Zanita Whittington, Michelle Koesnadi of Glisters & Blisters, and Justyna Baraniecki of Chichichic!.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Style Yourself'

If the glow of your computer screen is beginning to burn your retinas for your insatiable appetite for beautifully dressed fashion bloggers, boooooyyy do we have the solution for you. It's called a BOOK. You can, like, actually hold it in your hands. You know, take it to the beach and actually be able to read it under the bright sunlight, unlike your touch screen cell phone. Super amazeballs/famous blogger Jane Aldridge from Sea of Shoes wrote the foreword for the Style Yourself guide, which features outfits from all your fash faves (yes, even Tavi, Karla, and Susie) and offers sound advice on how to cop their looks. Our favorite part though? The "remixes"! Three bloggers are shown sporting a trend in three different ways (JUST LIKE WE DO EVERY WEEK!!), so of course we HAD to pick our favorite looks and share them with you! Buy the entire Style Yourself book for the full experience.

First up: monochromatic. Dressing in one color makes you long and lean, and Style Yourself says to "add lots of texture for visual variety." Zanita Whittington of Zanita wears head-to-toe yellow (daring) with a lemon motorcycle jacket, dandelion pleated skirt, and tangerine stacked sandals. Michelle Koesnadi of Glisters and Blisters took jeans and a tank top to new heights by coordinating her entire outfit (even her bag!) in shades of blue. Justyna Baraniecki of Chichichic! went for smooth dark chocolate brown from top to bottom, which we LOVE. The fur accent is purrrrfect.


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Leandra Medine.
Photo: Courtesy of the blogger The Man Repeller.

It is midsummer, which means it's good to get a little loud and a lot crazy with color. From pants to belts to nails, we spotted bloggers everywhere sporting fluorescent fashion! We can't get enough of this trend, especially on bright summer days. With neon, there's no rules—don't be afraid to mix-and-match brights with even MORE brights, or add a neon accessory to a set of neutrals for a piece that really pops. Check out the deets on our favorite fashion-y ladies here.


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Mira Berglind, Emma Hackett, and Kaelah Bee.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers 365 Days, Scrapbook De La Emma, and Little Chief Honeybee.

There's something about loud, graphic prints that look like they came straight from your mom's old Tupperware collection. A bit of bright design instantly adds punch to any outfit, and summer is ALL about bold, fun colors. Plus, in case you haven't heard, the '70s are BAAACCCCKKK. (Think we're lying? Please note two out of the three lovely ladies above are also wearing floppy hats. So THERE.) We scoured the interwebz to find three fashion bloggers who sported this look in three very different (but all awe-inspiring) ways, and we think you'll fall in love with ALL of them. Because, like us, you have eyes.


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Fashion blogger Karin Kirsten.
Photo: Courtesy of the blog Wunderlust

Look, guys. This week we've decided not to focus on one particular fashion trend that bloggers wear well, but instead bloggers that tend to wear EVERYTHING well. In our massive weekly scouring of blogs, we somehow always end up obsessed with at LEAST one lovely lady from the UK, so we figured we should dedicate an entire post to their awe-inspiring fashion. Like, look at the photo above. No, that isn't from a magazine. No, she wasn't professionally styled. That's just a NORMAL BLOGGER girl hanging out in the vast English countryside with nothing but a camera, some nice threads, and a wild imagination. Jealous? Yeah, us too. Bloggers of the world, take note.


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Sam Sidney, Madeline Hansen, and KD Faustino.
Photo: Courtesy of Twin Cat Vintage, Jean Greige, The Girl With The Messy Hair

Sometimes shielding yourself from the sun can look downright ADORABLE. Since this summer is all about florals, maxis, and sky-high platforms, the perfect way to beat those sunny rays is with a '70s-inspired wide-brimmed hat. We scoured the internetz for fashion bloggers who sported their chateaus in such steal-worthy styles that we literally had to chain ourselves to our desks to keep us from running to the nearest thrift shop immediately. Disclaimer: This might happen to you.


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Chloe Wise, Kara Endres, and Corrie Feld.
Photo: Courtesy of bloggers Naughty Mess, Sprinkles In Springs, Brooklyn Bliss.

There's something sooooo pleasing about cinching an oversize blouse at the waist—it makes every girl appear sleeker and gives her curves the hug that they deserve. But it's also so awesomely '90s that you have to be careful not to go overboard. (We love you Brit Brit, but we're not going for your "Baby One More Time" look.) And that's why we admire how these bloggers kept the belly-baring to a minimum by pairing their blouses with high-waisted long skirts or dresses. This classy combination even inspired us to try this look. Like, we're actually wearing it right now. As we type. All of us. We even pulled out the shirts of our male counterparts and tied them up. As such we're not that popular in the building at the moment but we're more than alright with that. ANYWAY, on to the ladies.


