Fashion Bloggers Winter Scarves

Hillary Boles, Stefanie Kuncman, and Daniella Robins.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

It's almost Christmas, y'all! *looks at calendar* WAIT, IT'S LITERALLY THIS WEEKEND. Sheesh, time is flying by! Well, we better get our holiday ensembles in check, and what's an easier way to get festive than with a themed sweater? It instantly transforms any outfit into a party-ready ensemble! Butttt we have to make a disclaimer. Some (OK, most) Christmas sweaters are ugly. Like, really, really ugly. And unless you're ACTUALLY going to an ugly Christmas sweater party, you probably shouldn't sport one of those bad boys in public. Luckily, we found some 'dorbs bloggers who wore holiday-themed knits in the most subtle of ways. Let's find out how to cop their look!


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Fashion Bloggers Winter Scarves

Veronica Ferraro, Lini Trinh, and Lena Petersson.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

If there's one super simple (and adorable) way to beat the cold this winter, it's with a ginormous scarf. An oversized knit can instantly transform any outfit in a snap, and even Mom will approve of this trend because it's sosososo warm! We love how scarves completely changed these girls' outfits from just plain cool to incredibly eye-popping ensembles. It's seriously amazing what one piece of thick fabric can do, so take note! Buy a long knit in a bold color, drape it over a solid coat or sweater, and voilà! You'll look street smart AND street chic.


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Fashion Bloggers Winter Hats

Kaitlin Isabella, Mira Berglind, and Lina Tesch.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers

Whew! It's officially time to start bundlin' up out there—Christmas music is in the air, and it's only a matter of time before you're surrounded by snow and SOOO cold that you're left with no choice but to sport that ugly winter puffy jacket (AGAIN) just to make it five blocks without getting frostbite. Luckily, there are ways to still look 'dorbs on even the coldest of cold days—with a cute, warm winter hat! We spotted three girls who wore head toppers in the most cop-worthy of ways, and we can't WAIT to tell you more about their stylishly warm ensembles. So let's go!


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Fashion Bloggers Leather Shorts

Morven Smith, Kasia Gorol, and Lua P.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Cats And Rocking Chairs, Jestem Kasia, and Le Happy

You know why winter rules? Because you don't sweat. I mean, yeah it's cold, but when December hits you can literally wear any material out in the blustery cold (well, as long as you layer up and make it look uh-mazing, obvs) and not get all hot and bothered. One of our favorite winter staples is a nice pair of leather (or pleather, we don't judge) shorts that you can dress up or dress down and pair with tights, knee socks, or (if you're brave) bare legs! We scoured the web for fashion bloggers who sported leather shorts in three cop-worthy ways, and we think you'll be preeettttty pleased with our findings. Let's peep the deets on their outfits below!


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Fashion Bloggers Velvet

Autilia Antonucci, Aurora L., and Dani Roche.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Autilia's Blog, Aurora Loveless, and Dani At Kastor And Pollux

We have to say we're kinda GLAD it's getting colder out so we can mix up our fabrics a little more these days. Luckily, since the '90s fashion comeback is in full swing, velvet is making quite the reappearance. From dresses to pants to shirts, we're seeing the soft stuff everywhere, and we can't get enough. We didddd kinda notice something while scouring the web for our favorite velvet looks, though. Oftentimes black velvet can end up looking really heavy and really, um, goth. LISTEN, we're not anti-goth at all (we wear black basically every day... like every other New Yorker), but this season's trends (maxis, skulls, crosses, dark lipstick) paired with lots of black can look a bit scary. Instead, we picked three takes on velvet that add a little bit of color to your ensemble. Peep the deets below!


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Addie Yeo, Lisa D., and Breanne Sewards.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers The Cat Hag, Just Another Fashion Blog, and Flattery

On a brisk fall morning you want to be warm and cozy but still look totally cute and confident, which is probabblllyy how the sweater dress was invented. It's the perfect combination of warmth AND style—all you have to do is pair it with some warm tights or knee socks and call it a day! I mean, what is EASIER to style than a sweater dress? It can be belted, not belted, layered, heavily accessorized or even left completely accessory-free. But, if you're having some trouble trying to decide which route to go, we picked some bloggers who styled their sweater dresses is three totally cop-worthy ways.


