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Lady Gaga bites Yoko Ono at her Fame launch at the Guggenheim museum.
Photo: Getty

We've already shown you the tattoo that Lady Gaga had inked onto her scalp at the Guggenheim museum last night, in celebration of Steven Klein's short film for her debut fragrance, Fame. Well, now we're ready to tell you the whole story, as far as we know it (and you know, you can never be sure with Mama Monster). She entered atop her car, as we said in our previous post, and snuck into the Gugg before most of the crowd had assembled, and well before her guests had arrived. We then took our place on the carpet to watch as the revelers poured in. It was a mix of high fashion faces, from Marc Jacobs to Interview editorial director Fabien Baron, to The Man Repeller herself, Leandra Medine, and pop notables like Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. We were lucky enough to chat with a select few of the guests about what they were excited about and what Lady Gaga means to them, catching up with some of the celebs mentioned above (you'll have to watch to see who), as well as Yoko Ono, who compared Mama Monster to an angel, and figure skater and reality show star Johnny Weir, who is himself often referred to as "The Lady Gaga Of Figure Skating." Once inside, guests were treated to a screening of Steven Klein's short film, which he told us "explores the idea of the temptation of fame," and all of its many facets, as well as to Gaga's "Sleeping With Lady Gaga" performance piece. Check out our red carpet interviews, the full short film, and some photos from inside of the event after the jump.


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Lady Gaga in the dramatic new Fame video.
Photo: Haus Laboratories

Bringing to life the images from her Fame print campaign, the new film clip for Lady Gaga's black eau de parfum, Fame, bridges the austere, art-house quality of the previous short film, Formulation, with the high gloss, high fashion images in the print campaign. Remember that shot of the naked Gaga, laying like a lady giant being consumed by a hoard of tiny, ink-black figures? In the new clip you can see it in motion, for a split second (although blink and you'll miss it, there's so much going on). Directed by Steven Klein and produced by Ridley Scott and associates, the new film looks like it was shot on the set of a science fiction film, all metallic curves and back lighting. We're also super into the split second of Gaga, climbing out of a vat of thick, black liquid with a peach-colored bob. If this is what fame looks like, though, we have to say we're happy with our little lives. It's a scary, glamorous world Mama Monster has created. We totally do want to cop a bottle of the stuff, though, and are super jealous of the 1800 little monsters who allegedly got their paws on it in Tokyo.


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Apparently Gaga's perfume is made by shirtless models.
Photo: Haus Laboratories

With so much intrigue and mystery swirling around the debut of Lady Gaga's new perfume, Fame, we're just about to lose our heads over what's going to be revealed next. The latest in the media swoon-storm is an atmospheric video that slowly crept up on the internet yesterday. The black and white clip, titled Formulation, is entirely in french, with a man's voice narrating the activities of the Haus Laboratories workers. Unlike any lab we've ever imagined, the smokey, dark production area is staffed by a ripped and glistening crew of shirtless gentlemen. Yeowza. Not that we would expect anything else of Mama Monster--this is all perfectly on point with the way Gaga does, well, everything. We cannot wait to see how the black perfume actually looks (and smells, obviously), and the images of the ingredients, "pulverized apricot, crushed heart of tiger orchidea and tears of belladonna," provided by this latest peek are totally tantalizing.


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Listen, Rihanna Navy. You better get those life jackets ready because the Rihanna ship is about to sink after y'all watch this smokin' behind-the-scenes peek at her Armani Jeans campaign shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein. Ri Ri looks all kinds of INSANELY DIVINE as she takes it all off in the backseat of a car, and we still can't get over the show-stopping platinum pixie she's sporting from the previously released ads. Watch (and diiiiiiee) as Rihanna struts her stuff in a vacant New York City parking garage while a few foxy/suspicious men clad in suits ogle her (note: Do not attempt IRL, OK?) being the naughty, pin-up girl/crooner that she is. Ri unzips her amazing leather jacket and uses the backseat of an old -school town car as her dressing room. Um, #werque! (P.S. Did someone mention this being a denim ad?) Rihanna's certainly not the first bleached bowl cut, lingerie-clad mega pop star in a steamy black-and-white Klein-directed video clip, but, duh, we're not complaining. We just cannot stop ourselves from talking that talk about our beloved Rihanna. Go on with your bad self, girl!


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That's a Situation. Adam is in the center, Noah is far right.

Dolce & Gabbana’s new ad campaign for its fall collection came out this week, and it features five male models, one of whom is former star of The City Adam Senn. And while he's there to sell the clothes, we see Adam wearing very little clothing. In fact, he's shirtless and in full perfectly-toned glory in of the four of eight photos in the campaign. (There's one where he's not wearing any pants, but he is wearing a jacket, so that disqualifies it from the count. Ha!)

One of the other models featured is Noah Mills, who played Samantha's love interest in Sex and the City 2 (or as we remember, the butt we see at the beginning of the movie). Adam, Noah, and the other three models (Sam Webb, Arthur Kulkov and Evandro Soldati) flex their biceps and rough-house with each other in the photographs, all during a fitting with a tailor.

The photos were shot by Steven Klein, the same director behind Lady Gaga's Alejandro video. And you can see some very distinct, very attractive similarities between the two projects: Namely, lots of muscular male models prancing around in tight underwear, which is just fine with us. (Mr. Klein, you are welcome to direct as many things as possible, including our next office party. Thanks!)

+ Check out more shots of Adam and Noah below, and tell us your opinions about the looks. However, please note, it's not the full eight-part campaign. We're only putting up the ones with minimal clothing. Because why not.

More pictures ...

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