Danny McBride, Seth Rogen, and Elijah Wood in Beastie Boys' 'Fight for Your Right Revisited.'
All Photos: Courtesy of Capitol Records

So usually when we delve into a Look By Look, it's of a video that could be considered relatively "girly" (see the "Monte Carlo" trailer, "Till The World Ends," and "Hold It Against Me"), but when the legendary Beastie Boys released "Fight for Your Right Revisited," we all agreed it was too fantastically awesome to overlook. The 20-some-odd-minute short film directed by Adam Yauch is an homage to the Beasties' former selves, but more than that, it's a 76 trombone parade of celeb after celeb after celeb. We can only cover so many (Seriously, guys. This thing is a cast of 39, and sometimes I like to remind myself that there is a world with fresh air and warm sunlight and happy little bluebirds out there. Sorry I'm not sorry.), but walk with me here.


Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and Elijah Wood are our leads, playing Mike D, MCA, and the kaYOOtest Ad-Rock EVER, respectively. The film opens as the boys just exit the party from the "(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party)" video. The outfits are dead-on for the old-school originals. From the leather short brim hat, throwback Fila tee, to the Adidas shell tops, these ensembles remind me of simpler times when Reagan was president, Bon Jovi ruled, the economy was in the garbage and... I wasn't born yet. Minor technicality. I was there in spirit. Or existed, at the very least, as an afterthought... forethought... whatever. (Editor's note: GROSS that you weren't alive yet Gaby, you tiny baby child. No disrespect to any of our readers who are also soft-skulled proto-people.)


The Beasties are met at the foot of the stairs by the couple (played by Susan Sarandon and Stanley Tucci) whose apartment they had just trashed. Another dead ringer for the OG video, but more important, if Susan wanted to start sporting the birth-control glasses, I would fully support it. #hipsterproblems


The trio then sets out on a destructive rampage of looting, pillaging, and dousing passersby in cheap-but-nonetheless-stolen beer/foam. One such victim is a dapper Will Arnett in a navy three-piece suit complete with canary yellow pocket square. The demise of the suit is tragic, but at least his rock-hard 'do escaped unscathed. Please also note the CUHLASSIC, French cuff, douche-hole retro banker shirt.


Two presumed churchgoers (played by Rainn Wilson and Arabella Field) become casualties when Danny McBride perches himself atop a car, shakes up a can, and opens it, letting its contents RAIN DOWN (couldn't resist) on any and everyone downwind. It's fine, though, because it looks like Arabella's cardigan is made of terry cloth or something equally absorbent.


The chaos migrates to Château de Ted et Michel Dée (shoutout to Mike D!), a fancy-pants restaurant where the majority of the celebrity cameos take place. Like, 8 seconds into the scene you see Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Shannyn Sossamon, Roman Coppola, Steve Buscemi, Alicia Silverstone, and Jason Schwartzman. Laura Dern is looking super-on-trend, sipping sweetly in ruby lips and what (dare I say) might totally be the American Apparel wool floppy hat.


Amy Poehler does her best Parisian sourpuss in a look that reads half navy-beret, half condescending scowl.


The three Beasties run into three "metal girls" coming from a Van Halen concert (as if I needed to explain the technicolor mullets). Fashion plate Chloë Sevigny does the bored-but-hot thing really well in a slashed tee, perfect tassel leather jacket, foldover boots and lace tights.


The other two metals girls, played by Maya Rudolph and Kirsten Dunst, are a vision of late-eighties neon/animal/tutu/acid-washed/skin-tight goodness. Extra credit points for the mesh shirt UNDER the bustier. Grossmagic.


Because what music video is complete without Will Ferrell in a mariachi costume playing a cowbell atop a retro white limo?


OMG ORLANDO BLOOM. If anyone else wearing a nylon members-only jacket, a silver heart belt buckle and animal fang necklace tried to holler at me on the street, I wouldn't think twice, and yet Orli has me swooning. WHAT/WHY/TELL ME HOW. LOL at the super murderer-ish wood paneled station wagon in the background.


Finally, SURPRISE!!!! The boys are confronted by another trio — FUTURE BEASTIES (played by Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, and Jack Black) with a Delorean, checked dance mat, and massive Say Anything style boombox. They have a dance off, things get messy, etc etc JUST WATCH THE VIDEO ALREADY. And if you've already seen it, WATCH IT AGAIN!


