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Lourdes Leon

Lourdes Leon and Kelly Osbourne, the former face of Material Girl.
Photo: Getty Images

Like millions of graduating seniors across America, Madonna's 17-year-old daughter Lourdes Leon has commemorated the occasion with a thoughtful, reflective blog post about her last four years. Unlike millions of graduating seniors across America, however, Lourdes—who goes by Lola to her friends, and we're all friends here—didn't post hers on a personal Tumblr dotted with GIFs of Harry Styles and memes about memes, but rather the heavily trafficked website of Material Girl, the Macy's fashion line Lola designs with her mom. Stars: They're just like us, until they're not.

In the post, Lola writes about her nostalgia ("I was so excited about 'being done with school' and now that I’m actually done I’m like clammy and sweating and nervous because...WHAT?!?!") and gets introspective about what she's learned over the last few years, specifically when it comes to fashion.


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Rita Ora

Rita Ora for Material Girl
Photo: Courtesy of Material Girl

If you're in major need of a pick-me-up on this icy day, might we suggest peeping Rita Ora's brand new Material Girl campaign? (The polar vortex better watch its back, because these pics are HOT.) While the Fall 2013 campaign for Madonna's clothing line with her daughter, Lola, featured Rita posted up alongside prominent London landmarks, the Spring 2014 portfolio is all about Miami! Rita shows off the new collection as she struts down Ocean Drive and leans on vintage cars, and the clothes definitely reflect her summery attitude.


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Rita Ora

Rita Ora for Material Girl.
Photo: Material Girl

Here it is, Ritabots! The moment you (OK, we) have all been waiting for: Material Girl has just released Rita Ora's first campaign for the Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon-backed collection. The ads were shot on location on Rita's home turf, jolly old London, with the platinum-haired pop star modeling the label's Fall 2013 collection in front of Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, the London Eye, and even on top of a double decker bus!


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Rita Ora, Madonna

Rita Ora and Madonna, just two Material Girls hangin'.
Photo: Courtesy of Material Girl

Universe, say hello to your new Material Girl: #1 MTV Style girl-crush Rita Ora! The time has come for the Macy's line produced by Madonna and daughter Lourdes Leon to change its guard, and while it's sad to see former brand ambassador Georgia May Jagger go, she couldn't be transferring the baton into more capable hands. After all, Rita has the experience and skill to back up this kind of title, having starred in an adorable Superga campaign and perfected her smize.


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Lourdes Leon Madonna Wardrobe

Lourdes Leon and a pic she snapped backstage on the MDNA tour.
Photo: Getty Images/Material World Collection

We have to admit—Madonna's MDNA tour wardrobe was one of the most talked about events of the summer. (I mean, Jean Paul Gaultier reconnected with the pop star to create another iconic corset and Jeremy Scott outfitted the backup dancers in super decked-out duds. Ridic!) Little did we know, though, that Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon would also be helping out in the wardrobe department! Yesterday, she posted an entry on her Material Girl blog (with the hilarious title "Lola’s Latest: The Joys of Folding Underwear," nonetheless) dishing on all the deets behind the scenes. During the show, Lourdes helped the backup dancers switch outfits during their quick changes. She said, "Thirty seconds to totally dress a sweaty dancer can be insane and provoke mucho anxiety. Doing this night after night was pretty cray, but I loved every minute of it!" Um, I'll say. That sounds AWESOME.


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Lauren Conrad, Kelly Osbourne, Lourdes Leon, Hailee Steinfeld

Lauren Conrad, Kelly Osbourne, Lourdes Leon, and Hailee Steinfeld attend New York Fashion Week shows.
Photo: Getty Images

Guys, we are, right this very moment, in the DEEPEST thicket of New York Fashion Week! But like, instead of vines and brush and scary trees with ominous limbs, there are drop-dead models loping about the streets and oceans of exquisite new togs that we CAN'T WAIT to blow all our rent money on come next spring. It's the best kind of thicket. Along with all the exciting fashion news, there are also tooooons of celebs that make the trip out to the Big Apple for the week-long event, celebs like PYTs Lauren Conrad, Kelly Osbourne, Lourdes Leon, and Hailee Steinfeld and SO MANY MORE.


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Georgia May Jagger, Material Girl

Georgia May Jagger for Material Girl.
Photo: Courtesy of Material Girl

Remember back in May when we reported that the team behind Material Girl (um, that would be Lourdes "Lola" Leon and her mom, Madonna) had recruited Brit model Georgia May Jagger for the label's new ads? Now the campaign has finally dropped, and let's just say it's a collision of rock star magic. As the daughter of Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger, Georgia May already has music in her blood. And for Material Girl Fall 2012, she's returning to her rock star roots in minidresses, combat boots, and motorcycle jackets.

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Lourdes Leon, Georgia May Jagger, Madonna

Georgia May Jagger is the new face of Material Girl Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Material Girl Collection's Facebook

We're big fans of Lourdes-and-mama-Madonna run clothing line Material Girl and have been following the brand since its launch in 2010. Since then, the MG has been fronted by a few different faces (including OG Taylor Momsen), but the latest iteration of Material Girl is the lovely Miss Georgia May Jagger.


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Lourdes Leon, Madonna

Lourdes Leon and her mom, Madonna, share clothes.
Photo: Getty Images

As if we didn't already fantasize about what it might be like to have Madonna as your mom, the reigning Queen of Pop tells Life & Style Weekly that she and daughter Lourdes Leon share closets. Can you even IMAGINE? We'd wear that "Boy Toy" belt from her 1984 VMAs performance of "Like A Virgin" every. single. day. That is, assuming it's not frozen in an archive somewhere or on an eternal worldwide museum tour.


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Lourdes Leon Material Girl Miu Miu Sneakers

Lourdes Leon and her bejeweled Miu Miu Sneakers.
Photo: Getty Images/Material Girl Collection's blog

So obviously we know by now that Material Girl is the clothing company that's a joint venture between Lourdes Leon and her mom MADONNA and we also know that it has an uber cute ad campaign that features Kelly Osbourne (and is shot by my bestie Brooke Nipar). What I had ZERO idea about until this very moment is that there's a blog and Lourdes contributes, as in, she actually writes and it sounds like a real-ass human teen not just some marketing svengali or a bloggerbot. It's awesome and conversational and peppered with scads of random, self-deprecating, parenthetical asides and I am into it.

ACK. I'm not trying to sound patronizing so please forgive me if I do. I'm not like "gobsmacked BEYOND IMAGINATION that Madge's kid is a cogent person wowowowoowowow" but I guess I'm impressed that she clearly doesn't fetishize her thoughts so much that she had to agonize over how to string sentences. This post is chatty. Example 1: "As you all know spring is coming around, oh hai time to get the zyrtec out. Fo realz the only good part of spring is fashion and warm weather, other than that it’s the re-awakening of dog poo in the park and super sexy allergies." And 2: "Ive kind of gotten into sneakers lately (wutt I know man). I personally don’t own any but my brother has a generous collection of very cool sneakers and I have been illegally raiding his closet."

What's not to love. You can tell she knocked this ish out in minutes and threw it up there all NBD-like and I just think that's incredibly rad and well-adjusted and regular. This is just reason number 32987493287432 of how Lourdes Leon is legitimately cool in a way that has less to do with nepotism than other people may realize. It's in the ingredients, man. Also, speaking of which, HI, can we talk about how much girl looks like her mom in this photo? Stunning. Plus, these Miu Miu sneakers are the jam (and likely do NOT belong to her brother).

{via Material Girl Collection}

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