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I'll let you in on a little secret: Sometimes I love menswear more than ladyfashion. It's not some weird deliberate thing, or a self-hating thing, it's just that dudes have so few options with which to play dress up that when an ensemble catches my eye, it's usually a glorious symphony of layered details. Or it's something so out-of-its-tree bonkers that I can't help but break it down and golf clap.

It's almost 2012, which is the year (according to the Mayan calendar and most of the internet) that all land masses catch fire right before sliding into the ocean, thereby killing everything. As such, we can't very well enter into it neglecting all the lads because they're adorable and something we'll miss when everything is gone. Especially Ryan Gosling.


Mark Ronson

Mark Ronson at the European Premiere of "Arthur" on April 19, at the Versace for H&M Fashion event on Nov. 8, and DJ and at the launch event for the Nike Sportswear "Live For The Game" Ultralounge on June 16.
Photo: Getty Images

Mark Ronson is a frickin' treasure. Dude is merciless when it comes to killing me dead with the most shut-it-downiest details. Peep this: We've got three suits. The first has a satin shawl collar with harem pants that's coupled with a nehru shirt. The sheen of the lapel is mirrored in the sheen of his super-black dress sock so the eye is drawn directly into his shoe. It's an elegant line that begins at the shoulder and is unencumbered by a shirt collar or bowtie. The second is head-to-toe fuchsia with saturation points at the jacket buttons and shoes, and the last is not a suit so much as it is a twill trouser (possibly denim) with a double-breasted peacoat/blazer hybrid and a crewneck tee. Extra points on the trompe l'oeil tip. ACK. So good.


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Rain on the cover and inside the Oct. 20, 2011, issue of "1st Look."
Photo: Courtesy of "1st Look."

Oooooooobbbaaaaaaaaaah! OK, for all y'all who don't know, that's the term in Korean for "brother," and it's often shrieked in cochlea-shattering decibels by ladyfans of K-pop singers like our guy Rain, who we would all obviously SCREEEEEAM for on sight because he's now in the military and we can't see him anymore. Hence this coverline on 1st Look Magazine, Vol. 7. saying "Good-bye" that makes us desperately sad. BUT then we go in-book and peep that not only is this Rain sportswear story filled to the gills with Jeremy Scott, but there's even a shot of the SoKo pop megastar in a hoodie WITH EARS. Waaaaah soooo kawaiiiiiiiii. Even if that term is Japanese...


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Rain performs at Beijing's Wukesong Culture and Sports Center on March 26, 2011, in Beijing, China.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, wwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh. I, along with a bajillion Rain fans, are extra-special sadfaced that the superstar South Korean heartthrob, actor, and Stephen Colbert dance-off rival has finally been conscripted for his mandatory two-year bid in the army.

While part of me is a bit starry-eyed at the prospect of HARD-CORE military training and its effect on what is already a siiiiiiick ripped physique (your boy has 0.0002 percent body fat in Ninja Assassin), I can't even deal to think that his hair will be all Jarhead short, even if I'm totally mixing idioms because I think that only applies to Navy dudes (UGH, whatever, it's like sports, ALL THE SAME). And I won't get to see him dance (haha, just thought of that awesome YouTube of those dudes pop-locking in the Korean demilitarized zone). BUT even more :( is that we won't get to see him in beautiful suits for all his various fashion editorials.


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Jem from 'Jem and the Holograms.'
Photo: Courtesy of Hasbro/Marvel Productions

• Guys, Jem and the Holograms is coming back to TV. YAHOO!! In celebration of this glorious event, we found numerous ways to dress EXACTLY like her. Check out how to cop Jem's look here!

• The Movie Awards are almost here!! No, seriously it's, like, this weekend, and we are SO EXCITED to see all the amazing FASHION! So far we've gotten a sneak peek of Bella's wedding dress from Twilight: Breaking Dawn (the full clip will air on Sunday!), noodled over what Kristen Stewart might wear to the show, guessed the top beauty trends, announced that Christian Siriano will be hosting the red carpet report, and looked back on Generation Award winner Reese Witherspoon's iconic fashion movie moments.

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Bradley Cooper surprised us all by speaking impeccable French, Dita Von Teese's boyfriend Louis-Marie de Castelbajac looks super model-y and hot in Paris, Rain stylishly traveled around the world with us, and Álex González begged to be put on the cover of a romance novel. Also, can we just add that we LOVE dudes with long hair? KAY.

• This week our cover girls knocked it out of the PARK. Beyoncé radiated otherworldliness on the cover of Essence, Zoë Kravitz looked rocker chic for ASOS magazine, and Rihanna KILLED it in a tribal ensemble on the cover of Cosmopolitan.

• Fashion isn't always about runways and high-end couture. Sometimes it's about the WEIRD-AS-HALE stuff you stumble upon while searching the internetz. Here were some of our favorite finds: dresses made of cheese, rat fashion conventions, and totally reversible jeans.

