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Rita Ora, Prince

What would Rita Ora steal from Prince's closet?
Photo: MTV/Getty Images

From the moment we read in Rita Ora's interview (with bestie Nick Grimshaw) for Paper magazine that Prince assisted with her forthcoming sophomore album, we've been OBSESSED with this idea of His Royal Badness letting her play dress-up in his closet à la that Super Bowl episode of New Girl. Naturally, we HAD to slip this question into her MTV Twitter Takeover today (Monday, April 21): If you could steal one thing from Prince's closet, what would it be? We ask the hard-hitting Qs around here, y'all.


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RiRi Hearts MAC Collection

RiRi Hearts MAC Collection
Photo: Rihanna's Instagram

If you’re like us, your eyes were GLUED to Rihanna's twitter page yesterday afternoon as she engaged in quite the Twitter battle with fellow singer/songwriter, Teyana Taylor. The two threw down in a twitter spat that had the interwebz buzzing, and while the world twatched the ladies hurtle insults at one another, RiRi seized the moment to show off her upcoming fall RiRi Hearts MAC collection. Checkmate, Rihanna.

With just days left until we can get finally our hands on her autumn line, Rihanna teased a ton of snaps of the highly anticipated makeup range on her Instagram. And after seeing these pics, we CANNOT WAIT to get our hands on this stuff. If this collection is anything like her former one—yes, we're STILL obsessing over RiRi Woo—then beauty fans of the world, we are in for a treat!


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Jennie Lamere

Jennie Lamere.
Photo: Courtesy of Jennie Lamere

Have you ever had that thing where you straight-up have to kibosh Twitter on certain nights because everyone you follow is The Worst when it comes to spoilers? I'm a binge-watcher vs. an appointment viewer so Sunday nights are dicey since that's when 92.7% of the people on my feed turn into freakin' comedians when it comes to cracking on PLOT POINTS and PORTENTOUS DIALOGUE as if it doesn't count as a spoiler when it absolutely does.

Of course, I say this with love because the flipside is that I'm the weirdo who hoards shows and watches multiple seasons at 3 AM as if this is acceptable behavior for an adult human. Anyway, all the ire can finally desist because this incredible genius, Jennie Lamere, invented a browser plugin called Twivo that, get this, BLOCKS ALL THAT INCONSIDERATE NOISE based on tags, keywords, your show title and character names like, Joffrey B****face Baratheon.

Jennie is 18 years old, just finished high school (we talked Friday, which was her LAST DAY and her birthday woo hoo!) and created the software at a hackathon in Boston last month where she SMOKED all the dude competitors and won working solo. She was the only female to submit a completed project and even then one of a very few women who entered in the first place and when we heard about her at MTV Style, we were so inspired that we all dropped our regular beats (romper market research and Rihanna hair, obvi) to stalk her online. Jennie's favorite shows are Dance Moms and Pretty Little Liars but she has a slew of other hobbies as well (like the ROBOTICS team), so we caught up with her to talk about how she got into coding, what it feels like at a hackathon when you're under a deadline and what she's learned so far.


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Judging Kanye judges your cargo shorts and striped scarf.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of VPCAM/Sockstores

It's a rare but always delightful treat when Kanye West takes to Twitter for one of his signature streams of consciousness. We aaaaall remember the several-hour-long Internet soliloquy that ended in the reveal of DONDA, Kanye's design company/think tank, right? Well, Yeezy's latest Twitter spiel is inspired by a weekend drive through the city and the slew of fashion faux pas he was so pained to witness from his whip.


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Gwen Stefani Child Fashion

Gwen Stefani and her brother Eric.
Photo: @GwenStefani's Twitter

First off, welcome to Twitter, Gwen Stefani! The No Doubt singer joined the social network yesterday, and we've already been graced with some amazing throwback gems straight from the source, aka Gwen is tweeting childhood photos of herself. Score! Unsurprisingly, Gwen has been cool ever since she was a little kid. Peep the photo above—it's Gwen and her brother Eric circa 8th grade. Awww! She said her mom custom-made the edgy white sheath dress, and we're kiiiinda jealous. We did not look this put together in middle school to say the least. (Crooked teeth and wispy bangs, anyone? Yikes.) She also rocked some soft blonde layers and a fresh-faced visage. But wait, there's more!


