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cindy crawford tracey ullman

Cindy Crawford plays dress-up with comedian Tracey Ullman at The Plaza Hotel in New York City in 1990.
Photo: MTV

Season: 2 Episode: 5
Title: Fall '90
Original Airdate: 8/18/90
Appearances: Tracey Ullman, Lucie de la Falaise


Does everybody know who Tracey Ullman is? It really helps to be completely smitten with her before you watch this segment, because it’s a lovefest. OK, quick sidebar for those who aren't up on her: Tracey Ullman is a British comedian best known for her Fox variety show, The Tracey Ullman Show, which ran from 1987-1990 and was hysterical. Most notably, it’s where The Simpsons were born (they ran over 40 one-minute shorts), which is why a lot of the characters are voiced by “Ullman” actors like Dan Castellaneta playing Homer and Krusty. Paula Abdul was the choreographer for the show. Speaking of music and random facts, Tracey was also a singer signed to the punk label Stiff Records (which also reps Elvis Costello). In 2000, Tracey would launch a fashion shopping site (now defunct), and host a show about style for Oxygen in 2001.

Back to the segment.

This is one of my favorite moments with Cindy Crawford as host. Cindy and Tracey are at the Plaza Hotel, because the suites had just been redecorated by Ivana Trump (could that sentence BE more '90s??!!). It’s such a classic Eloise situation: Cindy and Tracey are clowning around, dancing on table tops and jumping on chaises with their shoes on. It’s the first time you get a real appreciation for Cindy’s versatility and intuition for improv--she just goes for it. At one point they Vogue. Poorly. It's fantastic.

The ladies take turns modeling Versace, Jean Paul Gaultier, Todd Oldham, Ronaldus Shamask and Moschino. It’s such a good universe crossover moment to see two women, successful in different industries, enjoying each other’s company. Plus, the dynamic is awesome since Tracey and Cindy play off each other beautifully. Cindy even does a quick impression of Ivana Trump in front of the Emmy award-winning actress, which is admirably ballsy. It’s so likable and cute. Cindy plays a solid straight man since Tracey’s doing this massive, hammy, room-filling schtick. And even though Cindy gets her hair done (in a French twist obviously, this is the ’90s) and struts like an expert, this is the moment she really comes into her own as a TV host. By the end they’re just pitching fake tantrums about the clothes and laughing at each other. A decade later, Cindy appeared on Tracey’s style show, massively pregnant, and they had a ball there, too.


Cindy and Tracey Ullman | 'House Of Style' Collection On MTV Style


lucie de la falaise yves saint laurent

Model Lucie de la Falaise in 1990.
Photo: MTV

Lucie de la Falaise might not be as immediately recognizable as a Naomi Campbell, but she was the face of Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics and is worth knowing for a slew of fashion trivia reasons. First of all, her aunt, the late Loulou de la Falaise, was a muse and collaborator for Saint Laurent, the brilliant bespectacled French couture designer, a generation before. Loulou’s mother Maxime was also a model and a food writer. Lucie, who was discovered by Andre Leon Talley, was one of the last brides (for those who don’t know, a wedding dress was often the finale for couture shows) for YSL in F/W 1998 right before the designer retired.

Lucie’s wide-set eyes and small, regal features made for an aloof countenance that was the perfect sort of posh for Chloé and Davidoff campaigns in the early '90s; she has also worked with Steven Meisel and Bruce Weber. Her brother, Daniel de la Falaise, was also a model, and appeared in Madonna’s book Sex. (Daniel is smoking hot. Seriously, go Google his name alongside Madonna immediately.) Funnily enough, in this interview Lucie mentions that she’d just seen the Rolling Stones in concert and is “quite keen on them at the moment,” which is gloriously portentous, considering that she’d go on to marry Keith Richards' son, Marlon Richards, after meeting him on a blind date. Marlon and Lucie have three kids; their daughter was a bridesmaid at Kate Moss’s 2011 wedding. In 2011, Lucie briefly returned to modeling for Giambattista Valli for Moncler, and in a Vanity Fair editorial, with Stefano Pilati, for YSL. Full circle, people.


