Even though Elle Fanning has some big shoes to fill as Rodarte muse (Kirsten Dunst held the title in the past), the 12-year-old seems to be holding her own. Proof: Today the pint-size actress, who stars in Somewhere, debuted a short film, "The Curve of Forgotten Things" created by Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy and director/photographer Todd Cole. The short follows Elle through the empty rooms of a house, as her outfits (all from Rodarte's Spring 2011 RTW collection) change by themselves (we wish!) from room to room.

Check out the video and take a peek at all of the looks from the film below...

YELLOW FEVER: Elle looks like an intergalactic schoolgirl in a yellow skirt and button-up blouse, which is paired with wide-strapped stacked heels and sheer socks.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

PRETTY IN PLAID: Blue plaid high-waisted high-waters with a matching plaid top look nerdy-cool on Elle.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

TIER DROP: This grown-up ensemble gets a hint of kid-quirkiness courtesy of the white skirts off-centered slit tiers.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

PETAL PUSHER: Elle looks like a Hawaiian princess in this blue and white floral halter gown.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

GOLD STANDARD: Between the armor-esque, gilded dress and the intricately gorgeous wedges, we don't know where to look with this ensemble—it's all gorgeous!

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte


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If there's one thing we've learned here at MTV Style from pouring over all of the interviews we've done since our launch last June, it's that A-listers (celebs and designers) say the darndest things about style (i.e. Ke$ha telling us that getting glitter in our guy's beard is like "marking your territory"...and, Bow Wow telling us we "gotta be fly all the time." All the time?!). In case you missed them the first time around, here are some of the best quotes and most interesting tidbits we learned from Hollywood's trendsetters.

+ 23-year-old singer who proudly trademarked "garbage chic" by wearing a trash bag dress to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
On the pros and cons of glitter:
"It's really hard to get the glitter off. I've just given up. I've accepted that it will just be there. It's in all my suitcases, it's usually in my food, in my drinks. Sometimes when I pee, it's in the toilet. I don't know how it got there. Yeah, it's pretty much everywhere. And it also is great if you're making out with a dude with a beard and you have glitter on and you just--ladies, very good tip--just rub your face, just nustle your little face in their beard for just like a second. They won't even notice. They'll just be like, 'Woo! We're making out!' They will have glitter in their beard for like four days, and no other chick will touch them. It's great, it's like peeing on them. It's like marking your territory."
Watch Exclusive Video: Ke$ha Explains Her Garbage And Glitter Style

Phillip Lim
+ Renowned fashion designer who created Kanye West's outfits for his short film, "Runaway"
On watching "Runaway":
"I think it is very culturally interesting. It brings together music, fashion, and art, which isn’t a new concept, but it is also something which is quite challenging to do."
Read Everything You Wanted To Know About Kanye West's Phillip Lim Clothes In 'Runaway'

Colleen Atwood
+ Academy Award-winning costume designer who created the looks for My Chemical Romance's 'Sing' music video
On how she made brand new clothes look old and vintage-y:
"Overall, we did a lot of sanding and waxing. We sanded the costumes to soften them up and used wax that we melted with an iron to give them a shiny quality, so it would look like they've been worked in and lived in for a long time. Kind of like when you see homeless people and they're clothes look stiff."
See The Look By Look: My Chemical Romance's 'Sing' Music Video

Franc Fernandez
+ The designer/artist who created the now-infamous meat dress that Lady Gaga wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards
On if it left a bloody trail:
"No, not at all. It's actually very clean meat, very sturdy and strong and doesn't run at all. It's the meat you use to make a roast, where you roll it in a tortilla and put it in the oven. Hence, the shoes — that's why they were wrapped in butcher twine."
Read Everything You Wanted To Know About Lady Gaga's VMA Meat Dress!

