Ed Sheeran

Photo: MTV

We watched last night's Ed Sheeran doc. You did, too. But did you catch all those close-ups of his kicks? Our favorite loop-pedaling ginger is a bunch of things—singer, songwriter, Taylor Swift needlepoint recipient—but did you know dude's a sneakerhead, too?

For a guy who's constantly on the go, jet setting from one side of the globe to the other, he switches up his kicks with a truly mind-blowing frequency. In fact, he's pretty much never photographed wearing the same pair of shoes...quite the style statement for a guy who's allegedly not into fashion. (He recently told Billboard magazine, "I’ve just never really given a F about what people are wearing, so I don’t know why people care about what I have on.") Regardless, the people (me) do care what he has on, particularly if he's wearing a pair of VERY RARE Airs in a sold-out colorway.

I, for one, would love to know his secret. Does he travel with suitcases full of Jordans? Or does he wear 'em once, leaving a trail of Yeezys in his wake and picking up new ones as he goes? Or does he spend all his spare time trolling eBay and bidding on limited-edition Dunks? Whatever the explanation, Ed's collection is cool enough to impress even the most discerning sneakerhead out there. Also impressive? The fact that he's literally never been photographed in shoes that aren't sneakers, not even on the Grammy red carpet. His dedication is admirable.

Ed Sheeran

Photos: Getty Images

When: June 5, 2014
Where: KISS FM
What: Air Jordan 3 Powder Blue sneakers


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Photo: Warby Parker

Karlie Kloss has a jam-packed schedule and résumé. Not only is she a Victoria's Secret model, a student at Harvard, an entrepreneur and chef (specializing in gluten-free cookies, natch), besties with Taylor Swift, and, NBD, a member of the House of Style family. Well, now you can add charitable eyewear designer to the mix.

Kloss has partnered up with Warby Parker, the eyewear retailer. Her collaboration with the sunglasses company includes six limited-edition styles. The three frames, each of which come in two colorways, retail for $145 ($195 with prescription), and are made of Japanese titanium frames.


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Summertime, aka "the season in which no garment is safe from a randomly missing piece of fabric," is officially here, y'all. Since cutouts made their resurgence back in 2010, designers have been trying to get a bit more, um, creative with the whole hole trend (heh), and it's officially gotten out of control. Now, we're not saying we'd never wear cutouts (we're not sweaty monsters, jeez), but here are some pieces that we'll very politely decline for the time being.


Tip: Give these pocketless shorts to someone you hate because there's a 99% chance they'll end up with a broken iPhone and a case of the ugly cries.


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Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Needlepoint

Taylor's needlepoint.
Photo: MTV

Ed Sheeran's MTV documentary Nine Days and Nights premieres tonight on MTV at 11 p.m. EST, but our frandz at MTV News have a preview of the show and it involves Taylor Swift, Drake, and needlepoint.

It's no secret that Taylor loves to ~craft~, but we had no idea needlepoint (specifically) was among her crafty talents. The above cross stitch was made by Taylor and gifted to Ed, which makes sense because it features the both of them. It'd be weird if she gave it to, like, Hailee Steinfeld instead. It also features the phrase "The struggle is real" and some lyrics from "Started from the Bottom." Fact: Taylor is not the first person to embroider hip-hop lyrics onto canvas—below are a few of our faves. Enjoy 'em (and maybe consider decorating your home with them?)!




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Nicki Minaj

Exotic Minajesty is coming.
Photos: Getty Images/HSN

Usually when an artist releases a perfume it's tied to their album release, but in Nicki Minaj's case, her upcoming The Print Print means she has TWO different perfumes on the way: Onika and an "exotic edition" of Minajesty. (TBH, we wouldn't expect anything less from a woman who makes a portmanteau of her name and a royal title.)


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Source: Beyonce.com

Attention Beyhive: Queen Bey has released two new T-shirts in her store for you to cop! The tees feature emoji illustrations for both "Blow" and "Drunk in Love".

