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Last week, when Le1f performed "Wut" on Late Show With David Letterman and made his TV debut in Hood by Air and actual snow boots, we had no idea that a week later we'd be gifted a video for "Boom." IDK about you, but after watching this video all I wanna do is avoid diners and ride shotgun in a Jeep. It looks like my weekend plans have just been confirmed. We got the deets on the video's fashion, styled by Prince Franco, from the rapper himself, so let's not waste any more time—to the clothes!


A still from Le1f's 'Boom' video.
Photo: Terrible Records

The video begins outside the diner, with Le1f in not one, but two jackets. Winter 2014 was the winter of two jackets #polarvortex. The first is a Diesel denim jacket, and the other a Pelle Pelle leather jacket. Underneath the two jackets is a black-and-white Y-3 tank that reads "ANTI."


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Adam Lambert Life Ball 2013

Adam Lambert at the 2013 Life Ball in Vienna, Austria on May 25.
Photo: Getty Images

If there's one thing we love about Adam Lambert, it's his ability to dress appropriately for every occasion. For Halloween, he channeled the ultimate scary "Glampire," at Elton John's Oscar party he got all dolled up a classic tux, and for "VH1 Divas," he busted out TONS of divalicious fur ensembles. This weekend, Adam hit up the 2013 Life Ball (which is Europe's biggest annual charity event to support those with HIV and AIDs), and, of course, he took the "Arabian Nights" dress code very, very seriously. On the red magenta carpet, he sported his signature all-black ensemble but added a very Arabian twist. He paired a shiny Mugler jacket with a collarless button-up shirt, Les Hommes harem pants, a spiky necklace, lace-up combat boots, and fingerless gloves. Of course he BA-ROUGHT his beauty game by sporting kohl-rimmed eyes with an on-point 'stache, black nails and a tiny bindi.


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Nicola Formichetti's work with Mugler, Lady Gaga, and others.
Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Tumblr

Whoa. Big news in fashion as Nicola Formichetti parts ways with Mugler after two years as creative designer. According to the hot fashion goss, the Gaga collaborator and Kim K stylist may be landing at Diesel, in either a creative director capacity or for a "major collaboration." In any case, we've covered Nico's tenure at Mugler over the seasons and while I'm a huge fan of his fluid, elongated silhouettes and exoskeletons-in-outerspace aesthetic, it's his continued dedication to social-media stalking the exact the same musicians we do (ahem, Azealia Banks and G-Dragon) that keeps him on our radar. Plus, the new music that's debuted at his shows as a result of these Internet unions, ranging from Lady Gaga's "Government Hooker" at A/W 2011, to his collaboration with aforementioned K-pop star, G-Dragon, for A/W 2013 mens, is also major.


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Miguel talks Mugler and Saint Laurent for the red carpet.
Photo: MTV News

Could Miguel be any more attractive? Not to make it all about the looks, because a huge part of his attractiveness is in the fact that he writes songs that turn us into quivering puddles of jelly, but man. We've been getting woozy along to his album, Kaleidoscope Dream all year, so it was no surprise when we heard he would be walking down the Grammys red carpet come February 10th (can you believe Grammys are TODAY? Wild). So what's one of the hottest guys in R'n'B going to wear tonight? With a keen eye and an appreciation for some of the finest fashion innovators—Mugler's Nicola Formichetti and Saint Laurent's Hedi Slimane—you can bet it's going to be major. We caught up with Miguel in LA to chat designers, how he feels about labels in general, and to look at some UNBELIEVABLE studded Prada creepers. Seriously, if a pair of shoes could be as cartoon wolf eyes hot as Miguel, it would be these. Watch the video after the jump!


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Nicola Formichetti, G-Dragon

Nicola Formichetti and Big Bang's G-Dragon.
Photo: Getty Images

The one thing I can't get enough of is how Nicola Formichetti commissions exclusive music for his shows with Mugler. It's never predictable and the selections have run the gamut from Lady Gaga to Azealia Banks to the legendary Japanese composer Ryuchi Sakamoto. Each time, it's like the score cracks open Nicola's head to reveal what he was thinking during the inception of each collection and it's fascinating. So when "Nicopanda" shot me an email that he'd been working with Korean megastar, Big Bang's G-Dragon for his latest, I got really excited. It's hardly news to regular readers of this site that K-pop is my jam.

When Nicola and I talked yesterday afternoon he was exhausted but energized. It was 10:00PM Paris time and he still had about 10 more dudes to fit before he could go home. That said, he wasn't too tired to give me the scoop on his "theme song" for the Mugler Fall/Winter 2013 Men's collection. Despite Big Bang's success, it's G-Dragon's work on his own that Nicola specifically responded to. "I wasn't sure that Big Bang's music was right," says Formichetti. "It's too pop for what I wanted to do with the season but G-Dragon's solo career has a lot more rap, trance, a lot more techno."


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Rita Ora

Rita Ora has been switching up her style lately.
Photo: Getty Images

We've fallen pretty hard for Rita Ora's almost aaaaalways sneaker-clad style (Exhibits A, B, and C). The sporty kicks are such an integral part of her personal steez that she's even been named the newest face of Superga! We know, though, that styles evolve many times over, and it looks like our girl Rita might be on the verge of a new fashion chapter. Judging from a few of her most recent public appearances, Ora's ditched the sneakers and streetwear (for the time being) in favor of some more markedly high fashion ensembles.