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Lady Gaga starts off her latest installment of Gagavision with that same mesmerizing makeup application videography we fell in love with in her last Gagavision vid. We could literally spend hours watching it on loop. But just as hypnotizing...in this new clip, we get a close-up/in action look at Lady G's pointy shoulders (she really could poke somebody’s eye out with those things), which she outfits with a black and white wig, fur jacket, and a teacup filled with pearls(!?!) in one shot and a single-shoulder black sparkly leotard and cross necklace in another shot.

Later, the pop star talks about "Judas," her latest controversial single (which was leaked on April 15), and how she came up with the concept. "All of the songs on the album, to be completely candid [were written quickly]. The creative process is approximately 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas, in the forms of melodies, usually, or chord progressions and melodies and some sort of a theme/lyric idea. It all happens in approximately 15 minutes of this giant regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings," she says. And then there are "days, months, years" spent fine-tuning. Her takeaway: "Honor the vomit." OK. Done. What we definitely ALSO honor is that metallic shift dress she is rockin' in the empty bathtub. It's hot, right? When asked to say the most personal thing she could say to her fans on camera, she said, "The greatest challenge in writing "Born This Way" is I had to become confident and secure in myself. I had to leave my insecurity behind me." That’s interesting 'cause with that hair, those loooooong nails and million-inch platforms, we never pegged her as the insecure type. Just sayin'. P.S. If you’re wondering what Lady Gaga typed into the phone in the beginning of the clip, it was "Marry the Night," another track from her album Born This Way. Gotta love a superfan Easter egg.

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After seeing Dezirae let her boyfriend Omar do her makeup, we realized this is totally a THING on YouTube. Turns out, there are a TON of girls who are willing to give their dudes free reign over their kits and faces. Our favorites below feature boyfriends/husbands who straight-up SPEW makeup pearls of wisdom. Check them out and pick up a few new application techniques of your own. Or don't.

The confidence that Omar possesses in regards to his makeup prowess made us wonder if this whole do-your-girlfriends-makeup-on-YouTube idea was his idea. His take: "I watch her when she's in the mirror doing her thing. All I have to do is just copy. How hard can that be. Right?" That's right, Omar.

Top Techniques:
• Make sure you "wipe" or rub products in with "the tips...the finger tips." In other words, blend well.
• Keep a stash of baby wipes around for mistakes
• Use blush as eyeshadow and apply it with an angled brush.

Makeup Words of Wisdom:
• "Im not big on technicalities, but it's called a thing...a MAC thing." — Omar, in reference to an eye pencil
• "We all make mistakes." — Omar
• "Bllllullllullll," — Omar's way of adding soundtrack as he shows the different brushes to the camera

WE have to give it to him, Tyler can pick out products like a pro. But, apply them? Ummm…NO!

Top Techniques:
• Forego the pat and blend method. Instead rub makeup in like lotion.
• Apply bronzer on “the spots where the sun would normally hit.”
• Blush and highlighter should go on the jawline. Why not?!
• Eyeliner should be applied a half-inch away from the lash line.

Makeup Words of Wisdom:
“I basically just draw circles around [the] eyes.” — Tyler

There’s lots of laughing in this boyfriend/girlfriend video, because, well, it’s hilarious.

Top Techniques:
• Apply blush under the cheek and always apply a little extra "for good luck."

Makeup Words of Wisdom:
• She, in response to him coming at her with an eye pencil: "Are you doing it on the top or bottom?"
• "I dunno, which one is first?"
• She: "Do it on the top," as she cringes in fear for her eyeballs.
• "I'm doing this on purpose. I know what im doing, I'm a professional." — Shawn

Sebastian is apparently taking his girl out on a date after he does her makeup. When Cocobelle asked him where they’re going he said "to the circus." Hahahaaaaaaaa. So, you know where this makeup look is headed.

Top Techniques:
• Blow (spit?) on brushes before dipping them into powder.
• Stick one finger into your mouth and pull out to get rid of any excess lip gloss.

Makeup Words of Wisdom
• He: "I forgot the wet stuff."
• She: "The wet stuff? ...The base?"
• He: “Yeah"

Benji attempts a natural/nude/dark bridal look, which includes faux lashes, "a red thing," and "Infallable by L'Oreal Beyonce." (What?!)

Top Techniques:
• Start off with moisturizer.
• If a product says it stays on all day (like the Infallable) put it on first.
• Reverse your faux lashes — glue the wide end on the inner corner of your eyes.

