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Kanye West Kim Kardashian Wedding

Joe Francis, Jaden Smith and Kourtney Kardashian at Kimye's Wedding Reception
Photo: Joe Francis Instagram

By now, the Kimye wedding guests have dispersed to their own homes, continuing vacation villas, or somewhere in the South of France. Kim and Kanye are officially husband and wife, the wedding was allegedly magnifique, the speeches moving, and the emotion overwhelming. The bride, groom, and baby Nori wore custom Givenchy. And Jaden Smith? He wore a white Batman outfit. Maybe he only wore it at the reception, but we like to think of him sitting politely in his seat during the wedding ceremony... as Batman. This calls for a new installment of Fashion Fanfic!

Jaden Smith smiles warmly as several guests stand, allowing him to move to his seat. "I'm so sorry," he says as he brushes against Chrissy Teigen. He nods towards John Legend: "So nice to see you." He doesn't really mean it though. Indeed, Jaden was raised to interact with the strictest of manners, but truthfully he couldn't care less if people thought he was polite. He had bigger things to think about.


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The new icon collection from Memes On Clothes.
Photo: @themocbrand's Instagram

YASSS! Our prayers have finally been answered (and then some). We've been touting the genius of Yolo Polos ever since they first started stitching hip-hop memes on shirts, waaay back in August. After they paid tribute to Dada Drake (#DADALEAN), we put in a humble request for a Wheelchair Jimmy version. In September, we got an extended color palette, Jay Z's Dad Dive (#AWKWARDDIVE) and Miguel's Billboard Leg Drop—which, of course, we welcomed to the polo shirt fold with open arms. Sadly, Miguel's meme shirt was recently discontinued, but DRY YOUR EYES because the newly re-branded M.O.C. Brand now has FIVE new viral icons and one of them is—you guessed it—Wheelchair Jimmy. We're not sayin' we had anything to do with it, but... *flips hair*


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Drake wearing Jaden Smith's face to perform at the 2013 iHeart Music Radio Festival.
Photo: MTV/Getty Images

While Miley Cyrus went white and sheer for her performance at iHeart Radio Music Festival this weekend, Drake took his performance wardrobe in the opposite direction. Drizzy took the stage in a long-sleeve black OVO t-shirt that was emblazoned with a graphic version of Jaden Smith's face. Normally, it may seem strange to find a grown man wearing a teenager's face on his shirt, but this shirt and Jaden's face have a backstory.


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Holland Roden Adam Lamber Ashley Benson Jaden Smith Audring Patridge Nylon Young Hollywood Issue Party

Holland Roden, Adam Lambert, Ashley Benson, Jaden Smith, and Audrina Patridge at the 'NYLON' magazine Young Hollywood Issue party in Hollywood on May 14.
Photo: Getty Images

Whew, if there's one event we'd want to squeeze into all year long, it'd definitely be last night's Young Hollywood party hosted by NYLON! I mean, literally all of our favorite people arrived decked out in the most effortlessly-cool ensembles, and, oddly enough, they all seemed to stick with one particular trend—the head-to-toe monochrome look. Holland Roden, Adam Lambert, Ashley Benson, Jaden Smith, and Audrina Patridge sported outfits devoid of ANY color (like, not even on the shoes or accessories, y'all), and considering it's almost summer AND they're in California, this feels pretty out of character, dontcha think? Luckily, us New Yorkers love a good ol' gothy ensemble, so we're obsessed with their dark take on typically springy trends.


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Jaden Smith Wonderland Magazine

Jaden Smith in 'Wonderland' magazine.
Photo: Via Rory van Millingen/'Wonderland' Magazine

Sure, we've been fans of Willow Smith's style since, well, as long as this blog has existed, but recently we've been shifting our sartorial gaze toward her 14-year-old brother, Jaden. On the red carpet, he and his sister have been pulling out ALL the stops with their (sometimes coordinating!) fash-forward ensembles, and when he's not starring in blockbuster movies, he's working on his own clothing collection, MSFTSREP. Today, Jaden is officially making the transition into stylish magazine spreads, and we're obsessed with the couture skater look from his most recent shoot with Wonderland magazine. He sported a graphic rose print sweater by one of our personal faves, Katie Eary, paired with a black hoodie from his own MSFTSREP collection and baggy Monkee Genes pants. He finished the look with a set of silver rings, blonde tips, and his signature eyebrow raise.


