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Hayley Williams

Get Hayley Williams' watch earrings!
Photo: Fueled By Ramen/Looks By LOIS

In the video for "Ain't It Fun," Paramore's latest single, Hayley Williams and Co. set out to break the "most world records in a music video." They smash alarm clocks with guitars, catch feathers, destroy vinyl records, and run backwards blindfolded while carrying stuffed animals. Sure, we were interested to see if they'd break any records, but we were more interested in Hayley's blunt bob. It's still bright (duh), but the shorter length means that her earring game needs to be on-point. Predictably, it is. Big time. Even better than merely gazing at her dangling accessories? You can get 'em yourself. Yeah, NBD, we have all the deets on the earrings, including where to find them!


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Get your Miley on.
Photos: Etsy/M.O.C. Brand/Cocky Socks

Now that you know what Miley will be wearing for Miley Cyrus: MTV Unplugged tonight (at 9 p.m. EST/PST on MTV), the really big question is: What will you be wearing? I mean, this is no ordinary event here, people. This stripped-down, turnt-up special calls for something way more stylish than your favorite sweatpants. Unfortunately, it's probably a tad too late to bedazzle your own glammed-up version of a Canadian tuxedo (unless you're just THAT crafty, in which case, swag on you), so we went ahead and rounded up a whole heap of Miley merch for you to rock instead.


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Sriracha swag.
Photo: Society6/Cafepress/Trenzshirts/Furbish Studio/Urban Outfitters/Etsy

Since approximately 99% of all people on the planet Earth (rough estimate) like the taste of/are obsessed with/constantly talk about sriracha, we decided to dedicate this week's Food Friday to the spicy sauce. After a shortage scare in October, you need to express your love. That was a scary time: Don't let sriracha slip out of your life like that. You can put it on your breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, and tell your friends how it's the only hot sauce you use. Now, instead of using words, speak with your sriracha swag.


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Harry Styles, Keith Richards

Harry Styles channeling Keith Richards for his performance on 'The X Factor UK.'
Photos: 'The X Factor UK'/Getty Images

Many moons ago, in early 2012, there were rumors afloat that young Harry Styles would be taking on the role of Mick Jagger in a Rolling Stones biopic. There were many similarities between the two: the hair, the love of blazers, the colorful turtlenecks. However, after last night's performance on The X Factor (where One Direction got their start, BTW), Harry seems to be channeling a different Stone. Any guesses? DING DING DING! It's Keith Richards!

Harry's love of scarves as headbands is no secret. Dude's been wearing them for months. While that accessory choice in itself is very Keith (with just a touch of John Mayer), Harry furthered the resemblance last night by wearing a cross earring in his left ear. Umm, Harry, when exactly did you get your ear pierced? Did Zayn do it, Parent Trap-style, with a lemon and sewing needle on the tour bus? Considering your every trip to the tattoo parlor is documented, I'm not sure how you flew under the radar and got your first piercing? Unless, maybe, it's a clip-on?


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Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato showing off her ear cuff at the premiere of 'Frozen.'
Photo: Getty Images

Demi Lovato arrived at the premiere of Disney's new animated movie, Frozen, wearing one of the year's most popular trends: hair dyed to match the color on the movie's poster. JK, she was wearing an ear cuff! Tucked away under her messy blue bun, was a gold cuff that snaked up her ear and complemented the gold tassels that adorned her black Altuzarra dress. Demi joins Jennifer Lawrence and Cara Delevingne and a grip of other PYTs in the cuff club: these accessories have spread among models, actresses, and musicians and now deserve a major role in the lives of regular peeps (perfect holiday timing, TBH).


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Rihanna and her huge hoops.
Photo: Splash News

Rihanna was spotted out last night in New York in a fairly simple outfit, especially by Rihanna standards: she had on a sheer white leotard, jean shorts (#jorts), some black and white Jordans. She accessorized with a Komakino "Teenage Fantasy" baseball hat, a $970 MCM palm tree print backpack, some gold bracelets and necklaces. Oh, yeah, and the BIGGEST gold hoops that have ever existed in the history of the world. (Probably.)