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Doina Ciobanu, Shareen Sarwar, and Mayo.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers The Golden Diamonds, Vintage Mavens, and Mellow Mayoness

Now that Halloween has passed, the growing chill in the air is a constant reminder of the impending holiday season! Along with exorbitant amounts of food (which may sometimes bring about a sudden albeit fleeting urge to reevaluate the style merits of elastic waistbands), it signals a lot of upcoming merry-making. From cocktail parties to ugly sweater soirees to ushering in the New Year, you'll need to secure yourself more than a few party-ready frocks. One of our favorite looks of the season and an always appropriate holiday staple is the sequined party dress and we found three ladies who wear it well!


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Alicja Zielasko, Jennifer Grace, and Marcella Lau.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Alice Point, Native Fox, and Fashion Distraction

Halloween is just around the corner, which only means one thing: It's time to get spooky, y'all! If you're not into the whole costume getup, we found another way to celebrate the holiday and look ridiculously stylish while doing so—sport some skeleton print! It's totally Halloween appropriate, but also incredibly cool to wear more than just once a year. We found three adorable fashion bloggers who showed off some boney looks we love. From sweaters to leggings to leotards, let's find out where to cop these anatomy-lovin' ladies' skeleton-inspired ensembles.


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Claudia Paola Ambrosino, Lani Zervas, and Anjeza Tufina.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Molto Fashion, Mon Petit Chou Chou, and The Dolls Factory

It's officially SWEATER WEATHER, y'all. It's finally time to bust out those layering skills that you've put to rest all summer long and get to WORK. Super cute cardigans are the easiest way to warm up in a jiff, and the best part about these bad boys is that they can be worn with LITERALLY any ensemble. They can be super long, super short, super sheer, super thick, but mostly, just super awesome. We handpicked three bloggers who wore cardigans in some jealously-inducing ways that we want to try immediately. Let's find out how to cop their look below!


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Cosplayers looking wild DORBZ at New York Comic Con 2011.
Photo: MTV

Not going to lie to you guys, I love Con. Granted, I pronounce it just like that, "Con," and folks instantly think I'm referring to "Cannes," and I let them because it's fancy and hilarious, but I go to New York Comic Con every year. And I even trek over to the big 'un in San Diego despite it having grown to nigh-unmanageable MONSTER proportions in the last, ahem, five or so years I've gone.

ANYBALLS, as you know this past weekend was NYCC (Right? Because you frequent all branches of our vast and impressive MTV digital home tree like MTV Geek), so I dragged my Jeffrey Campbell Lita-shod self way west to the Javits Center to shoot this little video guide to cosplay. And also because, uuuuum, maybe I heard Chad Michael Murray was going to be there to promote his new comic on Archaia and the only thing keeping us apart is the fact that he hasn't seen me reenact his entire One Tree Hill arc in person. TRUE STORY.

So cosplay is a portmanteau of costumes and role-play and is awesome because it's the umbrella term under which other fantastic things like Furries, LARP (live action role-playing; they have a whole association with a LARPA website that looks crazy Geocities—NO SHOTS), and Yiffing live. We took a camera on the convention floor to check out all the action AND even got an awesome Halloween costume idea because (where my Game of Thrones fans at???) we saw a slew of Daenerys Targaryens, which is easier to put together than you'd think. And for all you NON-NERDS, she is a beautiful blonde princess who is married to a great-big burly horse thief KING and they have a lot of sex—and she's got these powers that have to do with dragons and eats this heart this one time and OBVI I have said too much. Don't judge me.

OMG, this post is already so long BUT the final (promise) thing I did want to mention is that we deliberately picked people who MADE their costumes. As in with glue guns, sewing machines (yes even the lovely ladies in Supergirl stereo), and HEART. Each ensemble took many months of TOILING so we didn't choose anyone with store-bought situations. WE HAVE FASH STANDARDS.



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