The "Blow" tee features cherries on the sleeves, in a nod to the ~adult~ themes that Beyonce references in the bridge. While the T-shirt for "Drunk in Love" has a tiny fully clothed emoji person surfing on the sleeves, cheekily rendering the act of "surfing" into a playful cartoon representation of yet another *achem* adult act.


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Cara Delevingne

#CARADKNY is happening.
Photo: @Cara Delevingne's Instagram

It's only Tuesday, but Cara Delevingne is already having the best week of her life. In the last 24 hours, she flexed her acting skills in a new trailer for an upcoming British TV show, got matching tattoos with her BFF 4EVA Jourdan Dunn, and frolicked around in a trench coat in Burberry's latest campaign. (In the last 24 hours, I rewatched the entire season of Faking It and finished a large pizza by myself, so we're both pretty accomplished.)

But she just upped the ante by announcing a new capsule collection for DKNY. Yup, that's right: Cara Delevigne is tacking on a "slash fashion designer" to her already abundant resume, right after "model slash actress" and right before "professional human being slash worldwide eyebrow muse."


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A still from Nicki Minaj's 'Pills N Potions' video.
Photo: Young Money Records

I didn't go to sleep last night until well after 4 a.m., and it's not just because I had to finish the seaosn-two finale of Orange Is The New Black (although that certainly was part of it). Nicki Minaj promised a Monday night release for her "Pills N Potions" video, and I was NOT about to miss that extremely important moment. And while I might have ghastly dark circles under my eyes now, I can confidently say that it was totally worth it.

After Nicki released a teaser of the video late last week, we just KNEW the full video would be amazing. (I mean, the 45-second clip already featured seven different looks.) The final product contains a perfect mix of stripped down and crazy—which also describes Nicki's current personal style, TBH. Who else could pull off subtle Alice in Wonderland imagery AND pasties over the course of a few minutes? Nobody, that's who.


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LA Pride

Photo: Danielle Owens-Reid

“Happy Pride” said the really attractive girl that I couldn’t actually carry on a conversation with because she was ~2 pretty 2 live~. I’m v. grateful to MTV Style for allowing me the opportunity to take pictures of hotties and cool kids without seeming like a creep.

Dyke Day LA is an all-day picnic that happens in Barnsdall Park right after Dyke March. Since 2008, they’ve been killin it, finally finding a way to mix the cray of Pride weekend with the calm of a family picnic. The general vibe is cool kids, hip families, hot ladies, and a handful of people who pass out flyers/take-out menus? I knew I was about to have the best time because my friend told me she goes every year, and she’s a lot cooler than me.

LA Pride

Photo: Dannielle Owens-Reid

I had a blast, largely because the music was BANGIN'. I don’t need an excuse to dance to "Problem," but I appreciate being able to do so surrounded by all of the pretty lesbians. Also, everyone is dressed so cool and hip, and I made my friends ask people if I could take their picture.

An interesting fact about me—I can’t talk to hotties. AT ALL. Especially when the hotties are dressed well. At Dyke Day, I was intimidated even more than usual because not only was everyone attractive and cool, but they all seemed intelligent, funny, creative, and hard-working, which means wife material. YOU CAN’T JUST APPROACH YOUR FUTURE WIFE ALL NONCHALANT, YOU KNOW?!


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Pretty Little Liars, Aeropostale

New 'Pretty Little Liars' x Aeropostale!
Photos: Aeropostale

Pretty Little Liars has been on hiatus since March, but it's back tomorrow. To coincide with its ~dramatic~ return, Aeropostale has launched the second collection in their PLL collaboration. The pieces hit stores yesterday and were designed by Mandi Line, the show's costume designer (also the costume designer on Faking It!). We chatted with her about the new collection, which character's style she likes the best, and whether to expect more pieces in the future.

MTV STYLE: How would you describe the overall style on Pretty Little Liars?

MANDI LINE: The overall style is fun, unique, obtainable, and wild. You never know what to expect.

How do the clothes in this collection fit with each character?

I did my best to make sure that the collection, which is for the fans, was as iconic as possible. Who wants stuff they can buy anywhere, any day?


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