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3D IPhone cases

My case DGAF.
Photo: @sweatmoustache's Instagram

You'd be amazed at how many strangers come up to me, unprovoked, and say, "That's an, um, interesting iPhone case you have there. How does it even fit in your pocket?" The answer: it doesn't, and I'm totally OK with that. A couple months ago, I got a new (disclaimer: very large and very awesome) case and since then, I've encountered—what I'm calling—Impractical iPhone Case Bullying or IICB. Family members, friends, and total randos think it's OK to come up to me and dismiss my tech accessory because it's not 100% practical. And you know what? It's time to make a case for all these, erm, cases.


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Snooki Headphones

Snooki and her headphone and tech accessories collection.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of iHip

Snooki may be juggling her own TV show with newfound motherhood, but that hasn't stopped the mini mogul from expanding her ever-growing Snooki Couture by Nicole Polizzi collection of jewelry, tanning lotion, sunglasses, slippers and (literally) everything in between. This time around, Snooki makes her mark in the tech arena with decked-out headphones and electronic accessories. You might remember peeping these bad boys at her CES product launch earlier this year, but we are SO stoked to announce that they'll officially be available to purchase at Walgreens nationwide starting September 2014. Her collection, which was inspired by her "love of dancing and house music," will include headphones, ear buds, portable speakers, iPhone and iPad covers complete with Snooki's signature rhinestone, animal print and sequin embellishments. Her most notable piece, though, HAS to be the headphones that double as fashion headbands with detachable ear speakers (above). Like, how incredibly genius is that? *bows down*


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Selena Gomez iPhone case nails

Selena Gomez and her iPhone case!
Photo: @SelenaGomez's Twitter

Just when we thought we'd seen everything, Selena Gomez comes along and stuns once again! Last night, she posted a mirror selfie Twitpic that showed off her super-glam gold glitter stiletto nails (which she rocked at the MTV Movie Awards this weekend) paired with—get this—a matching iPhone case. And we're not talking about any ol' case here, folks, we're talking about an exact glitter-on-glitter match. Had we not known better, we would've thought she got this bad boy custom made! But, we do know she's the current face of Case-Mate (along with Fergie and Common), so we hit up their website ASAP to see if we, too, could sport this whole coordinating hand-and-case steez. And, yep, upon arrival there's Selena's 'dorbs little face holding a glam and glittery case for all to see.


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Justin Bieber fan merch

All Justin Bieber everything.
Photo: Via Etsy/Max and Chloe/Society 6

Guys, Justin Bieber is growing up, and it's time we do, too. Most Beliebers are transitioning from tweens into twenty-somethings, meaning it's officially time to toss all that cheap mall merch from our younger years and trade it in for something way, WAY hipper. And, no, that doesn't mean we have to be more subtle about our obsession for the Biebs, it's just a fashion upgrade to our already undying love for the oh-so-smooth singer. Most people might scoff at the phrase "cool Justin Bieber merch," so get ready to school them with these totally awesome (and Justin-infused) pieces. First up, a "Believe" nameplate necklace ($132). Every girl needs a gold necklace in her life, and this homage to his album is a cool and clever way to show your Bieber fever. Plus, it legit will match everything in your wardrobe. (No, seriously, we wear a gold necklace every single day.)


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Ryan Gosling Merch

Must. Have. Ryan. Gosling. Everything.
Photo: Courtesy of Etsy/Human/Society 6

Hi, friends! We're starting a weekly feature where we unleash our inner obsession for ALL to see. It's called "Stan Swag," and it works like this: We pick a celebrity/band/TV show/movie that we're OB-SESSED with, and we scour the internets to find the most amazing (or creepy!) merch to show off our true stan (stalker + fan = stan) side. Because, hey, there's nothing wrong with showing a heck of a lot of affection toward someone we've never met (and may never actually meet), right? Right.

We don't know a single girl that doesn't like Ryan Gosling. Heck, even most dudes can get behind Ryan's effortless street style, piercing blue eyes, and downright adorable sense of humor. Like, do we even need to explain this? Just look at this photo. LOOK AT IT. *convulses* There are no words. ANYWAY, hai, we're obsessed with Ryan Gosling, and we're ready to share it with the world. But let's face it, we are SO over the traditional movie poster tees or boring mugs, so we found some super cool pieces that'll show off your (and our) fandom in the freshest way possible. Disclaimer: Wearing these all at once may make you look like a crazy person. Ease into it, y'all. Nice 'n slow.


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Nose iPhone Case

Design company p+g makes a nose iPhone case.
Photo: Courtesy of p+g Designs

Sorry to get all graphic on your Wednesday afternoon, but we have to talk about this. "This" being p+g design's HANA nose iPhone case. We realize that iPhone cases are getting bigger and crazier, but this has to be the most whackadoo combination of the two that we've seen yet! We know the times are a'changin', but we're still not sure if we're ready to pick this nutty case from the lot. Would you use this nose iPhone case?


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Chocolate Scented iPhone Case

We wonder, is it milk chocolate, or dark chocolate?
Photo: Thinkgeek

Remember life before cell phones? Probably not, huh? Well, we do, and it was really different. You couldn't have confusing text message interactions with your crush, your mom couldn't call you whenever she wanted, you actually had to print out directions in advance or, gasp, carry a map. It was madness. We even had a beeper for awhile. CRAZY. But now we have iPhones, Blackberries, Google Map, gizmos and gadgets aplenty, you know the drill, and as a result, we also have to make choices about the accessories that surround them. A knuckleduster iPhone case works for Rihanna, but is it right for you? Maybe you're further towards ten on the cuteness spectrum. Enter the Chocolate Scented iPhone 4 Case. Making things scented it like the final frontier of novelty items, so of course this exists, but, would you really want your phone, and by proxy your bag or pocket, to smell like candy all the time?



Azealia Banks WAH Nails

Azealia Banks on Jan. 31.
Photo: Courtesy of WAH Nails' Tumblr

We're not gonna lie—we follow every step of Azealia Banks' life so closely in hopes that we'll never miss a fashion-filled moment. Recently the rapper performed at Karl Lagerfeld's house (and scored a sweater with his face on it!), dropped a new track at Mugler's runway show, and did a V magazine shoot with THE Nicola Formichetti. While hanging with Lady Gaga's right-hand man, Az got chummy enough with Nicola that he handed over his RIDIC pink bedazzled iPhone case with a 3-D bunny on it! Nicola was notorious for tweeting pics of himself with the ultra-glam case, and we think he's since replaced it with a sassy sunglasses cover. But now that Azealia has her hands on the most decked-out phone of all time, she knew she needed some killer nails to match.


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