It happens at the beginning of every summer: I lay on the beach and envision my skin turning into a beautifully sun-kissed shade of bronze. By the time August hits, there's no tan in sight—just a peely nose, hot pink shoulders, and, ugh, freckles. As an adult, I've always shied away from too much sun time for fear of dark spots taking over my face, so when I saw Topshop was launching a freckle pencil this July, my speckled jaw dropped. Wait, people want melanin-pigmented abnormalities on their face? OK, fashion world. You've certainly got my attention.


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Olivia Wilde

Photo: Getty Images/Photoshop: MTV

I dunno about you, but I know every time I meet a super-attractive working professional, the first question out of my mouth is, “But your ass is so fine…why did you even bother getting a job?” Oh, wait. I don’t do that, because that’s insane, as well as super creepy. And yet, GQ magazine’s movie critic Tom Carson is catching some well-deserved heat for his comments on Olivia Wilde’s performance in her new film Third Person, where she stars opposite Liam Neeson. [Ed. note: GQ has since apologized for the remarks via Twitter, and Olivia acknowledged via retweet.] She plays a writer, which inspired enough of a "Huh? Whaaaaaat?" reaction from GQ writer Tom Carson to pen this comment:

She's supposed to be a writer too, but your belief in that won't outlast Wilde scampering naked through hotel corridors once Neeson playfully locks her out of his room. With that tush, who'd need to be literate? Who'd want to?


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Kyle Beckerman as "every boy I went to college with" and a bouquet of dreads.
Photos: Getty/ Free People

Extensions are nothing new. They've been a thing since basically forever. Urban Outfitters was even selling clip-on bangs for a minute (which, by some miracle of commerce, have since sold out). Clip-on dreads, though? That surprised even me. Boho-emporium Free People is selling "dreadlock extensions" in packs of 10 for $128. They also sell them in an alternate "blue tie-dye" if you're feeling slightly more alt when it comes to your faux style. As shudder-inducing as they are, we can't quite ignore them the way we probably should, thanks to a little American futboler bringing the matted tendril look back into popular vernacular. I'm speaking, of course, about Kyle Beckerman.


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World Cup

Photo: ESPN

If you’ve paid attention to a minute of U.S. soccer this World Cup, or even scrolled through mentions of it in your social feeds, chances are you’re familiar with “Teddy Goalsevelt,” the stan-turned-meme Chicagoan Mike D’Amico who’s attended each game dressed up as Teddy Roosevelt. Over the course of the tournament, he’s practically become the face of American soccer. As you might expect, his backstory is just as good as his costume. After being laid off in September, D’Amico started freelancing and surprisingly found himself with more disposable income. Then in November, he received an unexpected email from the American Outlaws—the biggest U.S. Supporter group—offering him a coveted spot in their vacation package. He hadn’t even planned on attending the World Cup but, with some extra cash socked away, he jumped at the opportunity.

Coincidentally, the agency D’Amico now works for is called Cavalry, a name Teddy Roosevelt definitely would have approved of. “I hadn’t even pieced that together but their logos are trumpets and swords,” he says via Skype from a hotel room in Recife, fresh off of giving a pep talk alongside Will Ferrell at a supporter pre-party for today’s game against Germany. The list of chance events that brought him to this moment—and to putting together his Teddy Roosevelt costume—runs long. “We could do this interview for hours and I still wouldn’t be able to go through all of the bizarre serendipitous events,” he says. We at least got through a handful of them in our talk. Here, D’Amico explains the inspiration behind his costume, how it’s holding up in the heat, and counting Will Ferrell as one of his fans.

World Cup

Two buds chilling at the World Cup, NBD.
Photo: U.S. Soccer

MTV STYLE: How was the pre-party for the U.S. vs. Germany game?

No big deal. I just got to hang out with Will Ferrell. Just another Wednesday.

Was he familiar with your Teddy Roosevelt costume?

Yeah, I’m just finding that out from the other U.S. soccer guys. They were in a van with him on the way over and told him I’d be there and he was like, “The guy from TV? That’s the guy I was just talking about!” He was excited and he was so nice. He went out of his way to involve me in everything. We went out on stage at the U.S. soccer party and gave a little pump-up speech to the guys there. It was a blast.

Tell me about the origins of this costume. Did it start out as a Halloween costume?

[Laughs] No, not even. It’s made its debut at the World Cup. I travel a lot for U.S. soccer, at least domestically—this is my first international soccer trip—and there’s always guys at the games that are dressed a little more interestingly than everyone else. There’s always the colonial soldier, the guy in the WWI outfit with the aviators and pilot helmet, and everyone always eats that stuff up. So I thought, If I’m traveling halfway around the world spending all of this money and time, this is probably the time for me to step up my game. As soon as I decided I was going to Brazil, I decided I would do something different. I started thinking about different cultural icons and was also thinking about the fact that I had nine months of beard growth—it was gigantic—so I knew I could dye or carve it into something. One day, Teddy Roosevelt just kind of hit me. I thought it was perfect because I was going to Brazil and was going to be in the jungle. It’s everything that Teddy Roosevelt would have been interested in. If you want someone leading your team and fans into battle in the jungle, it’s Teddy Roosevelt.