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will smith cindy crawford

Cindy Crawford interviews rapper Will Smith on the set of the 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' in 1990.
Photo: MTV

Season: 2 Episode: 6
Title: Winter '90
Original Airdate: 11/28/90
Appearances: Will Smith, Lady Miss Kier (Deee-lite)


The thing about Cindy was that you could send her anywhere. She's as down to visit a European atelier as she is to visit the set of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. In this segment, Cindy hangs out with Will Smith at the “mansion” for a fourth wall-shattering tour of the brocade furniture-filled set, and for a snoop through Will’s wardrobe. This is 1991, so Will’s closet is filled with double-breasted blazers with enormous, peak lapels featuring wooden Afrocentric brooches, crazily patterned button-down silk shirts—like, straight up Cuba Gooding Jr. in Boyz 'N The Hood—and another shirt that I swear is the precursor to the dollar-sign-all-over-print that would dominate streetwear in another ten years. There's also a LEATHER black and white starter jacket that comes with a matching hat (also leather). The two play dress up, and it’s enjoyable because Cindy’s a nerd. Seriously, she brings a pair of Jordan Vs to show Will (Will is wearing Jordan warm-ups) and asks for his approval. She’s so proud of herself for not having removed the tags and wants scene cred because “Humpty Dumpty told me that.” Will then loses his mind laughing at her: “It’s just Humpty!” referring to the alter ego of Shock G from Digital Underground. It’s fantastic.

You know how models love talking about how awkward they were as kids and you never quite believe them? Well, in this moment you do. You see the relatable side of Cindy, and it is charming as hell. It makes you appreciate how young Cindy is—college-age in fact—and it’s the one moment that you see her socialize (albeit with an actor/rapper) in a youthful, peer-group context. It's a surprisingly revealing moment between two super-professional, famous young adults and another way of contextualizing fashion without designers, labels and the runway.



retro fashion

Lady Miss Kier of Deee-Lite in Patricia Field's original store in 1990.
Photo: MTV

The frontwoman for Deee-Lite, Lady Miss Kier, sits in Patricia Field’s boutique with an immaculately flipped coif and signature vintage duds. While we couldn’t get the video, I wanted to show you the interior of the store, because this is clearly not Pat’s current storefront on 302 Bowery or the new, new storefront that’s opened a few doors down, but House of Field! It’s the original shop on 8th Street between 5th Avenue and University Place, Pat’s first location for 40 years (Pat also lived on the top floor), before she moved in the early aughts.

We speak to Lady Miss Kier about the huge ’60s revival in 1990, when everyone was dripping in Flower Power prints like daisies and sunflowers; John Lennon sunglasses; denim flares; and A-line mod shift dresses, because she embodies the decade visually and gives great, timeless advice. “Gravitate towards the things that you like, and feel comfortable in,” she says, “but don’t let anyone else tell you what’s in or what is out. Everything is taken from the past, but it’s really just knowing when to bring something that’s a classic back. Nothing is really new, it’s just how you bring it back.”

Lady Miss Kier knows fashion. She moved to New York to study Textile Design at FIT and subsequently dropped out to create clothing for her DJ friends before creating the look of Deee-Lite, including her characteristic groovy, zip-up catsuit/platform shoe/thick headband aesthetic.


prince glam slam

Prince's night club, Glam Slam in 1990.
Photo: MTV

True story: From 1989 to 1995, Prince had a chain of clubs called Glam Slam that also featured a boutique with the same name. Prince put Minneapolis nightlife on the map with Purple Rain by hanging out and filming at a local club called First Avenue, and he wanted to create a similarly memorable atmosphere called Glam Slam for its sequel—Graffiti Bridge.

There were four Glam Slams—the original in Minneapolis, Minnesota; one in Miami (Glam Slam East); one in Los Angeles (Glam Slam West); and one in Yokohama, Japan. All have either closed or are now unaffiliated with Prince, but the part that’s most interesting is the inclusion of a gift store in each of these nightclubs (MEEEEEEEEP!!! Can you EVEN imagine a string of boutiques stocking Prince-approved sundries that you can drunk-shop? Nuts!). The offerings were created by Helen Hiatt, the costume designer for Graffiti Bridge, and are largely based on the wardrobe for the film. There are loud suits, chain fringe leather jackets, jackets decorated with license plates (this was a HUGE design concept in the ’90s for reasons that remain mysterious [see also: the appeal of stuff made from seat belts]), and Prince symbol belts and jewelry. It sort of reminds me of how that irritating, guylinered bro-gician Criss Angel has a store in Vegas, except that Prince’s stores are infinitely cooler, and I can’t help thinking that a thoroughly curated museum collection would be an important contribution to the music/fashion canon.


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