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Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger performs.
Photo: Getty Images

Here at MTV Style, we're not under any pretense that the fashion world is shy. But this week it seems like no one wants to hold their tongue!

+ Mick Jagger is a "dandelion," according to André Leon Talley. In his review of The Rolling Stones’ 50th Anniversary concert, the Vogue editor-at-large (amusingly) waxes poetic on the front man's iconic stage presence.
{via Vogue}

+ Coco Rocha, social media-savvy model du jour, issues her unique perspective the new Instagram Terms of Use.
{via Coco Rocha's Twitter}

+ Lena Dunham was just crowned 2012's Coolest Person of the Year, but apparently America's Next Top Model winner Laura James tried to nominate herself?
{via Time}

+ Selfridges, the super awesome UK luxury department store, would actually like you to shut up. Early next year, the retailer is set to launch a SILENT shopping area for customers to peruse in peace!
{via Women's Wear Daily}

+ Aaanddd James Franco has just announced that he will be releasing a SECOND book of poetry, entitled Directing Herbert White. The collection apparently takes its title from a poem that Franco composed about a short film he wrote based on a poem by Frank Bidart... Giddy up!
{via Refinery 29)

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The shoes!  The bags! The ridiculous outfits!  We reveled in it all, but sadly New York Fashion Week has come to a close. Throughout the week we have seen the best and the worst of what fashion can be, from the the dresses that make us drool, to the front row outfits that make us say, “Wait, you wore that?!”  There’s no such thing as a Fashion Week Yearbook (in my opinion there should be each season) but I went ahead and put together my Fashion Week Superlatives anyway... you know, just in case.


Kelly Osbourne.
Photo: Getty Images

I love everything about this. Her bun is crazy and so are all the colors, but it works because of the simple silhouette of the dress.


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Andre Leon Talley on the front row of the Fall 2012 Proenza Schouler show in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

Our fashion prayers have been answered! Andre Leon Talley, aka contributing editor of American Vogue, former judge on America's Next Top Model, front row bon vivant, and general purveyor of all that is fash-witty and awesome, is getting his own Bravo show. Tentatively titled Fashion Stories of NYC, the show will center around Andre as a mentor to four up-and-coming fashion design teams who need that extra push to create, show, and sell their lines. Although it sounds like a familiar formula, we have high hopes that with ALT on board, it will be something else entirely.


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Cee Lo Green Andre Leon Talley

Cee Lo Green performs at Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis, Indiana, on Feb. 5, and Andre Leon Talley attends the MET Ball in New York on May 2. Photo: Getty Images

MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA, *mustache twirl* I have been WAITING for this moment. As you'll know from not one, but two posts from the past year, I am both baffled and delighted (bafflighted?) by Andre Leon Talley's enormous blue fashion tarpaulin that wore him to the Met Gala. The moment I saw Cee Lo Green in his majestic black sequined Givenchy smock I could not WAIT to pose this question to you guys.

Who wore a ridiculously fancy manrobe better? Cee Lo or Andre Leon Talley?

Another question that came up last night during the halftime show, wherein the indomitable Madonna (for the record, I firmly sit on the side that believes the bish BROUGHT IT) threw on the pyro and incited the synchronized bananasness that can only be described as a VERY AMERICAN version of the North Korean Mass Games and Cee Lo (also bedecked out in a GLITTERY band helmet) conducted a troop of gospel singers:

Remember when this dude was in Goodie Mob?

Not really. But Khujo and T-Mo probs do. :(

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It's got to be stressful knowing you'll be photographed every moment of your waking life. Some celebrities respond to the pressure by giving in to comfort, taking back their lives, and being relegated to "Stars They're Just Like Us" columns of tabloids by near-exclusively wearing jeans, cashmere wraps, and Uggs while schlepping around Best Buy bags. Others swing violently to the other, battier side of the spectrum, upping the ante each time to dip themselves in progressively bananas ensembles, and and it's to those folks that we clink our drinks and tip our hats because they actually give us something to talk about. So in celebration of head-to-toe candy raver outfits, zip-up down-filled cactus cowls, rabid blood-dipped bird head ornaments, and wearing a big-ass sheet to the Met gala, we bring you The Most Outrageous Outfits of 2011.


