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If you care at all about TV, you're likely well-aware that the second season of Orange Is The New Black premieres this week (June 6) on Netflix. Gearing up for the return of Piper, Pennsatucky, Crazy Eyes and the rest of the women's penitentiary motley crew of characters, we're binge-watching the first season as a refresher and looking ahead at the new season's character posters for what's to come. In keeping with the first season's creative interpretations on beauty/style necessities—maxi pads as shower shoes, etc.—we noticed that these teaser images employ similarly scrappy DIY takes on beauty routines.

~Naturally~, we felt it our duty to test these unique approaches out, so for the pilot episode of our brand new tutorial series, How To Do Stuff (P.S. we're launching a tutorial series!!!), we decided to do just that. Watch the video above for some valuable information on whether tampons work as hair curlers, if a Sharpie marker can pass as eyeliner, and soooooo much more.


Orange Is The New Black

Photo: MTV/Netflix

Taystee's poster shows her curling her hair with tampons. I wrapped my own hair in tampons and left them on for, like, half a day. NO SPOILERS: You'll have to watch the video to see whether it worked or not. *WINK*


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Jared Leto makeup

We pit Jared Leto in drag makeup against a woman madeup to look like Jared Leto.
Photo: Courtesy of @JaredLeto's Instagram/selfOblivion's YouTube channel

Around these parts of the Internet, Chrissy Mahlmeister is our resident Commander-in-Chief of all things Jared Leto. From his recent absence of eyebrows to his one-time mullet and difficulties with knits, she has it all committed to memory and organized in pristine little Oxford manila tab dividers. HOWEVER, given my preoccupation with the style world's bizarro underbelly (Ex. A, B, and C) and a deep appreciation for makeup artistry, I'm borrowing the reins momentarily for a very important question. Which is more impressive: Jared Leto in lady makeup for his upcoming role in Dallas Buyers Club OR this lady (a.k.a. selfOblivion) who made an INCREDIBLE tutorial for Jared Leto makeup?


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Venus Angelic

Venus Angelic poses in her puppy makeup tutorial.
Photo: Courtesy of VenusAngelic's YouTube channel

Brought to you by the same girl behind the living doll makeup craze, Venus Angelic has uploaded a brand new beauty tutorial, and while the muse isn't an inanimate object, unlike many of her previous videos, the subject is pretty much the same echelon of eyebrow-raising. You read the headline already, so you know we're talking about puppies. PETA need not worry because Venus Angelic isn't putting makeup ON puppies, but rather, teaching the people of the Interweb how to do their own makeup in the likeness of a puppy.


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Caviar Manicure

The Ciaté Caviar manicure!
Photo: MTV

The minute anything new comes out in the nail art scene, I POUNCE. I absolutely need to be the first one to try the latest-and-greatest nail craze, so when I saw that the Ciaté Caviar Manicure FINALLY hit Sephora, my eyes lit up, my hands reached for my wallet, and my finger pressed the "Add to Basket" button faster than I could say "RAINBOW CAVIAR PEARLS." When they arrived, I started crying. JK, that didn't happen (I'm not cuh-razy, y'all), but I was so excited when they came in, that I forced my boyfriend (hi, Josh!) to spend his Saturday taking pictures of me trying it all out for the first time. When I posted my final product to Facebook/Instagram/every social network ever, I was surprised by the amount of people that thought my fingers looked like food. These are actual comments I received: "I feel like I've gained 5 lbs just from looking at all of these sprinkles" and "I want to eat your fingers. Sprinkled covered gummies heeeheee." Creeepppyyy. Even someone in the office said my tips reminded her of those "licorice things," which the internet tells me are "non-pareil licorice buttons." Good thing I hate licorice or else I'd be nibble-nabblin' at my fingers all day. So that's my only forewarning, folks—before taking these bad boys out for a spin just know that people might want to DEVOUR YOUR HANDS AT ANY WAKING SECOND. Anyway, onward!


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