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Kanye West Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week

Waka Flocka Flame, A-Trak, and Big Sean all made an appearance at Kanye West's fall 2012 after party.
Photo: Getty Images

Not to be all, "We told you so!" but we totally called it earlier today when we thought Azealia Banks would be performing at Kanye West's second-ever Paris Fashion Week show. Little did we know, we wouldn't be graced with just Ms. Banks presence, but also Waka Flocka Flame, A-Trak, Big Sean, Common, AND Mos Def. Um, did Yeezy go big or what? The rappers took over Kanye's runway space in Paris (which included a racing track around the seats) for an all-out after party that we wish soooo hard we were invited to. *single tear* Luckily, thanks to this thing called THE INTERNET, we were able to scrap together what this fashion-filled event entailed.


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Kanye West Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012

Kanye West at his fall/winter 2012 Paris Fashion Week show on March 6.
Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West’s show was good. I realize this sounds like faint praise or an attempt at side-eyed diplomacy but it’s not. The show was good and it was safe. Anna Wintour told WSJ moments before that she anticipated a “short” show and it was also that. The show was good, safe, and short. There were 20 looks.

It’s not at all what you would expect from Kanye West. Thing is, I’m so used to BANANAS Kanye. Euphoric Kanye. Tweeting-about-DONDA-and-damn-near-breaking-the-Internet Kanye. Kanye who’s going to revolutionize school systems and videos and award shows and music. I just wish he could apply some of that energy and unabashed gassed-ness to fashion. I never thought I’d say this about Kanye West but I just wish he had been more confident. Displayed more of an ego.

Kanye West Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012

Looks from Kanye West's fall/winter 2012 Paris Fashion Week show on March 6.
Photo: Getty Images


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4:26pm — Super short and sweet, three colors, 20 looks that ends in a go kart race around the crowd. Check back in for the detailed wrap-up and more.

4:25pm — I do love the classic, American sportswear cues like this bone-colored, oversized (clearly V luxe) crewneck sweatshirt

4:23pm — These ribbed (strapped?) boots are absolutely the business.

4:22pm — The burnout velvet pieces are gorgeous and happily, Kanye has overcome the loosey-goosey fit problem from last season.

4:21pm — Really serious, austere lines, girlie notes in the skirts, and velvet.

4:19pm — Boatloads of leather.

4:17pm — FUR BAGS again.

4:08pm — We can keep talking since we're not there BUT Anna Wintour just told the WSJ that she anticipates a "short show." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?

4:07pm — Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh everyone's asked to sit down and be quiet. Must be starting soon. Ish. Esque.

4:06pm — Kim K is wearing Kanye's SIX THOUSAND DOLLAR shuz.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Paris Fashion Week Fall 2012

Kim Kardashian shows off her shoes at Kanye West's Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: Courtesy of @KimKardashian's Twitter


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Azealia Banks, Kanye West Fashion Show

Azealia Banks performing Feb. 27 in London, and a Twitpic of Kanye West's Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week invitation.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of's Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to KANYE WEST Runway Show Day. As you might imagine, this is a ginormous event for us all here at MTV Style. We've been counting this fash magic down ever since the last Paris Fashion Week when Yeezy made his ready-to-wear debut. Everyone in the DONDA camp has been tight-lipped about today's fall 2012 show (which is taking place at 9:30 p.m. Paris time, 3:30 p.m. ET), but news has finally (TRIUMPHANTLY) been revealed and we are in serious hyperventilation mode. You guys, Azealia Banks just tweeted a shot of the runway and it's ENORMOUS. Also? She said, "Sound Check at Kanye West Runway Show!!!!" This can only mean one thing—and it's reinforced by the multiple use of exclamation points and all caps—AZEALIA BANKS might possibly be *gasp* PERFORMING!!!! Not that we weren't expecting this already, but the Kanye West show is starting to feel like a spectacular to end all spectaculars.


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Kanye West, Cassie

Kanye West and Cassie sit front row at Givenchy's FW 2012 Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: Getty Images

Givenchy has long been a beloved fashion house of celebrities, particularly musicians, for years, so it only makes sense that the hottest stars of the music scene turned up in droves for Riccardo Tisci's latest showing at Paris Fashion Week. The edgy luxury collection of sleek leathers and buttery silks in rich seasonal neutrals and punches of neon was watched by a front row glittering with music heavy-hitters. Tisci muse Kanye West posted up in a star-spangled white Givenchy sweater to watch the autumn womenswear collection's debut just a few days before his own Paris show tomorrow. Singer Cassie also attended the show, looking stunning as always in a large black fur draped over her shoulders and opulent hand (and nail!) jewelry. Cassie's mentor Diddy was also spotted front row, as well as the lovely Miss Alicia Keys.