Ed Westwick
+ The chest-revealing actor who plays Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl
On men's swimwear options and if he wears little banana hammocks:
"Oh, always. Certainly."
Read Ed Westwick's Take On Little Speedos In The Summer

Martin Izquierdo
+ Acclaimed costume designer who created the wings worn by Selita Ebanks in Kanye West's short film, "Runaway"
On how many feathers were used to build the wings:
"In feather terms, by the time we cut away the parts that aren't used, we used 15 pounds of feathers. We only use the tips of them, and most of the feather was discarded."
Read Everything You Wanted To Know About The Wings Selita Ebanks Wore In Kanye West's 'Runaway'

Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi
+ Jersey Shore star who made headlines this year for abandoning her signature pouf
On how to pick the perfect swimsuit:
"If you look sexy in it, and it makes you look tan, the swimsuits or, you know, the bikini, that's when you wear it. If the bikini makes you look disgusting and pale, then you don't want to wear it. So you definitely need bright colors to make your skin look more tan."
Watch 'Jersey Shore' Style: How To Pick The Perfect Swimsuit
On beach essentials:
"Well definitely the first thing that I bring to the beach is alcohol. You always need a good drink. Definitely water because you get dehydrated. That's pretty much it: Alcohol and water. That's all I need. And a beach chair, obviously."
Watch 'Jersey Shore' Style: Beach Essentials

Cee Lo Green
+ Musician whose hit single "F*** You" was nominated for a Grammy
On the "trend" he likes to see women wear:
"You know what I like with girls? I like the way it looks when they have on the tight jeans. I like the way they stick their cell phones in their back pocket. [Laughs] I've been seeing this so much lately that I don't know if it's something that they've discussed amongst themselves. Like, 'This is the new way to go, girls.' But it looks good. It's got a nice little look to it. It's sexy, please continue."
Watch Video: Cee Lo Says Tight Jeans + Cell Phones = Sexy

Mark Ronson
+ Grammy-winning musician/DJ who dyed his brown hair platinum in July
On whether blondes have more fun:
"I've only had it blond for about two weeks, so it's kind of interesting, I mean, just to change it, like if you're 34 and going through some mid-life crisis or something. But I haven't had markedly any more fun since I've gone blond. In fact, I've had less fun because I think the expectations are so high, of having so much fun being blond, that it hasn't been a great month, no."
Watch Video: Mark Ronson On His Bleached Hair, Men's Fashion, And His Ultimate Style Icon

Noritaka Tatehana
+ Designer behind the gravity-defying shoes that Lady Gaga often trots around in
On the inspiration behind heel-less shoes:
"I am interested in history and in the old culture and would like to divert them into modern world. The unique and creative shape comes from "Kan Pokkuri," which used to be clogs made of empty cans. In the old days, Japanese children used to make these clogs, passing a cord through holes made in the cans. After placing each foot on a can, they tried to walk, holding the cord in their hands."
Read Meet Noritaka Tatehana, The Designer Who Creates Custom Nine-Inch Platform Shoes For Lady Gaga

J. Cole
+ Breakout Roc Nation rapper with a penchant for baggy jeans and bling
On saggy jeans:
"You know what's crazy? Of course, I always sagged my whole life, but I feel like I feel like when I got my deal, I sag so much harder now. Because you know what, I really I feel like man I'm never going to get — well, hopefully — I'm never going to get a 9 to 5. I'm never going to go on job interviews. So it's kind of my rebellion to the world. I'm going to sag my jeans. That's just what I'm gonna do."
Watch Video: J. Cole On Style — I Want To Get A Chain Just To 'Glow A Little Bit'

Bow Wow
+ Rapper-turned-actor-turned-rapper whose next album Underrated is slated to release in early 2011
On the importance of a fly swagger:
"The flyer you are the more attention that you're going to attract. That's what it seems like. Especially with women, because they're so materialistic anyways and they like nice stuff. They can probably point out what you have on before you can even look down at it. So I look at it as the flyer you are, and if you're up on your swagger and your game is tight, I believe clothes…that's presence. That's called presence. That's very important. That's like saying, would I talk a girl if she was in the club in Ugg boots and a ripped-up something and hair all over the place? No! I'm going to talk to the girl in the dress with the heels on and nice oiled legs and she looks good! That's who I want to be around. So you gotta be fly all the time."
Watch Video: Bow Wow Says Oily Legs Are The Secret To Landing A Man

