Karolina Oacik, Nadja N., and Abbey Birden.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Cajmel, Street Princess, and Mice and Unicorns.

We can always grab prom style inspiration from the couture runway shows or from the glossy pages of a magazine, but sometimes the best, most-thoughtful, and straight up COOL looks come straight from the street! We're obsessed with these three ladies who show that prom doesn't have to be about the super duper long dress covered in rhinestones paired with a tight updo and heels you'll probably never wear again. Prom is all about HAVING FUN and getting the most out of your outfit! Wear your hair down, let loose and break all of the fashion rules. C'mon, it's your ONE NIGHT to do whatever you want!

Karolina Oacik of Cajmel
Blog: Cajmel.Blogspot.com.
A Poland-based blogger with cute style to boot, Karolina lets her bright red dress be the center of attention in this outfit. She opted for suuuuper classic accessories that don't take away from the dress: a black velvet clutch to add texture, a flower pin for a dash of sweetness, PERFECT black platform pumps that can be worn anywhere, and a rose in her side chignon for a pop of color in her hair. Also, please take a closer look at her updo because it's amazingly braided and INSANE and this girl deserves major props.

Nadja N. of Street Princess
Blog: StreetPrincess.blogg.se.
Nadja is a Sweden-based blogger with flair for street culture. We LOVEEEE her daring bright pink '80s-inspired tutu prom dress from Elegant Evenings paired with lavender and white high-top Nike Dunks (it's no wonder her blog is called Street Princess!). With a dress THIS intricate, it's best to keep the accessories at a minimum like she did. She also wore her hair loose and beachy (just like our DIY prom hair guide), which means she doesn't take herself too seriously. And, um, with an outfit like this, there's no WAY she won't be the most fun prom date ever. (Psst! You can also peep her street style on Lookbook!)

Abbey Birden of Mice And Unicorns
Blog: MiceAndUnicorns.Tumblr.com.
Abbey maaaayyyy be the cutest girl from the UK. OK, that's a bit of a stretch, but every time we see a photo of her, we just wanna say, "Awwww!" For her prom look, she paired a pale pink Lipsy London dress (that kind of reminds us of Katy Perry on the Vanity Fair cover) with all UH-MAZING New Look accessories! She personalized her outfit with layered charm necklaces, lace gloves, polka dot tights, a black clutch and black pumps. Abbey kept her bob simple and chic and added a Claire's netted headband for an extra touch of glam. Perfection!


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is COLOR BLOCKING! Send pics of your outfit to style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Last year's Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest first place winner, Galit Zeierman, and two other notable contestants.
Photo: Courtesy of Cheap Chic Weddings

So yesterday's snippet about Victoria Beckham (who will ALWAYS be Posh Spice, as far as I'm concerned) twitpic-ing herself in a toilet paper dress at her baby shower catalyzed a fash-thirst of epic proportions for MORE TP CREATIONS PLZ. Thankfully for us and anyone victim to our neanderthal demand-grunts for two-ply matrimonial vestments, there's a yearly contest for these things. Much like the duct tape prom contest, Cheap Chic Weddings sponsors an Annual Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest encouraging creative peeps to design and construct wedding dresses made completely out of toilet paper! The rules say tape and glue and sewing are allowed (which vanquishes my panicked vision of diligent nimble-fingered craftspeople spinning toilet paper into many spools of thread), and the dresses will be judged on "creativity, originality, beauty and use of toilet paper." But hold on for just a DADGUM minute! Don't be fooled into thinking this is going to be an easy 'craft'er-school activity because it's just NOT.