Check back on Sunday, June 5, at 6:30 p.m. ET because MTV Style will be live blogging straight from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards red carpet!! See you then!

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Rain for MCM.
Photo: Courtesy of Taiwan & Hong Kong AppleDaily

So Rain is basically a pop singer GOD in Korea (and in our office, too). He's kiiiinndd of like our Justin Timberlake. He sings, he dances, he acts, he even cares about FASHUN just like JT (his clothing line is called Six to Five. Obvi you can't read anything on the site unless you know Korean, but STILL.) So we're WELL AWARE of his hotness and his, um, ability to seduce us.

Luckily, Rain's fans (who call themselves Clouds! AWWWW.) posted his latest campaign with German accessories house MCM, which OOZES of luxury travel. We can just imagine him rocking all of the next looks in different cities around the globe.


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One of Katy Perry's looks from her 'E.T.' music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Katy Perry's Facebook.

• This week Katy Perry TOTALLY stole the show us with her new, alienesque 'E.T.' video! We pulled out every single look from the out-of-this-world vid, interviewed Kabuki, the miracle makeup man behind her transformation, and when Katy called for fans to re-create her extraterrestrial looks, we spotlighted our favorites. Why? Because we love you.

• BRITNEY'S BACK! And she showed off her hot bod in bejeweled bodysuits as she performed back on the stage like the good old days. Plus, gurl was ROCKING some Dolce & Gabbana all over her Femme Fatale album artwork!

Justin Bieber upgraded his bling and showed off his fandom at the same time when he switched out his dog tag necklace for a pendant of Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. All the while, his main lady, Selena Gomez, took Perez Hilton's Blue Ball Birthday Bash theme to heart and came out as queen of the Smurfs in her all-out blue ensemble.

• This season of Jersey Shore may be over, but that doesn't mean the casties are in hiding! Snooki stepped out in a homemade "Brunette Mafia" shirt that we're sure would be way easy to knock off.

Kelis wore crazy frontless pants, Jena Malone showed us how to wear blue eye shadow with class, style bloggers showed off their favorite animal prints, and we saw celebs sporting thick-strapped shoes all over the red carpet.

Vanessa Hudgens played it casual cool in a few T-shirts, and we showed you where to snatch them up. Meanwhile, Jennifer Hudson glammed it up in gorgeous bracelets, which got us hunting for more animal-themed jewelry that's just as drool-worthy.

• We peeked across the pond to see what our favorite British babes were wearing! Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, Adele, and more showed us what's what with their stylish selves.

• The black hearts that British singer/songwriter Kate Nash and "90210" actress Shenae Grimes recently rocked on their cute mugs grabbed our attention! Did you <3 or </3 it?

• Before peeking between the pages, a magazine's gotta catch your eye! We rounded up all our favorite cover girls on the latest issues of Glamour, Rolling Stone, Elle and i-D. Some wore supercute getups, and others wore nothing at all!

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Korean loverboy Rain showed off his glistening Hot Dude torso. Thanks to our moms' love of Criminal Minds, we finally discovered Mr. Hot Patootie Matthew Gray Gubler. Patrick Wolf proved that he is the ultimate boss of buttons. Oh yeah, and Ed Westwick looked supercute as he canoodled with a manfriend. Finally, Romeo picked daddy David Beckham's nose in public, but still managed to look hot. Plus, Moby and Marilyn Manson hugged it out while we captioned the pic!

Have a very stylish weekend!

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Rain performs during his concert on March 26, 2011, in Beijing.
Photo: ChinaFotoPress/Getty Images

OK. There's just not a whole lot I can rationalize about this post, and I won't attempt to. Here, we have exactly what you see before you. A swath of real estate typically dedicated to the comely clothing and various accoutrement of attractive man-folk, this time featuring Korean actor and popMEGAstar Rain wearing basically nothing but a torn black singlet, shredded and looped like a policeman's holster. A holster that gloriously accentuates his traps. And makes it far easier for us to ignore the fact that those zippered leather pants are "meh" and that we like the camo ones better. But who are we kidding? This is not a post about motorcycle gloves. Or hair that is shorter than it has been in a while. Or that someone is singing a song that appears to involve beseeching. This story is about a torso. And some unyielding obliques. A glistening Hot Dude torso + abs that just won't somethingsomethingsomething *sigh*.

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Rihanna on the April 2011 'Vogue' cover.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Vogue.'

Rihanna looked DEVASTATINGLY GORGEOUS on the cover (and inside!) of the April 2011 issue of Vogue. Her fiery red hair, her flawless skin—we can't get enough! ILU RiRi.

Jersey Shore's Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola celebrated her birthday (the big two four) this weekend by trying something new—crimped strands of hair! We were left pondering why she only decided to do two strands and not her whole head, but it's her birthday and she does what she wants to.