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Jaden Smith, Willow Smith, Louie Sebert and Ke$ha at the 2013 Kids' Choice Awards.
Photo: Getty

It was a family affair on the orange carpet at the 2013 Kids Choice Awards! Brother and sister duos like Ke$ha and Louie Sebert and Jaden and Willow Smith strolled together in sibling style.

When it comes to the Smiths, well ya can't really get much more sibling star power than the two of them (especially after we've already seen instances of their coordinating style- please say this will become a thing!?). Jaden kept it simple with an oversized black hoodie, pants and sneaks, really letting Willow shine. The budding fashion maven rocked a denim jacket, white textured frock, some well-loved Chanel boots and neon socks for a pop of color.


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Jaden Smith, Willow Smith

Jaden and Willow Smith at Toronto International Film Festival
Photo: Getty Images

When it comes to closet swag, Jaden and Willow Smith have the sibling style thing on lock. The talented duo (and offspring of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, NBD) stepped out at Toronto International Film Festival this weekend and killed it yet again in perfectly complementary ensembles. But then again, is this REALLY any surprise?! They're no strangers to looking the part- remember the amazing MSFTS outfits they rocked at the BET Awards this year? Well, let's just say these two went above and beyond on Sunday, showing their wild sides (literally) in eye-popping animal prints. Keeping it all in the family has NEVER been so stylish.


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While last year's BET Awards were an exercise in trend spotting, the 2012 BET Awards were less about following the pack and more about individuality. The awards show featured looks from the demure to the downright naughty, and everything in between, and we're JUST talking red carpet here. We spent the week placing and taking bets on what Nicki Minaj would be wearing for her performance (more on that later, promise), but before we go any further we want to show you our favorite looks from the BET awards red carpet.

Willow Smith & Jaden Smith in MSFTS

Willow and Jaden Smith at the BET Awards.
Photo: Getty

Did you hear that? That loud, high pitched squealing? No? We're shocked, because one look at the Pinkett-Smith progeny had us absolutely overwhelmed with cuteness, and we thought the whole world could hear our "awwwwwwww." Willow and Jaden, who also made our top looks last year, took sibling style to the limit in matching MSFTS's gear. While Jaden rocked a black and white hoodie with some zebra striped harem pants (do we sense young Jaden has a thing for animal print?), Willow paired an oversize black and gold tank/dress with a pair of legging with just the right skin-to-legging ratio and the most craymazing Chanel combat boots ever. Willow Smith has been our go-to gal for styling graphic tees for a while now, but this look really takes it there. The two posed both together and on their own on the red carpet, but we really think the look comes together when you see the dynamic duo in action.

Selita Ebanks in Falguni & Shane Peacock

Selita Ebanks at the BET Awards.
Photo: Getty

We have to admit we were a little hesitant about illusion skirts at first. However, most, if not all of our misconceptions flew out the window when we saw model Selita Ebanks take to the carpet in this Falguni & Shane Peacock dress. Featuring graphic sequin detailing in all the right places, a little bit of sheer detailing and then that light as a feather skirt, the dress is bold but still totally seasonally appropriate. Paired with a curly hairdo fit for a queen and simple makeup, we thought Ebanks looked absolutely gorge.

Beyonce in Stéphane Rolland

Beyonce at the BET Awards.
Photo: Getty

Did you think we could do a top looks without mentioning queen Bey? Hah! While Beyonce decided to skip the carpet, she took to the show with husband Jay-Z and friends Kanye and Kim in a yellow silk Stéphane Rolland gown. The slinky number featured one sleeve detailing, a high slit, and an incredible mirrored belt. While the color was totally taking a page out of the Solange playbook, Beyonce looked stunning, and complemented the popping hue of the dress with a perfect mane of curls. Oh, and we almost forgot, she also took home the award for Best Female R&B Artist *golf claps*.

Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams at the BET Awards.
Photo: Getty

We always wonder if we can make the slip as dress look work, but now we think the key might just be a regular dress, styled like a slip. Michelle Williams rocked this body con, petal pink version of the look tonight, and there is absolutely no confusion about whether or not this is undies worn on the outside. The dress, which is bandage style with black lace accents, hugged the former Destiny's Child singer in all the right places, and totally ruled the red carpet.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj at the BET Awards.
Photo: Getty

One of the hardest things about our jobs is waiting to see if our fave celebs are going to hit the red carpet, or hang back and wait for the show itself. Unfortunately there was no grand entrance for Nicki Minaj tonight, as she chose to eschew the step and repeat and to go straight into the festivities in her first performance outfit. A black lace unitard and tights with gold capped toe heels was just the right amount of goth for Minaj, paired with long wavy locks that fade from blonde to pink (we LOVE) and a neon pink pout. Nicki took home the award for Best Female Hip Hop Artist for the THIRD year in a row, and this outfit was just the beginning of the ways she killed it last night.

Who did you think had the best look on the BET Awards red carpet?


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I'll let you in on a little secret: Sometimes I love menswear more than ladyfashion. It's not some weird deliberate thing, or a self-hating thing, it's just that dudes have so few options with which to play dress up that when an ensemble catches my eye, it's usually a glorious symphony of layered details. Or it's something so out-of-its-tree bonkers that I can't help but break it down and golf clap.

It's almost 2012, which is the year (according to the Mayan calendar and most of the internet) that all land masses catch fire right before sliding into the ocean, thereby killing everything. As such, we can't very well enter into it neglecting all the lads because they're adorable and something we'll miss when everything is gone. Especially Ryan Gosling.


Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson at the European Premiere of "Arthur" on April 19, at the Versace for H&M Fashion event on Nov. 8, and DJ and at the launch event for the Nike Sportswear "Live For The Game" Ultralounge on June 16.
Photo: Getty Images

Mark Ronson is a frickin' treasure. Dude is merciless when it comes to killing me dead with the most shut-it-downiest details. Peep this: We've got three suits. The first has a satin shawl collar with harem pants that's coupled with a nehru shirt. The sheen of the lapel is mirrored in the sheen of his super-black dress sock so the eye is drawn directly into his shoe. It's an elegant line that begins at the shoulder and is unencumbered by a shirt collar or bowtie. The second is head-to-toe fuchsia with saturation points at the jacket buttons and shoes, and the last is not a suit so much as it is a twill trouser (possibly denim) with a double-breasted peacoat/blazer hybrid and a crewneck tee. Extra points on the trompe l'oeil tip. ACK. So good.


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The 2011 BET Awards BROUGHT IT in terms of the top summer trends crossing the green carpet. We spotted four must-try looks (harem pants, treated/printed denim, leather, and super girly summer dresses) on some of our faves, but we had one hell of a hard time choosing a winner for each. Luckily, we have YOU. We've paired up each celeb in a killer style showdown, and a winner MUST be chosen. So, if you have a favorite look for each trend, SPILL IT IN THE COMMENTS!


Alicia Keys and Keri Hilson at the 2011 BET Awards in L.A. on June 26.
Photo: Getty Images

Singers Alicia Keys and Keri Hilson both rocked pleated black harem pants, but each lady individualized her look with to-die-for accessories. Alicia's black and white Dolce & Gabbana ensemble oozed simple and chic, but she added a touch of fun with zebra print Christian Louboutin pumps, suspenders, and a spiraling fishtail braid. Keri accented her royal purple and black strapless Tibi jumpsuit with a bold emerald green pendant necklace, GIANT cuffs, and open-toed shoes. Who do you think won this fashion face-off?


Justin Bieber and Jaden Smith at the 2011 BET Awards in L.A. on June 26.
Photo: Getty Images

The boys looked SO COOL rocking fun and interesting denim on the green carpet! We loved Justin Bieber's '80s throwback acid-wash jean vest paired with a black tee and metallic silver jeans with some seriously detailed stitching. He accessorized with a multicolored handkerchief, skull necklace, tortoiseshell sunglasses, a large watch, bracelets, and high-top polka dot sneakers. Jaden Smith went the more colorful route in a personalized red and orange leather "JS" MCM letterman jacket, graphic tee, and (the best part, obvi) tiger printed jeans. Not only do we feel like we NEED animal print jeans immediately, but we sort of love the high-tops he paired with his tiger stripes even more.


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