You won't get away with "Project Runway" shenanigans like sewing your model (or yourself) into your dress in this competition. Official rules stipulate that "you must be able take the dress on and off and it must stay intact," AND finalists will be required to send their dresses and headpieces in (on Cheap Chic Weddings's dime, doy) for final judging/inspection. Holy barometrics! That's a lot of PRESSURE! But the rewards (even beyond the monetary prizes bestowed upon the creators of the top three dresses) are toootally worth it because these dresses are crazy insane monuments to dedication and love (heyyyyy, isn't that what weddings are all about??), and all of the interwebz gets to see the fruits of your super-human hard work! Take a peek at last year's entries, and you'll see what I mean: Out-of-this-world tiering, masterful tailoring, clean lines, expert draping, and flower ornamentations I would've SWORN were crafted out of chiffon by wizened Italian seamstresses and not of something I flush into a sewage abyss three to four times a day.

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Delmy Rivera, Taylor Sterling, and Rachel LaRoche.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Fashion Bananas, Sterling Style, and Ordinarily Urbane.

While others may be pondering the contents of these bright totes--packs of Juicy Fruit? Conair mini flat iron? Lysol hand sanitizer? YSL mascara? Dental floss? Crystal Light? Glow in the dark sunglasses? Phone charger? ChapStick? Apple slices? We could care less about what is stashed inside of these bloggers' sunny oversize clutches. What we really want to know...is it the bag that makes each of them look like a professional, I-make-loads-of-$$$-doing-this-ish catalogue model? For real. It's like the tote harnesses these magical powers that allows the bearer to stand a little straighter, smize just right, and pop their hip out all Tyra Banks-style. We. Need. These. Bags.

Delmy Rivera of Fashion Bananas
Blog: FashionBananas.com. Twitter: @Delmy_Rivera.
A Bronx-based blogger and freelance makeup artist (Hello! Check out her to-die-for brows and perfectly pink pout), Delmy's style picks ranges from tomboy to girly-girl. Here, she mixes the two aesthetics by accessorizing a rugged J.crew chambray shirt and Topshop skinny jeans with a ladylike pair of DVF sandals and a candy apple red Kooba clutch.

Taylor Sterling of Sterling Style
Blog: SterlingStyle.net. Twitter: @SterlingStyle1.
Taylor is a Bay Area blogger with a penchant for all that glitters (we sooooo couldn't tell by looking at her blazer. JK). But, we think that her yellow, studded Club Monaco clutch, which, incidentally, doesn't sparkle at all, TOTALLY outshines (in a brilliant kind of way) her shimmering H&M jacket and blue button-up.

Rachel LaRoche of Ordinarily Urbane
Blog: OrdinarilyUrbane.com. Twitter: @RachLaRoche.
"Accessible and uncomplicated style for the everygirl," is New Orleans-based blogger Rachel's mantra and we <3 her for it. Girlfriend not only cares about her fellow fashion plates, but she freakin' aced the color combo in this ensemble. But, go figure...our two favorite pieces--the striped wide leg shorts and orange clutch were scored at a clothing swap (so we'll never know where we can scoop them up for ourselves...frownie face BUT at least we're inspired to be equally intrepid in the future!).


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week (for real this time haaaaa), our theme is PROM DRESSES! Send pics of you in your dress to style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Ehmonie Hainey, Laura Wainman, and Kirsten Stoddard.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers What's Haute, A La Mode Et Plus!, and Triple Max Tons.

When we first heard that denim tops were a thing again, we thought, SERIOUSLY? The same shirts made popular in the early '90s, teamed with black 501s, lace camisoles and Doc Martens? Really? We thought we'd pass. But then we started seeing all of these celebs looking supercute in the chambray button-up. And THEN, we started peeping all of these style bloggers wearing 'em in hyper-unique, modern ways. Yeeeeaaah, we're kinda sold now.

Ehmonie Hainey of What's Haute
Blog: WhatsHaute.com. Twitter: @WhatsHaute.
When blogger Ehmonie first pulled out this drawstring Prototype top, she'd planned to pair it with jeans (i.e. to take advantage of the denim-on-denim trend). But in a game point decision she complemented it with an $11 Gap skirt, a lightning print Risto scarf, turquoise jewelry and a blue Rebecca Minkoff Morning After Bag. Well played.

