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Stars, they're just like us. They wear T-shirts. Sometimes they wear T-shirts of their celebrity friends on them (see Katy Perry's Kanye shirt, Rita Ora's salute to her BFF Cara Delevingne, and the T-shirt arms race that Ryan Gosling and Macaulay Culkin seem to be in.

Not Nicolas Cage, though. For Cage, the only celebrity worth wearing is himself. He was spotted at a Guns N' Roses concert with Andrew "Dice" Clay wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a portrait of his own mug on it. Let that sink in for a moment. Nicolas Cage with Andrew "Dice" Clay at a Guns N' Roses concert. In 2014.


“We live only to discover beauty. All else is a form of waiting.” - Kahlil Gibran
Photo: Guns N' Roses Instagram

The Diceman was wearing a black leather sleeveless vest, a printed black-and-white tee (also sleeveless), fingerless gloves, and oversized aviator glasses, while Cage was clad in Cowboy Couture, which included the following: a cowboy hat, gold mirrored aviators, beaded necklaces with matching bracelet, cocktail rings, a cane (why not?), a wine goblet, fringed black jeans, a holster belt, and *takes giant breath* a T-shirt with a "Rage Face" Cage on it (the best part of his outfit, IMHO). Want to get in on the action and sport a Nic Cage shirt of your own? Lucky you, we rounded up a few.


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Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad in her new LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's collection.

In case you couldn't tell by the sweat dotting your forehead while you were waiting for the subway on an overcrowded platform that clocked in at 90 degrees, or the fact that the cold brew was sold out at your corner coffee place (Mondays, man), summer is here. Yeah, sure, fine, it doesn't officially arrive until June 21, but if the weather forecast and iced coffee demand is any indication, a new season has commenced and with it comes an unshakeable need for new clothes. Enter Lauren Conrad.


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3D IPhone cases

My case DGAF.
Photo: @sweatmoustache's Instagram

You'd be amazed at how many strangers come up to me, unprovoked, and say, "That's an, um, interesting iPhone case you have there. How does it even fit in your pocket?" The answer: it doesn't, and I'm totally OK with that. A couple months ago, I got a new (disclaimer: very large and very awesome) case and since then, I've encountered—what I'm calling—Impractical iPhone Case Bullying or IICB. Family members, friends, and total randos think it's OK to come up to me and dismiss my tech accessory because it's not 100% practical. And you know what? It's time to make a case for all these, erm, cases.


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Demi Lovato performs at 2014 L.A. Pride Parade.
Photo: Getty Images

Can you imagine being charged with inspiring and entertaining 400,000 people AND looking fabulous AF while doing it? Well, that's exactly what Demi Lovato's duties as Grand Marshall of the L.A. Pride Parade entailed, and she made it look like the most fun and natural job in the world.

During the Sunday afternoon festivities, Demi sang and danced while crowds flooded the streets to cheer her on. Her performance of "Really Don't Care" was energetic and upbeat, but her black suit gave off something a bit more serious (and borderline S&M).


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One Direction

You & I is coming!Photo: Getty Images

Gather round, Directioners. If you didn't expect to wake up to some very exciting One Direction news on this Monday morning, you are in for a real treat—there's a new fragrance on the way! In a video this morning, Liam announced that the new fragrance, You & I, would be dropping later this summer.

The new scent is the band's third—there was, of course, Our Moment last summer and That Moment earlier this spring. Liam reveals that all five guys played a major role in both developing the scent and designing the bottle. So, um, is the bottle gonna be shaped like a gray sweater? Maybe it'll be just, like, a morph of all their faces? The words "You & I" have history in the world of One Direction, y'know?


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Kanye West

Happy Birthday, Ye! Photo: Splash News

Today is Kanye West’s birthday, y’all! Judging by how epic his wedding was, we doubt Kanye will be skimping on the celebration for his his 37th year. Last year’s party guests included Beyonce, Jay Z, and Nas. While there’s no point in even trying to speculate how it will go down and what he will wear–with all of his designer friends, the possibilities are endless–we can say with relative confidence that there will be ice cream. Even if you haven’t obsessively followed photo trails of Kanye’s whereabouts over the years, surely you’ve seen the photo-turned-meme of 'Ye looking at his happiest while enjoying an ice cream cone. So, to help celebrate Kanye’s birthday, even if you don’t make this year’s uber-exclusive guest list, we rounded up some of the best ice cream-themed clothing online that you can wear in spirit. You don’t need Red Octobers to show your love for Yeezy.

