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Katy Perry, Ariana Grande

Katy Perry and Ariana Grande in cat ears.
Photo: Getty Images/@arianagrande Instagram

Uh oh, Katycats and Arianators: there's a battle being waged between your two faves for best cat lady! It's no secret that Katy Perry is a huge feline fan (I mean, her fans are named Katycats for a reason), but Ariana Grande has been slowly gaining ground in cat lady land, wearing not one, not two, but three different outfits that she accessorized with cat ears.

Katy arrived in Tokyo wearing her fave print as of late, daisies, a leather jacket, Ray-Bans, and, of course, cat ears. Katy's tiger-striped ears make sense for a number of reasons: 1. she's Mom Cat, 2. the "Roar" video and her performances recently have involved a lot of animal print, 3. she's in Japan and it's OFFICIALLY HALLOWEEN THERE, Y'ALL. Her ears also say "Katy" across them, just in case, y'know, you saw a picture of her and didn't know who she was. It's a gentle reminder so you don't embarrass yourself in front of your friends.


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floral cat ears

Why does this floral ears headband exist?
Photo: Urban Outfitters

At face-value, without any context, these floral cat ears really aren't that offensive. Who doesn't like flowers? Or animals? What harm did headbands ever do to anyone? It all seems innocent enough. Prim, sweet, feminine, whatever. But (for us anyway) there's something truly sinister that lies within this headband's ingredients. This is the ill-advised headgear lovechild of 2012's two landmark fashion phenomenons: flower crowns and cat ears. And THAT, the reckless combination of these two things into a separate genre of accessory, makes this floral ears headband the evil Frankenstein's monster of played out mega-trends. Also, our collective worst nightmare.


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Neurowear's Cat Ears that detect brainwaves.
Photo: Courtesy of Neurowear

Today in decidedly repulsive but undeniably cool news, a Japanese company by the chillingly dystopian name of "Neurowear," has created the Furry expo/Cosplay enthusiast's dream by creating a pair of fuzzy ears that MOVE BY DETECTING YOUR BRAINWAVES. Now, having been an enormous Comic-Convention-attending nerdball for many, many years, clothing or hats that feature paws or ears or tiny woodland creature faces are nothing new and this past winter, even the fashion-conscious streets of New York were lousy with ear-adorned accoutrement as a general trend. This, however, IS SOME NEXT LEVEL ISH.

Called, the "Necomimi" as in, "cat" + "ear" in Japanese, these feline features are mounted onto a thick, satin, very Blair Waldorf season 1 headband and stand up ramrod straight when you're concentrating (in the instructional video, very much like in my own life, the occasion that calls for such deep thinking is when eating a chocolate-glazed donut), and lay flat against your head when you're relaxed.

Now, here's a sociopathic hang-up that reveals way too much about myself, why the hell would you want a "tell"? Life is not unlike like a high-stakes poker game, and there are far too many instances when it is beneficial for people NOT to know EXACTLY what you're thinking. If a girlfriend asks for your opinion on a fuchsia dress made entirely of duchess satin flowers that you personally think is #vomit, but you know for a fact that a) your bestie LUHs it b) it cost a majillion dollars and c) is not returnable, you wouldn't want to be caught out there "concentrating" when she asks you if you like it.

If your ears stick up, you've essentially dry-snitched on yourself and to what gain? Although if you were wearing these ears in the first place on every occasion, like chez BFF, the conversation would probably go like this:

Friend: "What do you think of this dress?" *flounces in pepto-monstrosity*
You: "........." *ears stick up*
Friend: "Thanks a lot, JERK."
You: "........." *ears still sticking up, maybe even higher if that's possible*

Point friend.

P.S.: I am maybe totally getting these, as they only sorta scare me about cancer and are actually rad in a keepsake way.


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