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Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway as Catwoman for "The Dark Knight Rises."
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures/DC Entertainment

Have you bought your tickets to see The Dark Knight Rises yet? We're just about dying with anticipation, armed and ready to stick our fingers in our ears and "lalalalalala" at the top of our lungs if any of those lucky souls who have already seen the film should try and spoil it for us. One of the things we're most excited about, of course, is to see Anne Hathaway's cat suit in motion. From the first time we saw the suit in photos, we've wondered HOW exactly Anne moves in it, and, more importantly, is it comfortable, or did Anne truly suffer for her art in this case. MTV News caught up with the actress and asked just the right questions, and Anne, ever the graceful star, answered them about as tactfully as she could. When MTV News correspondent Josh Horowitz asked how he would fare in the skin tight outfit, Anne described his experience as surely being "emotionally challenging." You would think that would mean Anne herself had a similar experience as the crime fighting feline, but that, surprisingly, seems to not have been the case.


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Jennifer Lopez performs at KIIS FM's Wango Tango 2011 in Los Angeles on May 14, and Nicole Scherzinger performs at Radio 1's Big Weekend 2011 in London on May 14.
Photo: Getty Images

You know how even the most impressive dudes in the whole wide world put their pants on one leg at a time? WELL, WHAT ABOUT CATSUITS? I don't even wear leggings, let alone leggings without a shirt/tunic/dress long enough to cover the V of your ladyundercarriagearea, so I gotta say, these skintight bodysuits seem awfully challenging and yet here we have two very successful examples.

Peep the impressively sleek physiques of Jennifer Lopez (again, this woman had TWINS) and Nicole Scherzinger. Despite my being 1 million years old and damn-near Victorian when it comes to grave matters of the camel toe, I am not in the least bit affronted by either display of womenbits because there is NONE TO BE SEEN HERE.

It's really a matter of fit. J. Lo's homage to Spider-Woman (whaddap Jessica Drew) is plenty revealing, but the fact that there is ZERO bunching or even the slightest hint of sausaging on any of her extremities speaks to either a dynamite tailor or a superhuman tightness of flesh. The iridescent webbing also breaks the look up, so there isn't just an expanse of skin for the eye to train on and pick off shortcomings since human eyes can be total bastards.

Nicole's working with a much more retro, Body Glove-ish silhouette. Neon, midriff cutouts, color blocking... But the trick here is that a) it appears that this onesie isn't made of neoprene as earlier suspected (wetsuit material can have an oddly thickening effect) and that b) the shapes on the surface, the long sleeves and the V-neck actually contours an already dumb perfect body. Basically, this is a magical catsuit that gives you boobs, trims your waist, makes your torso appear slender and lengthy while elongating your limbs. It's like if your SPANX had tiny intelligent mirrors, lights, and a million buglike robotic arms that moved according to who's looking at you to make you appear 10 pounds thinner and 32 points boobier. You know, DESPITE ALREADY HAVING THE IDEAL MOST PERFECTEST AWESOME BODY ALREADY. Who wore it better? More like, who but these two could in the first place?*

*Oh, I guess Nicki Minaj, Jessie J. And basically anyone who chooses to. I WILL FIGHT ANYONE WHO TALKS SMACK ABOUT A LADY IN A CATSUIT. It's not easy, man. Can you even really carry a purse? OMG. You'll need to make a mini-you-in-a-catsuit-fanny-pack. Oh me? Yeah, I'm just blogging MILLION DOLLAR IDEAS IN THE ASTERISK POSTSCRIPT.

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Nicki Minaj's new video for "Your Love" came out yesterday, and it's a blast from the East! It was packed with Eastern-inspired outfits (think silky kimonos and black ninja catsuits) and extra-long Wolverine-style nails. It looked like Madame Butterfly meets Jackie Chan, only with extra sparkles and higher heels. And those outfits didn't land on Miss Minaj by accident — they were expertly calculated by Nicki's styling team led by Niki Schwan, and assisted by Adrien Field, Maeve Reilly, and Quentin. Today we caught up with Schwan for details on every single outfit in the video. See all the hand-picked designer looks and what Schwan had to say about Nicki's style below!

Your Love by Nicki Minaj
Stylists: Niki Schwan, Adrien Field, Maeve Reilly, and Quentin.
Hair: Custom-created by Terrance Davidson.
Makeup: Day with Buddhaflyy.

[Photo no longer available.]

Jacket: Lloyd Klein.
Belt: Frederick's of Hollywood.
Necklace and glove: Philippe Audibert.
Schwan on Nicki's style: "Nicki has a great sense of personal style. She's developing her platform. To be part of her team to help mold her and her image has been great. Now we've gotten to a point where she can push the envelope a lot more. And we're going through a beautiful transition where she wants to keep unique edge and she wants to step it up. She wants to be sexier and more classic."

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