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Check out Pharrell's first fragrance.
Photo: Getty Images/WWD/Ben Wright

We've known since last fall that Pharrell would be releasing a fragrance. In March it was announced that he would be collaborating with Comme Des Garcons on the scent and that it would be called "G I R L," just like his most recent album. We also found out that despite its name, the scent would be unisex. That preliminary info held us over for a few weeks, but we wanted more. We always want MOAR. Good news: Today Pharrell revealed the forthcoming bottle and what the fragrance would actually smell like to WWD.

The scent, packaged more like a sculpture than your average perfume bottle, is definitely something you’ll want to put on display. It features a colorful cartoon by Kaws, a friend of Pharrell's and the artist who designed the 2013 VMA Moonman, NBD. The 100-ml. bottle is priced at $135 and a 10-ml. travel size version costs $30.

While reading about a scent doesn't exactly reveal, y'know, what it smells like, it can help sculpt what to expect. For this unisex fragrance, you'll be sniffing on “top notes of neroli, lavender and white pepper; middle ones of iris, styrax and violet, and base ones of vetiver, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood,” according to WWD. Those things might sound a little out there on paper a screen but–hey–we trust Pharrell.


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Pharrell is teaming up with Comme des Garcons.
Photo: Getty Images

Pharrell Williams, the great collaborator, has just added another joint project to his résumé: a unisex fragrance with Comme des Garcons. From Daft Punk to BAPE, he has a knack for bringing established entities into his creative ecosystem and helping bring forth a beautiful, refreshing take on something you already loved. But he's more than just the ultimate remix artist; his collaborative projects are so wildly successful because of his ability to marry his own original creative sensibilities with a keen eye for curation—he knows precisely the best elements of a sound or an aesthetic to elevate. For all of the above reasons, we're SO excited about this forthcoming scent. The only thing we're disappointed about is: We sort of feel like we should have seen this coming.


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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in Comme des Garçons during New York Fashion Week.
Photo: Splash News

You didn't think Lady Gaga would miss Fashion Week in her hometown, did you? Sure she was just in London kicking off iTunes Festival (aka Swinefest), but that didn't stop her from returning to NYC for fashion's biggest week: she's been here for two days and we've already seen three iconic Gagaloo looks.

On Friday, Gaga wore a gray, pinstriped suit from Comme des Garçons. This wasn't an ordinary suit—obviously, it's Gaga, hello!—composed of a mere pants and jacket combination. Nope. No way. It was a one piece jumpsuit with enormous, puffy sleeves. Much like when she wore this Comme des Garçons dress a year ago, the lady seems unable to put her arms down. She could clothesline many people and claim it wasn't her fault. And it isn't! She paired the jumpsuit with her long, wavy, brown Botticelli wig, and 9-inch boots. Her legendary Alexander McQueen shoes, in comparison, were 12-inches high, so 9 inches is, like, whatevz, easy, NBD.


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Jared Leto Bullett Magazine

Jared Leto for 'BULLETT' magazine.
Photo: Erik Hart & Tatiana Leshkina/BULLETT Magazine

Dang, Jared Leto has been killing it as of late. Between his cotton candy pink-colored bob on the cover of Candy and his high-fashion spread for Mr. Porter, the 30 Seconds to Mars frontman is constantly surprising us with his transformative (and inspiring!) style. Today, he added another magazine to his ever-growing collection by doing a super artsy shoot with BULLETT, and we're—GULP—loving it a bit too much. Basically, Jared is juxtaposed against some seriously '80s backgrounds including spray-painted drywall, a hot pink, photo-covered tarp and, um, garbage bags? Yeah, garbage bags. In his first look, we peep Jared rocking his signature stubble and baby bun in a graphic black and white John Galliano blazer and matching shirt. In another shot, he gets little kookier in a Muppet-inspired (à la Rihanna?) fuzzy teal Paul Smith sweater with a silver Siki Im apron (!!!), Dior Homme shirt, white Calvin Klein trousers, Jared's own checkered socks and metallic Comme des Garçons oxfords.


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Jenna Lyons

Jenna Lyons and her shiny ponies.
Photo: Getty

You don’t have to be Imelda Marcos or Cinderella to appreciate why this isn't your ordinary news about shoes.

• According to J.Crew's queen supreme Jenna Lyons, there are two types of shoes: "Shiny Ponies" and "Ugly Dollies." A delicious behind-the-scenes video explains. {Racked National}

Obviously there is a shoe for every neighborhood in NYC. And whether or not you're a city dweller, this handy guide 1.) exists and 2.) is fantastically accurate. {Refinery 29}

Vans continues to dominate capsule collections by teaming up with Comme des Garçons. We're hoping that the shoe makes it stateside because it's just plain pretty. {Highsnobiety}

Ugg boots have never been completely immune to derision, but the folks at the Conservative Political Action Conference have some very specific thoughts about them. {The Cut}

• And finally, we are much obliged to share this public service announcement for all sneakerheads with Instagram shortcomings. {Complex}

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Valentine's Day Nail

Photo: Via XOXO Alexa Leigh

Welp, if you got totally wrapped up in the New York Fashion Week/Grammys storm (like us!), you've miiight've forgotten about a lovely little thing called Valentine's Day happening tomorrow. If you have a killer date/girl's night planned and still want into get into the holiday spirit, we've got some super cute last-minute DIY options to get your nail game on POINT before the big day. One of our favorite looks is this blue and white heart mani (above) with a different design on every digit. We love how it's mod-inspired AND isn't in the traditional pink and white color scheme. (Also, if you want to keep it simple, just pick one of these designs and do it on all your fingers!)