Laura Wainman of A La Mode Et Plus!
Blog: ALaModeEtPlus.Blogspot.com. Twitter: @laurachanning.
Style blogger Laura dreams of living in Paris with a wonderful man, writing for glossies, and owning a closet full of Louboutins and Chanel purses. TAKE US WITH YOU! In the meantime, she throws together ensembles that are just as comfy as they are cute. She wore her Madewell shirt over an Urban Outfitters maxi dress, and admitted that she felt like she was wearing PJs.

Kirsten Stoddard of Triple Max Tons
Blog: TripleMaxTons.com. Twitter: @TripleMaxTons.
This is one of Boston-based blogger Kirsten's favorite outfits of all time. We can totally see why--it's so freakin' cute! Annnnd, minus the boots, it cost less than $30! She partnered a Gap button-up with Martin + Osa white jeans, J.Crew riding boots, an Urban Outfitters vintage-style scarf, and our personal fave--MAC Lipstick in Russian Red.


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is PROM DRESSES! Send pics of you in your dress to style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Jo Puletua, Noelani Zervas, and Holly Hopkins.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Lola Lovely Pre Adored, Mon Petit Chou Chou, and Fashion in the Fog.

Shocking minis and breezy maxis had their time to shine, but now it’s the midis turn to bask in the glow of a lovely spring day. OK, that was a little dramatic, but you catch our drift. If this awkward length sounds, well, awkward, it might be beneficial to technically define what a midi is (we like definitions)—it's a skirt that's too short to be long and too long to be short. Say that 10 times fast. The garment tiptoes between secretarial and over-the-top elegant. But to be completely honest, it's one of the most difficult lengths to pull off. Since it cuts off smack dab in the middle of your gams, it can make calves look GINORMOUS. Thank goodness for these style bloggers who show us a few brilliant ways to rock a midi.

Jo Puletua of Lola Lovely Pre Adored
Blog: LolaLovelyPreAdored.blogspot.com. Twitter: @lolalovelyPA.
Believe it or not, but vintage style blogger Jo—an Aussie living in the North West of the UK—is the mother of three little BOYS. We know! How could it be?! There's no baseball caps, camo prints and sneakers in this pretty mama's closet. Jo looks über-ladylike in a vintage cropped knit top and patterned midi skirt, which she teamed with black high-heel sandals, a sunhat, and a classic clutch.

Noelani Zervas of Mon Petit Chou Chou
Blog: MPChouChou.com. Twitter: @MPChouChou.
While visiting her family on their farm, Noelani (a Boston-based blogger) dressed the part (with a citified twist). The self-proclaimed Francophile partnered a burnt orange asymmetrical midi from Topshop with a navy polka dot blouse, a Forever 21 studded jacket (that we'd be remiss if we didn't mention cost her ONLY $8.99), and a pair of leather chocolate calf boots. Yeehaw!

Holly Hopkins of Fashion in the Fog
Blog: FashionInTheFog.blogspot.com.
You’d never guess it, but Holly, a Canadian blogger, has an affinity for affordability. She scored her khaki button-down midi at a thrift store for $4.99, and her ENTIRE ensemble (organic cotton top, bow belt, flats, and jewelry) cost less than $40. Ummmm, Holly, call us the next time you go shopping. Seriously.


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is DENIM SHIRTS! Send pics of you in your jean tops to style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

Holy smokes. So, there's this teenager in Wisconsin who has this mom who likes alliteration and talks about "persistence" and "perfection" a whole bunch and spent SIX YEARS weaving Starburst wrappers into a prom dress for her daughter who plays soccer. Naturally, she bought the candies 20 pounds at a time, with five failed attempts. THOUSANDS of teeny, tiny multicolored squares were folded eight times before they were fine enough to be woven into this knee-length number (LOLOLOL what if maxis were really in that season, there would've been DRAMA). The last fold had to be so precise that tweezers were used. It was that intense. Anyway, the mom is no stranger to PERSISTENCE and PERFECTION, so she made not only a purse but also shoes and a matchy-poo vest for her daughter's date, who is a very patient teen who knew from jump street that he "had no choice."

