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'Girls' costume designer, Jenn Rogien, in the show's wardrobe department.
Photo: The Coveteur

If you've ever watched Girls, you've probably found yourself excitedly pointing at the television, screaming, "HEY, I HAVE THAT TOP! I THINK." And then you undoubtedly rewind, pause, and run to your closet to confirm. "OMG. I DO have that top." *turns to friend, significant other and/or entirety of viewing party* "Told you so." Not to burst your bubble or anything, but we'd guess a LOT of people have picked up some of the very same pieces that Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shosh wear on the show—because the characters shop at some of the very same places as us IRL folk. "They source the clothes and accessories from vintage shops, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, Beacon’s Closet, Bergdorfs, Salvation Army, Strawberry and, like, everywhere in between," The Coveteur dishes in a new, behind-the-scenes interview with Girls' costume designer, Jenn Rogien.


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Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour at the 'Girls' season three premiere.
Photo: Getty Images

What do you wear when you have a Girls premiere to attend and it's -10 degrees outside? If you're Anna Wintour you get #META and wear a fur coat with an ACTUAL GIRL printed on it. Appropriate and warm! The Vogue overlord pulled this Prada Spring 2014 coat from her closet for the event, yet what she wore underneath remains a mystery. Maybe long johns? LOL, JK, we're talking Anna Wintour here. Plus, you can see a black skirt peeking out from below the coat. Doy!

Anna accessorized the coat with a furry scarf that, from certain angles, creates the illusion that a tiny lamb with extra legs is hanging from Anna's neck. Anna's appearance at the premiere seems to dispel many longstanding rumors about her in one fell swoop: that she always wear sunglasses, never smiles, and doesn't have a sense of humor! Wearing a girl jacket to the Girls premiere? You slay me, Wintour. Not even the four ladies on the show used the event as an opportunity to wear their finest Girls-inspired garb. (Good thing, because if they did, the competition from Anna would be too fierce.)


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Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke V

Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke for 'V Magazine'.
Photo: Via 'V Magazine'

Full disclosure: despite whatever our moms might say about catching a cold, we're TOTALLY guilty of leaving the house with wet hair (sorry we're not sorry?). It's usually the result of pressing the "snooze" button too many times and just not having the energy to deal with a blow dryer, but hey, if Shailene Woodley can rock the just-showered look on the red carpet, then we figure it's alright for the streets of Brooklyn. The folks over at V Magazine clearly feel the same way, since they've styled Girls actresses Zosia Mamet and Jemima Kirke in slick, side-swept 'dos in the glossy's new March issue. Equal parts "OMG I'm so late to work!" low-maintenance and high-fashion glam, the look's runway cred owes a lot to Alexander Wang, who's shown wet-looking hair on the catwalk multiple times the past couple of seasons.


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Girls, lena dunham

A still from 'Girls.'
Photo: Getty Images

Just as Girls has become your mom's, grandfather's, and basically everyone's conversational lightning rod for discussing the "twenty-something" phenomenon these days (exhibit A, B, C...), an equal amount of ink has been spilled dissecting the show's costumes. It might seem weird, considering the fact that Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, and Zosia Mamet's characters don't dress THAT differently from the majority of kids flooding the streets outside our apartments right this second...but then again, that's exactly the point. Costume designer Jenn Rogien manages to hopscotch the line between being relatable (sometimes wrinkled, outfit repeats, and decidedly imperfect) while still making sense for TV. Easier said than done, right? After all, if Jenn just decked them out in clothes we can pick up ourselves at Urban Outfitters, it would be beyond boring. It's Hannah and the rest of the crew's kookiest, most unexpected outfits that make the show's costumes so freaking fun...and cement them in your memory long after the episode has ended. Just before the Costume Designers Guild Awards happen this week (it all goes down on Thursday!), Jenn let us pick her brain on dressing the Girls in mesh tanks, sleeping bags and everything in between. Get her secrets (plus vintage shopping tips) in our interview below!