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Nichola Formichetti.
Photo: Courtesy of Nichola Formichetti

It's a daunting pursuit to accurately describe fashion magician/sartorial-slaying super-hero/"Nicopanda," aka Nicola Formichetti. Also, I'm frightened of those Little Monster paws, so take it easy you guys. But I will blog the obvious: he's amazing. Reminders: as Gaga's Fashion Director, Formichetti is responsible for upgrading the universe's reigning pop sartorial superstar's penchant for hair bows and disco sticks for racy rotting meat dresses/bloody berets and nabbing many an award (see: 2011’s CFDA Fashion Icon Award) and Vogue cover (I personally fashion fancy the Lynn Yaeger moment albeit with a cotton candy bob). Formichetti’s also creative director of Mugler, and let me just say, last week's immaculate show, resulted in me having euphoric dreams involving patent leather perfection and spitting Azealia Banks' flows in my sleep. #SorryRoomie Additionally, he's fashion ambassador for UNIQLO, EIC of Vogue Hommes Japan, and supremely talented at being a foxy drool-inducing dream boat. *Faints* I'm also quite impressed with the fashion-y fact that he made pandas chic. #WhoRunTheWorld? So, as y'all can imagine, I'm SO EXCITED for today's especially special Favorite Things. Spoiler Alert: If you're anything like hot messy me, you will want everythang. You will open a credit card or seven in preparation for the debut of his Nicopanda line and international pop-up shops. You will drunk cry tequila tears whilst getting a Nicopanda tramp-stamp. In short, ahuh, I totally wanna marry the fashion knight (had to!).


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Monster X

"Monster X" bag.
Photo: Nicola Formichetti's Twitter

Some opt for subtle hints and some shout from the mountaintop--voices in fashion take different approaches to getting a message across. Well y'all, this week we've kept our ears to the STREETZ.

Handbags Inspired By Lady Gaga's Tush
In the wake of Lady Gaga's recent brave response to weight-haters (think: her awesomely meta Comme Des Garçons coat), we couldn't be more excited that Mugler's first-ever leather bag collection celebrates the pop super-diva's BEhind. We wonder, though, is this a bold statement on behalf of her good friend (and Mugler creative director) Nicola Formichetti, or just a fortuitous coincidence? {via Refinery 29}

Grazing Sheep In New York City's Bryant Park
Excuse us while we SHUT THE FRONT DOOR because today the Campaign for Wool turns NYC's Bryant Park into a meadow for thirty. grazing. sheep. The UK-based environmental organization created this installation in an effort to educate the public on the natural benefits of wool, a sustainable and durable fabric. Our response: bring on the fleece. {via Racked National}

GROK Leather Bowtie Collection
Ladies and gents! Bowties NO longer come standard with Croakies and a cigar! Japanese leather artisan GROK Leather punches some attitude into this classic collar piece for its Fall/Winter 2012 collection. Each masterfully crafted ehem LEATHER bowtie displays controversial four-letter words and brings a whole new meaning to the term "statement piece." {via Hypebeast}

Karl Lagerfeld's Allergy
Karl Lagerfeld sat down for a little Q&A with M Magazine to share a few rules about his personal style. And, well, the interview quickly turned into a feast of LOL-candy. The brassy and beloved designer claims to be "physically allergic to flip-flops." Oh Karl, tell us how you really feel. {via Fashionologie}

Pimp My Stroller
Cars have headlights, so why can't strollers? Brooklyn-based inventor Bruce Fraizer will hook up your stroller with cup holders, flashing LED lights, and an iPod dock. The idea was conceived after Fraizer accidentally ran into a mom with a stroller (...), so this new service aims to make transporting tots safer and, er, casually well-equipped for an EDM festival.
{via Animal NY}

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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez for 'Elle' Magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of Elle Magazine/Carter Smith

Helloooooo, NURSE! Excuse us while we shove our eyeballs back into their sockets, but this Selena Gomez Elle Magazine spread is tongue-waggingly amazeballs. Our little Selenita is all grown up and flaunting some seriously sexy fashion. I mean, this is some opulent, glamourous Donatella Versace muse-type steez. For the newstand cover, Sel wears a heavily embellished mesh corset from Dolce & Gabbana with a bold scarlet lip and a grip of gold baubles. She's backdropped against a far-reaching horizon line of rolling ocean waves, onyx hair perfectly windswept, shimmering eyes framed by extra-strong brows.


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Mugler Fall 2012

Models walk the runway in creations by Japanese-Italian designer Nicola Formichetti and French designer Romain Kremer for Mugler during the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 ready-to-wear collection show on Feb. 29 in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

Goodness, will you just give me a moment so I can offset spatula my molten face off the floor? Swooooons, guys. How good was the Muger show? Did you stream it on from their Facebook page like I've been haranguing you all week on Twitter to do? I hope so because it was kinda amazing. First of all, I loved that there was sound and you could tell it wasn't some weirdo dubbed version because you could hear people shifting around in their chairs. The energy of people getting ready always sucks you right into the voyeurism aspect which is great because who doesn't LOVE intimacy?

Having talked to creative director Nicola Formichetti earlier this week, we knew that the Mugler F/W 2012-2013 collection was inspired by "insects" because the musical director of the show Ryuichi Sakamoto told us so (more on the music later) but it's one of those things where "bugs" so often get translated into butterfly prints so I was delighted to see full-on, 3D, tough-looking exoskeleton bits, pointy shoulders, strong thorax, as well as the willowy, somber-faced, purposeful models marching in these massive, yet, delicate shoes at a clip that looked very much like albino ants fording a formica counter top. Glorious.

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