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Beyonce for "Flaunt" magazine.
Photo: Flaunt/Tony Duran

Being that the woman has been on a MASSIVE international tour for the past three months, we're not surprised that we've experienced a kind of Beyonce editorial spread drought. That is, until now. Brace yourselves, Beyhive. Flaunt Magazine has unveiled its latest issue and guess who's gracing the cover? QUEEN BEY, DUH. Also, umm, IDK if you, erm, noticed, but... it looks like she's just wearing glitter. As in, no clothes, only glitter. *GULP*


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Ke$ha performing at the Conan Summer Concert Series on June 27, and Nicki Minaj at the American Music Awards in L.A. on Nov. 10
Photo: Courtesy of Meghan Sinclair/Team Coco and Getty Images

Last night when pop icon/glitter goddess Ke$ha kicked off the Conan Summer Concert Series, we could NOT get enough of her amazeballs rhinestone-encrusted structured skeleton bodysuit! She paired her bare-bones bustier with ripped double fishnet tights, lace-up boots, fingerless skeleton gloves, and, of course, bicep glitter and drawn-on dollar signs. But just as we removed our jeweler's loupe from our eyes (you know, the one we keep on a chain expressly for these purposes), we thought this macabre ensemble reminded us of someone else who bared her bones (heh) on the red carpet—Nicki Minaj. Remember, she sported that unforgettable peach and gold 3-D skeleton Manish Arora dress back at the American Music Awards, which really got us thinking—who wore bedazzled-3D-rib-cage-plus-some-ancillary-bones-that-may-or-may-not-be-anatomically-accurate better?


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Lady Gaga's Meat Dress.
Photo: Getty Images

• This week we celebrated our first birthday! The selfless beings that we are here at MTV Style (to be read with intense sarcasm), we find it better to give than to receive. Thus, we presented our GIF to you as a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to each and every one of you who loves fashion at full volume and has put up with all 119 instances of the word "glitter" on this blog.

• What week is Justin Bieber NOT king? Regardless, this was a big one for the Biebs as he finally released his much-anticipated women's perfume, Someday. Our friends at Buzzworthy tested it out on a few strangers in Time Square in a video you just can't miss! Justin also sported a T-shirt of '90s teen queen Tiffani Thiessen, who then RETURNED THE FAVOR (oh yes, we are still excited about it) by wearing a Bieber tee of her own! No word on when Justin Bieber will one-up Tiffani with the (totally meta) move of wearing a T-shirt of her wearing a T-shirt of him, but we'll be there if/when it happens.

• We caught up personally with a few style stars this week. NBD. *awkwardly brushes shoulders off in an attempt to be nonchalant* Robyn, despite all of our girlish swooning, took some time to speak with us about her cray-mazing personal style from fancy underpants to custom Timbs. And we all developed even bigger girl-crushes on Kreayshawn after she may or may not have TOTALLY SCHOOLED US at liquid eyeliner application. We're unsettlingly competitive so the loss REALLY stings, but for her, we put it aside.

• We analyzed the video fashions of two women idolized by girls everywhere: Britney Spears and Miss Piggy. We broke down Brit's new punk rock look for her "I Wanna Go" music video down to each and every last safety pin. And Miss Piggy brought her fashion game as a 'Vogue Paris' editor in the new Muppets trailer.

• Finally, we (yet again) ogled a wholeeee LOTTA boys, high-fashion boys at that. The D&G models at this week's Milan show charged down the runway like a shirtless army that we definitely wouldn't mind pretending to fend off. The Versace show drew in a seriously studly front row (umm HAI Chace Crawford and Darren Criss). Aaannndd Nicola Formichetti's new campaign video for Mugler is basically porn, and we're not mad about it.

