Betsey Johnson is one of those rare famous people who won't disappoint you. She's kind and generous with her time and her sunny disposition and champagne-sipping zaniness is endlessly charming. Plus, she drops jarring fashion truth bombs like: "Pssshhh ombré's been around since the sunset." (!!!!!) She's seen and done everything and it's awesome that at 70, she continues to design. When you walk into her studio, there's clothing EVERYWHERE. Tulle petticoats hang from the ceiling, intarsia dresses from the '60s share space with bias-cut slip dresses from the '90s and there are these mini altars devoted to new trends she's chewing on with ripped-out inspiration magazine pages and various little geegaws like painted china, jewel-encrusted shoes and sequin-riddled bits of fabric. There is also candy.



So not only did we get Todd Oldham for this awesome Halloween edition of House of Style *cue organ music and thunder!* we also lassoed our resident makeup expert and all-around wonderful person Annamarie Tendler to walk us through the makeup of Joan Smalls' The Corpse Bride costume. Here, in a blow-by-blow tutorial conducted on her own face, Annamarie makes it all look effortless to imitate. As with Todd's costume, I won't give away all the various tricks at play here but the parts that I most admire is how EXACTING the shape of the eyebrows are and the importance of not overdoing the blue base so as to not look like a greasy Smurf.

In the pantheon of blue people (I'm about to expose some true dorkistry here), the best ones like James Cameron's Na'vi in Avatar or else Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen are indeed blue but they almost emit a slight phosphorescence and you can gauge the topography of their facial features because they aren't slathered in flat makeup. Same goes here where Annamarie teaches us how you can emote, look awesome and yet be totally blue in the face.


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One of my absolute, hands down favorite aspects of the original House of Style was getting to spend time with our DIY expert—Todd Oldham. His segments were called "Todd Time" and in them, the great American designer would teach you everything from how to cut your own hair to how to use a glue gun to reupholster a flea market chair. The coolest part wasn't necessarily the project or the final product, but how you could apply a lot of the tricks and principles to a host of other fun tasks.

We are THRILLED that Todd agreed to join us again and this very special Halloween episode, he and our host Joan Smalls re-creates one of her favorite movie characters of all time—The Corpse Bride (or Victoria Everglot if we're being pedantic). The results are STUNNING! I'm not going to give away too much but I will say that white duct tape is a magical ingredient that I will strive to find ever-exciting applications for and that Todd's dedication to replicating every detail—from the tattered hem to the exposed sliver of rib on the bodice of the dress—is what elevated this costume to AWESOME STATUS.

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House of Style Episode 2: Shooting Cinemagraphs
Stylist: Maher Jridi; Makeup: Sir John; Hair: Sergio Villafane

Who loves portmanteaus??!!! For those who don't know, Cinemagraphs are where cinema and photographs meet in the middle. They're beautiful images where a single element has been animated for several frames to move eerily but elegantly. It's sorta like a GIF within a still photo.

Pioneered by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck and created during NYFW in 2009 as a collaboration between the graphics artist and the photographer (respectively), cinemagraphs have enjoyed HUGE popularity on social media like Tumblr and Twitter. The fashion iterations you've likely seen have predominantly featured hair or hems of dresses blowing in the wind or else a roving eye like, this Coco Rocha version.

Who loves exposition??!!!

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Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls

Karlie and Joan interview your fave fashion icons, but now it's their turn to be interviewed!
Photo: MTV

In the premiere episode of House Of Style, you got to go behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week with Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss, and get an inside look at the hectic, exciting, totally crazy lives of two of the world's top models. You might be wondering what it's like for them to be following in Cindy Crawford's legendary footsteps? Well, tonight at 7 PM Eastern, you'll have the chance to hear directly from Joan and Karlie themselves! They will be interviewed live on Twitter by Wall Street Journal style reporter Elizabeth Holmes, who will be asking the girls everything we've always want to know about their lives. Elizabeth will also be including the best fan questions she receives! Here's how it works: you submit your questions to @EHolmesWSJ with the hashtag #houseofstyle, and then head to Twitter at 7pm ET. You can keep up with Karlie and Joan's responses by following @MTVStyle and the hashtag #houseofstyle.

So get to tweeting your questions, and watch the premiere episode of House Of Style again, in the meantime, right here!

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Karlie Kloss Joan Smalls

Karlie Kloss, Cara Delevingne and Joan Smalls at the Carine Roitfeld MAC event in Paris.
Photo: MTV

By now you've probably watched the new House of Style episode a bajillion times (lord knows we have!), and if you're anything like us, you might've finished the 9 minutes and 43 seconds of awesomeness thinking, "Man, I want to see even MOARRR Karlie Kloss and Joan Smalls being cute at Paris Fashion Week!" Well friends, you're in luck. We've got some extra clips to hold you over until our next episode straight from the Carine Roitfeld MAC event in Paris. Karlie and Joan got all dolled up in their Carine-inspired smoky eyes (which Karlie said was one of her top fall trends on the Today show this morning!) and chatted it up with guests including model Cara Delevingne, designer Alexander Wang, and Vogue Japan editor-at-large (and H&M collaborator!) Anna Dello Russo.


