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Sure, the automatic mental picture of a perfect prom dress is something sparkling, dramatic, and almost definitely floor-skimming. But that doesn't mean the only good looks are the long ones! If you're going for head-turning and statement-making come prom night, a SHORT dress just might be the kind of curve ball steez you're looking for. The best part? Short prom dresses are arguably way better investments than their longer counterparts thanks to their re-wearability (that is, if sentimentality doesn't have you putting the look on ice for a few decades). Also, they're so much easier to dance in! If you're thinking about a truncated prom dress, but aren't sure where to start, we rounded up some of our favorite options in a grip of styles.


short prom dresses

Short prom dresses.
Photo: ASOS/Topshop

A short hemline doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the princess-factor of your prom dress, and nothing says all that quite like pastels in classic ladylike cuts. With a shorter dress, you can afford to have a bigger, fuller skirt like this pink lace number ($157.94). If spatial subtlety is more your thing, take advantage of the leg-baring steez with a really interesting lace detail at the hem like this Whistles dress ($324.19). Pair it with lucite heels to keep it looking modern and fashion-forward. We're obsessed with this COMPLETELY embellished midi dress ($79.80) because its high neckline keeps the look very covered-up in the front, but turn it around and those waist cut-outs lead to a wide open back. This is definitely a dress for a messier updo. If total-ensemble embellishment seems too heavy for you, you can always keep it isolated to the top and leave the skirt free and floaty like this pale yellow skater silhouette from Topshop ($280.00).


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Bold prints and unexpected accessories will have you in cool girl heaven.
Photo: Topshop

You guys, prom is about to become your EVERYTHING. Get ready to eat, sleep, breathe, and dream sparkly dresses, prom-posals, and photo booth poses. Get ready to answer one of the most important (ok, so not really, but in High School World™, YES) decisions of your life so far: WHAT DRESS ARE YOU WEARING TO YOUR PROM? It may not be for a couple of months yet, but prom season has arrived, and who is kicking it off but one of our all time fave retailers, Topshop. Starting today in New York City, the British company is hosting a PROM PARTY to get you in the mood for the coming onslaught. Tomorrow, Los Angeles Topshoppers will be able to get in on the fun, and finally, Friday you Windy City kids can get in on the action at the Chicago store. Each of the parties goes from 6-9 PM and will feature gifts with purchase, DJs, complimentary makeovers and hairstyling, yummy treats and more. Not only that, but you'll of course be able to shop for your prom look while you're boogieing down. Topshop has a specially curated prom section on their site, and we love how they took a super cool, non-traditional approach to their curation. A varsity jacket ($120) with your bold, mirror printed skater dress ($320)? Absolutely. Some amazing strappy boots ($220)? Duh. Top it all off with a bright pink pout ($15), some fun love/hate rings ($18) (so you can tell your date how you REALLY feel) and a smoky eye ($24) and you're all set to be the coolest girl in school on prom night.


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Let's face it. Prom is EXPENSIVE. Between the tickets and the limo and the dinner and the boutonniere, not to mention your outfit, that's a lot of cash to front for one night. We don't know about you guys, but when we were in high school (and walking up-hill both ways in the snow), our saved up United Colors of Benetton sales associate hourly wages would just barely cover those expenses. With that in mind, we've compiled four complete outfits - dress + shoes + bag, the works! - that you can cop for under $100!

A complete prom outfit for under $100.
Photo: Courtesy of Nordstrom/ASOS/Forever 21

TOTAL: $79.15

Girly girls need not fret. We're absolutely not suggesting you show up to prom in an all-over jersey dress. You can still look glamorous on a budget in this pink strapless party dress from Nordstrom ($36.90) laden with sequins. Pair it with an equally glittery gold hardcase clutch from Forever 21 ($16.80) and add a romantic touch with these floral peeptoes from ASOS ($25.45).


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Prom Dresses

Three prom dresses from Prom Girl.
Photo: Courtesy of Prom Girl

Did you guys read the WSJ article a couple days ago about how high schools are cracking down on dress codes for prom with intricate Power Point presentations and nifty little tricks like using your hand and your collarbone to deduce whether or not you're revealing too much boobage (the exact words are as follows: To deal with cleavage, the dress code asks girls to place the index finger on one side of the collarbone and the thumb on the other. "If any skin shows beneath your hand...your dress is too low-cut.")? It sounds insane and alarmist and conjures all sorts of images of stuffed-shirt administrators mouth-breathing and getting slap-happy with rulers and getting their foppish feathers ruffled over NOTHING. But then, um, I clicked on some of the questionable dresses and they legit bum me out. Is this real and totally a thing? Do high school-age ladies really want to dress like they're on "Dancing With The Stars?" Because: yikes.

