST launched (like spring of this year), Langheim's versatile collection has caught Nicola Formichetti's eye for a litany of obvious reasons, but it's this New York City designer's unique vision regarding topics such as humor and love that we find the most interesting and are only evidenced by her handmade clothes upon closer inspection:

“My memories tend to be visceral. I recall sensations, the pace and depth of my breath, tingling in my fingertips, how my facial expressions felt as opposed to specific locations, people, or even circumstance. My most intense and favorite memories are those that happened right before I fell in love.

“Part of the fun of latex garments is that they require a dressing aid and often an extra set of hands. I designed with the intention of making it as easy as possible to get in and out of these clothes. Tight pants usually require a bit of patience, and practice. So I may put a functional zipper in as a tuxedo strip. It looks great but is also an easy way to get in and out of my clothing.”

Product shot and sketch of Lady Gaga's performance outfits from Saturday Night Live.
Photo: Courtesy of Jac Langheim

The sculpted sleeves on the right were dramatic as they were impressive (seriously, try getting latex to STAND) anchored cleverly by the elongated neckline, and the latex black-and-blue bodysuit was an exercise in elegant contours ending in garter belted, thigh-high stiletto boots. Definitely looking forward to future collaborations. FOR SURE FOR SURE.

Watch the 'Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside' on Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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Lady Gaga in 'Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside.'
Photo: MTV

It’s well near inhuman how omnipresent this chick is—from American Idol to Cannes to Farmville to releasing a new track from her STILL yet-to-drop album what seems like every week! Seriously? I don't even see my OWN face this much! But just when you were about to tell yourself you're so oversaturated with Lady Gaga and all of her theatrics, and maybe you two need to take a break for the summer but, like, HAKAS and LYLAS for real, she throws a curveball. And I'm not talking, like, she's rocking a new outrageous hairstyle or a new set of pasties. The biggest pop star on the planet, whose main pillar of her career thus far has been keeping everyone at arm's length, far enough away that people focus on her art rather than her personal comings and goings, takes a moment to sit down for an MTV exclusive documentary called Lady Gaga: Inside the Outside (airing Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV) in which she sheds light on her journey from Stefani Germanotta to the Gaga we know and love today.

Mother Monster recalls being bullied by other students at school and how those experiences affected her and influenced her songwriting. She cites her fans as the key to "unlocking things about [herself] that [she] didn't want to handle or deal with or address that make [her] a greater songwriter." But there's no doubt that her unparalleled fashion has also been heavily impacted by this newfound ability to access and confront past wounds. I mean, only a person with the utmost confidence and love for self could step out in such risk-taking garb, amiriiiiite? And Gaga certainly holds nothing back, sartorially speaking, in this interview. Check out the drop-arm sleeveless leather jacket with epaulets, the gem-encrusted flower/sea urchin/ninja throwing star necklace, the thick grometted leather garter on her thigh, and her presumed pantslessness.

Zooming the lens a little closer, we see her latest beauty look of choice: the two-toned black-and-blonde bob, barely there brows paired with more than enough false eyelashes to make up for their absence (and applied BELOW the lower lash line), mini cheek protheses, a deep red pout, BLADOW *awkwardly emphatic full-body gesticulation* that ENORMOLE. Closer still, we get to appreciate all the crazy amazingness (craymazingness?) happening in the phalangeal region. Pay some serious respect to the leather fingerless HANDLESS gloves and the bling, and finally, we'll leave you to clean up the brain pieces that you've just exploded everywhere after gazing upon this red-tipped, metal-embellished almond-shaped Lourve-worthy masterpiece of a manicure.

Close up of Lady Gaga's nails and gloves in 'Lady Gaga: Inside The Outside.'
Photo: MTV




Watch the full documentary on Thursday, May 26, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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Lady Gaga getting spanked by Jean Paul Gaultier in the 'Gaga by Gaultier' documentary.
Photo: Courtesy of Jean Paul Gaultier

I just feel like this is one of those titles that should end with #duh #obvi and #asyoudo because, well, how can you bat an eyelash at any of what's going on here? So while I had every intention of giving y'all at least a 24-hour Lady Gaga break since the entire internet is constantly swarming with her various comings, goings, swaddlings, shoddings, whatever "-ings" the one for hats would be, but then she just goes and does something fascinating and wonderful like hang out with Jean Paul Gaultier so he can make a documentary about her. I love this guy.

I miss Gaultier, just in the sense that I miss him being on my feed and all over the place. Just as I wish Thierry Mugler, the actual man—no disrespect obviously to Nicola Formichetti, who is a genius and the brains behind getting LONG-ARCHIVED LACROIX WEDDING DRESSES onto my television screen *bows deeeeeeeeeeep to anoint hallowed feet with costly emollients*—who is going by "Manfred" and devoting his life to esoteric musical theater would grace my feed with a new fashion creation. Holy please come home Manfred Mugler! (I would add MM links here, but sometimes there's too many surprise exposed penises, and I'm keeping it PG.) ANYWAY, yeah, I love JPG. I love his stripes. I love his shoulder pads. I HATEENVYSEETHERlove that Gaga gets to clawpaw through his archives and pick out stuff she feels like wearing.