Kanye West

Photo: Forever 21

If you’re lactose intolerant, maybe ease into showing your Yeezy pride with these subtle ankle socks. We wouldn’t want the temptation to be too strong—but these still send a message. Plus, priced at only $1.50, the commitment is low.

Kanye West

Photo: Romwe

If College Dropout-era Kanye is your favorite, this Ben & Jerry's ice sweatshirt is perfect for you. Back in those days, Kanye was all about maximalism–the more logos the better. One of his first press images was of him carrying a Louis Vuitton backpack, so he definitely would have approved of this brand-centric sweatshirt. Nowadays, 'Ye’s all about minimalism.


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In case you weren't aware, 1990 is, like, the most important year in the history of ever. Not only did it usher in the decade of grunge, neon, and supermodels, but it also marks the birth of the great Iggy Azalea.

If you follow Iggy's wardrobe game at all, you know she clearly feels a connection to the '90s (umm, have you SEEN her Clueless-themed "Fancy" video?). So, in honor of Iggy's 24th birthday (TODAY, June 7!), we decided to take a look back at some of her favorite trends that were ALSO born in the '90s. Way to own your decade, girl!



Photo: Getty Images



Photo: Getty Images


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Style icon, TBH.
Photo: Getty Images

• Obviously, the thing we and everyone else most wanted to talk about this week was Rihanna's totally sheer dress. You know the one. Made of 230,000 Swarovski crystals? Yeah, that one.

The Fault In Our Stars finally hit theaters (today!) and Shailene Woodley went barefoot on her way to the premiere. Yep, no shoes on New York City sidewalks. O_O

• Nick Minaj wore silver star pasties and a sheer shirt to Hot 97 Summer Jam, marking the first time she performed in her preferred accessory. (We're talking about the pasties. Oh, you got that already? Ok, ok.)

• The CMT Awards were on Wednesday and Kacey Musgraves schooled us in how to wear not-so-basic black both on the red carpet and on stage.

• In honor of the return of Orange Is The New Black (which I will be watching from the second I leave work until I am finished with every episode), we tested beauty hacks from the show's posters. Do tampons work as curlers? You'll have to watch to see!

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We love online shopping—maybe a little too much. Sometimes, we'll find ourselves 37 pages deep into the sale section on Urban Outfitters buying an alien piggy bank at 3 a.m., wondering if we have a problem. Truth is, we probably do, but there is one good thing that comes out of our shopping addiction: our ability to find the weirdest shiz on the internet. Basically, Urban Outfitters' sale section is filled with gems, and by that, we mean insanely ridiculous stuff that no one bought. It's pretty much our favorite place on the internet. So, here are 12 of the most WTF things that you can buy at UO right this second, and, hey, they're all on sale!


Urban Outfitters WTF

Photo: Urban Outfitters

"Let's make a drink holder that makes it impossible for you to do ANYTHING else while using it!"


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Bowie's done it. Little Richard's done it. Kurt Cobain, too. Glam rock was essentially built on dudes pushing boundaries in clothing, hairstyles, and yes, even makeup more typical of the female set, and that, in turn, influenced other genres like shock rock, hair metal, new romanticism, and goth, to name a few. Gender-bending style has long been the provenance of rock and rollers, played mostly for either laughs or simply to shock the normies, but these days, you're slightly more likely to see a rapper in womenswear.

Rap, much like heavy metal, is a historically hyper-masculine genre of music, so it's refreshing to see men in the hip-hop industry wear clothing that isn't gender-specific simply because (a) they like it and (b) do you really need another reason? Let's take a look at our favorite MCs bucking conventional clothing stereotypes.



Jay-Z in New York on June 4, and the same jersey on Shopbop.
Photo: Splash News/ Shopbop

Jay Z was spotted in a Rodarte jersey in New York while hanging out with the Queen Bey herself. Fairly innocuous right? It looks just like a football jersey, but it's from a line best known for its ability to blend esoteric themes of "prettiness" with unconventional subject matters like Japanese horror movies (see: the Fall 2008 collection). As it stands, you can purchase it on Shopbop for $405. You could have worse role models than the Jigga Man.


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