Makeup Words of Wisdom:
• "It's like a salt and pepper shaker." — Benji, in reference to the packaging of the mineral powder.
• "Close your nostrils." — Benji

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Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

Holy smokes. So, there's this teenager in Wisconsin who has this mom who likes alliteration and talks about "persistence" and "perfection" a whole bunch and spent SIX YEARS weaving Starburst wrappers into a prom dress for her daughter who plays soccer. Naturally, she bought the candies 20 pounds at a time, with five failed attempts. THOUSANDS of teeny, tiny multicolored squares were folded eight times before they were fine enough to be woven into this knee-length number (LOLOLOL what if maxis were really in that season, there would've been DRAMA). The last fold had to be so precise that tweezers were used. It was that intense. Anyway, the mom is no stranger to PERSISTENCE and PERFECTION, so she made not only a purse but also shoes and a matchy-poo vest for her daughter's date, who is a very patient teen who knew from jump street that he "had no choice."

While I applaud this mother's tireless and valiant efforts and adore the DIY spirit behind making your own dress or flipping and reversing some other CRAPPY dress and making something MAGICAL (also, I am a huge fan of duct tape prom, remember duct tape prom?), I am worried about this amount of labor going into ONE NIGHT when there is such a thing as a WEDDING to consider in her daughter's future. I'm just saying, she might not be doing such a good job at managing expectations, but what do I know? I am a terrible curmudgeon who is not seeing the forest for the trees. Maybe I'll feel differently when I have a daughter. I just hope this mom is getting a jump on making her baby girl's wedding dress NOW because who can say how long that will take.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

The boyfriend. Who, to his credit, is pretty cute for getting into his lady's theme. Oh, and the entire family lucked out since the prom theme for that year was "Candyland." Well, played everyone.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

Peeptoes. I do love the rickrack effect on the soles. It looks really difficult. Man, I can imagine mom now, wearing a jeweler's loupe under a lamp into the wee hours of the night. DEDICATION, MOM! (*note to self: call own mom).

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

A clutch. Naturally, can't have anything detracting from the main show.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

Tiers! So on-trend for any year. Also, note that there is in fact stretchy fabric upon which the wrappers were overlaid. Mom didn't actually shred the wrappers into strips to WEAVE everything. Something to think about for next year! KIDDING.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

What mom saw when she closed her eyes at night.



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Swearings: Sweater earrings.
Photo: Courtesy of College Humor

Oh man, today is the day for hysterical fashion portmanteaus. First of all, have you seen Junderpants? As in Jegging/Underpants? They're basically jegging boxer briefs and are as hilarious and gross and moose knuckly as you would think. Then, via Refinery29, we stumbled upon this College Humor video, entitled "The Problem With Jeggings," which gets progressively more ridiculous and satisfying the increasingly bastardized the clothes become. Here are the most SFW/PG.


Photo: Courtesy of College Humor


Photo: Courtesy of College Humor


Photo: Courtesy of College Humor


Photo: Courtesy of College Humor


Photo: Courtesy of College Humor


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Wow. Something as simple as putting on makeup becomes purest EDUTAINMENT when it involves Ms. Lady Gaga. In her latest Gagavision video, we are completely hypnotized by her makeup artist's insane brush skills, AND we get to peep her perfectly lined lids up close. Some other gems in this vid: She talks about going nude 24/7 to be "timeless" (DO ITT!!!), she SLAMS some homophobes, and we get to see those red hot stiletto nails in their full glory. YUM.

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Oh Land at MTV.
Photo: MTV

Oh, Oh Land. Oh, oh, oh, oh Oh Land. Don't you just want to be best of friends with this Danish singer? She's so the girl from out of town who starts school halfway though the semester and is so nice to you in the cafeteria because she has no idea that she registers much higher on the popularity pecking order and then is STILL nice to you once she figures it all out. Plus, she doesn't even ask for her cut-up T-shirt that you borrowed back. The one that you're just WAITING on summer to bust out so all your camp friends will be SLAYED by the coolness that doesn't belong to you at all. :(

ANYWAYS, the former, formally trained ballet dancer and our current obsession has a crazy-making confidence and enigmatic charm that make rainbow colored unicorn babies with gigantic shiny eyes feel ordinary and like they have nothing interesting to say. Aaaaand if you listen to her music, from her self-titled debut album that dropped on March 15 (cop it here!), you'll totally know what we're talking about. Plus, blessedly, Oh Land's friendly enough to share her secrets on how to be so pretty. Out of the goodness of her heart. And so we don't envy rage and cry off our makeup at our desks with feeble shaking fists. Close. Call. Check her out and watch her be super diplomatic about how she feels about ballet trends.




