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Rihanna goes casual for dinner in a Frank 151 t-shirt.
Photo: Getty Images/Frank 151

Rihanna's newest collection from her collab with River Island was just released, and it features a number of very glam, yet sporty pieces, like baseball jerseys, letterman jackets, and mesh dresses. With sports on da mind, it only makes sense that Rih hit NYC last night in a shirt that features the likes of Pat Riley, Vince Lombardi, and George Steinbrenner. The shirt, which Rihanna wore to dine with pal Katy Perry, is by Frank 151 X Hall of Fame Chapter 51, comes in black and white, and is, reasonably, $32. The men on the shirt are described on the Frank 151 site as "reek[ing] of polished gold." Yeah, I'm pretty sure Rihanna also knows a thing or two about polished gold.


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Veronica Mars Purse

Kristen Bell on set of the 'Veronica Mars Movie'.
Photo: FameFlynet

Marshmallows, we hope you're sitting down because we've got some serious Veronica Mars fashion info up our sleeves. In case you missed it (LOL, you didn't), we peeped the first-ever images straight from the set a couple weeks ago and obsessed over Veronica's style evolution from a baby-tee wearin' teen to edgy college student to a casual-cool lawyer (let’s not go down the wormhole of why she’s holding hands with Piz, OK?) in what we assume is New York with her Mackage trench coat and sensible workwear get-up. But thanks to photos that debuted on EW last week from a shoot day at the Santa Monica Pier (as pictured above), we got a peek at scenes with Ken Marino and Kristen Bell. Seeing Vinnie automatically made us channel his version of Hall and Oates' "Private Eyes", but we couldn't keep our eyes off--GASP--the return of her signature studded bag?!


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Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld braves the double denim look.
Photo: Getty Images

The double denim look is a notoriously tricky one. Often referred to as the "Texas Tuxedo" (or sometimes the "Canadian Tuxedo"), wearing denim on denim is a bold style move with the distinct potential to go very, very wrong. But sometimes, and BELIEVE us when we say this is extremely rare even for the most famous of celebrities (see Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake circa the 2001 American Music Awards for indubitable proof) a freak fashion plate like the lovely Hailee Steinfeld takes the risk and knocks it right out of the park.


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Emma Stone's "The Amazing Spider-Man" press tour outfits.
Photo: Getty Images

We were pretty confident that with the Cutest Coordinating Couple of the Moment™ promoting their forthcoming movie, The Amazing Spider-Man, that press tour was going to be a satorial feast for the eyes, but leading lady Emma Stone has really exceeded our expectations this week. Posing and smiling for every photocall and premiere, Emma has worn a brand new ensemble for every appearance (as you do). What's notable here, though, is that each time we've seen Miss Stone on this tour, she's slipped into an outfit that's even more diametrically different than the last.


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Beyoncé looks fly while taking Blue Ivy out to lunch.
Photo: Splash News

Now that Beyoncé and Jay have finally let the world peek at their brand-new bundle of joy, it's only a matter of time until Blue Ivy is racking up more street style snaps than any other celeb baby (sorry, Suri). Personally, we're really pulling for Baby Blue to buddy up with Alexander Wang's niece—think of the PLAYDATES!! Until the day we get to see Blue herself toddling around in those Hermes booties we suggested Bey and Jay cop for her, we're more than happy to ogle Mommy Carter's post-baby off-duty style. Girl's still got it!


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jc penney fashion flash fashion show

The opening credits from WPHL-TV's 1980s denim fashion show video.
Photo: via Buzzfeed and RichJuz

Our Fridays are usually all about easing out of the workweek and into the weekend at a more leisurely pace. We like to take the time to smell the flowers, thank our coworkers for jobs well done, and casually peruse the World Wide Web for anything that might tickle our fancy or enflame our virtual wallets. We here at MTV Style were content to stay mired within the cutely overloaded confines of kittens dressed up in jean jackets until we came across what is, quite possibly, the most AMAZING fashion time capsule video EVER. Folks, we're talking about JC Penney's Fashion Flash 1980s denim fashion show, a fash-parade of magical retro magnificence that will have you marveling over and over again at the "newest fabric on the fashion scene...denim!" Watch as models Tracy, Bernard, Julie, and "total cool" Joe dance to David Bowie's seminal song, "Blue Jean", while showing you how to rock a pair of green jeans or get down in double stonewash. Listen as the overzealous announcer says, "You've heard the saying everything old is new again, well it's really true!" And we totally agree...