I love that they're getting along. I love that she uses the "vous" form when addressing him because she's not a horrible trollop person. I love that when he brings her a bouquet of flowers, they both seem genuinely delighted and happy. Basically, I can't wait for this "Gaga By Gaultier" documentary, because just when I think I've reached my personal saturation point with the Gaggle, she finds another way to pull me back and titillate me all over again. It feels pretty good.


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It's so hard to say goodbye, but the time has come to bid MTV Style Prom Week adieu. At least until next year. We kicked off the week counting down the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses and rounded up the 20 best prom dresses under $100 for frugal fashion plates. Then, we broke down the outfits from MTV's feature film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.', gave you some easy prom hairstyles you can pull off yourself, and moments ago we showed you anti-french manicures for every clique. We round out our coverage with an exclusive look into the showroom of Sherri Hill, celebrity dressmaker and the go-to designer for your perfect prom dress!

Selena Gomez performs at the 2011-12 Disney Kids and Family Upfront in New York on March 16, Snooki at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid, Spain, on Nov. 7, 2010, and Kendall Jenner models for Sherri Hill.
Photo: Getty Images/Sherri Hill

You may or may not already know who Sherri Hill is, but chances are you've seen her work. Whether it's on stage being rocked by Selena Gomez, worn by our girl Snooki at her multiple birthday celebrations (a different dress for each party, duh), modeled by none other than Kardashian sis Kendall Jenner, or on the dance floor of your own prom, the Sherri Hill label has become synonymous with youth, glamour, and fun. The designer thinks about the girl each dress is meant for throughout the entire process (a rarity), and her collection is so eclectic that every girl from rocker to southern belle to glamazon is covered. Peep the interview below!


We were also lucky enough to have Sherri walk us through some of her favorite pieces from her current collection! She says that nude and feathers are BIG for prom this year (take note, I mean, she's kiiiiiind of an authority in all things PROM). The nude dress with the tulle skirt and hand-cut mirror-encrusted bustier that Selena Gomez wore has been the most requested dress of the year (which is pretty easy to see since it's insanely gorgeous). You can really see how dedicated Sherri is from the comprehensiveness of this collection: a purple gown with a bead-encrusted bustier and ruffle skirt, a pink mirror-ball sequined strapless dress, an emerald-and-gold beaded gown with a hi-low hem, and a turquoise frock with a full ostrich feather skirt and a bustier embellished with the tiniest French beads EVER MADE. Check them out in the walk-through below!


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So Swizz Beatz dropped the music video to 'Everyday (Coolin')', and while everybody knows that dude is a sartorial BEAST what with collaborations with none other than Christian Louboutin, we here at MTV Style think Eve is dipped in AMAZINGNESS courtesy of her stylist, Liz McClean. The fashions this woman rocks in the video are not so much "in-your-face" as they are "grab-you-by-the-face-and-shake-you-until-you-can't-see-straight". And she's the first lady of rap, after all, so like, respect.


Eve and Swizz Beatz in 'Everyday (Coolin')'.
All Photos: Courtesy of Swizz Beatz Productions/Everest Entertainment

Swizz has the right idea, pointing his thumb back at Eve with that face and total body-language that reads, "Don't ask me. Just peep this ish," but let's not discount his mega-studded jacket, leather cap, and the opaquest of black shades. And Eve, well, there's so much going on right here that we'll have to break it down in the next SEVERAL steps.


Please appreciate the perfectly matte complexion, the immaculate cat eyes, and impeccable falsie application to where I'm totally fooled and mad at the world for not blessing me with luxuriously thick dark lashes. HOWEVER, what is THAT I spy off to the right??


BAM! Hoooooly embellishments, that is one intricate ear ornament!! Look at this thing (I mean, how can you NOT?)! There are spikes, there are chains, there are rhinestones, there are parts of my heart that are hardening from jealousy. This Erickson Beamon earring is NUTS.


Afkadjkjkfhajklf, remember yesterday when we were gushing about Nicki Minaj's gold corset on 'Dancing with the Stars'? Well, remember that it was made by The Blonds? Eve's voluptuous spiky metal corset is also crafted by these sartorial magic men. WANTWANTWANT.


Eve wears a studded leather jacket and leather leggings (both Philipp Plein) with a deliciously low side part and dark borderline goth lips. She's a tough woman, she knows her fashion, everyone stand down.


E-V-E pulls out all the stops with this look. On top, a leopard print Philipp Plein jacket, a rubber bandeau by Jac Langheim, and a metal corset by Rodrigo Otazu. Yes, you read that right, a RUBBER BANDEAU and a METAL CORSET. And I bet Eve could wear them on the Fourth of July and not break a sweat.


On the bottom, Eve's leggings are Philpp Plein, and these gorgeous lucite bootie wedges are Topshop Unique. Not only are they pretty and edgy and on-trend, but they're also functional! Anyone hanging around her feet who happens to need to see through them and is also immobile can do just that. How considerate! Swizzy's even got his shine on in slick, black patent leather.


