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Get it while it's hot!
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Picking out the perfect card for your Valentine can be a daunting task. Do you go for one that sings? Should you settle on sentimental or funny? If you go for funny, is the one you picked out, like, FUNNY-funny or is it funny-ha-ha? Meaning will they laugh out loud or feign a courtesy chuckle? So many questions! Only one real answer: get him/her/them a pizza Valentine. No, not a pizza in the shape of a heart, but one of these pizza-themed Valentine's Day cards that we rounded up for the occasion. We guarantee you'll knock this one out of the park. As long as they love pizza. (But, I mean, if they don't love pizza, you should probably consider that a red flag.)


Take it!
Photo: Etsy

IDK about you, but my favorite greeting cards are the ones that inspire a classic rock sing-a-long (and trust me, they're few and far between, my friends). Double-dog-dare your significant other to try and NOT and belt out their best Janis Joplin when they open up this card, and then make them pay you in kisses when they lose. Or money. Money's good, too.


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We simultaneously want to eat/wear/use all of this cake apparel.
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As KatyCats around the world know, today is Katy Perry's 29th birthday! HBD, KP! We hope wherever you go your song "Birthday" is playing, welcoming you into the room. It's not every year your album featuring a song about birthdays coincides with your actual birthday. Embrace, Katy. It's your day. To celebrate Katy's birthday in the best way we know how, we figured we'd dedicate this installment of our weekly Food Friday posts to KP, her birthday, and cake. We searched the 'net for the best cake clothing and accessories out there and rounded them up for your viewing pleasure.


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NBA Basketball Fashion

Call this our post-season fashion assist.
Photo: Andrew Farrar/adidas/Renowned Clothing/Society6/Stance Socks/Elaine Arsenault

And just like that, it's over. After months and months of Playoff games, the Miami Heat have defeated the San Antonio Spurs, clinching the 2013 NBA Finals championship, meaning back-to-back wins for the franchise and stars LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade. Last night was all screams and popping bottles and high fives, but now, as die-hard NBA fans, today brings the cruel reality that we now have to wait until mid-October for the next league game and season. *SIGH* The good news is: just as fashion is growing in popularity amongst the hoops crowd, basketball is also catching on in the fashion world. In an effort to help all our style savvy Spalding fans through the off-season, our latest crop of "Stan Swag" is dedicated to the National Basketball Association.


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Daft Punk stan swag.
Photo: Etsy/Society6

Bless whoever invented headphones for making it possible for us to listen to Daft Punk's "Instant Crush" enough times to drive a sane person crazy over the past week or so. The robots released Random Access Memories, their guest-filled, jam-packed mega album, to flurries of critical praise this week, and we have to say, we've become totally caught up in the Daft Punk fever. Here's the thing, though: those helmets really don't do anything for our hair. Like, we get it, you want to be mysterious, but a girl's gotta keep her 'do under control, know what we're saying? How are we supposed to keep our tonsorial game on point while also fanning out to the fullest while dancing around to the Daft Punk/Pharrell collab "Get Lucky" in our living rooms (see also: everywhere)? Behold, the glory of the internet! From the subtle to the totally over the top, there are myriad ways to show the world you're a Daft Punk fan, whether it be with a poster, a bracelet, or a key chain.

Of course our first stop was Etsy, where we found what is perhaps our favorite piece of Daft Punk swag. This Italian charm link bracelet ($15.00) is a subtle way to add a little disco to your arm party without having to make TOO much of a commitment. On the jewelry tip, you can also wear the signature helmets proximate to your head, with a pair of silver helmet inspired earrings ($15.99). If jewelry isn't your thing, you can keep the robots close to home with a helmet key chain ($15.46), or have them hanging IN your home with a letterpress poster ($13.00). If you love the RAM album art as much as we do, you can carry the polygon tote ($22.00) around wherever you go, or, perhaps even better yet, you can REALLY prove your obsession with the Daft Deco iPhone case ($35.00).

