Lauren Conrad Allure

Lauren Conrad on the November cover of 'Allure.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Allure'

If there's one thing we know about Lauren Conrad, it's that she's got her beauty game on LOCK. Whether she's switching up her strands with hot pink tips or teaching us how to do a step-by-step half moon mani, LC is always sharing the best beauty advice with her fellow ladies. I mean, it's no wonder she's releasing a book about, well, exactly that (appropriately titled Lauren Conrad BEAUTY) and was hand picked as Allure's gorgeous November cover girl. Presh! For her cover look, she ditched her typical wing-tipped liner for bare lids, luscious lashes, and a fire engine red matte lip. She wore her hair down and straight, which gives off a soft and beautiful beachy vibe that's totally reminiscent of her Laguna Beach days. She finished her look with a navy 3.1 Phillip Lim bikini top and matching cotton silk Dior toile skirt. (No one remind us that winter is just a couple months away, please. Kthxbi.)


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Wow. It feels bananas to finally be in that place where we can introduce you to the first episode of the new House of Style. It’s the sort of momentous thing where you want to uglylaugh with bugged-out eyes because you’re so relieved and happy that it’s done and delivered. The premiere is clearly a big deal so we pulled out all the stops and flew to Paris to follow our hosts Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss for the final week of shows during fashion month. For the uninitiated, it goes—New York, London, Milan, and then Paris—so by this point, it’s basically a miracle that the girls are still so excited and energized as they haul their butts from show to show to party.

We also sat and talked with each about what it means to be working on HOS (that's what the cool kids are calling it but not for hashtags and SEO BTW FYI ICYMI FTW) and how their personal styles evolved from the time they were kids to now (spoiler alert: they were darling but recount grim tales about what it was like to be a full foot taller than their prom dates) and how they keep their heads screwed on straight during the hectic weeks.

karlie kloss joan smalls

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss are the new hosts of 'House of Style.'
Photo: MTV

It’s funny because you can actually monitor Karlie and Joan’s spirits oscillate throughout the day but between the countless appointments and cab rides, you can always peep dramatic spikes when they’re stoked to walk a particular show and get to spend time interviewing their favorite designers.

As you know from the thousands of words I’ve barfed into the internet, I’ve watched the bejesus out of the archival seasons of the classic MTV show and I have to say (and sure, I am wildly biased) there are sparkly little moments where they remind me of Cindy in the early episodes. Here's the thing, we see Joan and Karlie in ads and editorials and they're such successful, accomplished, beautiful women but when they talk and goof around you’re instantly reminded of how legitimately young they both are.

They get slightly nervous at points but my goodness if they’re not SO sincere and sunny and it’s just lovely to watch them get geeked about people we'd geek about, like, photographer Mario Testino (who you’ll remember from our Milan episode in season 4 [and, well, his entire STORIED, SPRAWLING, STUNNING CAREER]).

For the Stella McCartney show that Joan opens (squeeeee!), our hosts go backstage to talk to the designer and it’s awesome to see how impressed and proud Stella is of the girls. It’s also wonderful to see the new guard talk to House of Style favorites like the legendary designer Jean Paul Gaultier.

karlie kloss joan smalls

Joan Smalls and Karlie Kloss.
Photo: MTV

As some of you may know, for this 2013 Spring season, the French national treasure created a series of ensembles that paid homage to iconic musicians from Grace Jones to Michael Jackson. For what it’s worth, Joan Smalls serves phenomenal Sade realness because they both have THE PERFECT lips and eyebrows. There’s this moment when Joan mugs with Jourdan Dunn and Anais Mali where you cannot DEAL with how exquisite everyone is. Another thing you need to know: Karlie plays a sensational, hammy Boy George and David Bowie and you love watching her WORK her face off. It is adorable.

Then it’s off to party with fashmaves like Anna Dello Russo and Alexander Wang at M.A.C. & Carine Roitfeld's "Le Bal." Our hosts are scantily clad in black cocktail dresses. Joan in Gucci and Karlie in Wang. There’s a great deal of peek-a-boo action in the cut-out ensembles and it’s one of those times that you're reminded of how, indeed, the girls are internationally celebrated models because their bodies are unfrickinbelievable.

Look it, we know that this is a new era. We're not trying to be all things to all people. We realize and even appreciate that there will be those whose hearts belong to House of Style classique forever and ever amen, but we're gonna shoot the moon to bring you something shiny and fresh with some ladies we're excited to hang with. Get into it and let us know what you think if you love it. And if you don't, write it on a wee bit of paper and wad a piece of gum in it and pitch it into the trashcan. Love you. Mean it. Always.