Asher Levine
+ Fashion Designer who made one-of-a-kind pieces for Lady Gaga
On the challenge of designing the white straightjacket coat for Gaga's Today show appearance:
"When she kicked off her Monster Ball tour, they said they wanted a new jacket. They wanted purple at first, so I got three whole cows in purple. It's a lot of skin. It takes about 200 square feet of animal skin to make one of those oversize coats. At the last minute, they go, 'We want it to be white.' So I went back my factory and found all these nice lambskins and cut that up and put it together. And I'm really happy how it turned out."
Read Lady Gaga Style: Meet Asher Levine, The 22-Year-Old Designer Who Dresses Lady Gaga

Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino
+ Ab-licious Jersey Shore star who appeared on Dancing With the Stars this year
On how he chooses his swim trunks:
"I pick my swimsuits just like I pick my women, OK? As soon as I see it, I like it, and that's it. I get it real quick."
Watch 'Jersey Shore' Style: How To Pick The Perfect Swimsuit

+ Rapper, actor, and Akoo fashion designer
On his grooming habits:
"The most important part of my grooming routine? Hygiene. It doesn't matter how you look as much as how you smell. You can look good and smell bad and nobody will see you. You smell bad, look good, and everybody will smell you. So I think hygiene, cleanliness, is the best grooming tip I can give."
Watch Video: T.I. Reveals His Grooming Secrets!

Taylor Momsen
+ Triple threat: Gossip Girl actress, The Pretty Reckless frontwoman, and John Galliano model
On firing her stylist:
"I don't think being in a band has allowed me to be more free, I think firing my stylist has allowed me to be more free. I now dress myself, and told everyone who was telling me to look a certain way and fit a certain mold for the niche that I was being put in, and I said f*** that. ... I was getting molded into this thing that wasn't who I am, and fitting into the world that can make you popular or something. I was never the popular chick so I don't even know what that means. ... Just making that mental decision that I'm going to be myself, and if people hate it they can hate it, but at least I'm happy with how I'm walking down the street."
Watch Exclusive Video: Taylor Momsen On Her Style, Beauty Routine, Firing Her Stylist, And Modeling

Enrique Iglesias
+ Pop music singer/songwriter who released his album Euphoria in July
On pre-concert pampering:
“Before a show, I'll shower for like, half an hour just because of the steam. And it helps my throat. I'll wax my chest and wax my back...the most important thing is waxing my back. Making sure that my back doesn't get too hairy.”
Watch Video: What's Enrique Iglesias' Style Secret? Waxing!

+ R&B star who released his album Libra Scale, started working on a hat line and fragrance this year
On the importance of style:
“I feel like clothing is a lot like music; it's a representation of who you are. So if you are a slouch, if you are an idiot, then dress like that. Go ahead, belt your jeans at your thighs and keep your jeans hanging out so everyone can see your boxer shorts even though we didn't ask to see your boxer shorts, go ahead. Wear your shirt 17 sizes too big, please, by all means, because that's who you are. Oh wait, that's not who you are? Then why the hell are you dressing like that because that's who you're telling me you are! That's what I see when I look at you, I see an idiot. But, that's just my personal opinion. Again, what you look like, speaks before you speak. Before you say a word, people are painting a picture. People are putting together what they think you are just by what you look like. So why would you dress like an idiot if you didn't want people to think you're an idiot."
Watch Video: Ne-Yo Is Currently Working On A Hat Line And Declares The Year Of The Gentleman Not Over

The Game
+ Rapper with a SERIOUS face tat and a love for loose-fitting denim
On if baggy pants should be outlawed:
"They're trying to stop...they just show a bunch of kids wearing baggy pants and try to like make some type of law saying you have to pull up your pants law? It's not going to work. People are still going to be sagging. And, I mean, where are police going to start? Missing murders and hopping out writing out tickets for sagging and there's a lady getting robbed around the corner at gunpoint? I mean, it's too many people sagging. It's multiculture at this point. I mean, Asian, Black, White, every guy sags. It's just, nobody wants to wear their pants all the way up on their navel unless they're going to a business meeting or something. You know, it's cool and it feels better. It's definitely more comfortable. I couldn't ever drive sitting on my pockets. You get it? My wallet's in my back pocket and it's just uncomfortable. So you sag, and when you get out of the car you keep it moving like that. [But what about these hipsters, you know, who wear the real tight black pants?] They different. They from Mars."
Watch Video: The Game Sees No End To Saggy Pants

