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Women attempting to set the Guinness World Record for the longest chain of brides in one location in London.
Photo: Getty Images

To celebrate the DVD release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1, a bevy of British fans dressed up as brides and stood in front of an HMV store in London to create the longest chain of brides in one location, hopefully setting a Guinness World Record in the process. We're talking fully bridal regalia, including veils, jewelry, and even floral bouquets to both attempt the world record and buy a DVD of the film a day before the actual release. That seems like a lot of work just to get an early copy, right? Or maybe hundreds of Twi-fans really care about setting a Guinness World Record? OR is there something else to all this? The answer is the last question. Folks, beyond the world record and wearing a gown with a veil on a cold morning, all of these costumed brides got something extra special—a chance to see a clip of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 2 with Bella in all her transformed vampire glory. *passing out*


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Edward and Bella at the altar.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Michael Wilkinson graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Arts in Sydney, Australia. He is wildly entertaining, talented, gracious and a delight to interview on the subject of—WAIT FOR IT—'Breaking Dawn' (*HEAD SPLOOOODE*) because he is the dude tasked with costume designing not only B.D. one but B.D. two, too (that’s what we insiders call it *brushes dirt off shoulders*).

Before we move onto discussing the sartorial majesty of what may be the MOST SIGNIFICANT CINEMATIC EVENT since 'Twilight: Eclipse,' I’d like to take a sidebar to address Mr. Wilkinson’s curriculum vitae leading up to this moment. YOU GUYS, he worked on 'Party Monster', 'Romeo + Juliet', '300' (for which he won a glut of awards [DESERVEDLY #teamfassbender]), 'Watchmen,' 'American Splendor' (R.I.P. Harvey Pekar), and he’s also working on the Zack Snyder Superman reboot, 'Man of Steel.' Yeah, basically, he’s the best.

In the impending interview, Michael spilled about which designers he worked with for the second-to-last film of the franchise, Robert Pattinson's shorts phobia, Kristen Stewart's enviably taut physique, and teased how GLORIOUS all those vampire capes will look in the spectacular battle scene in the final installment of this face-meltingly incredible saga. I AM RUNNING OUT OF EFFUSIVE ADJECTIVES.

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Twilight Breaking Dawn

Bella Swan's wedding hair comb.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment/Hot Topic

We've been FUH-REAKING out over The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn—Part 1 wedding fashion ever since the first sneak peek was released at the MTV Movie Awards earlier this summer, and our excitement hasn't died down since! When we caught a glimpse of Bella, er, Kristen Stewart's wedding clip for the first time—WHEW BOY! Talk about absolutely ornate GORGEOUSNESS. We love her soft braided chignon pulled back into a loose bun accented by a silver rhinestone clip with blue flower detail. We loved it so much, in fact, we found out where to buy a replica of Bella's hair comb for only $28. *high five* But that wasn't the ONLY shimmering piece of jewelry we had our eye on during the trailer—we also wanna cop that RANGGGG.


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Twilight Wedding Invite

Soon, there will be "Twilight" stationery, as well.
Photo: Photo by John Shearer/WireImage

All we know is that it's beautiful, body-squeezing, and made by Carolina Herrera. Any other minute detail concerning Bella Swan's wedding dress debuting in The Twilight Saga : Breaking Dawn is guarded like the treasure that it is, closely kept under wraps by the tiny elves that live inside the walls of Summit Entertainment. So while we have no idea what the dress will actually look like, fashion insider Women's Wear Daily has confirmed that bridal designer Alfred Angelo has secured the exclusive right to create and sell Vampire Wedding of the Century dress imitations. The collection will be named Twilight Bridal, and of course won't be revealed until, you know, the dress actually appears before human eyes, but the bridal designer is quick-thinking in nailing the rights to replicate the gown.


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Bella's wedding look...without the dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

Some may say Will and Kate were the wedding event of the century, but that's clearly hyperbole. The real wedding we are holding onto our hankies for doesn't even exist, and that is the one between Twilights' Edward and Bella. Duh. The internet has been a hot, hungry cesspool of speculation, and the Twilight crew has been doing an absolutely wonderful job of feeding our appetite without giving anything too revealing away. Which is actually great—we want to be surprised, but our shock and awww (GET IT? PUNZ.) won't diminish if we know just a few deets, right? Like, maybe Kristen Stewart needing to cover up with a Volturi cape every time filming was paused like she was some sort of vampire captive?


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Bella's wedding veil and clip.
Photo: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The MTV Movie Awards are practically around the corner, and our favorite movie peeps are all happily prepping for the big night, thinking it'll just be another awards ceremony and none of us will be screaming/crying in ecstasy. WRONG. Suddenly, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn has to jump in and turn us into crazy people by showing us the first glimpse of matrimonial proceedings between Edward and Bella. Now, of course, we can’t think of anything else and we are buzzing around the office like a pack of starved newborn vamps. Back in April we saw a teensy tiny sketch of Bella’s dress (long, dramatic, draped) and very coyly, the back of her be-veiled and braided head. No glimpse of the wedding dress yet, but we are guessing it’ll be as dramatic and breathtaking as we imagine. And we just got word (HOT OFF THE PRESSES) that Robert, Taylor, and Kristen will be on hand to personally introduce a never-before-seen exclusive clip—and we are praying to see more of the gown.


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