That's it for this week! Thanks for the birthday wishes and for a truly amazing year! Have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday! xoxo

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Ashley Benson in Matthew Williamson, Lil' Mama in Sherri Hill encrusted dress, and Shay Mitchell in a short, metallic sequin dress, all at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, California, on June 5, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Like red carpet disco balls, these gals didn't just wear sequins: They wore metallic-colored, glitter-shard-coated frocks that seemed simply rolled in all of the amazing things that make an event like this fantastic. Gold flecks, crystal bits, and confetti-like details appeared en mass last night at the MTV Movie Awards, and these ladies quite literally put on the ritz and it actually looked quite lovely.

Young Ashley Benson from the fairly addicting "Pretty Little Liars" rocked a Matthew Williamson with sequin embellishments in a warm copper, showing that metallics can be done without getting all shiny. Then Lil' Mama, who looked like she played "Katamari" in dark crystals with some bangin' accessories, took the shiny shard trend to the edgy extreme in a black encrusted strapless by Sherri Hill (please note: the killer cuff doesn't look overdone because everything else of hers is perfectly straight and to the point). As if sequins and bling wasn't glamorous enough, Miss Shay Mitchell (also of "Pretty Little Liars") came through with a sleeveless minidress in a shiny, textured body-con cut. She scores in a traditional shape with an intricate pattern.

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Are we the only ones who were surprised by the uncanny resemblance actress/dancer Heather Morris had to Ke$ha during last night’s episode of Glee? The cast performed their version of the glitter/garbage bag-loving pop star's song "TiK ToK," while Heather channeled Ke$ha circa "We R Who We R" video. The liner-smudged face, the feathers and bandannas, the short shorts, the messy blonde strands...are we sure these two aren't related? Distant cousins? Something? Maybe we shouldn't be too shocked. Heather DID nail Britney Spears' mannerisms in an episode back in September. Talk about method acting; this girl is good.

Photo: Courtesy of Fox/PictureGroup

Like Ke$ha, Heather's face glistened (glitter, maybe?), while her lips looked icy courtesy of a swipe of silvery-blue lipstick.

Photo: Courtesy of Fox/

Here, Heather rocked an American Flag tee like Ke$ha's. But the similarities don't end there. The actress also wore super-cropped shorts, feathers and bandanna bracelets, and messy hair.

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New York Fall 2011 Fashion Week is in full swing (yay!), and we're hitting the tents and following the live streams to bring you the hottest trends, neat backstage beauty finds and the best-dressed front-rowers.

A model at the Mara Hoffman Fall 2011 presentation on Feb. 10.
Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images




• Hippy-dippy accessories (turbans, John Lennon shades, etc.) gave Mara Hoffman's fall collection a serious bohemian vibe.

• Our personal fave is this slouchy, wrap sweater dress. Cute, right?

• Hard to see, but worth mentioning: to go along with the dark color palette, the models fingertips were dipped in black dye. Weird, but cool.

• Check out caftans, knits, and other cool looks from the collection here.






A model backstage at the Vena Cava Fall 2011 show on Feb. 10.
Photo: Jeffrey Ufberg/WireImage





• The mantra, "a little goes a long way," did not apply at Vena Cava's fall runway show, where makeup artists covered models' lids and bottom lash lines with LOADS of multi-colored glitter.

• Sparkly makeup can quickly and easily go all wrong (hence, the models steady tilted head and hair clips). But Vena Cava teamed the princess-grunge makeup look with leather toppers, suede jackets, and platforms, making it SO right.




Bryan Boy at the Rachel Comey Fall 2011 show on Feb. 10.
Photo: Marc Stamas/Getty Images




• Fashion blogger Bryanboy arrived at the Rachel Comey fashion show in black leggings, a fuzzy-collared fur coat (tons of attendees have been rocking fur, by the way), a gray striped tee, and 3-D-style sunglasses. But the crowning jewel of his ensemble was his curly fro wig.