Juliet Simms
+ 24-year-old lead singer of Automatic Loveletter
On what to wear on scorching hot summer days:
"I think it's a cool trend to dress more freely and more hippie, but as long as you don't go into the slutty, skanky route of it. Keep it classy, wear some good jewelry, don't let your t*** hang out. Like, cover your things up. But, yeah, if it's hot outside, go about it in a cool, hippie-like, non-whorish way."
Watch Video: Automatic Loveletter's Juliet Simms On Her 'Male Meets Female' Rocker Style

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Ciara, who's new album "Basic Instinct" is out today, has perfected the art of dressing tomboy-chic. Who can forget the boots and bling that the singer so proudly crunked in when she first hit the main scene in 2004 with "Goodies"? Today, the hip-hop diva continues to balance her girly looks (cheekbones to die for, long wavy hair, a killer body) with a confident sense of style (have you SEEN the looks from her "Gimme Dat" video?!). When Ciara stopped by the MTV.com studios recently, there were two things we were dying to ask her: First, what does she use on her skin to keep it looking so flawless? And second, do her and her BFF Kim Kardashian really share clothes? Here's what she told us...



+ Do you think Ciara is a fashion icon?

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Cee Lo Green, the raspy-voiced crooner from Gnarls Barkley, was nominated for five Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year and Record of the Year for "F*** You" from his album The Lady Killer. Sure, the catchy track is one of the BEST breakup anthems we’ve heard in a long time, but we can’t help but wonder if Cee Lo's cheeky style (he's usually rocking checkered bow ties, bright pocket handkerchiefs, and too-dark-to-see-my-eyes shades) has had anything to do with his success. When he stopped by the MTV.com studios recently, we asked him what it costs to dress like him. His answer? “You can buy clothes, but you can’t buy style.” Touché! Check out the videos below to find out about Cee Lo’s $7,000 pair of sunglasses and the one item of clothing he'll never wear twice, plus his favorite look on the ladies (P.S. it’s not what you think!).



+ Do you like Cee Lo Green's "Lady Killer" style?

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Nicki Minaj at the 2010 BET Awards in Los Angeles.
Photo: PictureGroup

If you've ever wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at Nicki Minaj's life (because who doesn't?!), now's your chance. The MC/pink-loving rising diva recently tweeted to announce her first hour-long documentary, in which she granted MTV exclusive access to her life. MTV was there for her first live performance at the VMAs, traveled with her to her native Trinidad, and even tagged along with her to the studio as she prepped for her debut album, Pink Friday. We can't wait to see if the film crew also captured moments of her diva primping, because that would be amazing. Fingers crossed! In the meantime, check out a trailer for the documentary, Nicki Minaj: My Time Now below!

+ Watch Nicki Minaj: My Time Now Sunday, Nov. 28, at 10pm ET on MTV.com!!!

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Sky Ferreira.
Photo: Andreea Radulescu/MTV

Sky Ferreira, an 18-year-old rising electro-pop star and Twitter frenemy of Katy Perry, stopped by the MTV studios recently to dish about her personal style. "Fashion is a very big thing in everyone's life," she told us. "I wouldn't say it defines you, but it helps express yourself." Even though the budding singer/songwriter hasn't officially released her debut album yet (it comes out early next year), she already made an impression in the fashion world by gracing the cover of Jalouse magazine in June, and it's rumored that Sky will star in Diesel's spring 2011 campaign. And she's proud of her style, despite some people nay-saying her unique look. "Of course, people criticize my style," she told us. "They'll be like, 'She looks skanky, she looks like she doesn't shower.' Or, 'Why is she wearing a giant flannel and ripped jeans on national TV?' It really depends." Find out more about Sky's favorite fashion trends (and faux pas!) in the clip below.