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It's so hard to say goodbye, but the time has come to bid MTV Style Prom Week adieu. At least until next year. We kicked off the week counting down the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses and rounded up the 20 best prom dresses under $100 for frugal fashion plates. Then, we broke down the outfits from MTV's feature film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.', gave you some easy prom hairstyles you can pull off yourself, and moments ago we showed you anti-french manicures for every clique. We round out our coverage with an exclusive look into the showroom of Sherri Hill, celebrity dressmaker and the go-to designer for your perfect prom dress!

Selena Gomez performs at the 2011-12 Disney Kids and Family Upfront in New York on March 16, Snooki at the MTV Europe Music Awards 2010 in Madrid, Spain, on Nov. 7, 2010, and Kendall Jenner models for Sherri Hill.
Photo: Getty Images/Sherri Hill

You may or may not already know who Sherri Hill is, but chances are you've seen her work. Whether it's on stage being rocked by Selena Gomez, worn by our girl Snooki at her multiple birthday celebrations (a different dress for each party, duh), modeled by none other than Kardashian sis Kendall Jenner, or on the dance floor of your own prom, the Sherri Hill label has become synonymous with youth, glamour, and fun. The designer thinks about the girl each dress is meant for throughout the entire process (a rarity), and her collection is so eclectic that every girl from rocker to southern belle to glamazon is covered. Peep the interview below!


We were also lucky enough to have Sherri walk us through some of her favorite pieces from her current collection! She says that nude and feathers are BIG for prom this year (take note, I mean, she's kiiiiiind of an authority in all things PROM). The nude dress with the tulle skirt and hand-cut mirror-encrusted bustier that Selena Gomez wore has been the most requested dress of the year (which is pretty easy to see since it's insanely gorgeous). You can really see how dedicated Sherri is from the comprehensiveness of this collection: a purple gown with a bead-encrusted bustier and ruffle skirt, a pink mirror-ball sequined strapless dress, an emerald-and-gold beaded gown with a hi-low hem, and a turquoise frock with a full ostrich feather skirt and a bustier embellished with the tiniest French beads EVER MADE. Check them out in the walk-through below!


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MTV Style's 2011 Prom Coverage in now officially in full swing! Monday, we brought you the 12 most memorable movie prom dresses, and yesterday, we rounded up the 20 best prom dresses for under $100, so all you thrifty fashionistas can be sure to kill prom dead, even if you're on a budget! Today, we're serving up identified outfits from the characters of MTV's brand spankin' new film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.'

Last night, MTV premiered the network's newest film, 'Worst. Prom. Ever.' which chronicles the story of three high school seniors' calamitous prom night. The film follows three main characters: Clark Peterson (Daryl Sabara), Neve Spirnak (Chloe Bridges), and Heather Spencer (Haley Ramm). Clark is your typical hopeless romantic - wholly doting on his girlfriend, Sharon (Angela Trimbur), buying her presents, interested in her every move, making scrapbooks devoted to every waking moment with her (we DID say "HOPELESS"). Neve is the hottest girl in school. She dates the school quarterback, Jason (Zac Waggener). She has great hair. The girl has a lot going for her, if not for her crippling insecurities. And finally there's Heather, the consumate overachiever, the class valedictorian with heaps of newspaper articles written on any and everything she's ever touched.

Heather takes a risk by inviting notorious bad boy, Colin O'Flaherty (Nathan Keyes), to prom and swiftly regrets her decision when he abandons her. Neve is also ditched at the dance after an immensely unsuccessful attempt at seducing Justin, and Clark, well... Clark's girlfriend totally stood him up. And broke up with him via text. An hour before prom. Ouch. The scorned trio set out on a journey rife with mishaps, chaos ensues, etcetcetc no spoilers cuz you HAVE to watch this movie! If you missed the premiere, don't sweat it. You can still catch 'Worst. Prom. Ever' tonight at 3:00PM ET/PT or tomorrow at 11:00AM ET/PT on MTV! In the meantime, check out the real-life high school stylings of the movie's costume designer/head honcho of the wardrobe department, Shauna Leone, below.