Anna Dello Russo

Anna Dello Russo at the Irreverent Dinner hosted by Carine Roitfeld on Oct. 4, 2011, in Paris, France.
Photo: WireImage

Anna Dello Russo is the editor-at-large at Vogue Nippon and one of our favorites for obvious reasons. Look it, this bish is out of her treeeeee! While I didn't necessarily love this taxidermied lunatic bird mere weeks before on the runway at Giles Deacon during London Fashion Week (in fact, it topped my list of WTF Headgear From London Fashion Week) this ruffled avian flu bomb appearing atop an equally scrawny, akimbo-armed Anna sorta made my day. It's hilarious. It honestly looks like some couture-wearing parasitic insect laid an egg in the swan and now Anna, its merciless offspring clawing out of its underbelly with a triumphant, s***-eating grin and $1,200 shoes. It's fantastic.


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Tilda Swinton's dress looks like Andre Leon Talley's Met Gala cape.
Photo: WireImage

There are some things in life that you just can't un-see, no matter how hard you will your brain to try. A horrific accident. The accidental walking in on behind-closed-doors activities of any relative. The electric blue, nylon-looking, tent-like vestment worn by Andre Leon Talley to the 2011 Met Gala. These are things that will scorch a wound in your memory FOREVER. Naturally, when we saw the dress Tilda Swinton wore for the "Io Sono L'amore" (I Am Love) special screening in Tokyo yesterday, we couldn't help but be reminded of ALT's *achem* memorable ensemble. While these are certainly different articles of clothing, the volume, the blue, the rip-stop factor of the two are so remarkably similar, to the point where we are seriously entertaining thoughts that maybe Tildy's dress is the Urban Renewal reincarnation of Andre's self-described "80-meter-long French silk faille manteau de cour" which landed him on his own Met Gala Best Dressed List.


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Kelly Cutrone to replace André Leon Talley on 'America's Next Top Model'.
Photo: Getty Images

We did a double take when we spotted Kelly Cutrone's tweet this morning saying, "It's true! I am joining America's Next Top Model!" We were all, "Whaaa? MAMA WOLF? ON TOP MODEL? Yassss!" We loved her no-nonsense boss lady ways on The City, so we're excited to see what advice she dishes out to the ANTM contestants. We dug a little deeper and found that Kelly's not only joining the Top Model team, but she's taking over Vogue editor André Leon Talley's spot on the show. *gasp* Our beloved André will be missed, but we're kind of SUPER pumped to see what kind of Cutrone-isms (and F bombs) Kelly will drop while on air. Back in 2009, we caught up with Kel about her tough love managing style at People's Revolution, and she said, "I never had a boss that gave me f****** legendary great advice that was easy to remember," so it looks like these models-in-training should be honored! But, seriously guys, judging by the former ANTM seasons, Kelly will be using the phrase "If you have to cry, go outside" a LOT, and we can't wait! Check out more of Kelly's Cutrone-isms below!


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Jenni 'JWOWW' Farley in Italy on May 22.
Photo: PictureGroup

• Ever since the Jersey Shore cast arrived in Italy, they've been looking a tad different. JWOWW is sporting large-brimmed hats, The Situation is wearing artsy black-and-white graphic tees, and Deena threw on a (gasp!) floral romper. Don't all of these outfit changes feel a little... hipster to you? Or is it just us?

• Katy Perry released her hilarious/amazing/brace-faced album cover art for "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)," and we found out how to re-create the look! In other beauty-related news, we caught up with Carol's Daughter spokesbeauties Solange Knowles, Cassie, and Selita Ebanks at Sephora to dish about their top beauty tips and more!

