If you think M.I.A. couldn't possibly get any more outrageous, you clearly haven't seen her new "Double Bubble Trouble" music video yet. The psychedelic, politically-charged vid imagines a disturbing future where teens make guns on 3D MakerBot printers and dance under LED drones (and, worst of all, take selfies ALL day long). M.I.A. directed the video herself, and you can definitely feel the homemade realness amidst the trippy strobe light effects.

There are tons of blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments in the three minute and 26 second production (oh hai, 1984 references), so we went ahead and captured the coolest style tidbits that deserve some serious appreciation.



A still from M.I.A.'s 'Double Bubble Trouble' music video.
Photo: M.I.A's YouTube Page

M.I.A. wears an alphabet-print Moschino (circa 1990s) jacket + pants for about half of the video. Pairing the outfit with bright orange socks is a particularly nice touch.


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Kanye West

Excuse my French, but I'm in France...and these ain't the real Red Octobers.
Photo: Getty Images

Picture this: You're a huge fan of Kanye West, and you're in Paris the week before his much-anticipated wedding to Kim Kardashian. You catch wind of where he might be in the next few hours, grab the prized Air Yeezy 2 Red Octobers you dropped a lot of coin for on eBay, and head over to the spot in hopes of catching his eye. You actually see Kimye and get RIGHT IN THERE. This is your moment. You're gonna get Yeezy to sign your Yeezys. You make eye contact, present your beloved scarlet kicks and a Sharpie, and Ye obliges with a massive grin. THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE. And then he tells you they're fake. *screeeeeeeeching brakes* WHAT?!?!?!??


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Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus performing in Belfast and a shot from the Kenzo Fall 2013 runway.
Photo: @mileycyrus Instagram/Getty Images

Just when we were getting used to all the new pieces in Miley Cyrus' Bangerz Tour wardrobe, she goes and adds a new look. Miley posted photos on Instagram (while on stage, natch) wearing a monochrome eye print. We immediately recognized the print as Kenzo—though the eyes on Miley's pieces have much lusher lashes than those on the Fall 2013 collection—but we couldn't figure out from the picture what the eyes were printed on. And then it hit us: They're custom.


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We get it: You really, really love Instagram. GREAT NEWS, GUYS. Now you can declare said love by wearing it on your sleeve printing it on your sneakers. In August, the brand is launching an app that'll let you upload snapshots from everybody's (well, everybody except for Rihanna's) favorite photo-sharing site, then stamp them on a snazzy new pair of Adidas ZX Flux kicks. Technology is amazing! The future is now! SHOES ARE AWESOME!

To celebrate, we dug up our favorite Instagram snaps that we look forward to wearing on our feet come August when the Mi Adidas photo print app hits iPhone and Android.



Photo: @badgirlriri Instagram

This is the greatest Instagram photo of all time. No, it's not a picture of eggs Benedict from an amazing brunch someone had, or a sunset that someone once saw, but a drawing. A drawing from Rihanna's now defunct Instagram account (*pouring one out for you, bb*). This picture will be perfect on my Adidas kicks for a number of reasons: (1) It will remind me of the greatest Instagram that ever was; (2) it will make for a simple shoe, and (3) I will be walking around with this stick figure that DGAF on my feet.


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Photo: MTV Style

All right, scallywags of the world, it's time for a fat dose of OUTKAST 101. The target audience for today’s lesson is 60% people who “don’t know what an Outkast is;” 18% people who know about Outkast, but only because of “Hey Ya;” and the rest, a curious blend of intelligent animals + bored teens. We also happily welcome folks who’ve had “Elevators (Me & You)” in perma-rotation since always. Our topic of choice will OF COURSE be ~fashion~, because Outkast actually means “style” in Swedish. (Note: It doesn’t.)


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Robert Pattinson

Photo: Getty

Robert Pattison is currently in Cannes promoting his TWO new films: The Rover and Maps to the Stars. The Cronenberg film isn't the first time that Pattinson has teamed up with the Canadian director—their first collaboration was on 2012's Cosmopolis. However, it's his wardrobe that has been garnering more attention, at least here in MTV Style HQ. It's one thing to see your teen idols age (sorry guys, it happens) but to see them go full-on DAD is a little scary. Yet there's something about R-Patz's new looks that seems oddly familiar.

That’s when it hit me, we’ve seen this before. That white undershirt is a clear “Dad” tell.


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Katy Perry, Madonna, V Magazine

Katy Perry on her 'V' magazine cover.
Photo: @katyperry Instagram

Normally, the Monday before a long weekend is, like, the worst. The weekend is very far and it feels like each day is 400 hours long. Today, a Monday before a long weekend (the first of the summer, WHATUP!), is a different story thanks to Katy Perry, Madonna, and V magazine. Katy and Madonna cover V's Summer 2014 issue, dressed in matching black skirts and jackets.

While neither is fully featured on the other's cover, their legs and a whip (I think?) are. Katy wears a full leather outfit, decorated with safety pins. Her hair is green, though only on the bottom—as an expert in Katy's wig collection, I can confidently say this is a wig. Katy loves green wigs these days.


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5 Seconds of Summer in the "Don't Stop" music video.
Photo: Capitol Records

5 Seconds of Summer has exhibited impressive dedication to their cutoff band tees—they even wore 'em for last night's Billboard Awards performance, which was a BFD because it marked their U.S. TV debut. Wearing decades-old Misfits tees with the sleeves chopped off was a ballsy move, since the other dudes in attendance—Robin Thicke, Pitbull, Michael Jackson (sorta)—pulled out all the stops, but I'm giving enthusiastic applause for staying true to their style.

Which is why I'm surprised they went and switched things up on us for the "Don't Stop" music video, their second single off their soon-to-be-released and soon-to-turn-my-world-upside-down debut album. The guys dropped jaws (and trou) by trading their now-ubiquitous cutoff shirts for superhero costumes. Their look was more Power Rangers than Avengers, but nonetheless, the masked vigilantes saved the day. Like actually saved the day, because it was a super lame Monday before this video entered the world, and now it's super super. Because superheros.



Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in the woods drinking beer. #YOLO
Photo: @ladygaga Instagram

We've seen a lot (like, a lot) of unusual looks from Lady Gaga in our day. This overalls and hat combo that she posted on Instagram over the weekend, though, may be the most peculiar. What is she doing? Why is she dressed like a witch that rides in a camouflage whip rather than on a broom? Why is she holding a beer can that looks like it's from the 1970s?

The caption of this photo is: "You think you know, but you have no idea." First of all, I'm glad to see Gaga is a fan of MTV's Diary. Second, what don't we know? Is this what Gaga is like when she's not wearing a furry mask? Is Jed Clampett her style icon IRL?


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Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley for 'InStyle.'
Photo: InStyle magazine

Shailene Woodley looks like your slightly-above-average girl next door on the cover of InStyle's June 2014 issue—flouncy floral dress, cute orange nail polish, etc. But once you open the magazine and peep the inside spread, things get a little more free-spirited and wild (much like Shailene herself!). Miss Woodley ditches her mainstream springtime look for a bolder wardrobe and—wait for it—a soaking wet mullet.


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