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A model wearing a pair of Subs.
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You know those late-night television commercials that start like, "Are you and inventor? Etc etc" that prey on people who suspect they're secret geniuses, with the only thing standing in the way of their million-dollar ideas coming to fruition is someone seeing through the masquerade of their current career of plumber/office manager/blogger and giving them the publicity that they so rightfully deserve?

Yeah, this doesn't remind me of that at all.

I don't even know what it reminds me of, but all of this *waves hands in "wax-on; wax-off" formation* is #vom. First of all, perhaps for no reason, my classist antenna gets a little itchy about stuff like this especially given that the inventor Andrew Lewis of Harlem says stuff like, "Sagging is a huge issue in my community. I spent a lot of time observing and I noticed that even for saggers, there is a point which even they're not comfortable with how their jeans were falling."

First of all, just how much time are you devoting to such field studies? Get a job OTHER than self-appointed anthropologist/scientist. Secondly, um, so what, this reminded you that you'd like to capitalize off of such 'saggers' to fulfill such an egregiously under-addressed neighborhood problem? The suspenders fetch around $30, and according to this article will "help bridge the gap between saggers who want to express themselves through fashion and critics who say the trend shows off underwear and looks unprofessional."

WHAT IS ANYBODY TALKING ABOUT? The underwear is STILL showing. And anyone who is concerned about appearing professional is likely not wearing trousers that are hitched at the coccyx, and if underwear is underwear and GARTER BELTS ARE UNDERWEAR would some dude rolling up with the addition of some perplexing contraption make the workplace situation any more conducive to productivity?

To me, this is as infuriating as the town of Dublin, Georgia's well-publicized vigilance against sagging and their strides to qualify it as "indecent exposure" in order to slap children and teens with fines upwards of $200 for each strike. Below you will see a very servicey video on how these Sub-Spenders, aka "SUBS" work. In it, a very astute woman who I agree with wholeheartedly calls them "so insanely dumb." And by "dumb" she meant "dumb plus mind-bendingly ugly and pointless." UGH. And this is not at all in support of sagging pants, exposed boxers or "whale tailing" (the act of sagging ladypants to where the thong is exposed because that mess is revolting [not to be confused with "bum cleavage circa Alexander McQueen" because that's different. It is. I'll fight you.]). {via}


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The fashion police are out in full force in Pennsylvania and it's not pretty. Pennsylvania Senator Anthony Williams Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones announced today that he plans to prosecute what he calls "white-tee culture" in the city of Philadelphia and has allocated state funds to stop it. He told Philadelphia Weekly that such clothing promotes crime, and he wants to "turn this 'white-tee culture' in a different direction."

He gave further explanation, saying: "This prison cultured style in the streets with your underwear hanging out of your pants, it goes back to a certain behavior where people don't care about consequences."

And it's not the first time lawmakers turned their attention to dress codes. New Jersey is currently engaged in a Stop The Sag campaign to ban saggy pants, Louisiana and Virginia both tried to make laws against sagging, and President Obama spoke out against saggy pants in 2008.

Policy people getting involved in what you wear seems like it goes against certain rights and freedoms, right? To think, just because you wear a white tee doesn't mean you're going to commit a crime. But it's pretty crappy that lawmakers think that you will.

Update: When this article was first published, it referenced a June 28 PhillyNow post that incorrectly indicated that Pennsylvania State Senator Anthony H. Williams planned to ban white T-shirts in Philadelphia. The office of Senator Williams has advised us that he did not make this statement, and he has not allocated any state funds for such a purpose. A city press release attributes the quote to Philadelphia City Councilman Curtis Jones.

+ Watch The Game talk about his favorite white tees below!

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When The Game stopped by recently, we learned that he harbors some intense feelings about tight pants. That's why he said no one should threaten the right to wear his pants saggy, baggy, and low. Not even lawmakers who have proposed ordinances in New Jersey, Louisiana, and Florida to fine men wearing saggy pants. "The law is not going to work," he said. "What — are the police going to start missing murders and hopping out writing tickets for sagging and there's a lady getting robbed around the corner at gunpoint?" Oh. Hell. No.

Watch the video to see the whole pants rant, and find out what he really thinks about guys who wear tight black pants. And the Game's fashion advice doesn't stop there! He also showed off his man bag and revealed his favorite white tee. Click "Read More" under the video clip to hear more of Game's fashion opinions.


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