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Girls Premiere

Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke and Allison Williams at the 'Girls' premiere on Jan. 9 in New York.
Photo: Getty Images

To say we're excited for the season two premiere of Girls (January 13!) would be the understatement of the year—but as ecstatic as we are to see our four favorite ladies grace the small screen once again, we'll admit we love nothing more than spotting Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham, Jemima Kirke and Allison Williams decked out in their own real life outfits. Last night at the Girls premiere in New York, all four actresses went with the tried-and-true (and total New York staple) black with, of course, their own personal spin on each ensemble.


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The 'Girls' cast filming May 25.
Photo: Getty Images

If we hadn't already trained our eyes to recognize the cast of Girls from a mile away (we know, we're obsessed...), we'd actually think this was a photo of real Brooklyn friends hanging out on their stoop. After all, that's pretty much how we spend approximately 50% of our free time, and if you've set foot in New York City recently, you'll know that it's impossible to walk a block without tripping over someone's DIY sidewalk sale. In a stroke of total genius, Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, and Jemima Kirke hold a stoop sale of their own in an upcoming episode of Dunham's HBO series. Their "shop," hilariously called Maiden's Milk vintage boutique, is totally true to life, filled with old shoes, clothing, and even some stuffed animals they're trying to get rid of. Critics have been calling Girls the "anti Sex & The City" since Day One for its no frills depictions of 20-something city life, and the stoop sale sneak peek pretty much cements this decidedly un-glam status. Let's be real: Carrie Bradshaw would rather burn her stash of Manolos than shop for used clothes. But then again, that's exactly what makes Girls so much fun.

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Girls Costumes

Jemima Kirke (Jessa Johansson), Lena Dunham (Hannah Horvath), and Zosia Mamet (Shoshanna Shapiro) in 'Girls.'
Photo: Via HBO's 'Girls' Facebook page

We have been waiting for (what feels like) our entire LIVES for the Girls show to premiere on HBO, and now that it finally did, we can happily say that it really does represent a 20-something's life in Brooklyn (not to mention it's filmed literally on the block we live on, NBD *hair flip*). The most realistic part of all, though, are those ensembles. Their no-frills outfits are reminiscent of a penny-pinching recent college grad who still has some expensive pieces left from their still-living-at-the-parents house wardrobe but want to mix it up with some cool, vintage pieces. Fashion Etc spoke with Girls costume designer Jenn Rogien, who has also worked on Bored To Death and The Good Wife, and she admits that this is definitely no Sex and the City wardrobe with Louboutins and Manolo Blahniks scattered throughout their closets. Affordability is key, and Jenn admitted that she *GASP* ACTUALLY stopped by some Brooklyn thrift stores to get the outfits absolutely perfect for their on-screen debut. She said, "If it seems right to go to Saks Fifth Avenue for some of the more special pieces, then that's where we would go. If it seems more right to go to Atlantis Attic out in Williamsburg, we absolutely went out there. We were probably at Atlantis Attic and Beacon's Closet for every episode because it's the right stuff, that's where those girls would go." OMG, they're just like us. :')


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Girls Premiere

Allison Williams, Zosia Mamet, Lena Dunham, and Jemima Kirke at the 'Girls' premiere in New York on April 4.
Photo: Getty Images

You might have heard about a new TV show called Girls which is set to premiere on April 15 on HBO. You might already know that it's produced by boy comedy king Judd Apatow and that it's being hailed as the next Sex and the City since it's about a young female writer in New York and her three friends. Well, I'm here to clear some things UP. This is no SATC, this is straight-up living-in-NYC-REALITY (sans super expensive shoes and froofy-colored sweet drinks) and, I might add, it takes place in Brooklyn (reprazent). Also? It's incredibly funny, unflinching in its very true to life-ness, and a total must-see, so mark yo' calendars. Created, written, and directed by indie film wunderkind, Lena Dunham whose breakout film Tiny Furniture won the SXSW film fest back in 2010 (which you should totally see), Girls also stars Allison Williams (daughter of newsman Brian Williams), Furniture alum Jemima Kirke, and Mad Men scene-stealer Zosia Mamet who, ironically, plays a Manhattan girl who is totally obsessed with Sex and the City (meta-munch, nom nom nom). The gals gathered in NYC last night to fete their new show and wore the girliest of girly dresses and, frankly, we're super excited about it all.


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