While I applaud this mother's tireless and valiant efforts and adore the DIY spirit behind making your own dress or flipping and reversing some other CRAPPY dress and making something MAGICAL (also, I am a huge fan of duct tape prom, remember duct tape prom?), I am worried about this amount of labor going into ONE NIGHT when there is such a thing as a WEDDING to consider in her daughter's future. I'm just saying, she might not be doing such a good job at managing expectations, but what do I know? I am a terrible curmudgeon who is not seeing the forest for the trees. Maybe I'll feel differently when I have a daughter. I just hope this mom is getting a jump on making her baby girl's wedding dress NOW because who can say how long that will take.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

The boyfriend. Who, to his credit, is pretty cute for getting into his lady's theme. Oh, and the entire family lucked out since the prom theme for that year was "Candyland." Well, played everyone.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

Peeptoes. I do love the rickrack effect on the soles. It looks really difficult. Man, I can imagine mom now, wearing a jeweler's loupe under a lamp into the wee hours of the night. DEDICATION, MOM! (*note to self: call own mom).

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

A clutch. Naturally, can't have anything detracting from the main show.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

Tiers! So on-trend for any year. Also, note that there is in fact stretchy fabric upon which the wrappers were overlaid. Mom didn't actually shred the wrappers into strips to WEAVE everything. Something to think about for next year! KIDDING.

Photo: Courtesy of KARE 11

What mom saw when she closed her eyes at night.



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Julia Wohlers, Vahni Georgoulakos, and Robyn Sears.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Skopjanka, Grit and Glamour, and Twitch Vintage

April showers supposedly bring May flowers (they better ‘cause this rain...UGH, this rain!). To celebrate the you-never-know-what-you’re-gonna-get-with-this-weather season, we rounded up a few of our fave trench-clad bloggers. What we learned from scoping TONS of the quintessential transitional thread is that the key to rocking it right is to wear it loose and casual. Otherwise, you risk looking like Inspector Gadget. If that’s what you’re going for, cool—button it up to your neck, unpop the collar, and hop into your getaway car. If you were thinking more along the lines of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s with a modern twist, take a cue from these effortlessly chic fashion plates.

Julia Wohlers of Skopjanka
Blog: Skopjanka.com. Twitter: @SkopjankaSays.
DC based-blogger Julia's ensemble is sending us mixed messages, but we lovelovelove the confusion/Jedi mind games. On the one hand it's ladylike and flirty thanks to the skirted Topshop trench and lacy Ann Taylor Loft skirt peeking out underneath. On the other hand, we certainly wouldn't want to get into a fight with Julia—check the military-style Two Lips boots she's rocking. AteeennTION.

Vahni Georgoulakos of Grit and Glamour
Blog: GritAndGlamour.com. Twitter: @gritandglamour.
A trench is a trench is a trench. But blogger Vahni spices her traditional Banana Republic topper up with a mustard-y/lime NY & Co. frock, BCBG metallic leggings, and KILLER Dolce Vita strappy/studded sandals. Lesson: Just because you're wearing a classic jacket doesn't mean you have to go straight edged with your entire outfit. Well played, Vahni. Well played indeed.

Robyn Sears of Twitch Vintage
Blog: Twitchvintage.blogspot.com. Twitter: @TwitchVintage.
Avid thrifter and fashion blogger Robyn says that she's owned roughly 10 trench coats in the past year (she thrifts, donates, thrifts, donates...), including this one. What she doesn't like about it (the fact that it doesn't have a standard trench style belt), is what we adore most about this green vintage topper. Plus, she styled it in such a cute way—with a thrifted cream blouse, hemmed skirt, satchel, Target tights cut to look like knee-highs, and Forever 21 clogs. P.S. Is it just us or does Robyn look like Katie Holmes in this picture?