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Hey dudes. As you all know, some of us trekked down to Austin, Texas, to produce the 2011 Woodie Awards and to report live from the SXSW scene like our very own Tamar Anitai, who's not only intrepid and hilarious but also kind enough to bless us with this awesome, behind-the-scenes video featuring the mega-gorge Alexis Krauss #swoonswoonswoon of Sleigh Bells. In this exclusive segment, Tamar (whose complete reportage assemblage can be found on the MTV Buzzworthy Blog) and Alexis discuss pressing style issues such as Cleopatra as a sartorial icon, the uniquely important inclusion of glitter in your makeup and nail polish, as well as where Alexis gets all her ridic cute clothes. Also mentioned: The best nail salons in London and the deep, dark origin story of Ms. Krauss's first decision to get blunt, brow-length bangs. All this and more below (ed note: YO TAMAR, what lipstick you wearing, girl? The pop of scarlet in matte is major. DM me.).

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The Charlotte Ronson Fall 2011 show in New York on Feb. 12.
Photo: Getty Images

Get an insiders view of hair, makeup, and model mania with these behind-the-scenes clips from some of our fave New York Fashion Week shows.

Charlotte Ronson teamed her music influences (hello, her siblings are DJ Samantha Ronson and producer/DJ Mark Ronson) with her designs, creating a grunge meets military look. The hair (cornrows to one side) and makeup (dusky smoky eyes) added to the punk vibe of the entire show. {Watch.}

Betsey Johnson gave us her signature kooky style sense (as usual), but also a rich collection of tights, tops and frocks, inspired by the Victorian age. Look out for the lace spray painted hairdo in the clip. AMAZING! {Watch.}

• The Cynthia Steffe fashion show was packed with people who wanted to catch a glimpse of the luscious textures, exotic animal prints, menswear-inspired silhouettes, and polished-but-relaxed strands that went parading down the runway. {Watch.}


Mara Hoffman, Vena Cava, And Rachel Comey
JWOWW Closes The Richie Rich Show
Steven Alan, BCBG, and Nicholas K
Christian Siriano's Shoe Designs Cause A Scene
Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor, and Rebecca Minkoff
Bold Braids
Celebs Flock To The Tents
Our Three Favorite Weekend Shows
DVF, Victoria Beckham, and Alexander Wang
Betsey Johnson, Marc Jacobs, Monique Lhuillier, and Alice + Olivia
Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang, Tibi, Marc By Marc Jacobs, Herve Leger By Max Azria, Rodarte
The Many Looks Of Vanessa Hudgens
Jeremy Scott's Eye Candy Of A Show
The Blonds Go Gaga For Glitter
Oscar De La Renta, Proenza Schouler, Anna Sui, Marchesa, 3.1 Philip Lim, And Michael Kors
L.A.M.B., Naeem Khan, Ralph Lauren, Isaac Mizrahi, And Calvin Klein

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Even though Elle Fanning has some big shoes to fill as Rodarte muse (Kirsten Dunst held the title in the past), the 12-year-old seems to be holding her own. Proof: Today the pint-size actress, who stars in Somewhere, debuted a short film, "The Curve of Forgotten Things" created by Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy and director/photographer Todd Cole. The short follows Elle through the empty rooms of a house, as her outfits (all from Rodarte's Spring 2011 RTW collection) change by themselves (we wish!) from room to room.

Check out the video and take a peek at all of the looks from the film below...

YELLOW FEVER: Elle looks like an intergalactic schoolgirl in a yellow skirt and button-up blouse, which is paired with wide-strapped stacked heels and sheer socks.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

PRETTY IN PLAID: Blue plaid high-waisted high-waters with a matching plaid top look nerdy-cool on Elle.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

TIER DROP: This grown-up ensemble gets a hint of kid-quirkiness courtesy of the white skirts off-centered slit tiers.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

PETAL PUSHER: Elle looks like a Hawaiian princess in this blue and white floral halter gown.

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte

GOLD STANDARD: Between the armor-esque, gilded dress and the intricately gorgeous wedges, we don't know where to look with this ensemble—it's all gorgeous!

Elle Fanning in 'The Curve of Forgotten Things' and Rodarte's Spring 2011 look..
Photo: Rodarte


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