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Beyonce, Jay Z

Photo: Getty Images

Beyonce and Jay Z launched their highly anticipated On the Run Tour last night (June 25) in Miami, and it's already looking to be the jaw-dropping '03 '14 Bonnie & Clyde spectacular we've been dreaming of all our lives. Aside from nailing their staggering 42-song setlist, Mr. and Mrs. Carter dominate the stage in some of the steamiest performance outfits we've seen in a WHILE.

Beyonce, Jay Z

Photo: Getty Images

The power couple kicked things off with their famous duet "'03 Bonnie and Clyde." Jay Z wore an American flag tee, beanie, and shades, while Bey bared all in a fishnet ski mask and Atelier Versace bodysuit. We can only imagine how excited the audience felt to see Beyonce walk towards them, and then how EXTRA excited they felt when she walked away from them (ya know, seeing as the back of the bodysuit is essentially a leather thong...).


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Better start saving your links.

It should come as no surprise that we do a lot of online shopping here at MTV Style. (And I do mean a LOT.) When you cover as much e-commerce ground as we do, keeping track of your links in an effective way is a major priority, and nothing has saved us from endless tab life in the shopping department like Svpply. Our love for the product-collecting platform runs so deep, we've given thanks to it over our plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing.

Alas, Svpply was acquired by online retail juggernaut eBay in 2012, and now, we're starting to feel the effects of that business deal (aside from the advent of Svpply-like feeds and collections on eBay): and its associated apps—including the oft-overlooked but super-addictive Want app—will ride off into the digital sunset on August 31 (aka IN JUST TWO SHORT MONTHS). If, like us, you're a Svpply fan, we invite you to join us in a moment of silence and an open forum to pay your respects to the beloved custom shopping aggregate.


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Rihanna on the cover of 'Harper's Bazaar' Arabia.
Photo: @Rihanna's Twitter

Look, I'm not trying to be dramatic, but you need to stop whatever it is you're doing and look at Rihanna's spread for Harper's Bazaar Arabia. The cover story–I'm not kidding–is "The New Modesty: How To Cover Up In Style" and it's starring "Rihanna of Arabia." This is a fashion spread that features Rihanna–queen of my heart and the woman who wore a dress made of crystals to the CFDA Awards–in modest, covered-up pieces. I know, you need to see it to believe it, so let's not waste any more time.

On the cover she is perhaps the most covered of all, with a heavily embellished dress and veil that results in a mesh bow at her neck. Her matte red lip and perfect eyeliner let us know it's the real Rihanna, even if she has more material on in one magazine picture than she has had on in recent memory combined.


Rihanna for 'Harper's Bazaar' Arabia.
Photo: @Rihanna's Twitter

Rihanna shared numerous (maybe all?) the shots from the spread on her Twitter ('cause, y'know, R.I.P @badgalriri Instagram), and simply captioned this one "Navy." Yeah, your fans are going to be into this bejeweled dress and hood look–how could they not be, TBH?


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Mariah Carey, Donatella Versace

Two peas in a pod. Who knew?
Photo: Getty Images

Um, in case you didn't know—I didn't, #SHAME—Mariah Carey and Donatella Versace are pals. Like, what? British Vogue got the designer to dish on their friendship and more important, IMHO, had her review her fave tracks from Me. I Am Mariah… The Elusive Chanteuse. No, this isn't a dream. This is real life. Unfortunately, D's review leaves us with more questions than answers.

"The first time I met her was at one of my fashion shows."

Umm, excuse me? I need to know much more. What season was this? What was Mariah wearing? What was Donatella wearing? How were they introduced and what saint brought them together???

"Straightaway, she made me laugh, and I knew immediately that we'd be friends."

Mariah tells jokes? I mean, sure, when I saw what she wore on the subway I laughed, but I don't think that was her intention. Maybe it was? Maybe Mariah Carey is constantly trolling us? Similarly surprising, Donatella likes jokes?


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Kesha's 'Teen Vogue' cover.
Photo: Teen Vogue

If you saw the August 2014 cover of Teen Vogue and didn't recognize the cover star, don't worry—you're not alone. It may take a second to recognize Kesha minus neon face paint and plus bangs, but that's her, the artist formerly known as Ke$ha. If you couldn't tell from the cover, she's trying out a new look—explaining, "The insanity is not gone forever; it's still there. I've only decided to wipe off all the face paint and try to wear beautiful dresses instead of completely insane things." We were totally down with the "completely insane things," TBH, but we are also very excited to see what these new, beautiful dresses look like.


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Jiraiya and Massive for Opening Ceremony
Source: Opening Ceremony's Instagram

In time for LGBT Pride Month, Opening Ceremony is partnering with Japanese manga artist Jiraiya and streetwear brand/purveyor of erotic gay manga Massive. Jiraiya is a noted gay cartoonist who's been called the "Tom of Finland" for the Land of the Rising Sun with some key aesthetic differences: The men that Jiraiya tends to draw are of the sumo/beefcake variety. For example, one of Massive's standout pieces is this sweatshirt, which features an original print from Jiraiya celebrating gachimuchi love (for you gaijins out there, that's guy love that can only be found between beefy, muscular dudes). It's since sold out, but luckily for us, the new capsule collection includes the same gachimuchi graphic on a new purple gradient. It also has muscle tees with beefy dudes in banana hammocks and robes, pastel beach towels, and this brawny monk slyly winking at us from this long-sleeve pullover.


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