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Lena Dunham Twiggy

Lena Dunham for 'Entertainment Weekly.'
Photo: Via Entertainment Weekly's Tumblr

In case you haven't noticed, Girls star Lena Dunham has been KILLIN' it in the fash mag department as of late. First there was her punky-meets-schoolgirl-chic ASOS magazine spread, then she went fresh-faced (and flawless!) for i-D's latest cover, and now she's taking us waaay back in her '60s-inspired shoot for Entertainment Weekly. Lena's grown-out pixie cut and gorgeous doe eyes created the perfect canvas for channeling Twiggy's iconic beauty look. She sported a deep part with a slight bouffant in the back paired with super defined brows, heavy lashes, and the oh-so-infamous hand-drawn lower lashes. AMAZING.


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Monster X

"Monster X" bag.
Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Twitter

Some opt for subtle hints and some shout from the mountaintop--voices in fashion take different approaches to getting a message across. Well y'all, this week we've kept our ears to the STREETZ.

Handbags Inspired By Lady Gaga's Tush
In the wake of Lady Gaga's recent brave response to weight-haters (think: her awesomely meta Comme Des Garçons coat), we couldn't be more excited that Mugler's first-ever leather bag collection celebrates the pop super-diva's BEhind. We wonder, though, is this a bold statement on behalf of her good friend (and Mugler creative director) Nicola Formichetti, or just a fortuitous coincidence? {via Refinery 29}

Grazing Sheep In New York City's Bryant Park
Excuse us while we SHUT THE FRONT DOOR because today the Campaign for Wool turns NYC's Bryant Park into a meadow for thirty. grazing. sheep. The UK-based environmental organization created this installation in an effort to educate the public on the natural benefits of wool, a sustainable and durable fabric. Our response: bring on the fleece. {via Racked National}

GROK Leather Bowtie Collection
Ladies and gents! Bowties NO longer come standard with Croakies and a cigar! Japanese leather artisan GROK Leather punches some attitude into this classic collar piece for its Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Each masterfully crafted ehem LEATHER bowtie displays controversial four-letter words and brings a whole new meaning to the term "statement piece." {via Hypebeast}

Karl Lagerfeld's Allergy
Karl Lagerfeld sat down for a little Q&A with M Magazine to share a few rules about his personal style. And, well, the interview quickly turned into a feast of LOL-candy. The brassy and beloved designer claims to be "physically allergic to flip-flops." Oh Karl, tell us how you really feel. {via Fashionologie}

Pimp My Stroller
Cars have headlights, so why can't strollers? Brooklyn-based inventor Bruce Fraizer will hook up your stroller with cup holders, flashing LED lights, and an iPod dock. The idea was conceived after Fraizer accidentally ran into a mom with a stroller (...), so this new service aims to make transporting tots safer and, er, casually well-equipped for an EDM festival.
{via Animal NY}

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Lady Gaga Comme Des Garcons Dress

Lady Gaga in Paris on Sept. 22.
Photo: Splash News

You go, Lady Gaga! *snaps * Last week it seemed like people could NOT stop talking about Mother Monster's weight, and while we typically shy away from the touchy stuff, we just HAD to comment on Gaga's oh-so-amazing response to the whole debacle. It all started with pics from Lady Gaga's Amsterdam performance where she was criticized for showing off a fuller figure onstage. (Um, why don't Y'ALL trying wearing nothing but fishnets and a leotard in front of thousands of people, and then we'll talk. *hair flip*) But, in true Gaga fashion, she didn't let her haters have the last word. On Saturday, she stepped out in Paris wearing a super-sized, over-the-top two-tone hot pink and blue Comme Des Garçons coat, and tweeted: "And thank to my fans who love me no matter what, and know the meaning of real beauty&compassion. I really love you," with a link to a Marilyn Monroe quote that read, "To all the girls that think you're ugly because you're not a size 0, you're the beautiful one. It's society that's ugly." A-MAZING.


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Katie Gallagher

Katie Gallagher.
Photo: Petteri Lamula

From the first time I laid my bug eyes on designer Katie Gallagher’s glam, goth-y designs, I was obsessed/convinced Gallagher put some sort of sartorial spell on me. Which is fitting, considering her witchy designs remind me of Anjelica Huston as Morticia Addams. See: Flowing floor-length black dresses-meets-Sarah Jessica Parker’s other (Carrie Bradshaw, who?) massively-underrated sartorial slayer as the chic, flirty witch in the '90s CLASSIC, Hocus Pocus. But Gallagher is also fearless when it comes to a little leather and a little skin—albeit perpetually adding her own twisted twist (yeah, I went there) with severe angles and fun fabrics. Gallagher recently invited me to her Chinatown apartment-cum-studio (NBD), for which I was also obsessed. Apartment highlights include her bouquet of roses rubber rats hanging from a wall, a license plate reading “FUNERAL," and, the most amazing fluffy oversized creature I have ever seen: her cat, Sveater. (Dear Katie, please let me babysit/kidnap that furry nugget!) But Sveater was aaaalmost upstaged when I took a look at Gallagher’s latest collection, which will be showing next week at New York Fashion Week. If you see me laying in a coma behind a sea of models, don’t fret: I did it all for my <3 of fashion. Alas, here’s Katie Gallagher’s favorite fashion-y things!


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