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With just 10 episodes comprising this sixth and final season of Gossip Girl, each weekly installation brings us closer to knowing the long-concealed identity of Gossip Girl and *sniffle* the end of an era. But just because the GG writers have a limited amount of time to wrap up story lines definitely doesn't mean they're skimping on the character adds. This season introduces Nate's (Chace Crawford) newest love interest, Sage (Sofia Black-D'Elia), and Serena's (Blake Lively) new beau, Steven (Barry Watson), and the episode kicks off with a messy relationship triangle square involving all four.

Hell-bent on usurping his father Bart's (Robert John Burke) unjust assumption of power over Bass Industries, Chuck (Ed Westwick) has devoted his time to uncovering the dark secret that caused Bart to fake his death back in the day. Meanwhile, Blair (Leighton Meester) rounded up some minions to help ensure that Waldorf Designs' change-of-hands continues to go as smoothly as possible. And Georgina (Michelle Trachtenberg) acts as Dan's (Penn Badgley) publicist and manager, shopping for the perfect outlet to publish Lonely Boy's Upper East Side tell-all take-down. If you haven't caught up yet, we won't spoil the rest for you, but check back here weekly for our fashion recap!

Gossip Girl Fashion

Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively).
Photo: The CW

+ Earrings: Chainmail drop earrings
+ Dress: Light blue gown with floral pailettes


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Halloween Zombie Nail Art

Photo: Via Samarium's Swatches

Sure, we've been getting into the Halloween spirit with killer costume ideas (like Lady Gaga's new and improved meat dress or Katy Perry's enchanted "Wide Awake" look), but we have yet to go down the dark and gory road that is All Hallows' Eve. *evil witch cackle* *thunderclap* If you're willing to get a little grisly with your costume and have some serious nail art skills to boot, we have JUST the thing for you—a zombie-fied manicure that'll definitely add an extra bit of edge to your back-from-the-dead ensemble. I mean, you don't even have to WAIT until Halloween to sport a seriously revolting mani, (I mean, hello, season three of The Walking Dead just premiered yesterday AND that Zombie 5K is just a week away), but you might, um, really gross people out in the meantime. This manicure is all about getting as gruesome as possible—the bloodier, the better! Remember: You are a flesh-eating corpse, and your nails need to reflect that. So, where do we start? Well, take a cue from Samarium's Swatches' blog and use only matte polishes for the beat-up and bruised nail beds, but be sure to keep the "blood" shiny to make it look nice 'n fresh. Mmmmm, humans. Fun tip: She used dark, matte eye shadow around her cuticles and fingertips to add an extra gross touch. PERFECT.


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Carly Rae Jepsen

Carly Rae Jepsen in Topshop at Comedy Central's Night Of Too Many Stars.
Photo: Getty Images/ Topshop.

Celebrities: they're just like us! OK, maybe not. But we've got one thing in common with our favorite music stars, and that's a serious Topshop obsession. Demi Lovato's been sporting the U.K. megabrand on the X-Factor all summer long, and now Carly Rae Jepsen is giving her a run for her money with her own wardrobe. The "Call Me Maybe" singer performed at Comedy Central's "Night Of Too Many Stars" event last night, rocking not one but TWO very different Topshop outfits. She arrived wearing the brand's Embossed Skater Dress, a not-so-basic LBD with a mesh insert. It's a girly look for sure, but Carly toughened it up with a pair of heeled booties from- guess where- yep, Topshop.


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Beats By Trukfit

Justin Bieber shows off beats by Trukfit headphones.
Photo: Courtesy of @JustinBieber's Instagram

As if the Lil Wayne-designed label Trukfit weren't enough of a music-meets-fashion collision in itself, Weezy and his streetwear brand have teamed up with Beats by Dr. Dre for a pair of collaboration headphones. That's right, folks. Welcome into the world a piece of music hardware already backed by one rapper/producer and made extra stylish with the help of another emcee's FASHION label. Even better? We spotted them this weekend in the hands of THE Justin Bieber on his Instagram feed. Layers upon layers of MTV Style kryptonite right thurr.