And there was NO WAY I was going leave these little guys out! These little dudes in their varsity jackets, bowties, and stunna shades/hipster glasses are TEEMING with swagswagswagswag (one for each). And they all have teddy bear key chains on their jeans!!! *collective awwwww*


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Neurowear's Cat Ears that detect brainwaves.
Photo: Courtesy of Neurowear

Today in decidedly repulsive but undeniably cool news, a Japanese company by the chillingly dystopian name of "Neurowear," has created the Furry expo/Cosplay enthusiast's dream by creating a pair of fuzzy ears that MOVE BY DETECTING YOUR BRAINWAVES. Now, having been an enormous Comic-Convention-attending nerdball for many, many years, clothing or hats that feature paws or ears or tiny woodland creature faces are nothing new and this past winter, even the fashion-conscious streets of New York were lousy with ear-adorned accoutrement as a general trend. This, however, IS SOME NEXT LEVEL ISH.

Called, the "Necomimi" as in, "cat" + "ear" in Japanese, these feline features are mounted onto a thick, satin, very Blair Waldorf season 1 headband and stand up ramrod straight when you're concentrating (in the instructional video, very much like in my own life, the occasion that calls for such deep thinking is when eating a chocolate-glazed donut), and lay flat against your head when you're relaxed.

Now, here's a sociopathic hang-up that reveals way too much about myself, why the hell would you want a "tell"? Life is not unlike like a high-stakes poker game, and there are far too many instances when it is beneficial for people NOT to know EXACTLY what you're thinking. If a girlfriend asks for your opinion on a fuchsia dress made entirely of duchess satin flowers that you personally think is #vomit, but you know for a fact that a) your bestie LUHs it b) it cost a majillion dollars and c) is not returnable, you wouldn't want to be caught out there "concentrating" when she asks you if you like it.

If your ears stick up, you've essentially dry-snitched on yourself and to what gain? Although if you were wearing these ears in the first place on every occasion, like chez BFF, the conversation would probably go like this:

Friend: "What do you think of this dress?" *flounces in pepto-monstrosity*
You: "........." *ears stick up*
Friend: "Thanks a lot, JERK."
You: "........." *ears still sticking up, maybe even higher if that's possible*

Point friend.

P.S.: I am maybe totally getting these, as they only sorta scare me about cancer and are actually rad in a keepsake way.


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Have you been keeping up with these "Gagavision" vids?? Of course you have. You would watch this woman decoupage BEHIND a blackout curtain for hours because it is just fascinating on enough levels. Also, hella weird. And likely scored in an entertaining manner. And you know bish would be rocking some fierceness behind the curtain. You could just FEEL it. Anyway, this is "Gagavision 44." The one where she is preparing for Ellen and her performance of "Judas." Much stylistic goodness. Proceed.


Lady Gaga.
All Photos: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's YouTube page

Oh man. Good lines. Check out the contrast gold/black motif in her blunt bangs/ponytail, sunglasses, V-magazine-as-envisioned-as-a-space-shirt, earrings and even the room with the gilded mirror.


Well, hello and good morning to you, too, prosthetic cheekbones on full force, which we can see now that Gags has removed her specs. This look, with the metallic stripes and mega-strong-shouldered angularity, is very Beetlejuice meets Judy Jetson in a way that's both retro and futuristic, which totally blows my mind. It's past, it's present, it's future. Alpha. Omega. "Bigger than Jesus" etc etc.


In the studio (side note: I'm obSESSED with her work ethic, and if that's nerdy, I don't care! Nerd me up because I was BORN THIS WAY RAWRRR *paws up*), Gaga's sporting a jacket with "Judas" and an upside-down cross scrawled/spray-painted/airbrushed/stenciled on the back in honor and probably also promotion of her single of the same name. The image is a little shaky, probably because whoever was operating the camera was so viscerally moved that any grown woman could rock pigtails SO. HARD. (additional side note: Looooooooooooong pigtails might anti-infantilize the double 'do)


Here's a sweeter side of Gaga with MEOWLINER, a pretty red pout, a ladylike floppy hat with the crown cut out, and that signature hair bow. Also, how classy does that beauty mark look? *draws one on immediately, awaits further instruction*


Faaaaaaaaaaaans! If you look closely, you can see that this dude-monster has two mirror pyramids (mirramids?) attached to his shoulders, and they are incredible. I am seriously impressed. Like, how did he construct such a thing? How is it not falling off? Where did he find all the mirrors? How could he part with so many mirrors??? (Confession time! True Life: I'm Vain.)


And here's another sick personalized Gaga jacket--this time featuring the cover art for 'Born This Way'! It's gorgeous and iconic and Gaga-MOUS, but doesn't it also make you hope even just a teeny tiny little bit that more people start wearing clothes with images of themselves on the back?? Just me? I feel like that would be really fun! And useful! For ...stalkers? Ha ha, who said that?!?


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