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Chloë Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld at "Variety'''s Power Of Youth event in Hollywood.
Photo: Getty Images

Young Hollywood knows exactly how to dress for the red carpet these days—especially with the help of stylists who are able to snag the latest looks from the runways. However, sometimes the youngest of these soon-to-be leading ladies end up looking a little too stylee-styled and wayyyyy older than their early teens. (We're talking red carpet disasters involving muumuu-ish gowns, ridiculous heels, or bouffant hairdos that look more ruh-roh than retro, especially on a 15-year-old.) Two gals who seem to be getting it right, though, are Chloë Moretz and Hailee Steinfeld. Both rising screen stars have started making names for themselves within fashion circles, with Chloë rocking the pages of Harper's Bazaar and Hailee becoming the (sad) face of Miu Miu. Both actresses were honored at Variety's Power of Youth event—which celebrates young stars who dedicate themselves to humanitarian causes (nice one, ladies!)—and each one looked AH-MAZE in, get this, grown-up looks from both the runway and older lady brands. How did they pull it off?


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Only three short weeks until the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, and MTV Style has all the fash-obsessed coverage of this year's nominees that you could ever ask for! Earlier this month, we brought you the most-memorable style moments of the Best Female and Male performance nominees. Today, we have a Polyvore set inspired by the onscreen style of the triple-nominated movie, Easy A!

An 'Easy A'-Inspired Polyvore Set
Photo: Screen Gems/Polyvore

So when I was in high school, teachers gave out summer reading assignments that were due the moment the bell rang on the very first day of the new school year. AND I had to walk uphill both ways in the snow to get to and from school. JK, I didn't walk, I drove or took the bus. And there wasn't any snow. But there WERE a few hills, and there were DEFINITELY summer reading assignments. Before my junior year, my class was assigned Nathaniel Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter. Considered to be the greatest work of Hawthorne's writing career, this 19th century romantic novel is set in colonial Boston and tells the story of Hester Prynne, a young woman who is ostracized by her community for her illicit actions. SAUCY, right?! Easy A is decidedly NOT the film version of The Scarlet Letter, so I wouldn't watch it if you're looking to get out of reading the book (and shame on you for even contemplating such blasphemy! School is cool, guys!! *pushes up glasses*). But it's preeeetty close in a contemporary super-loose adaptation kinda way à la 10 Things I Hate About You.

Emma Stone is totally funny and smart and cute as Olive Penderghast, a teenager who starts a series of white lies about her weekend escapades in an attempt to up her social cred around her high school. The rumors fly, and Olive is labeled the school-skank. Instead of withering in persecution, Olive embraces her new identity, starts dressing more provocatively, and uses her new reputation to help some of her fellow dude classmates whose popularity could use a boost. The above Polyvore set is an homage to Olive's more scandalous wardrobe centered around a black All Saints corset and a pair of black J Brand '912' skinny jeans and an Alexander Wang multistrap shoulder bag for Olive to tote her books around—she is at school after all. (Side note: OK, so there are probably 0.000001 percent of girls toting Alexander Wang satchels to school, but like, realistic schmealistic, this satchel is FABULOUS, so there). The outfit is finished off with Jeffrey Campbell platform wedge heels, black Wayfarer cat-eye shades (a bad-girl staple), pearl earrings, a slick of bright red lipstick, and a scarlet letter. Easy A is nominated for a whopping THREE Movie Awards this year: Best Female Performance, Best Comedic Performance, and Best Line From A Movie. The Movie Awards are only a few weeks away, so don't forget to vote for your favorite performances here!