JWOWW Closes The Richie Rich Show
Steven Alan, BCBG, and Nicholas K
Christian Siriano's Shoe Designs Cause A Scene
Jason Wu, Rebecca Taylor, and Rebecca Minkoff
Bold Braids
Celebs Flock To The Tents
Our Three Favorite Weekend Shows
DVF, Victoria Beckham, and Alexander Wang
Experimental Strands At Thakoon, Bensoni, And Lela Rose

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We've written over a thousand style stories (we know...A THOUSAND?!) since launching in June of this year, but there were 15 that REALLY struck a chord. Not only did these posts receive tons and tons of comments, but you guys tweeted (and retweeted), Facebooked, and emailed the heck out of each one. Some of your clicks were obvious (Lady Gaga's meat dress!), but other hits were surprising (prom dresses made out of duct tape?). Here's a look back at your favorite posts of 2010...


This eccentric pop singer/songwriter became a household name in 2010. Don't believe us? Ask your 86-year-old grandmother who Gaga is. We bet she knows ALL about "the dress."

Lady Gaga knew that she'd cause a scene by wearing the now-infamous Franc Fernandez-designed real beef dress on stage to accept her award for "Video of the Year" at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her fashion risk paid off--the dress stirred a juicy debate amongst fans.

Lady Gaga wears her meat dress in the VMA pressroom, the day-old meat dress, and a meaty Mark Ryden painting.
Photo: Getty Images/Sam Sparro's Twitter/Mark Ryden

+ Everything You Wanted To Know About Lady Gaga's VMA Meat Dress!

+ Lady Gaga's VMA Meat Dress: The Morning-After Photo!

+ Does Lady Gaga's Meat Dress Remind You Of Mark Ryden's Paintings?

Meat dress aside, there was plenty more Gaga to gab about this year--from her Lollapalooza fishnet ensembles to her heel-less Noritaka Tatehana-designed shoes, Lady Gaga was one celeb we could count on to keep us on our toes.

Lady Gaga at Lollapalooza, performing at Carnegie Hall, and performing on 'American Idol.'
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup

+ Let's Talk About … See All Of Lady Gaga's Lollapalooza Outfits, Including Her Crowd-Surfing Fishnet-And-Nipple-Stickers Look

+ Meet Noritaka Tatehana, The Designer Who Creates Custom Nine-Inch Platform Shoes For Lady Gaga

+ What Should Lady Gaga Wear To The VMAs?



You can't get enough. We can't get enough. The more we published, the more you wanted. Here are the most popular Jersey Shore-meets-MTV Style stories of the year.

Snooki lost her pouf and The Situation wore a body suit for Dancing With the Stars. But that was just the beginning. Nearly every member from the cast of the reality hit series Jersey Shore went through a makeover, and you loved seeing the befores and afters.

Before and after pictures of Sammi, Pauly D, and JWOWW.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup/WireImage

The Proof Is In The Pictures:
+ Sammi "Sweetheart"
+ Pauly D
+ Snooki
+ Mike "The Situation"
+ Ronnie
+ Vinny
+ Angelina

You LOVED the fashion match-ups pitting the Jersey Shore girls' and guys' style against other celebs' wearing the same or similar ensembles. So did we!

Whitney Port of The City and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola of Jersey Shore.
Photo: Getty Images

+ Whitney Port And Sammi 'Sweetheart' Party Together, But Who Looked Better?

+ JWOWW And Stephanie Pratt: Who Wore Purple Better?

+ 'Dancing With The Stars': Which MTV Star Looked Best?

+ Snooki And Kat DeLuna: Who Wore It Best?

From the Late Show with David Letterman to the VMA red carpet, JWOWW, Vinny and the rest of the reality show cast of characters were spotted EVERYWHERE.

JWOWW's at her Filthy Couture fashion show, Snooki leaving 'The Late Show With David Letterman,' and Ronnie Vinny on the 2010 VMA red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

+ Check Out 24 Lace, Spandex, And Bikini Outfits From JWOWW's First Runway Show For Filthy Couture!

+ 'Jersey Shore' Star Snooki Is Ready For Fall!

+ VMAs 2010: 'Jersey Shore' Hits The VMA Red Carpet In Style!