• At the 2011 Woodie Awards in Austin, Texas, we were MORE than impressed with all the lads' and ladies' stylish ensembles! The dudes donned skinny ties, the girls just looked straight up HOT, and we tracked down Wiz Khalifa's Johnny Depp tee performance outfit!! Also, we caught up with Alexis Krauss from Sleigh Bells for some hot fashion tipz.

• What were those hot dudes up to this week? Rain KILLED IT on the Esquire Korea cover, James Franco and Zac Efron showed off the newest boy trend: armpits, Patrick Dempsey flashed his McChesticles, Sliimy proved he's a rising style star, and Brad Pitt got an interesting haircut, which then made us compile EVERY HAIRSTYLE HE'S EVER HAD. (You're welcome.)

• We tracked down the cutest Brit "It" girls from across the pond! Meet Fearne Cotton, Jessie J, and Bip Ling! #obsessed

• The fashion face-offs continue! Who wore it best: Scarlett Johansson vs. Kate Bosworth vs. Diane Kruger or Lindsay Lohan vs. Jennifer Hudson?

• Wanna look like a celeb?! Well, now you can! Get a hot pink prom dress like Debby Ryan, almond-shaped nails like Lady Gaga, a french braid like Liv Tyler, African-inspired prints like Whitney Port, bright pink eyeshadow like Kristen Wiig, or a braided hair wrap headband like Nicole Scherzinger.

• This week we had some burning questions: Should you buy your wedding dress online? Is the Texas tuxedo making a comeback? Does Joe Jonas have a soul patch?!?! LUCKILY, Lady Gaga is answering any questions you want this week and this week only!! So like... maybe you could ask her these die-hard questions for us. Because we REALLY wanna know the answers.

• Spring trends are in full effect! This week we loved: ruffled tiers and platform shoes.

SPRING WEATHER IS HEREEREREE!!! Time to buy tons of floral dresses and go for bike rides ASAP. See you Monday!

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Rain on the March 2011 cover of 'Esquire Korea.'
Photo: Courtesy of 'Esquire Korea'

We literally couldn't unlock our eyes from Korean superstar Rain's come-hither smize-stare on the March 2011 cover of Esquire Korea. In a hypnotic trance, we just kept chanting, "Must. Find. More. Rain. Photos." So, we did. And BOY, we were pleased! Last time we checked out this international man of mystery, he was all understated and demure at Cartier event, but in this Esquire photo shoot he definitely went allll out (um, hello, BRIGHT RED TIPS!!). On the cover, Rain wore a crisp lavender shirt, navy blue suit, pastel yellow, pink, and blue striped tie, a triple-folded blue pocket square, and a gargantuan watch. In another pensive-slash-adorable shot, Rain sported a gray sweater, striped collared shirt and a thoughtful off-camera glance. Below, Rain is all, "Hey, girl. You hungry? Let's get some Shamrock Shakes (Rain is BIG on St. Patrick's Day, he totally told us)," on his motorcycle in a navy sweater jacket, leather gloves, watch, and an EXTREMELY chiseled jaw. Wowowow. While we're obsessed with all of Rain's chic looks, his cover ensemble realllyyy puts us over the edge. He WERKS that pastel in the manliest of ways, but what do YOU think?

Rain in the March 2011 issue of 'Esquire Korea'.
Photo: Courtesy of 'Esquire Korea'

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Angelina Jolie at the Golden Globe Awards on Jan. 16.
Photo: Getty Images

• Awards season has officially begun! Check out the stunning looks from the Golden Globes Awards and the Critics' Choice Movie Awards. (Plus, tons of hot dudes too!)

• Double the Jersey, double the fun! This week we were hit with TWO Jersey Shore episodes filled with more trucker hats and Snooki poufs than we could even imagine. Speaking of Snooks, check out the New York Times best seller's book tour style!

Lady Gaga released the first song off her Born This Way album at Thierry Mugler's fall 2011 menswear show in Paris. There's also a fashion film mixed in there. You're welcome.

• Zooey Deschanel spilled the beans on every outfit she wore in her brand-new She & Him music video "Don't Look Back." Check out all the looks here!

• What were those hot hustlers up to this week? Ryan Phillippe made a revealing return to the red carpet, Korean cutie Rain dressed to the nines at a Cartier event, Ashton Kutcher showed off his day and night looks, while Seth Meyers, Jason Sudeikis, and Andy Samberg stepped out in multilayered looks.

• The fashion face-offs continue! Who wore it best: Natalie Portman or Kim Kardashian?

Kristen Stewart goes blonde for Vogue, and we honestly can't decide if she looks best with brown, blonde, or red locks. Eh, we'll go with all three.

• Want to look like a celeb? Get bright pink lips like Kaley Cuoco's and a cutout shoulder dress like that of Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola. Plus, master the no-makeup makeup look from celeb makeup artist Napoleon Perdis.

• We can't get enough of those winter trends! This week we loved purple dresses, zebra stripes, showstopping heels and flatforms. Yes, you heard us. Flatforms.

We're off for another exciting and fashion-filled weekend! See you Monday!

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