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Juliet Simms.
Photo: Jack Jeffries/MTV

Juliet Simms, the 24-year-old lead singer of Automatic Loveletter, showed off some amazing, sometimes-skimpy-but-always-stylish outfits on the Warped Tour last summer, so we were thrilled when she dropped by MTV Style to talk fashion. Juliet told us that the musicians of the '60s, '70s, and '80s are the influence behind the loose-fitting, hippie outfits she rocks onstage. She also opened up about her personal style, the difference between looking good and looking "skanky," the process behind putting together her performance outfits, and her fashion essentials. Watch the videos below to hear Juliet Simms talk more about style.

"I try to pull from male rock stars from the '60s, '70s, and '80s, such as Jim Morrison, Robert Plant, or David Bowie or Axl Rose, Steven Tyler. That’s like some of my favorite music, and those records are what I grew up with my entire life. So my style essentially is just rocker, male meets female. I also try to keep it not slutty or skanky."

"I try to put together different outfits every night. So I bring essentials like my wet pants, faux jeans, laces, and fishnets, jewelry … whatever I feel is right at the moment. I can't leave without my boots, whether it’s my platform booties or my cowboy boots."

+ Do you like Juliet Simm's style?

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Jesse McCartney.
Photo: Brian Appio/MTV

Jesse McCartney is gearing up to release his fourth album, Have It All, in December, so he dropped by the MTV studios recently to talk music. The pop star told us he wanted his new album to be "timeless" — and that's the same word Jesse used to describe his style, too. The 23-year-old opened up about fashion and told us that he draws his fashion influences from classic icons, such as Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. And when it comes to trends, Jesse loves shoes (who doesn't?!). He even gets a new pair every week. Check out all the videos below to find out Jesse McCartney's thoughts on style — including his pet peeve about women's fashion.

"I want to see a picture of myself in 20 years and not say to myself, 'What was I thinking?'"

"I have to admit, I have a shoe fetish, man, I go crazy for shoes. Every day, every week, I go out and get the next cool pair of kicks."

"The thing I don't like about when girls dress up or when they're going out is when they look uncomfortable. It's not necessarily an item of clothing; it's just if they look uncomfortable or for some reason can't walk, it's just kind of awkward."

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Mark Ronson at an MTV.com photo shoot.
Photo: Andreea Radulescu/MTV

Mark Ronson, musician/DJ/producer, has an amazing Brit-boy style, which is why we quizzed him on men's fashion when he stopped by MTV studios recently. He opened up about a lot of things, including his least favorite trend (sandals in aiports), his personal style (jazz shoes are a fave), and how he would never consider himself a style icon (but he considers David Bowie one!). Also, of his recent change from brunette to bleached-blond hair, he busts the myth that blonds have more fun. "I haven't had markedly any more fun since I've gone blond," Mark Ronson said. "In fact, I think I've had less fun." Watch all the videos below to find out more Mark Ronson thoughts on style.

"I haven't had markedly any more fun since I've gone blond. In fact, I think I've had less fun because I think the expectations were so high of having so much fun being blond that it hasn't been a great month, no."

"I feel like there's people like David Bowie that are just smarter, and cleverer, and more stylish than the rest of us and reinvent the wheel and we all follow them. I don't think I have that gene. I don't consider myself a fashion icon. I think you'd have to be a bit of a d*** to say that out loud. Unless you're David Bowie. Then you're allowed to."

"I think we're going through an OK period in men's fashion. I think the indie-slash-American Apparel aesthetic has filtered into most of society. I don't know, the kids are looking good."

"I don't really spend a whole lot of time deciding what I'm going to wear in the morning. As far as sneakers go, I don't really own that many sneakers. I used to own a huge amount, not like DJ AM or Samantha, my sister, levels of pairs of sneakers."

+ Do you like Mark Ronson's style?

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How much do you love sneakers? That's what MTV Style wanted to find out when we stopped by Sneaker Con, the ultimate sneaker lover convention, a few weeks ago in New York City for the latest episode of Show Us Your Style. And what we found was an epic crowd of sneakerheads — more than 1,200 guys and girls showed up wearing the most exclusive sneakers imaginable on their feet. People traded shoes with each other all over the place, and the customizing of tees and hats happened on the spot. But what is the root of this crazy sneaker culture? Spence from Brooklyn summed it up perfectly: "Sneakers represent a part of life." Watch the video to see the five hottest outfits (and plenty of amazing streetwear style!) at Sneaker Con.


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