+ Do You Like Pauly D's 'GQ' Hair Makeover?

+ Is Jersey Shore's Angelina A Good Model?

+ What Are The 'Jersey Shore' Cast's Beach Essentials?



The show may not be returning, but your favorite L.A. ladies (and lads) are still finding their way in front of a camera, one way or another. Yay!

Lauren Conrad went from starring in The Hills to penning books and designing a clothing line. You loved the looks she's come up with so far and now MTV is documenting the next steps in her career with a new reality show as she continues to develop her signature line.

Looks from LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl's.
Photo: Courtesy of Kohl's

+ First Look: Lauren Conrad's Complete Fall Collection For Kohl's

+ Lauren Conrad's New MTV Fashion Reality Show Confirmed!

+ Lauren Conrad's Clothing Collections: A Look At Her Design Career -- So Far!

+ Lauren Conrad For Kohl's: The 7 Latest Looks You'll Love

The fashion match-ups involving The Hills girls were some of your favorites (and hardest to judge!).

Audrina Patridge on Nov. 9, Stephanie Pratt on Feb. 25, and Kristin Cavallari on Sept. 12.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

+ Audrina Patridge, Stephanie Pratt, Or Kristin Cavallari: Which Gray Dress Do You Like Best?

+ Kristin Cavallari And Kim Kardashian: Who Wore It Better?

+ Kristin Cavallari Or Christina Aguilera: Who Looked Better In Green At 'Burlesque'?

+ Who Wore It Better: MTV Stars Edition — Lo Bosworth And Amber Lancaster Chose The Same Beige Dress!

+ Let's Talk About.... Audrina Patridge Or Kristin Cavallari: Which One Shoulder Black Dress Do You Like Better?

+ Which 'Hills' Star Has The Best LBD?

+ Lo Bosworth And Giuliana Rancic In Tadashi Shoji, But Who Wore It Best?

+ Trend Alert: Whitney Port, Audrina Patridge And Lo Bosworth In White, But Who Wore It Best?

+ Jaime King Or Audrina Patridge: Who Wore A Rocker Tee Best?

This stylish set was just as popular offline as they were online. Audrina Patridge was featured in Heat magazine, while Lauren Conrad covered Women's Health, Elle, and Cosmopolitan and Kristin Cavallari was featured in name a few.

Audrina in 'Heat,' Lauren Conrad in 'Women's Health,' and Kristin Cavallari in 'Maniac Magazine.'
Photo: Courtesy of Heat/Women's Health/Maniac

+ Audrina Patridge Of 'The Hills' Looks Glamorous Modeling Swimsuits For 'Heat' Magazine

+ Lauren Conrad Covers 'Women's Health' (And Reveals Her Top Style Tips!)

+ PHOTOS: Kristin Cavallari Is A Cover Model For 'Maniac' Magazine!

+ Audrina Patridge Scores Another Modeling Gig And Goes Braless For Bongo

+ Lauren Conrad In 'Elle' Magazine: Which Look Do You Like Better?

+ Lauren Conrad Covers 'Cosmopolitan' Magazine!

+ PHOTOS: Check Out Audrina Patridge's Fashion Spread In Britain's 'Daily Mirror'

+ Lauren Conrad: Three Years Of 'Cosmopolitan' Covers

The Hills cast was a busy bunch this year. We spotted them on Dancing With the Stars, at the Emmys, wearing designer duds, changing their hair color...and wherever they were and whatever they did, you wanted to know (and talk) about it.

Audrina Patridge on 'Dancing With The Stars,' Stephanie Pratt on the Emmy red carpet, Marchesa's Notte sketch, Brody's new mohawk, Whitney Port in Hawaii and Lo on the Emmy red carpet.
Photo: PictureGroup/Getty Images/Marchesa/SplashNews

+ 'Dancing With The Stars': A Farewell To Audrina Patridge's Style

+ Emmy Awards Red Carpet: Stephanie Pratt In A Lilac Dress And Big Hair

+ Lauren Conrad Wears Marchesa: Designer Sketch Revealed!