Memorable Style Moments Of The Best Male Performance Nominees
Memorable Style Moments Of The Best Female Performance Nominees

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We can't help but think that last night's episode of Gossip Girl, "The Princesses and the Frog," was inspired (just a little?) by a real-life wedding that went down a few days ago in London-town. To start it off, Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester) fell head over heels for Prince Louie from France, setting herself on the fast track to princess-dom. But Serena van der Woodsen (Blake Lively) tried to sabotage Blair's fairy-tale dreams by telling Prince Louie's mother about her possible daughter-in-law's many indiscretions as chronicled by Gossip Girl's text messages over the years. Still, Blair managed to get an invite (and rocked a fierce Jenny Packham frock) to a ball hosted by the French royal family. Everything went according to plan, until a tipsy Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick) showed up to cause a scene, nearly ruining Blair's chances with the prince.

Meanwhile, Charlie Rhodes (Kaylee Defer) and Dan Humphrey (Penn Badgley) became friendly; so did Charlie and Vanessa Abrams (Jessica Szohr). Vanessa vowed to help Charlie snag Dan. Hmmmm... sounds sketchy. Yep! It was sketchy. To show off her GF material, Charlie volunteered to make pizza for Dan's dad and prospective biz partners (band members), but Vanessa advised her against it, saying that she should do a fancy catered dinner with caviar instead. Or, so we thought it was Vanessa's idea. Charlie actually made up the whole damsel-in-distress situation, putting Vanessa on the hot seat. Not even on the show for a full season, and Charlie's already a bona fide backstabber.

Finally, Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford) found himself torn between his relationship with Raina Thorpe (Tika Sumpter), who is dead set on looking for her biological mother, and his loyalty to Chuck who found out that Raina's mom and Chuck's dad were having an affair before she was allegedly killed in a building fire. DRAAAAAAMA.

Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively).
Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

+ Shirt: Rachel Gilbert
+ Jeggings: Vince

+ Sweater: Barney's Co-op
+ Jeans: J Brand
+ Ring: ABS

Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester).
Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

+ Dress: Jenny Packham
+ Earrings: ABS

Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), Prince Louis Grimaldi (Hugo Becker), and Serena Van Der Woodsen (Blake Lively).
Photo: Giovanni Rufino/The CW

+ Suit: Zara
+ Shirt And Tie: Thomas Pink

+ Suit And Tie: Zegna
+ Shirt: Thomas Pink

+ Dress: J.Mendel
+ Bracelets: Boundkit
+ Earrings: RichRocks


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Hayden Panettiere at LAX in Los Angeles on April 26, Eve at Girls Night Out at Webster Hall in New York City on April 14, and Alessandra Ambrosio shopping at The Grove in Los Angeles on April 22.
Photo: Courtesy of Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images/Wetherly Fashion Group

Ultra-dyed denim is hardly new, and we all know there's nothing like a pop of color in those weeks between spring and summer when the nights are a tad nipply and you didn't necessarily intend to stay out for 22 hours after you left your house yesterday morning. But, well, heck if you don't finally deserve a bit of fun and excitement after a hard, bitter winter, so everyone stop passing judgment that you're still wearing the same clothes. At least your clothes are cute.

See, the thing about colored jeans is you can definitely overthink them. Will you get enough mileage out of green jeans? Red seems to be the safer bet, especially these skinny J Brands, but oooooh, is red played out blablablablabalbala? STOP. Look it, if Hayden, Eve and Alessandra are evidence, ANYONE can wear them ANYPLACE. Think of the vastly differing physiques/personal styles/events we've got going on in these pictures. These three ladies run the gamut, and all look very, very fetch. The thing that you have to realize is that a) It's spring, and the entire world is way too egocentric about their own wardrobes to give a pshaw about what you're wearing and b) It's spring, and you should ONLY concentrate on having as much sunshiny fun as humanly possible. You can wear ANY color, and you can wear them on multiple days a week. Get 'em a little dirty. Wear them with heels. Or flats. Or clashing colors. Or NEON color blocks. Nighttime. Daytime. Early morning after a little "nighttime." Do whatever. Yes, this IS a PSA. Now go play outside. Responsibly. With sunblock. Maybe a big hat. OH! And last, of course you have free reign on complementary articles of clothing, but we would definitely advise AGAINST wearing the same colored denim jacket. Unless you can pull it off on a suiting tip because you have an impossible body with buttloads of charisma. In that case, carry on and send us a photo.

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