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Solanah Hernandez of the blog Vixen Vintage.
Photo: Courtesy of Vixen Vintage

Who says boots are only for winter? Not these gals! Since the '90s resurgence is RAGING in an absolutely-no-one-can-stop-it-now full force, we're embracing it with superwide open arms. We loveeee how these lace-up leather boots look with fun and flirty summer dresses that SCREAM Blossom. (Minus the hat.) Boots for the summer are where it's AT, and these super inspiring awesomesauce bloggers show us that yes, you CAN wear boots even on the hottest of summer days and still look KILLER.

One of our favorite looks comes from Washington-based blogger and VINTAGE QUEEN (seriously, look at her blog. Suddenly your thrifting skills will feel extremely subpar.) Solanah Hernandez of Vixen Vintage. Her outfit is almost entirely secondhand (well, of course) except for her perfect fitting mustard cable-knit sweater that she... wait for it... MADE HERSELF. Yeah. *starts crying* Solanah makes her black boots look summery by pairing them with thin white socks and a bright green patterned midi skirt, a light blouse, and colorful accessories. But this 'dorbs outfit is just the beginning. Check out two more stylish ways to wear these boots after the jump!


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Dresses made of melted cheese.
Photo: Courtesy of South West News Service

So many puns. So many good puns swimming through our heads at the site of a cheese dress (GRATE EXPECTATIONS? FROMAGE HOMAGE?) that we know once we get started, we may never stop. So let us get the requisite joke out of the way. If we paired this with Gaga's VMA dress, we would get a delicious cheeseburger (>for your nails?!). , a UK-based dairy company, took one look at the meat frock and thought—hell, we could do that. So they tapped young guns at Bath Spa University to create couture made entirely out of fromage, taking the Lady as inspiration. Honors Textile Design students have produced five items for "Versa Cheese" using Pilgrim's Choice staples like Vintage and Extra Mature (as opposed to more childish) cheddar, heat molding the cheeses and embellishing ball gowns with melted cheddar or floral flourishes made of... well, cheese.

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Morven Smith and Tess Pare-Mayer rock patriotic style perfectly.
Photo: Courtesy of bloggers Cats and Rocking Chairs and The Little Black List

Plastering American flags on your apparel doesn't have to be reserved for Independence Day. Wearing red, white, and blue screams of, "Hey y'all. It's FIN-A-LLY summer. Who wants to go to a BBQ? I'll bring the brats," and we are loving these new patriotic pieces we spotted on some of our FAVE bloggers.


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Andreina Mendez, Cilla B., and Jaclyn Welch.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers FashBerries, Sparkle Birds, and Living In My Own Private Idaho.

You guys, is spring FINAALLLLYYY here? *walks 20 feet away from cubicle to find nearest window* YEP! IT IS! And thank god, right? It feels like we've been wearing black FOR. EV. ER, and now we're finding every excuse in the book to sport head-to-toe color. One of the bestbestbest spring trends that we're obsessed with is color blocking. It looks exactly like it sounds: You pair two or more solid bright pieces together to form one uh-mazing, look-at-me outfit. You can match, mismatch, mix cold and warm colors, anything you want! There are NO rules, but we suggest keeping the accessories low key since your outfit will do all the talking. Check out how these bloggers mastered this look.

Andreina Mendez of Living In My Own Private Idaho
Blog: Twitter: @andrebombacha.
This Venezuelan-living-in-Argentina blogger is straight up FUN. You can scroll through her blog for hours (don't judge me) and never get bored of her super exciting and fashionable life. We love her '70s-inspired color-blocked ensemble which includes a smooth canary yellow tank paired with vintage emerald green flares and tangerine orange espadrille wedges. Also, the pop of red from her necklace and her mismatched bracelets add a little flair to her ensemble (not to mention her to-die-for ombre strands!). PERF.

Cilla B. of FashBerries
Cilla is a true New York girl! She came prepared for any weather that spring throws her way. She's carrying a lightweight H&M trench (lined with leopard print! We die.) in case of a sudden downpour and also sports tortoiseshell sunglasses to protect her from the strong summery rays. She opted for complementary royal purple Graver Studios blouse with a bold Forever 21 pencil skirt for this ensemble, and we love that she kept ALL of her accessories neutral, including her clutch, which she made herself. Get it!

Jaclyn Welch of Sparkle Birds
Blog: Twitter: @JaclynWelch.
Texas girl Jaclyn Welch proves you CAN mix red and pink and look totally fabulous. We love her chic high bun and minimal makeup, which doesn't distract from her outfit. She, too, has a pop of leopard in her ensemble with a Neiman Marcus belt. But we would NEVER guess the rest of the outfit is thrifted! She looks like a million bucks and, um, would you kill us if we also bought those Dolce Vita shoes?


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week our theme is BACKPACKS! Send pics of you sporting your coolest backpack to or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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