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Iggy Azalea, House of Holland

Iggy Azalea for House of Holland Eyewear.
Photo: via House of Holland Facebook

We hate to say we told you so, but we TOTALLY called it! After seeing mysterious photos pop up on Iggy Azalea's Twitter a couple months back, featuring the Aussie rapper showing off House of Holland sunglasses, we wondered if a campaign was in the works. Turns out we were right— the images have officially dropped! And yes, they're absolutely amazing. The emerging hip hop star is working her modeling chops in a huge way, showing off House of Holland's debut collection of shades against a bright blue Los Angeles sky.


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Rihanna Vogue November

Rihanna on the November cover of 'Vogue.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Vogue'/Annie Leibovitz

"Since my first Vogue cover, I've gotten a lot more fearless, a lot freer, a lot more comfortable with who I am," said Rihanna in a behind-the-scenes video during her November Vogue cover shoot. Honestly, we couldn't have said it better ourselves. RiRi appeared on the most recent issue sporting a super-short pixie cut, seriously smokey eyes, a fire engine matte red lip and bold red strapless Valentino Resort lace gown exuding TONS confidence. It's a totally different vibe than her soft and ethereal April 2011 cover where she looked more unassuming and cautious in her mermaid-inspired ensemble. "As I've started to change and grow up, I've started to embrace that. I've started to infuse that in my fashion, as well as my music," Rihanna continued. We couldn't be MORE on-board with Rihanna's ever-evolving look, especially her freshly-shorn 'do. She said, "I love cutting my hair. The shorter it got, the more I was falling in love with it. I felt like the long hair was holding me back a little bit. I loved it, but it was always a thing I had to think about and make sure it was done. It felt brand new."


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Azealia Banks And Cara Delevingne mermaid ball

Azealia Banks And Cara Delevingne at the Mermaid Ball in London.
Photo: via Azealia Banks Instagram

When it comes to best friends, it really doesn't get any cooler than Azealia Banks and Cara Delevingne. Besides the fact that these two girls are absolutely KILLING it in their respective industries, they also always have a ton of fun wherever they go, whether it's impromptu funny photoshoots, spontaneous beauty change-ups, or more recently, this weekend's epic Mermaid Ball. We all know Azealia loooooves mermaids, so she threw a massive party at an aquarium in London to celebrate (and as a followup to the NYC and LA events that happened in the summer). Clearly it was an excuse to dress up, and Azealia and Cara didn't disappoint one bit. Azealia hinted on Twitter about her date, saying "@Caradelevingne is my date for the mermaid ball! We just had a fitting for our mermaid costumes!" so we knew these two would turn up in something amazing.


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The countdown is on! Halloween is officially three weeks away, which means that there's just enough time to put together an elaborate, show-stopping costume. As the clock ticks down and we get closer, obviously your options for going all out get fewer and fewer, unless you're a lightning-fast, super DIY'er. Every year there are a few of our faves who have totally amazing, Halloween-ready looks, Katy Perry of course being one of them. Last year we told you how to get "T.G.I.F." ready, and this year we're going to be doing some of Katy's more recent, still totally iconic, looks. Some of these are harder than others, requiring online tutorials, scissors, glue and a significant time commitment, others are considerably easier, using clothes you might already have on hand and a few simple props. Either way, you'll look just as rad as Katy, and are sure to turn some heads.

Katy's "Wide Awake" Enchanted Garden Look

Get Katy's "Wide Awake" look.
Photo: Getty/Manic Panic/Urban Outfitters/Amazon

In the interest of full disclosure, one of the most attractive things about this costume is the excuse to dye your hair purple. You could also wear a wig, of course, and depending on your age should always ask permission before doing something like this, since even semi-permanent dye will stick around for awhile. You can also just wear a purple wig. We LOVE Katy's look in her "Wide Awake" video, where she drapes flowers across a nude maxi dress, which she has paired with white patent Dr. Martens. Her beauty game is flawless as well, with her long grape-hued locks accentuating perfect skin and a demure pink lip. Butterflies in her hair and a killer 3-D floral mani knock this look out of the park. With a simple nude dress, some butterflies and flowers (which you can totally glue onto your nails), and some fabric tape, you can re-create this look incredibly easily. If you want to go a little deeper with it, you can do this paper flower DIY, and drape your creations across the dress with yarn or twine.

+ Butterflies
Fancy Butterflies $5.25
+ Flowers 452 Pc. Pastel Paper Flower Assortment $12.75
+ DIY Flowers Paper Flower DIY
+ Dress Go Make Noise Slub Knit Maxi Dress $59.00
+ Hair Dye Manic Panic Purple Haze $13.65


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