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MC Hammer, PSY

MC Hammer and PSY at the 2012 American Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

PSY and his earwormy "Gangnam Style" have snowballed into a full-blown pop phenomenon. From SNL to in-flight entertainment to parody videos to awards show performances, the dude and his giddy-upping, mean-mugging moves are pretty much everywhere. Also, those statement shades and spectator wing-tips. And yet, given its near-omnipresence, we're still not tired of it. PSY's schtick continues to be fun and catchy and sosoSO unbelievably entertaining EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. without much changing. Well, believe it or not, the 2012 American Music Awards did us one even better tonight and gave us something we didn't realize we needed in our lives. PSY + MC Hammer wearing *drumrolllllll* Hammer pants. *GIGANTIC AUDIBLE GASP* Billowy, heavily draped, black-and-white, tuxedo-striped, inspired by harem pants but because they're worn by Mr. Stanley Burrell, they are HAMMER PANTS.


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With fewer than three weeks to go, the countdown to Halloween is officially ON. This tick-tock time crunch plus the pressure of churning out an epic, unforgettable and pop culture-relevant costume means you'd better get started stat. If you're still looking for outfit ideas, ahem, may we suggest PSY? He's only the biggest YouTube superstar since, like, forever, and basically exploded the internet this summer with "Gangnam Style." Considering we've already dissected the music video look by look, that makes the costume hunting EVEN easier. And with our group costume ideas inspired by each of the ridiculous characters in the clip, all you need to do now is grab your best friends and start plotting. It's SO easy, you'll even have time to learn his dance moves before the big night. Let's do this!


Photo: Dress like Psy's "Gangnam Style" video for Halloween.
Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment/ Topshop/ASOS/Forever21/Topman

Who better to start off with than the man himself?! Whoever's lucky enough to nab PSY's action-ready ensemble has to be prepared to give MAJOR face, rock the dance moves like no other, and have the singer's swanky "I know I'm hot" saunter down (after all, with great power comes great responsibility...). Here PSY's dressed in his baby blue tuxedo jacket, black pants, bowtie and shades. He's working a slick dress shirt underneath all this, but if you don't feel like investing in one yourself (or raiding your dad's closet), a basic white tee will do. Replicate PSY's outfit with a light blue blazer, black skinny jeans, a bow tie, and some round sunglasses. Now all you need to do is perfect those facial expressions...


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PSY stars in Jill Stuart NY's Gangnam x New York Style teaser video.
Photo: Courtesy of JILLSTUARTNY's YouTube Channel

Don't say we didn't warn you. From first wind of K Pop rapper PSY and his outrageously epic "Gangnam Style" music video, we knew this dude was one to watch ESPECIALLY on the fashion front. We broke down earwormy vid look by look and all its sunglasses-and-fine-suiting and tacked PSY onto our mental watchlist of budding dude fashion stars. Lo and behold, here he is starring in a new video teaser for a little something Jill Stuart has coming down the pipe called "Gangnam x New York Style." *strokes silky, silvery thinking beard*


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A still from Psy's "Gangnam Style" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of YG Entertainment

If you've never heard of "Gangnam Style," the K-Pop video by the artist PSY (pronounced like the first syllable of 'psycho' not spelled out like, 'pee ess why') that's DOMINATED Youtube with 74 million views and is currently sitting pretty atop the iTunes charts, you should seriously reconsider your priorities (helpful hint: stop reading so many books! JKJKJK). Anyway, it's a great, noisy, catchy song that features a fun, giddyup dance sequence that's as easily mimicked as the Dougie or the Chicken Noodle Soup. Just go watch it and then read this thing in the Atlantic about its "subversive" themes that soooooorta treats the prospect of a pop song containing a meaningful social message as if Maru the box-jumping cat solved cold fusion. But I digress...

Long story short, there's a lot going on in this video that everyone from CNN to Gawker has covered regarding this "underground rapper" < -- (LOL meanwhile, this is PSY's 6th studio album) so all I want to talk about is the FASHION. Especially since "Gangnam Style" refers to a tiny neighborhood in Korea that prides itself on its bougie boutiques and pretty people. Obviously dude is label mates with 2NE1 and Big Bang on YG because he is DECKED OUT. It's also no surprise that Justin Bieber's team is interested in this middle-aged, South Korean superstar because MAN would those two look cute together. I smell a duet! (...And it smells like kimchi etc etc...)