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is MIDI SKIRTS! Send pics of you in your not-too-long-not-too-short skirt to style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Katy Atlas, Francesca Robertson, and Ashley Mahoney.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers: Sugarlaws, Le Kiss Kiss, and Free Honey

It seems that the whole "no-white after Labor Day" rule has been overturned—people now wear whatever color they want, whenever they want. Case closed. But now there's a new debate plaguing fashion folk. Many are under the assumption that you can't/shouldn't/wouldn't be caught dead wearing sequins after New Year's Day. Why? Because it's synonymous with a party...or a disco ball...or a princess tiara? Who knows?! Who cares. Some of our fave bloggers have thrown caution to the wind by rocking minis in the sparkly fabric whenever they feel like it, in their own ways. There's ALWAYS room for glitter. Duh.

Katy Atlas of Sugarlaws
Blog: Sugarlaws.com. Twitter: @sugarlaws.
In addition to being one heck of a dresser, Katy can cook (not ramen noodle cook...like, for real cook). Her blog is actually about fashion and food. One of her recent posts was about this chocolate souffle cake she made, and it made us drool. So did this black miniskirt that chef Katy partners with a GORGE Tory Burch V-neck cardigan. Yums.

Francesca Robertson of Le Kiss Kiss
Blog: LeKissKiss.com. Twitter: @lekisskiss.
Thanks a lot, Francesca! Your whole vibe makes us want to go on a tropical vacation—someplace hot...with a pool...and a salsa band. Instead, we're stuck behind a computer. Blah. Fran (can we call you Fran?), an aspiring fashion/entertainment lawyer, pairs her loose Calypso St. Barth white sequin SHORTS with a ruffled tank, wide belt, leopard print open toe wedges and a strappy over-the-shoulder bag. Well played.

Ashley Mahoney of Free Honey
Blog: Free-Honey.com. Twitter: @freehoneyashley.
Ashley totally fooled us (which, P.S., isn't an easy thing to do). That flirty little skirt she's wearing is actually a flirty little dress from Zara. The Manhattanite wears it as a skirt under a striped sweater from Gap. Her rugged Seychelle boots and skinny H&M belt also help 360 the look from night to day.


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is TRENCH COATS! Send us pics of you in your trench at style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Lauren Moyer, Kimberly Pesch, Lynzy Carey.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; Sparrow & Urchin, Eat.Sleep.Wear., Sparkling Footsteps

OK, ever since Miu Miu debuted their supercute kitty print on the runway in '09, our inner cat lady has come out FULL FORCE (Ahaha, who are we kidding? Our cat lady is always out. And friendly! And eating pizza pie!). We've been keeping our eye out for amazing animal motifs, and we're thrilled that the trend is spreading like wildfire (awww... so many natural habitats ruined by wildfire... someone come fix all the sadface idioms, stat!) Anyway, we've spotted horses, birds, foxes, elephants and even (gasp) FLAMINGOS. Luckily, some of our fave bloggers were also spotted rocking this animalistic look in their own amazing way that we are going to steal ideas from. Let's take a look-see, shall we?

Lauren Moyer of Sparrow & Urchin
Blog: SparrowAndUrchin.Blogspot.com. Twitter: @moyerdestroyer.
Oh hai, Lauren. Can we be you? Your ability to perfectly mix patterns is TOTALLY putting us over the edge. We're obsessed with this former-prep-school-girl-turned-art-school-chic look. The best part? The fox print tights! Look at those bad boys. Cop a pair of your own at Anthropologie.

Kimberly Pesch of Eat.Sleep.Wear.
Blog: EatSleepWear.com. Twitter: @eatsleepwear.
MEEEOOWW. We can't remember the last time a cat lady looked THIS good (actually we do! *glances at mirror* *fluffs hair* JK! You're the best Kimberly). Kimberly pairs her sheer kitty print Zara blouse with orange cuffed shorts, sheer black tights, and knee-high boots. She smartly cinches the entire outfit at the waist to give the physique a focal point in an all together cute, stylish, and totally workplace-friendly ensemble. We hope you're taking notes.