+ Brody Jenner Has A Mohawk Now!

+ Whitney Port's Bikini Style: Get The Look

+ Emmy Awards Red Carpet: Lo Bosworth Glows In A Green Karen Caldwell Dress!

+ Kristin Cavallari Already Ditched Her Dark Hair!

+ Get The Look: Audrina Patridge's Printed Tees

+ Let's Talk About ... Whitney Port Got A Tattoo!

+ Get The Look: Stephanie Pratt's Blue-Streak Eye Makeup

+ Photos: Whitney Eve's Complete Spring 2011 Collection

+ What Is Stephanie Pratt's Must-Have Fall Item?

+ Get The Look: Whitney Port's French Braids/Half Updo



If the MTV Style comments section told the story, the celebs who attended Fashion Week in New York City were just as important as the outfits walking down the runway.

The cast of 'The City' at Fashion Week: Whitney Port, Roxy Olin, and Olivia Palermo.
Photo: Getty Images

+ Which MTV Star Had The Best Style At Fashion Week?



We love a good best dressed list and appears you guys do, too. Tons of you weighed in on your favorite looks from the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

Ciara, Florence Welsh, and Lady Gaga on the red carpet, and Rihanna performing onstage at the 2010 VMAs.
Photo: Getty Images/PictureGroup

+ VMAs 2010: The 10 Best Dressed At The Video Music Awards

+ VMAs 2010 Live Blog: The Red Carpet Fashion!



It's no wonder our Victoria's Secret Fashion Show post caught your eyes. This year's set was splashier, the music louder (courtesy of Katy Perry), and the models' angel wings bigger.

Emanuela De Paula at Victoria's Secret.
Photo: PictureGroup

+ Victoria's Secret Fashion Show: Every Look (Plus, Katy Perry!)



When Harry Potter actress Emma Watson did the big chop on her hair, there were those that loved it and those that hated it. Our two cents? SO. CUTE.

Emma Watson's new 'do, before and after.
Photo: Getty Images; Facebook/EmmaWatson

+ Emma Watson Chopped Her Hair Off! Do You Like Her New Pixie Cut?



Her hair, her clothes, her makeup. Just by stepping out of her house, rapper Nicki Minaj became a most talked about topic.

Nicki Minaj in the pressroom and performing at the 2010 VMAs, and Nicki Minaj at the Hot 97 Thanksgiving Concert.
Photo: PictureGroup/WireImage

+ Halloween: Nicki Minaj Costume Ideas

+ Nicki Minaj Wears A Sheer-View Body Suit Like Lady Gaga

+ Look By Look: The Complete Fashion Breakdown Of Nicki Minaj's New Video 'Your Love'

+ VMAs 2010 Interview: Nicki Minaj's Stylist On Nicki's Video Music Awards Outfits

+ Which Hair Color Should Nicki Minaj Wear To The VMAs?



Most of us watched Sesame Street growing up, so it was no surprise that when one of your favorite pop stars, Katy Perry, made a cameo appearance on the kids show you'd want to know what she'd be wearing. Sadly, because of her fitted, cleavage-showing Giles Deacon dress, the episode never aired.

Katy Perry in Giles Deacon; Giles Deacon spring 2010 runway.
Photo: Katy Perry/YouTube;

+ Katy Perry's Hot 'Sesame Street' Dress Found!

+ Katy Perry Has A Busy Fashion Weekend



How did we know you'd love seeing Cristiano Ronaldo, Megan Fox, and Kellan Lutz in their skivvies? Lucky guess, we guess.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Megan Fox for Emporio Armani; Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein.
Photo: Emporio Armani/Calvin Klein

+ The Top 9 Celebrity Underwear Campaigns Of The Year, Including Zoe Saldana, Megan Fox, and Kellan Lutz



Ke$ha's fashion choices eluded us, that was until she came to the MTV studios for an interview. That was when we (and YOU) finally got to hear her explain her whole garbage + glitter fashion mantra.