How do you like to show the world that you're a Daft Punk stan?

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Rihanna in Chanel and the collection of swag I keep at my desk.
Photo: Getty/MTV Style

I have a very special relationship with Rihanna merch. First of all, it only seems fair that I tell you that as I write this post I'm wearing a pair of white Skullcandy headphones branded with Rihanna's Unapologetic artwork, and when I write our publishing lineup in the morning, it's in a notebook emblazoned with the same 'R,' all courtesy of the swag bag I got when Mary H.K. Choi and I were imprisoned on a plane with a bunch of lunatics flown around the world by the nice people at Island Def Jam. I also own a pair of socks with Rihanna's face on them. Basically, if you looked at me right now, you would think I was a major Rihanna stan, and even, maybe, a bit of a creep. But I think I've earned my stripes as a bona-fide member of the Rihanna Navy on the 777 Tour, so whatever haters, dress me up in overall crop tops and RiRi Woo, because I'm about it. As the release of the 777 Tour documentary—also known as the moment you get to see certain MTV Style contributors sleeping with their mouths open on national television—inches ever closer (it airs on Fox, Monday May 6th, lord help us all), and Mary and I prepare to attend Rihanna's Diamonds tour at Barclay's Center, I feel like I need to share some of my Rihanna swag knowledge with you, Internet. Because you're going to want to show your RiRi pride while you're hip-thrusting along to "Phresh Out The Runway" and sobbing to "Stay," trust.


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Go wild with this new Animal-appropriate Ke$ha swag.
Photo: Society6/Etsy/Wholesale Halloween/Livenation/MAC/Sephora

From her high-flying party anthems to her totally distinctive personal style, there's NO denying that our girl Ke$ha is an uncompromising original spirit...and that's exactly why we love her! But just in case you had any doubts about that fact, look no further than the singer's very own MTV show Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life, which gives us a peek inside her ridiculous everyday antics courtesy of her filmmaker brother (pssst, if you haven't seen it yet, drop whatever you're doing and watch it now!). Yep, the pop star has come about a zillion lightyears away from back when she was just a little kid making cameos The Simple Life, right?! So it's time, then, that we give Ke$h a well-deserved shoutout in our own way, by rounding up the absolute very best stuff for all the Animals out there. Whether it's repping her lyrics on your outfit OR just paying tribute with glitter or a gold tooth, crank up the music and check out these six ways to show Ke$ha some love.


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Selena Gomez Stan Swag

Selena Gomez Stan Swag.
Photo: Amazon/Baghdad Battery/Society6/Etsy

Selenators, rejoice! In mere days, your queen Selena Gomez will be taking to the 2013 MTV Movie Awards stage to perform her new single, "Come & Get It." The "earthy" performance promises to be one of the night's highlights, and for you, dear Sel stans, we think it's fair to guess that it will be your favorite moment. While you've probably already started planning your viewing party (and if you haven't, chop chop!), we scoured the internet for some Selena-inspired stuff to really take it to the next level. While we suggest creating your own DIY "S-E-L-E-N-A" banner to welcome your guests, there are even more killer ways to show your love for the Spring Breakers star.


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Lady Gaga

This is Mother Monster swag you need to get your paws on.
Photo: Etsy/Society6/reira57's eBay store

You guyyyyyys! It's Lady Gaga's BIRTHDAY today! We imagine Gagaloo is taking it easy this year, resting up and cuddling with Fozzi, noshing on unicorn-shaped sheet cake, but with a day this big (HELLOOOO, this is the anniversary of Gaga being BORN [this way] after all), someone has to celebrate in her honor. Since she already has a custom Ken Borochov 24-Karat gold wheelchair, that sets the gifting bar a little high for our taste, so instead, we're honoring Mother Monster on her special day by swaddling ourselves (don't worry about the logic here, it's circular) in the illest Gaga Stan Swag available.


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