• With the HUGE release of Born This Way, this was officially Lady Gaga's week! She hosted and performed on Saturday Night Live in killer Jac Langheim latex pieces, and we ID'ed all her outfits from her new album.

• A little show called the Billboard Music Awards happened, and we rounded up the top red carpet trends (cut outs! Glitter! Long sleeves!) and most memorable performance outfits.

• The MTV Movie Awards are almost here!! Check out our fashion homages to these multi-nominated movies: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part 1, and Black Swan.

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Ryan Reynolds nailed the "impeccably disheveled" look in Details magazine, Henry Holland looked SO CUTE that we decided he needs to become our BFF immediately, Kris Humphries stylishly sweated it out in GQ, we celebrated Bob Dylan's 70th birthday by remembering his casual-chic style, we're weren't mad when Ewan McGregor sported a goatee, and we gave American Idol winner Scott McCreery juusssttt a little bit of style advice.

• Not a week goes by where we don't stumble upon SUPER weird/interesting/crazy stuff that is forever burned into our memory on the internet. This is what we found: a cheeseburger nail art Tumblr, Coco's new clothing line, Tyra and André Leon Talley's EXCITING video on shapewear, and the odd Hammitt x True Blood werewolf pocketbook.

Have an amazing Memorial Day, fashion friends! Here's some patriotic-inspired garb to wear at the BBQs this weekend. See you Tuesday!

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Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley.
Photo: Courtesy of typeF

Tyra Banks and André Leon Talley have teamed up to make a series of 'Fa-Fa-Fa-Fashion' vids for Tyra's new fashion website/community typeF. The duo picks a topic that real people can relate to like skinny jeans or little black dresses or trench coats or whatever (you know Tyra, she likes to keep it real) and runs absolutely bananaswild with it for five minutes. ALT stations himself in a metal chair and really grounds the whole endeavor with a wealth of historical context (in this one he talks about the Victorian bustline and the Edwardian uni-boob), and Tyra sits on his lap, hamming it up to his every word.

In this installment about "Shapewear" (basically corsets and spanx and prosthesis-looking binding crap that goes from your knees all the way up to your boobs) there is a point where Ms. T is wearing nothing but flesh-colored (like, anglo "flesh-colored") support underwear and walking around like a mummy to indicate how binding all of it is. Obviously the best and only way to illustrate this point...


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Kristin Cavallari at a premiere in Hollywood on May 3.
Photo: Getty Images

• This week, it's alllll about the ladies! Kristin Cavallari showed off her ginormous engagement ring (we die), Nicki Minaj appeared on Dancing With The Stars in a shimmery gold corset by The Blonds, Katy Perry took us behind-the-scenes of her California Dreams tour, Lady Gaga had her last hurrah on Oprah in a gorge Sally LaPointe blazer, and we broke down every look from Eve's latest music video with Swizz Beatz.

• We can't forget about about the fashionable gentlemen! Ed Westwick rocked a plaid suit in ways we didn't know were possible, Panic! At The Disco's Brendon Urie has steal-worthy bow tie and suspenders style, Michael Cera used a shopping bag as an accessory and TOTALLY made it work, Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam are equally good looking, Zombie Boy Rick Genest does, IN FACT, look hotter as a zombie, and Adam Lambert shaved off his mysterious facial hair. Sad.

• Here at MTV Style, we like weird stuff. Like, really, really weird stuff. This week we discovered: brainwave-powered cat ears, tattoos for your lips, and boots that look like Mary Janes (but aren't).

• The MTV Movie Awards are fast approaching! We know you've already been voting for your faves, but have you seen their AMAZING style? Check out the most memorable fashion moments from the Best Female Performance and Best Male Performance nominees!

• The Met Gala brought out the amazingest (and fugliest) dresses we've seen this year BY FAR. The best part? The following day when André Leon Talley put HIMSELF on his own best-dressed list. Yeah.

Have a fun weekend fashion friends!!

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