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Big Bang Laurieann Gibson

Big Bang and Laurieann Gibson.
Photo: Courtesy of Big Bang

BREAKING: K-Pop is officially taking over the world. One of our fave fashion-y Korean boy bands Big Bang (you know, those awesome dudes who wore Minx nails) announced that they're collaborating with creative director/choreographer Laurieann Gibson for their upcoming tour. Laurieann is known for her fresh approach to performance art, and you're probably already very familiar with her work, like Lady Gaga's choreography in "Telephone," "Alejandro," and "Born This Way," just to name a few. Her work was also highlighted in the "Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden," which earned Mother Monster five Grammy nominations, but the two confirmed their split in late 2011 due to creative differences. Since then Laurieann has worked with Nicki Minaj (she helped her create that unforgettable Grammy performance this year), and, of course, Big Bang. Laurieann had TONS of nice things to say about G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, and Seungri, like, "I'm touched at how hard they work despite their young age. They are talented and special." Awww. She continued, "G-Dragon and T.O.P are especially outstanding. Seungri is strong for his young age. Daesung is like a rocker: passionate and hardworking. Lastly, Taeyang reminds me of Michael Jackson." But, um, can we discuss what's going on in this photo above? There is SO much fash happenings here we can barely handle it.


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K Pop group Girls' Generation leaves "The Late Show with David Letterman."
Photo: Getty Images

Welp, I think the image above just confirms that two of 2011's most impactful debuts—K Pop and SpiritHoods—aren't going anywhere any time soon. In fact, they're only growing in ubiquity. South Korean female supergroup Girls' Generation made its American network television debut on last night's Late Show with David Letterman and flat out kiiiiiilled an Anglo remix of their hit single "The Boys". All nine Girls hit Pussycat Dolls meets Spice Girls choreography HARD in black lace and sequins and patent knee-high boots with heels. They performed their faces off and left it all on the Late Show stage while Superbowl-costumed Bill Murray and Regis Philbin looked on from the sideline. After their milestone performance, they hit the road, this time conquering a different kind of pop star staple: the furry animal hood.


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2NE1 sits down with MTV Style after their first U.S. performance.
Photo: MTV

Yesterday marked the first U.S. performance of K-Pop girl group 2NE1 (pronounced either "To Anyone" or "Twenty-one"). For anyone who missed MTV Iggy's Best New Band livestream or are unfamiliar with the four-member outfit from South Korea--CL, Park Bom, Dara, and Minzy--you can read all about them on this gloriously exhaustive write-up but for the rest of you...ZOMG, YOU GUYS! THE CONCERT WAS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOD.

First of all, the line for the show which began at 4 p.m. ET was out of control by 10 a.m. and since the Best Buy theater in Times Square is, like, a yard-and-a-half away from MTV, every time 2NE1's exuberant fanbase (known as Blackjacks) cheered, our office windows would shake. And, yeah, hi, we're on the 17th floor. So you can imagine the excitement when the ladies (clad in varying iterations of scarlet military uniforms with gold metal armor panels) stormed the stage. There was so much screaming you could feel the reverberations on your ribcage.


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The ladies of K-Pop mega band 2NE1.

OK, stop what you're doing right now. We're serious. Are you aware that today is one gigantic celebration of EPIC proportions? Do you know that this afternoon (or evening or NIGHT, depending on where you are) marks the culmination of MTV Iggy's global search for the 2011 Best New Band in the World? And, more importantly, that the winner of this year's search is the totally bonkers bananas crazy face AMAZING K-Pop girl band 2NE1? You should either A) be screaming at this point like we are, B) lined up outside MTV's Times Square headquarters also screaming, or C) about to click on this link right here to catch the livestream of the MTV Iggy Best New Band Live concert (4:00 p.m. ET) to scream while watching 2NE1 make their stateside debut. Did we mention that the triumphant girl power representin' in this band—courtesy of members Minzy, CL, Dara, and Bom—is all wrapped up in some of the most sensational style you've ever seen this side of the Atlantic? Oh, and that these girls love themselves some Jeremy Scott? Whewww, we've got some catchin' UP to do.


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