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Friendship is magic.
Photos: Alice Vandy

If nine-year-old you knew what present-day you knows now about fashion, what would be the one clothing item at the top of your wish list? A My Little Pony mini-dress, OBVIOUSLY. Rita Ora, whose rainbow-tinted hair sometimes resembles that of the equine dolls, was recently snapped in our childhood fantasy dress by Alice Vandy. Long-sleeved, colorful, and covered with ponies, the bodycon piece was designed to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the small, magical horses. You may be thinking, "An '80s toy/television franchise collaborating with a super-hip clothing line? That's crazy! What's next? DuckTales snap-backs? Fraggle Rock sneakers? David the Gnome-print luxury pajamas?" (Free ideas! Someone please roll with these, kthx.)


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Daria Morgendorffer in Prabal Gurung A/W 2013.
Photo: Swagger New York

OMG. Quinn would be SO JEALOUS. While Daria Morgendorffer spent the tail end of the ‘90s (and into the early aughts) griping to her BFF Jane about the woes of the world, it was her blissfully unaware younger sister Quinn who was forever waxing poetic (er, airhead-ic?) about clothes to her high school Fashion Club–but Daria, seen above in head-to-toe Prabal Gurung A/W 2013, was clearly paying attention. (She’ll never admit it.) Seriously though–how UH-MAY-ZING is MTV’s most famous outcast in militia-chic with a little blush on her cheeks? Cynicism never looked so good.


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Kiernan Shipka, Zooey Deschanel

Kiernan Shipka and Zooey Deschanel channel Cinderella at the 2012 Emmy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

We may be sitting around in PJs eating ice cream while we watch the 2012 Emmy Awards, but we know for the pretty little ladies gracing the night's red carpet, awards shows like this make for HUGE fashion fairytale moments. So huge, in fact, that some PYTs even take it a bit literally. Enter Kiernan Shipka and Zooey Deschanel. The TV starlettes both stepped out wearing markedly Cinderella-esque ensembles, but each interpreted the look in her own way.


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Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse ears hit Australia's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.
Photo: Getty Images

It's hard to say when exactly this Minnie Mouse fashion craze first kicked off. Was it because of Kreayshawn's pink metallic Minnie ears in her anti-luxury brand anthem "Gucci Gucci?" Or maybe it was the moment two pint-sized fashion besties pushed on a pair at Disneyland last year? Whatever the reason or moment of origin, Minnie and her trademark polka-dotted bow are irrefutably more in vogue than ever, as evidenced most recently by the crop of her signature ears that Gail Sorronda used for her most recent showing at Australia's Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival.


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Lil Wayne performing in New Jersey on his "I Am Still Music" tour.
Photo: Getty Images

If you follow the blog, you know that we here at MTV Style LOVE us some Lil Wayne. Weezy's style, his music, and his onstage swagger are all consistently interesting, entertaining, and 100 percent unique to the man himself. So this kind of really bizzaro outfit Wayne rocked performing in New Jersey on his "I Am Still Music" tour was shocking because...well, look at it, but not wholly unexpected.

Sure, we never know exactly what dude is going to wear (and even if we TRIED to hypothesize, printed drop-crotch pajama pants may not have made the cut), but we can put money on the fact that it'll be absolutely gonzo and rad. Or in the words of Lil Wayne's stylist, Marissa Tomes, "funky." On most, this degree of bananasness would relegate you to a lifetime of fugbashing, but on Weezy it just makes us love him even more...Why??


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Polly Bean on the catwalk.
Photo: Courtesy of Polly Bean

From Betty Boop to Jessica Rabbit, there has been no shortage of gorgeous, tantalizingly drawn female cartoons. They are the perfect model: they'll fit in what they wear, are able to exist in ridiculous proportions, and almost never fall down when walking the catwalk. But fortunately their real-life counterparts haven’t had to deal with the vastly superior 2-D renderings. Until now.

Premier Model Management has just signed Polly Bean, who is a skinny and droll doodle done by London-based cartoonist Neil Kerber. Kerber dresses Bean in the latest looks (we hear she gets them for free, lucky thing) and has been seen in Philip Treacy, Valentino, and custom (CUSTOM) Prada eyeglasses. And now that she’s got real, official representation, we’re sure she’ll land a campaign or two this fall. This is a stunning turn of events for all cartoons, and since Polly is all the rage, we’ve picked four other 2-D females who should get scooped by modeling agencies, stat. Once they’ve inked their own deals, we’ve picked the designer who we know will outfit them first.


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'Am I Wearing A Dress?' Infographic.
Photo: Courtesy of Buzzfeed/Creator lilys2

You know how sometimes you'll see some poor girl (or even yourself) walking around in a vestment that is just baffling? Maybe it was so short you swear you caught a glimpse of the girl's SOUL as she sat down/stood up? Usually one of two situations is playing out: Either this thing was supposed to be worn as a tunic (a fact she's choosing to blithely ignore), OR what began as a dress is made up of unnatural fibers and discarded dreams, and it shrank after the first wash. Either way, it's an unfortunate problem plaguing lady-citizens across the country, yielding wardrobe malfunctions and pedestrian blindness. Thankfully, someone created a handy dandy GENIUS 'Am I Wearing A Dress?' infographic (a spin-off of the Buzzfeed infographic for 'Am I Wearing Pants?') to squash the problem from this moment on. Print it out, tape it to your mirror, look at it every day, but ALSO let these classic repeat offenders be examples to you all...


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