Lynzy Carey of Sparkling Footsteps
Blog: SparklingFootsteps.Blogspot.com. Twitter: @sparklingsteps.
So, when we first saw this outfit we were all, 'WHOAA ELEPHANT PRINT BLOUSE. COOOL.' But then, once we read the fine print, this vintage elephant "blouse" is actually a onesie! *mind blown* Lynzy totally made a summer romper winter ready by pairing it with dark wide leg jeans and a black cardigan. We're a little jealous we didn't think of this first (YOINK!).


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Next week, our theme is SEQUIN SKIRTS! Send us pics of your sequin-ified ensembles at style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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Rachelle Morgan, Folake Huntoon, Sara Johnson.
Photo: Courtesy of the Bloggers; Discovering Elegance, Style Pantry, Isabella's Fashion

You guys. Spring is soo close. And there's just something about impending sunshine, warm breezes, and flowers blossoming that make us want to dig out our girliest gear and skip down the street. OK, maybe that would overdo it a tad, but after a long, harsh winter we're ready for a wardrobe mood lift. And it seems some of our favorite style blogs are on board too. We came across three lovely ladies whose frilly, tiered frocks channeled that loving, spring-time feeling we've been missing. Rachelle Morgan of Discovering Elegance, Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry, and Sara Johnson of Isabella's Fashion all created ensembles with fiercely feminine silhouette thanks to tiers upon tiers of ruffled sweetness.

Rachelle Morgan of Discovering Elegance
Blog: DiscoveringElegance.com. Twitter: @chellemorgan.
There's a lot going on with Rachelle's look — patterned tights, leather jacket, scarves, lace, thigh-highs — wowza! It's a wonder her tiered lace Zara skirt wasn't completely overshadowed. Instead it acts as the centerpiece, tying together vastly different elements in a cohesive and unique way. The layers of lace are a distinctively sweet contrast to the abrasive feel of her biker jacket and kick-your-ass boots, while the soft fabrics of her tee, scarf, and rose embroidered tights play up her ladylike qualities. But wait! There's more! Girlfriend's skirt is ACTUALLY a dress in disguise. What a sneaky surprise. Multipurpose outfit items are the absolute best. Covet.

Folake Huntoon of Style Pantry
Blog: StylePantry.com. Twitter: @stylepantry.
Folake's long flowing tulle tiers of petal pink prettiness make us feel like she should be modeling cupcakes or chasing bunnies because it's just so soft and delicate. We also absolutely adore the fact that this skirt is a maxi instead of a run-of-the-mill short tiered mini available anywhere. She simultaneously dresses it up by teaming it with classy-lady pearls, yet keeps it casual with a sassy, tied-up chambray top. And did we mention that Anat B. clutch yet?! Hulloooo, gorgeous. Seeing Folake play up these blue, pink, and yellow hues has us breaking out mid-skip into an all-out sprint.

Sara Johnson of Isabella's Fashion
Blog: IsabellasFashion.Blogspot.com. Twitter: @isafashionblog.
Sara, a fashion student from upstate New York, took the all-over tiered approach with her purple ombre cotton shift for a silhouette that carries across her entire ensemble. She also makes her Erin Fetherston for Target dress seasonally transitional by wearing it with a chunky rib knit sweater, cozy scarf, and boots. So if the air out there still has some bite to it, take note and layer it on like Sara. The tiers will still poke through and provide plenty of personality, color, and chic charm.


Editor's Note: MTV Style is obsessed with style blogs that show off your outfits. Every Thursday, we pick our favorite looks from the week and show them off here. Want to submit your blog? Send us a note at style@mtv.com or message us on Twitter @mtvstyle!

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