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Mugler Fall 2012

Models walk the runway in creations by Japanese-Italian designer Nicola Formichetti and French designer Romain Kremer for Mugler during the Fall/Winter 2012-2013 ready-to-wear collection show on Feb. 29 in Paris.
Photo: Getty Images

Goodness, will you just give me a moment so I can offset spatula my molten face off the floor? Swooooons, guys. How good was the Muger show? Did you stream it on from their Facebook page like I've been haranguing you all week on Twitter to do? I hope so because it was kinda amazing. First of all, I loved that there was sound and you could tell it wasn't some weirdo dubbed version because you could hear people shifting around in their chairs. The energy of people getting ready always sucks you right into the voyeurism aspect which is great because who doesn't LOVE intimacy?

Having talked to creative director Nicola Formichetti earlier this week, we knew that the Mugler F/W 2012-2013 collection was inspired by "insects" because the musical director of the show Ryuichi Sakamoto told us so (more on the music later) but it's one of those things where "bugs" so often get translated into butterfly prints so I was delighted to see full-on, 3D, tough-looking exoskeleton bits, pointy shoulders, strong thorax, as well as the willowy, somber-faced, purposeful models marching in these massive, yet, delicate shoes at a clip that looked very much like albino ants fording a formica counter top. Glorious.

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Kanye West Shoes

Kanye West at his Spring/Summer 2012 show in Paris on Oct. 1.
Photo: Getty Images

When Kanye West debuted his first-ever spring/summer 2012 collection last fall, there were a few particular pieces that stood out on the runway—mainly those shoes! Kanye collabed with Giuseppe Zanotti to create the pearly stiletto stunners, and it looks like they've been picked up by cool-kid French retailer Colette. They tweeted a pic of the kicks on the shelf at their store, but there's no telling how much these bad boys will cost.


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Kanye West is confirmed to show at Paris Fashion Week.
Photo: Getty Images

BIG NEWS. Kanye West is showing another collection at Paris Fashion Week! According to today's WWD, West will return to Paris to show his namesake collection, KANYE WEST (it's just his name, y'all, let us never, ever in a million light years evahhh make the mistake of calling it "Dw" again), at 9:30 p.m. on March 6. Even though it will not be on the official Paris Fashion Week calendar, it will run on the sidelines of the shows. As you might remember from his Paris fashion debut last year, Yeezy was nervous and the fashion critics were harsh, but we're glad to see him pulling through to give it another go whatever the case. You might also be familiar with the fact—per his triumphant Twitter rant—that the KANYE WEST collection had no financial backing or PR as of a few months ago, so the future of his foray into fashion design remained uncertain.

But, ladies and gentlemen, the power of #DONDA has seen him through! KW is back and, hopefully, better than ever with his new creative conglomerate company crowdsourced and powered by anyone who might have emailed that Gmail address he tweeted on that fateful rant of a night. We're hoping he's put together a winning team of enthusiastic (and talented) peeps who will help make his dreams of being a real designer to contend with come true. We're also mega jazzed to see if there will be anymore sweater heels, jetpack fur bags, mixed silk trousers, and snarling dog jackets that may or may not have been slightly derivative of a certain Givenchy Rottweiler T-shirt, but that's neither here nor there. We LOVE and BELIEVE in you, Kanye. Get up there and show Paris whatcha got!

{via WWD}

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Models walk the runway during the Paco Rabanne Spring 2012 Paris Fashion Week show.
Photo: WireImage

Avant-garde fashion is all about audacity and spectacle but rarely does it make it to life off the runway—that is unless you're a pop star. If there's one happy marriage between fashion and music, it has to be CRAZY OUTFITS. (Admit it, we love them!) And if there's any current pop star who brings the most innovative, arresting, talked about creations to LIFE it's Lady Gaga (of course). Mother Monster has turned edgier designers into superstars overnight (hello, Sally LaPointe and Asher Levine), and if her recent appearance at this year's 2011 EMA is any indication, the newly resurrected 1960s label, Paco Rabanne, is about to experience a SURGE in popularity. Our lady wore five different Rabanne outfits to the awards show and all of them were CRAZY AWESOME. We're talking a floor-length gown made of silver squares, giant cylindrical dresses that resembled metallic coffee filters, and a GORGE teal-green lady suit topped with a disc hat that completely covered her face. We're expecting the house of Paco Rabanne to be the next big thing even though it's been around for more than 40 years. Thus, here are five very important things you need to know about the former designer, the new designer, and why Lady Gaga is all up in its biz.


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Kanye West and Jared Leto pose for Terry Richardson.
Photo: Courtesy of Terry Richardson

We really should go ahead and figure out whatever the date was that Jared Leto and Terry Richardson met and deem it an office-wide holiday, because this friendship is just SO worth celebrating. To be privy to so many beautiful shots of such a fashionably interesting human (not to mention Jared's, of course, a seriously good-looking dude)?? It's almost too good to be true! AND THEN, whilst flitting about Carine Roitfeld's "bal des vampires" at Raspoutine, Terry linked up with another fash-forward musicman: Kanye West.


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