Ke$ha poses for MTV Style.
Photo: Circe Baumgartner/MTV

+ Exclusive Video: Ke$ha Explains Her Garbage And Glitter Style



Before Emma Watson caused a stir by snipping her strands, Kristen Stewart did the same thing over the summer, but with a bottle of red hair dye. Who knew so many of you would have such strong opinions on the Twilight star's new ginger strands?!

Kristen Stewart's new redhead and old brunette hairstyles.
Photo: Marcel Thomas/FilmMagic; Picture Group

+ Kristen Stewart Dyed Her Hair Red!



To say that we were impressed by the entries for the 10th annual Duct Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest was an understatement. We were SHOCKED by what the couples came up with...and so were you!

Left: Second place winners. Center: 1st place winners. Right: Finalists.

+ Check Out 20 Creative Teens Who Went To Prom Wearing Clothes They Made From Duct Tape



You got used to seeing Gossip Girl Taylor Momsen with raccoon eyes and ripped tights. But, we could all agree that it was something totally different to hear the Pretty Reckless frontwoman talk about personal style in her own words. "I have a doll collection and I look at their outfits and kind of imitate them," she said.

Taylor Momsen poses for MTV Style.
Photo: Gregg Delman/MTV

+ Exclusive Video: Taylor Momsen On Her Style, Beauty Routine, Firing Her Stylist, And Modeling



Gleeks waited with baited breath to see Britney Spears' cameo on Glee, and they weren't let down. Brit-Brit showcased a taste of her acting chops, while Heather Morris (who plays the cheerleader Brittany) did one of the best Britney Spears immitations we've ever seen by nailing the pop star's moves and mannerisms to a T.

Brittany S. Pierce (Heather Morris) as Britney Spears on 'Glee' and Britney Spears performing at the 2001 VMAs.
Photo: Fox/Getty Images

+ 'Glee' Britney/Brittany Episode: The Fashion


Most Memorable Interview Moments
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Most Outrageous Outfits
Red Carpet Stunners
Nicki Minaj's Top Looks
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Lady Gaga's Top Looks
Lovely Little White Dresses
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Best Bags And Accessories
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If a daring sequins dress just isn't your New Year's Eve style, you can still shine in more subtle ways. Embellished jewelry, hair accessories, or shimmery fragrances will give you the same glam factor that a full-on outfit will.

SPARKLY JEWELRY: Use bold rings, shiny necklaces, and other flashy accessories to add major pizazz to more casual or basic shifts and outfits. Try choosing one statement piece, and one statement piece only.

New Year's Eve Worthy Jewelry.

+ Matt Swirl Drops by Topshop ($28,
+ Gold Filigree Circles with Rhinestones by Charlotte Russe ($4,
+ Glam Statement Necklace by Tinley Road ($68,
+ Tiered Hexagon Necklace by Tuleste Market ($101.50,
+ Long Silver Rhinestone Covered Ring by Charlotte Russe ($6.50,
+ Pewter Double Finger Ring Gold by Erica Anenberg ($101,
+ Braided Cuff Bracelet by Tinley Road ($36,
+ Beaten Gem Stretch Bracelet by Topshop ($30,
+ Faux Gold Stretch Bracelet with Rhinestone by Charlotte Russe ($12.50,


GLITTERY HAIR ACCESSORIES: Strand baubles are a great way to create a layered look. Even if you're already rocking a shiny dress, glittery hair pieces can add some extra flash to your ensemble.

Sparkly Hair Accessories.

+ Pink & Black Snap Clips by Karina ($6.50,
+ Meteor Shower Pony by Anthropologie ($15,
+ Center Flower Clip by Tarina Tarantino ($28,
+ Black Brilliance Bobbies by DCNL ($5.99,
+ Holiday Flower Headband by Sephora ($12,
+ XL Sequin Applique Headband by UrbanOufitters ($14.99,
+ Fleur-De-Lis Headband by UrbanOufitters ($20,
+ Lavish Bow Headband by Forever 21 ($7.80,


SHIMMERY FRAGRANCES: If you dare to show some skin in this chilly weather, add touches of shimmery fragrance to your chest, arms, and legs (put it anyplace but on your face) for a gorgeous glow and lingering skin scent.

