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Hair today, gone tomorrow.
Photo: @jaredleto Instagram

Jared Leto posed a very complex and thought-provoking question on Instagram today: "How ya like my #stash"? The query accompanied a selfie showing off the latest in his facial hair game—a long, ombré (yes, ombré) handlebar mustache. Would you expect anything less from the man with the most perfect two-tone hair in the world? On one hand, Jared's piercing baby blues ensure he'll ALWAYS look pretty damn good. But on the other hand, this new patchy 'stache errs on the side of creepy. So, to answer his original question: AHHH WE DON'T KNOW!

Let's sort through our issues together. First of all, why are his mustache hairs so long? And more important, are they silky smooth like the hair on his head, or coarse like the facial hair of mortal men? I'm going to assume the former, because Jared Leto isn't like most other boys. And I think the dip-dyed ombré effect is making the hairs appear longer than they actually are, so that makes me feel a little bit better.


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Justin Bieber

Bieber at Cannes
Photo: @justinbieber's Instagram

There's a big thing happening in France this week, and I'm not (just) talking about the Kimye wedding. It's the week of Cannes Film Festival, the film world's most glamorous series of premieres and presentations set in the south of France. The usual Hollywood suspects—Gosling, Pattinson, Lawrence—are all there, but there is one very unexpected participant in the Cannes festivities: Justin Bieber. And for the most part, it hasn't even been the egg-hurtling, lip-biting Biebs we've seen so much of lately (more on "for the most part" in a bit). Cannes Bieber seems to be a little more suave, a little more debonaire, a little cleaner cut with his tailored separates and a slicked back David Beckham-reminiscent 'do.


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Hear that? *cups right hand to ear and furrows brow, looking longingly into the distance* That's the sound of 2013 slipping away, right through your fingertips. *WOMP WOMP* We hope we've been helping you rehash all the biggest and best moments in FASHUN that this year has had to offer (before whatever havoc you raise on New Year's Eve officially erases it all from your memory), from everyone who went topless in 2013 to our favorite things that Kanye said. Now we're recapping everything you might have missed from the world of sports, which saw its most style-conscious year yet. (Sadly, we had to leave out that time Dennis Rodman had all of the fun at Miami Swim Week.)


LeBron James

The 2013 LeBron Headband Game.
Photo: Getty Images

Once upon a time, there was a power forward named LeBron James who was rarely ever seen playing without his terrycloth headband. One day, during the sixth game of the 2013 NBA Finals, his Miami Heat played against the San Antonio Spurs and his headband fell off. What followed was one of LeBron's greatest games of all time. It was henceforth known and written into the history books as the LeBron James No-Headband Game.


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Robert Pattinson and his new goatee at the 6th Annual Go Go Gala.
Photo: Getty Images

Dear Robert Pattinson’s New Goatee,

Look, I know we don’t really know each other that well, but I’ve got a bone to pick with you, sir. You’re new around here, I get that. But first impressions are hard to change and my first impression of you and your finely-tuned shape is, well, not great. I don’t necessarily want to make you feel unwelcome, but like, what exactly are you doing on R. Patz’s face? Why are you here? What is your purpose?

The unkempt beard was one thing. That, we could at least relate to—because TBH, shaving (your face, legs, etc.) can be a total time suck and sometimes it’s just SO much easier to let your follicles run free for a while, you know? Also, I don't believe for a minute that you're around for a role, so don't try to play that card with me. As far as I’m concerned, ~all~ characters can be conquered by a prosthetic facial piece. I mean, you saw Tom Hanks in Castaway, right? There is no way that man grew a curly blond beard on his own.


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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber sits front row at Y-3 and Opening Ceremony's Spring/Summer 2014 New York Fashion Week shows.
Photo: Getty Images

That's right, folks. Justin Bieber has been topping charts, selling out arenas, and sending ladybabies and grown women (what has two thumbs and bookmarks KidRauhl?) into tailspins with his silky golden pipes, shirtless Instagrams, perma-furrowed brow, but not until this past Sunday, after three full-length studio albums, two international tours, and countless awards, has he sat front row at a New York Fashion Week show. Yup. Until yesterday, the Biebs had been a mere casual observer of Fashion Week, making a #veryrare appearance for Fashion's Night Out but not (yet) perching alongside the runway. And this weekend (perhaps making up for lost time?), Justin took in TWO major Spring 2014 shows: Y-3 (fist bumping with Yohji himself afterward) and Opening Ceremony's very first runway show.


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Beard Jewelry

Litter makes faux facial hair jewelry.
Photo: Courtesy of Litter

Litter may have only been founded in 2009, but their green status doesn't mean we're not already up on the envelope-pushing jewelry duo. Sisters Rachael and Mackenzie are known for pumping out unorthodox accessories like body chains and thumb holsters, and with Coachella right around the corner, it's no wonder Litter is bubbling up to the top of everyone's minds. If we had our druthers, we'd rock this cold shoulder and garter chain, like, every day. They're definitely not cheap (as they shouldn't be, hello, they're super unique!), so we have to reign in our object-lust before piling the entire collection into our online carts. And *achem* inventive as they may be, chief among the objects to get the discerning side-eye are Litter's various iterations of facial hair jewelry.