+ Sweater: Urban Outfitters
+ Shirt: Old Navy

+ Shirt: BCBG
+ Necklace: Gogo

+ Polo: Lily Pulitzer
+ Skirt: Forever 21
+ Bag: Stylist's own

+ Shirt: Actor's own
+ Jeans: Levi's

+ Jacket: Corbin
+ Shirt: Executive Clothier
+ Pants: JoS. A. Bank
+ Shoes: Steve Madden

+ Dress: Tony Bowls (which the wardrobe department shortened and tightened. A LOT.)
+ Earrings: BCBG

+ Bra: Victoria's Secret
+ Panties: House of Lounge

+ Leather Jacket: Levi's
+ Shirt: Vintage
+ Jeans: Levi's

+ Dress: Sherri Hill
+ Necklace: Betsey Johnson
+ Earrings: Betsey Johnson
+ Shoes: Menbur


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Kendall Jenner modeling for Sherri Hill.
Photo: Khloe Kardashian/Sherri Hill

Khloe Kardashian recently posted a few pics of her lil' sis Kendall Jenner modeling a strapless ballerina-style black prom dress for Sherri Hill (available online at Here's what the proud older sibling had to say about her up-and-coming model sister: "OMG I seriously couldn't even breathe when I saw these pics of Kendall!!!!!" WELL, if you'd like to take someone's breath away (that would be one heck of a reaction, huh?), and you haven't found your prom dress yet, look no further. Here are our fave gasp-worthy long and short frock picks.


Prom Dresses

From left to right:
+ Sherri Hill One-Strap Dress (
+ Teri Jon Strapless Silk Floral Garland Gown ($760,
+ Kurt Thomas Silk Chiffon Stapless Sweetheart Dress ($455,
+ BCBG Max Azria Mel Ruffled One-Shoulder Gown ($298,
+ Jessica Simpson One Shoulder Glitter Chiffon Tiered Ball Gown ($229,


Prom Dresses

From left to right:
+ BCBG Max Azria Evangeline Rosetta One Shoulder Dress ($398,
+ Maggy London Sequin Waist Chiffon Dress ($148,
+ Alice + Olivia Tiered Peplum Dress ($368,
+ Way-In Sequined Party Dress ($74,
+ BCBG Max Azria Pleated-Organza Bustier Dress ($648,

+ Which prom dress would you wear?

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Photo: MTV

• Rapper J. Cole told us all about his style, which is about to get a lot more bling.

Robert Pattinson has reached a whole new level of fame: he inspired a line of underwear called R-Pants, which are made specifically for skinny jeans.

Taylor Momsen slashed up a Sonic Youth T-shirt and wore it as a dress; we found out what it looked like before she got her scissors on it.

• Both Blake Lively and Ed Westwick got chesty on us this week. Not that we're complaining.

• Want jewelry designed by Vanessa Hudgens or a blazer crafted up by Olivia Palermo? Your dreams may come true soon enough.

• You, dear readers, proclaimed your love for fast fashion. AMEN.

• More awesome summer trends! Find out how to cop the hottest looks: skinny-striped dresses and sexy cut-outs, as worn by the likes of Katie Holmes, Audrina Patridge, and Ellen Page.

• Speaking of trends, it's the year of the mile-high thigh slit! We compared Angelina Jolie's Salt premiere getup to gowns worn by Katy Perry, Fergie, and many more in our Top 10 Thigh-High Slit Dresses of 2010 slide show.

• And even more trends: we're loving vintage-y looking rings, bucket bags, and watches with sneaky messages on them.

• And finally: prom dresses made out of duct tape. You read that right.

And, we're out! Take advantage of the last month of summer and beach it up this weekend ... can you believe it's already August?!

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Left: Second place winners. Center: 1st place winners. Right: Finalists.

Even though it's summer, school is over, and prom is long gone (for us, it's YEARS away), the winners of the 10th annual Duck Tape Stuck at Prom Scholarship contest were just announced this week and our jaws DROPPED when we saw what some students wore. Basically, the students were charged with making entire outfits out of duct tape, and the winners each got $3,000. Over 235 couples from 43 states competed, and the competition was STIFF. Girls made duct tape DRAPE (it sounds impossible, but it can be done), and guys dressed in three-piece suits made of the sticky stuff.

But the winners, Arizona teens Ray Banna, 18, and Yancy Esquivel, 17 (above, center), they went nuts with duct tape. They used 30 rolls and spent 300 hours to make their white and blue outfits. And do you see those swirls? ALL HAND DRAWN. "I wanted to create something realistic and wearable," Ray, an Arizona State University freshman, told us when we chatted with him about his design. "It was my senior prom and I wanted to go out with a bang, so I went with a white tux." Yancy told us she remembers staying up late for weeks to finish the gown, which had a halter strap and full skirt, but says it was all worth it in the end. "I felt very princess like," she said. "The dress was so elegant, and I would totally wear it again ... except it was so hot!"

+ Would you wear clothes made out of duct tape?

Click here to see all 10 couples and their 20 hand-made outfits!

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