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Joan Smalls, Karlie Kloss

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss show off their Italian language skills.
Photo: MTV

If you don't already have a monstrous throbbing crush on our House of Style hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss, allow me to change that for you with one quick, 1-minute video. We caught a lot of footage gems from our Paris Fashion Week trip with Joan and Karlie that didn't all necessarily fit into our first episode, but instead of keeping all the magic to ourselves, we're letting the extended play videos fly free. First up is one of our favorites which captures Joan and Karlie at their most candid yet, recounting all the words and phrases they know in Italian!


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Wow. It feels bananas to finally be in that place where we can introduce you to the first episode of the new House of Style. It’s the sort of momentous thing where you want to uglylaugh with bugged-out eyes because you’re so relieved and happy that it’s done and delivered. The premiere is clearly a big deal so we pulled out all the stops and flew to Paris to follow our hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss for the final week of shows during fashion month. For the uninitiated, it goes—New York, London, Milan, and then Paris—so by this point, it’s basically a miracle that the girls are still so excited and energized as they haul their butts from show to show to party.

We also sat and talked with each about what it means to be working on HOS (that's what the cool kids are calling it but not for hashtags and SEO BTW FYI ICYMI FTW) and how their personal styles evolved from the time they were kids to now (spoiler alert: they were darling but recount grim tales about what it was like to be a full foot taller than their prom dates) and how they keep their heads screwed on straight during the hectic weeks.

karlie kloss joan smalls

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss are the new hosts of 'House of Style.'
Photo: MTV

It’s funny because you can actually monitor Karlie and Joan’s spirits oscillate throughout the day but between the countless appointments and cab rides, you can always peep dramatic spikes when they’re stoked to walk a particular show and get to spend time interviewing their favorite designers.

As you know from the thousands of words I’ve barfed into the internet, I’ve watched the bejesus out of the archival seasons of the classic MTV show and I have to say (and sure, I am wildly biased) there are sparkly little moments where they remind me of Cindy in the early episodes. Here's the thing, we see Joan and Karlie in ads and editorials and they're such successful, accomplished, beautiful women but when they talk and goof around you’re instantly reminded of how legitimately young they both are.

They get slightly nervous at points but my goodness if they’re not SO sincere and sunny and it’s just lovely to watch them get geeked about people we'd geek about, like, photographer Mario Testino (who you’ll remember from our Milan episode in season 4 [and, well, his entire STORIED, SPRAWLING, STUNNING CAREER]).

For the Stella McCartney show that Joan opens (squeeeee!), our hosts go backstage to talk to the designer and it’s awesome to see how impressed and proud Stella is of the girls. It’s also wonderful to see the new guard talk to House of Style favorites like the legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

karlie kloss joan smalls

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss.
Photo: MTV

As some of you may know, for this 2013 Spring season, the French national treasure created a series of ensembles that paid homage to iconic musicians from Grace Jones to Michael Jackson. For what it’s worth, Joan Smalls serves phenomenal Sade realness because they both have THE PERFECT lips and eyebrows. There’s this moment when Joan mugs with Jourdan Dunn and Anais Mali where you cannot DEAL with how exquisite everyone is. Another thing you need to know: Karlie plays a sensational, hammy Boy George and David Bowie and you love watching her WORK her face off. It is adorable.

Then it’s off to party with fashmaves like Anna Dello Russo and Alexander Wang at M.A.C. & Carine Roitfeld's "Le Bal." Our hosts are scantily clad in black cocktail dresses. Joan in Gucci and Karlie in Wang. There’s a great deal of peek-a-boo action in the cut-out ensembles and it’s one of those times that you're reminded of how, indeed, the girls are internationally celebrated models because their bodies are unfrickinbelievable.

Look it, we know that this is a new era. We're not trying to be all things to all people. We realize and even appreciate that there will be those whose hearts belong to House of Style classique forever and ever amen, but we're gonna shoot the moon to bring you something shiny and fresh with some ladies we're excited to hang with. Get into it and let us know what you think if you love it. And if you don't, write it on a wee bit of paper and wad a piece of gum in it and pitch it into the trashcan. Love you. Mean it. Always.


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Karlie and Joan recounting Karlie's epic voicemail.
Photo: MTV Style

Can you remember what you did the last time you got a piece of life-changing news? You probably called your best friend and either shrieked, screamed, and cried in his or her general direction for a solid 10 minutes, or you did the same over voicemail (or via text, Facebook, GChat, or, if it was REALLY good news, all of the above). Well models, they're just like us, because that's precisely what Karlie Kloss did to her bestie Joan Smalls when she found out they had been named the new hosts of House Of Style. There was yelling, swearing, and certainly some jumping up and down. But don't take our word for it, listen for yourself. In the below clip, Joan plays the aforementioned voicemail, and although we had to edit out some of Karlie's more colorful turns of phrase, you get the idea. Also, Karlie, no worries, we would have dropped some f-bombs too at news like that. You know what else has us jumping up and down with excitement? The fact that the first episode of House Of Style will be live for your viewing pleasure! October 16th is barreling towards us like a freight train, and you know we're DYING to show you what we have up our sleeves. In the meantime whet your whistle with the teaser video after the jump, and stay glued to MTV Style for more fun from Karlie and Joan!


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