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Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tom Sturridge sporting facial hair.
Photo: Getty Images/WireImage

Have you started noticing an uptick in the amount of facial hair on the streets? Is your bro, BF, or BFF suddenly sprouting a bit o' fuzz around the upper lip or chinicular region? While scouring gossip blogs for dudes to pin up in your locker have you come across faves like Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, or up-and-comer Tom Sturridge suddenly covered Sasquatch-style in beards or in Gangs of New York-esque MANstaches (which, we could also argue, are the status quo in Brooklyn)? Calm yourselves, because this is a good thing regardless of whether or not you agree that R-Pattz looks more Edwardian and less grungy with a close shave. All of this lumberjack-inspired facial fertilization is not just about fashion—in some cases it's the result of MOVEMBER, a movement created to raise awareness about men's health. So, yeah, you can stop whining about how weird it looks on normally hairless dudes or how it might feel rubbing up against your cheek (even imaginary-style, as in the case of Gyllenhaaaaal nom-nom-nom). It's time to embrace the 'stacheface. Did we mention that RYAN GOSLING is involved?


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Robert Pattinson's hair at the 2011 Comic-Con.

The HUMONGOUS NEWS at San Diego Comic-Con this year is NOT super-cute girl nerds in costume, OR rooftop swimming pool parties, OR onion rings for's this thing called TWILIGHT BREAKING DAWN and the fact that its leading man Robert Pattinson—the man with arguably the most awesome hair in the universe—has gone and shaved HALF HIS HEAD. We peeped his 'do straight from the Comic-Con hallway, and it is half-shaved. Like, he stopped mid cranium, put down the razor and was like, "Eh, I'm donezo here!" Twitter is exploding with reactions to RPattz's new hair, and, as of press time, we can confirm that his hair is NOT matted, but actually shaved. This a HUGE move for Robert, considering his flowy, life-of-their-own locks have always been his trademark.

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson at the 2011 Comic-Con.

The 8,500 Twihards inside Hall H were eager to peep exclusive footage of the new installment but they were also stoked about the prospect of ogling Robert's signature hotness in real life. So you can imagine their frothing, frantic dismay at his newly shorn aerodynamic state. In respect to them and in homage to the tonsorial beauty that he kindly displayed over the years, we present a history of R Pattz's follicles. And don't forget to watch Robert, Kristen, and the cast live from Comic-Con on MTV today at 6 p.m. ET/3 p.m. PT.

Robert Pattinson's hair at the 2011 Comic-Con.
Photo: Courtesy of @OnTheRedCarpet's Twitter


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Lady Gaga at a press conference in Mexico City, Mexico on May 6.
Photo: Getty Images

• Fashion director/editor/stylist extraordinaire, Nicola Formichetti, blogged all of the fashion credits for Lady Gaga's "Judas" video. ALL. Prepare your eyes, minds, and hearts for the fashion explosion that awaits. Think Erickson Beamon, VINTAGE LACROIX (sweetie darling) and find out who did the awesome Japanese stiletto 3-D nails! Monster claws rise in exaltation. You saw the HBO spesh, right? {Nicola Formicetti}

Lindsay Lohan, ever the style changeling, has altered her appearance once again, this time to resemble a bloodthirsty vampire. She embraced her inner mythical bloodsucker for a friend's photo exhibit entitled 'Life Is Not A Fairytale' (hmm... Brooding are we, LiLo?) where her pointy canines and crimson lips took center stage. {People}

• Mmmmm... Moss x Testino. Check out Kate Moss and Mario Testino's EPIC Vogue Brazil spread entitled "Love You." Wow, I'll say. It makes us feel FEELINGS.

• Oh snap, we told you that Adam Lambert shaved his villainous facial hair (that we'd grown strangely fond of), check out his cleanly shorn mug now. Ponder the difference (whilst stroking your chin, of course). {Just Jared}

• Check out these choice morsels from Rosemount Australian fashion week in Sydney where local designer Dion Lee wowed the crowds again with structural austerity and keen cuts. {Fashionista}

Nicole Richie, Rachel Zoe and Demi Moore were all at Victoria Beckham's baby shower where the 36-year-old only wanted pink presents for her baby girl. Bonus among all those famous moms? This Twitpic of the typically fashionable Posh covered in a toilet paper dress. {NY Daily News}

• Zebra print and neon are still going strong for spring/summer, and at $65 this retro Swatch watch is a steal. Kiiiiinda want at least three, even if that does defeat the purpose of thriftiness. Hmm... {High Snobiety}

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Adam Lambert at the 28th-annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood on April 27, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

We can all agree that this is amazing, yes? I mean, granted it's a STRONG look and rather jarring in that there is no where in the room/world where Adam Lambert's eyes aren't following you but as two-colored giant pompadours go, this is kind of a perfect one. Upon a cursory glance he looks like an enormous surprised cockatoo that has perhaps gone to the Dark Side, but when you truly study this image—given that there's no way to tear your eyes away once you're locked in the magical tractor beam of Lambert's version of Blue Steel—you realize that this dude comes in peace. And will not attempt to tie you to a railroad track despite you wearing a white eyelet tiered dress and matching bonnet that would look SO AMAZING tied to a railroad track. Like, it would make the cover of the lookbook for sure.

And while there are at least 12 to 33 jokes that could be made about the fact that it looks like Adam chose a stencil from some vast collection to spray paint on a perfectly symmetrical down-curved 'stache and Dorito chin patch (careful not to get it in his eyes), each individual face follicle actually appears to have been MASCARA'D instead. That, my friends, is devotion, pain, and care and should be noted and admired. Plus, just LOOK at the exacting arch of his brows and the truly masterful eye makeup. The reason this whole *360-degree around the world snap* situation is so mesmerizing has everything to do with the fact that his eye shadow and lashes work in concert to draw your attention to the GORGEOUS gray-blue hue of his eyeballs. This is not amateur status and not to be attempted at home. Or can be attempted at home. But, to where you don't go out and just stay there. Preening.

***BREAKING UPDATE: According to the artist's Twitter page, it seems HE HAS SHAVED! No news as to what exactly this means for his manscaped face-coif but we await reliable photographic evidence that he remains as categorically awesome-looking as he did when the above was taken.

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