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Ryan Gosling Merch

Must. Have. Ryan. Gosling. Everything.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/Human/Society 6

Hi, friends! We're starting a weekly feature where we unleash our inner obsession for ALL to see. It's called "Stan Swag," and it works like this: We pick a celebrity/band/TV show/movie that we're OB-SESSED with, and we scour the internets to find the most amazing (or creepy!) merch to show off our true stan (stalker + fan = stan) side. Because, hey, there's nothing wrong with showing a heck of a lot of affection toward someone we've never met (and may never actually meet), right? Right.

We don't know a single girl that doesn't like Ryan Gosling. Heck, even most dudes can get behind Ryan's effortless street style, piercing blue eyes, and downright adorable sense of humor. Like, do we even need to explain this? Just look at this photo. LOOK AT IT. *convulses* There are no words. ANYWAY, hai, we're obsessed with Ryan Gosling, and we're ready to share it with the world. But let's face it, we are SO over the traditional movie poster tees or boring mugs, so we found some super cool pieces that'll show off your (and our) fandom in the freshest way possible. Disclaimer: Wearing these all at once may make you look like a crazy person. Ease into it, y'all. Nice 'n slow.


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Beyonce, Lady Gaga

Get your own "Ratchet" earrings like Beyonce and Lady Gaga!
Photo: Courtesy of @baddiebey's Instagram/'s Instagram

Remember how earlier this month Beyonce Instagrammed pics of her new "ratchet" earrings? And then, we remembered Lady Gaga had a pair of gold hoops reading "Ratchet" in curvy script, too? And remember how that sent us on a rumor mill downward spiral wherein we fantasized about Bey and Gaga collaborating on a new track? Well, those earrings also spawned what felt like a wild goose chase, looking for somewhere to get our own "ratchet" earrings. We may not be any farther along with answers about that "Telephone" follow-up, but thanks to a team-up of a different kind between Melody Ehsani and Karmaloop, we can at least cop the look while we continue to dream!


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Beyonce, Lady Gaga

Beyonce and Lady Gaga wear "ratchet" earrings.
Photo: Courtesy of @BaddieBey's Instagram/

With an Instagram feed rife with fashion shots and a keen eye for the latest trends, Beyonce gives us every reason to stay up on her every style move. Naturally, the instant we saw BaddieBey upload snaps of her new "Ratchet" bamboo doorknocker earrings, we started on a quest for the fastest custom accessory producers in the New York Tri-State Area (we're still looking, so hit us with suggestions!). Sure, those photos hit the interwebz over the weekend, but we're resurrecting them for closer consideration today because we were just reminded that Lady Gaga ALSO wore a pair of gold hoops embellished with "Ratchet" in gold script just two months ago, and in a post-"Telephone"/"Video Phone" world, we're chomping at the bit for any excuse to fantasize about these super stars joining forces again for a reprise collaboration (or two or twenty).


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Lady Gaga Earlace

Lady Gaga in Moscow on Dec. 10.
Photo: Splash News/ASOS

The earlace phenomenon is back, y'all! The earring-necklace hybrid, which connects a chain between both earlobes to create—you guessed it—a necklace, made its first major appearance on Rihanna in 2009, but now it's making an oh-so-bold return to popularity. Just yesterday we spotted Lady Gaga in Moscow sporting a layered chain earlace complete with safety pins that hooked onto her ears (ouchies!). She finished her look with an embellished fur-covered military hat, a sheer cut-out black dress, and oversized sunnies. (Also, please note that her hair is straight-up HIGHLIGHTED with glitter. NBD.) Now, should we be scared about this trend resurfacing? Well, that's up to you to decide! We've noticed huge retailers stocking these bad boys left and right, like this classy earlace set from ASOS (above), which includes studded chandelier earrings complete with a detachable neck chain. (Getting three accessories for $70 is kind of a steal, no? *shrugs*)


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