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Louis C.K.

A fake Louis C.K. One billboard.
Photo: Louis C.K. One Tumblr

Dear Whoever Created This Louis C.K. One Tumblr,

You are my new favorite. I'd be comfortable leaving our correspondence at that, but since I'm also using this public platform to shoehorn you into my life as my new best friend, I should elaborate.

You are a genius. I'm not sure how this pun was never made until now, but somehow you beat everyone to it. For that, you deserve all the interwebs propers that bitcoins can buy.

Aside from the wordplay, you've combined three of my favorite things in this world—Louis C.K., Calvin Klein minimalism, and the '90s—into one masterpiece of a meme.


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Wear This to That Tumblr

Photo: Courtesy of Wear This To That

There's nothing that makes us happier than stumbling across a KILLER fashion-themed Tumblr—especially when it involves animals. We lost our shiz when we discovered Fashimals (you know, the blog that turns fashion editors into animals), but this brand spanking new (it launched this week!) blog has our stone-cold, steel-encased style hearts melting. It's called Wear This To That and basically, it works like this: Pick an animal, pick an event, and dress them appropriately for it. The beauty of it, though, is that the minds behind the Tumblr (illustrator Heather Pieske and Midwest Style founder Jeffrey Kieslich) have executed this to utter perfection. See that shark up there? Yeah? Well, he's wearing a Jil Sander whale sweater to a fish fry. (Heh.) Oh, and that corgi? He's wearing an ultra-cozy Monclear vest to a Homecoming game, obvi.


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Kanye West's '80s and Heartbreak' created from socks (left) and the original album cover.
Photo: Famous Sock Covers Tumblr / Amazon

There are some seriously ridiculous Tumblrs in the black hole of the blogosphere, but our latest discovery just might take the weird/crazy/cool prize of them all- at least for this week. Behold, "Famous Album Covers Recreated With My Socks." Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like... and yes, it's kind of amazing. Inspired by iconic album art from over the years from musicians like Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones, and Pearl Jam, the brains behind the site have crafted their own version using.... the contents of their sock drawers.


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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez at 2012 Teen Choice Awards, 2012 Kids' Choice Awards, and 2011 American Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

You guys know how we have a running Get The Look franchise. We see an outfit we really like on a celeb (usually in the wild because red carpet steez is exPENsive), and point you in the right direction to cop it for yourself. You've probably noticed that Selena Gomez crops up in these Get The Look a LOT - a product of equal parts her exemplary off-duty and the (in general) über-affordableness of it all since Sel frequents a lot of the same stores her fans do, from Forever 21 to Urban Outfitters to, of course, her own Dream Out Loud line for KMart. We keep you updated on where to snag our favorite Selena outfits as we see them, but if a comprehensive, super in-depth outline of Sel's wardrobe is what you're after, look no further than the seriously INCREDIBLE Selena's Closet Tumblr where a team of Selenators identify as many pieces of her outfits as possible, complete with links to buy, right down to the iPhone case!


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Tumblr Fashion Evangelist Valentine Uhovski

Valentine Uhovski at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 10, 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

When the blogging world collides with the fashion industry, we always get nerdily excited—especially when it comes to Tumblr, one of the most fashion-heavy social media sharing platforms existing today. Just this week, Tumblr hired a “Fashion Evangelist," named Valentine Uhovski, and even though we were immediately weirded out by the job title (what does it even MEAN?), we needed to know everything about what exactly this occupation entails. Fashionista caught up with the former Daily editor and got all the deets, including how he landed the gig and how he plans to expand the fashion community at one of the biggest blogging platforms on the internet. Check out some snippets from the interview below!


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One of Beyonce's personal photos uploaded to her new Tumblr.
Photo: Courtesy of Beyonce's Tumblr

America's most adorable couple Beyonce and Jay-Z just celebrated their four year wedding anniversary yesterday, April 4 (*ACHEM* 4/4!!!). Being such a special date (and number) for the power duo, we expected both parties would be cooking something RULL GOOD up for their sweeties. We caught wind that Bey had started a Tumblr, and given the whole Blue Ivy photo debut thing, naturally, we sped over to that neck of the Interweb first. To our dismay and delight all at once, we found the site password protected, but crossed our fingers that that might mean Bey was uploading something MAY-JOR for a grand reveal today!

Well, doting Stylettes, you should know that our hunches are always (sometimes) right, and that is exactly what the "Crazy In Love" singer did! Along with a sweet anniversary-themed snap, Beyonce posted a GRIP of personal photos, turning her Tumblr into the most fabulously fashionable family albums we've ever laid eyes on, and per our expectations, girl still looks amazing off-duty and far from the paps.


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Anna Wintour and Anna Dello Russo as Fashimals.
Photo: Courtesy of Fashimals

World, meet Fashimals. Fashimals, meet the world. In one tiny little sliver of cyberspace, these amazing animal/fashion god hybrids live and, to be quite honest, it's been making our lives quite pleasant. After staring at this genius Tumblr for, like, five minutes, a giant feeling of awesomeness and hilarity washed over us. Then we began to laugh-cry. The creators of this blog REALLY thought these animal choices through, guys. Not only by how they look, but by their personalities too. Like, hehehe, look at Anna Wintour as a hairless cat. Well, I guess TECHNICALLY it's wearing Anna's bob so the cat's not actually hairless, but regardless it's absolutely perfect. Anna's always doing her own thang regardless if anyone else likes it or not. The bob? Perfect. The statement necklace? Exceptional. The only thing this kitty is missing are some oversized sunglasses because, I mean, duh, Anna NEVER looks at us commoners straight in the eye.


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The gravy-esque cheese is an added bonus!
Photo: Getty Images

GOOD MORNING! How were y'all's respective weekends? Dazzling? Mesmerizing? Filled to the distended gullet with CHEEEEEEEEEBURGAHS? I certainly hope so (unless you're a vegetarian and the prospect of munching on a multilayered cow flesh sandwich makes you want to barf). There are few things we at MTV Style love more than food, and while we're not terribly discerning in the sense that we will eat pretty much anything if you put it in front of us (and directly in front of us, if we have to get up and walk or even stretch TOO HARD = no dice), of the food category, regular cheeseburgers rank just above candy and right below "cheeseburgers with bacon where the bread is glazed donuts."

So you can imagine our delight when close-up food porn shots of oozing burger innards were met with our other favorite thing to ogle and catcall (yes, audibly to where it's very professional)—NAILS. We love looking at nails/nail art/new nail silhouettes and innovations in peel and set colorways, but often the shots are fairly predictable—hands holding the bottle, fingers splayed unnaturally against a stark background, disembodied nail shapes floating in sets of five, hands holding something very on the nose ("coral me happy" holding a piece of coral etc etc)—so this seems like the sort of genius where you can't believe no one's done this already.

An entire cheeseburgers and manicures Tumblr called nailburgerlar (GAH! Amazing), is replete with numerous examples of such couplings and it makes us wildly happy. Now if we could just get some pull-and-peel nail art OF burgers and nails to put on your nails whilst eating burgers, we'd be all set. Somebody hurry up and invent that. But make the accent nail a corndog. Those rule, too. Thanks.

Nails. Burgers. Nailburgers.
Photo: Courtesy of Burgers and Nails

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