Shimmer Products.

+ Make Me Starlit Illuminating Body Lotion by Victoria's Secret ($18,
+ Body Lingerie Luminous Body Shimmer by Bare Escentuals ($22,
+ Body Glow by NARS ($59,
+ Celebutante Dry Oil Shimmer Spray by Tarte ($34,
+ Scented Leg Shine by Michael Kors ($32,
+ Roll-On Shimmering Perfume by Pink Sugar ($18,

+ How will you sparkle on New Year's Eve?


Glitter Products For A Sparkling New Year's Eve

We know how tempting it is to want to bathe in glitter (à la Ke$ha) for New Year's Eve. But the trick to looking chic while ringing in 2011 is to not go overboard with the sparkle. Using the tips below, choose one feature (or two, max!) to highlight with shimmer. Then, sit back and relax in knowing that you're the sparkling belle of the ball drop.

+ NAIL POLISH: Go glam with a gradation manicure. Simply swipe the lacquer on thicker toward the tip of each nail. Try: Only Gold For Me Top Coat by Sephora for OPI ($9,
+ BODY SPRAY: A little goes a long way—spritz your shoulders and decollete with a little glitter spray for an instant glow. Try: B Wild Hair and Body Glitter Spray by Jerome Russell ($5.99,
+ BRONZER: Apply a very light dusting on your cheekbones. Try: Glitters by Makeup Forever ($13,
+ BLUSH: Dab a little on the apples of your cheeks for skin that glows at every angle. Try: Sparklicity Pure by Tarina Tarantino ($19,
+ HIGHLIGHTER: Transform your everyday makeup into glitter makeup by mixing a dot of highlighter into it with a makeup brush. Try: Glitter by M.A.C Cosmetics ($19.50,
+ EYE SHADOW: Sweep shadow from the lid crease to your lash line. If you want a bolder look, do it twice. Try: Sparkle Eye Shadow by Bobbi Brown ($24,
+ LIP GLOSS: Either on bare lips or over lipstick, dot the middle of your pout with shimmering gloss. Try: Glitter Lip Gloss Compact by Bobbi Brown ($19,
+ EYE LINER: If you're going to line your eyes with glitter, keep your eye shadow matte. Try: Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner by Urban Decay ($18,
+ LASHES: For a killer NYE look, team studded faux-lashes with matte everything else (foundation, eyeshadow, etc.). Try: Glitter Eyeline False Eyelashes ($12,
+ PALETTE: For touch-ups throughout the night, carry a compact filled with creamy glitters that you can easily apply to your lids and lips throughout the night. Try: Glitter Cream Palette by Nyx ($5.99,

+ Do you plan to sparkle and shine in glitter on New Year's Eve?

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Photo: All photos by PictureGroup.

Just when we think we've got Ke$ha's look all figured out — torn shirts, fishnets, and massive amounts of glitter — she takes her style in a new direction ... darker! The first images of the singer on the set of her new 'We R Who We R' music video, off her upcoming album Cannibal, just dropped, and Ke$ha looks pretty insane/cool in these new behind-the-scenes photos. For the video, Ke$ha rocks a leotard embellished with glass, ripped leggings and platform boots, and she's dripping in chains. She's also trying a new beauty routine by putting a metal chain in her hair, wearing gray and black makeup, and getting a manicure with mini cross and gun charms on her fingernails. It's like she mixed Taylor Momsen's makeup with Rihanna's leotards and added some of Lady Gaga over-the-top ways. But with so much going on in this outrageous outfit, let's take a closer look.


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I love these two as a couple. What a festive way to celebrate two important events in their life. Mariah looks like a dream.

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