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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga in 'Gagavision no. 45.'
Photo: Lady Gaga's YouTube Page

If you're a longtime Little Monster, you'll remember the Gagavision videos Lady Gaga released weekly during 2008 and 2009. In 2011, after the release of Born This Way, Gaga resurrected the series for four episodes. And now, it's back yet again. Early this morning, Gaga dropped "Gagavision no. 45," which ~sorta~ documents her big weekend in Paris. I say sorta because "Mambo Italiano" is playing over the video and you can barely hear one word that is uttered. Whatever, though, right? Who cares about WORDS with there is #FASHUN to look at.

The first shot of the Gaga-edited video is Mother Monster deplaning a private jet, champagne bottle in hand, decked out in what I assume is Versace. The sheer dress is pretty similar to one Gaga wore in her Versace ad and, TBH, it'd be pretty weird to wear a different designer for a "Paris Atelier Versace Couture Weekend." Plus, those silver Medusa heads are a dead giveaway.


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Have you been keeping up with these "Gagavision" vids?? Of course you have. You would watch this woman decoupage BEHIND a blackout curtain for hours because it is just fascinating on enough levels. Also, hella weird. And likely scored in an entertaining manner. And you know bish would be rocking some fierceness behind the curtain. You could just FEEL it. Anyway, this is "Gagavision 44." The one where she is preparing for Ellen and her performance of "Judas." Much stylistic goodness. Proceed.


Lady Gaga.
All Photos: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's YouTube page

Oh man. Good lines. Check out the contrast gold/black motif in her blunt bangs/ponytail, sunglasses, V-magazine-as-envisioned-as-a-space-shirt, earrings and even the room with the gilded mirror.


Well, hello and good morning to you, too, prosthetic cheekbones on full force, which we can see now that Gags has removed her specs. This look, with the metallic stripes and mega-strong-shouldered angularity, is very Beetlejuice meets Judy Jetson in a way that's both retro and futuristic, which totally blows my mind. It's past, it's present, it's future. Alpha. Omega. "Bigger than Jesus" etc etc.


In the studio (side note: I'm obSESSED with her work ethic, and if that's nerdy, I don't care! Nerd me up because I was BORN THIS WAY RAWRRR *paws up*), Gaga's sporting a jacket with "Judas" and an upside-down cross scrawled/spray-painted/airbrushed/stenciled on the back in honor and probably also promotion of her single of the same name. The image is a little shaky, probably because whoever was operating the camera was so viscerally moved that any grown woman could rock pigtails SO. HARD. (additional side note: Looooooooooooong pigtails might anti-infantilize the double 'do)


Here's a sweeter side of Gaga with MEOWLINER, a pretty red pout, a ladylike floppy hat with the crown cut out, and that signature hair bow. Also, how classy does that beauty mark look? *draws one on immediately, awaits further instruction*


Faaaaaaaaaaaans! If you look closely, you can see that this dude-monster has two mirror pyramids (mirramids?) attached to his shoulders, and they are incredible. I am seriously impressed. Like, how did he construct such a thing? How is it not falling off? Where did he find all the mirrors? How could he part with so many mirrors??? (Confession time! True Life: I'm Vain.)


And here's another sick personalized Gaga jacket--this time featuring the cover art for 'Born This Way'! It's gorgeous and iconic and Gaga-MOUS, but doesn't it also make you hope even just a teeny tiny little bit that more people start wearing clothes with images of themselves on the back?? Just me? I feel like that would be really fun! And useful! For ...stalkers? Ha ha, who said that?!?


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Lady Gaga starts off her latest installment of Gagavision with that same mesmerizing makeup application videography we fell in love with in her last Gagavision vid. We could literally spend hours watching it on loop. But just as this new clip, we get a close-up/in action look at Lady G's pointy shoulders (she really could poke somebody’s eye out with those things), which she outfits with a black and white wig, fur jacket, and a teacup filled with pearls(!?!) in one shot and a single-shoulder black sparkly leotard and cross necklace in another shot.

Later, the pop star talks about "Judas," her latest controversial single (which was leaked on April 15), and how she came up with the concept. "All of the songs on the album, to be completely candid [were written quickly]. The creative process is approximately 15 minutes of vomiting my creative ideas, in the forms of melodies, usually, or chord progressions and melodies and some sort of a theme/lyric idea. It all happens in approximately 15 minutes of this giant regurgitation of my thoughts and feelings," she says. And then there are "days, months, years" spent fine-tuning. Her takeaway: "Honor the vomit." OK. Done. What we definitely ALSO honor is that metallic shift dress she is rockin' in the empty bathtub. It's hot, right? When asked to say the most personal thing she could say to her fans on camera, she said, "The greatest challenge in writing "Born This Way" is I had to become confident and secure in myself. I had to leave my insecurity behind me." That’s interesting 'cause with that hair, those loooooong nails and million-inch platforms, we never pegged her as the insecure type. Just sayin'. P.S. If you’re wondering what Lady Gaga typed into the phone in the beginning of the clip, it was "Marry the Night," another track from her album Born This Way. Gotta love a superfan Easter egg.

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