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Lady Gaga looks fresh faced in India.
Photo: Courtesy of @ladygaga's Twitter

As most of the legions of Li'l Monsters already know, Lady Gaga is currently in India celebrating the country's first Formula 1 car race. Not only has she debuted a stunning almost-beehive hair confection and a one-shoulder Naeem Khan dress for a press event, she performed a Bollywood version of "Born This Way". Our Lady has also been Tweeting just how much she loves her first visit to the home of both the glorious Taj Mahal and delicious curry while also sharing snippets of her sunny smile. You see, even when Mother Monster is busy with work, she makes sure we're tucked in at night with a simple message or visions of her angelic visage dancing upon our little zombie brains. And seeing as how it's Halloween today (or GAGAWEEN as we like to call it), we're relieved that we get to rest our costume-assaulted eyes on a Gaga that is both hairspray and lacquer-free. How fresh-faced and lovely does she look in this photo?


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The entire MTV Style staff in Skele-Toes.
Photo: MTV Style

Here at MTV Style, we wear heels or platforms...basically every day. We break our backs, pulverize the cartilege in our knees, and get nasty blisters all for the sake of FASHUNN. So today, we decided to do things a little differently. We've ditched our sky-highs for some Fila Skele-Toes, aka "those toeshoes." We're chronicling our adventures via the MTV Style Twitter AND our personal Twitters. Follow the shenanigans with the hashtag #daywithoutheels. We can't believe how short we all are. The air is so thick and luxurious down here...


Today's assignment: Wear these gross-tastic toe shoes ALL DAY and report any feedback. HOW DO YOU LIKE OUR FEETZ? than a minute ago via Twitpic Favorite Retweet Reply


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Lady Gaga certainly knows how to mix it up with the fans. First she had the Twitterazzi FUH-REAKING out by leaking the first ever sneak peek at the cover art for her new album, Born This Way. Gagaloo is shown as a sexy motorcycle borg hybrid and given the gleaming, contorted metal body parts, her facial prosthetics seemed comparatively discreet. Gaga then quietly sat back and let message boards and Stan sites argue that her Twitpic had been a decoy and just as everyone was worked up into a lather, she released a shot of her HOLDING the physical artwork with her boot in the background. Today, she revealed, again via Twitter, that it WAS IN FACT the final artwork and that a special edition album would show a close-up of the mussed blond 'do and hyper stylized feline makeup. Rawr.

Lady Gaga's Special Edition 'Born This Way' album cover art.
Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's Twitter

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Wow. Um. So I know this is definitely filed under the Dewey Decimal System under, "Uh DOY" but Jessica Alba is really pretty. Like, seriously, who but she can take heaps and heaps of photos of themselves in challenging lighting on a smartphone and still look so consistently angelic. Plus, she does stuff like make adorable fugfaces that are SO charming that they're winsome, too. She really should consider acting in movies and being in magazines or something... Anyway, to celebrate Diane von Furstenberg's hosting of The Red Ball in Beijing, as a part of her ongoing Journey of a Dress (an exhibition that celebrates the esteemed designer's more than 40 years in the business), Jessica Alba cataloged the entire journey on Twitter. From delicious meals, to shopping, to partying, to hobnobbing with other exceedingly gorgefaced actress types, to goofing around on random Sino-rickrack, all the goodness can be seen on the DVF site but check out our sneak peek below. Man, we <3 the immediacy of the interweb. *HUGS*

All photos: Courtesy @jessicaalba




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All photos: Courtesy @MarcJacobsInt

Marc Jacobs now has a place to call home in Tokyo. While the new Aoyama district flagship has been open for a few weeks now, Marc, company president Robert Duffy, and the rest of the team have been visiting for the past couple of days to promote the GORGEOUS store. And judging by the flurry of recent tweets (about everything from store giveaways to meeting Tokyo design students), the Stephan Jaklitsch Architects-designed, 2,800 square foot brick-and-mortar is definitely the talk of the town.


A host of fashion insiders, including Marc Jacobs company president Robert Duffy and celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith, flew in for the "house warming."


To lure "tweeps" into the store, Robert Duffy announced over Twitter that he and the team would be handing out free copies of The Men + Women of Marc Jacobs, a picture book that launched in September and features MJ employees around the world that were photographed by Brian Bowen Smith.


Stateside "tweeps" must have gotten jealous about the freebies tweet, because the next tweet explained the concept of the Tokyo flagship store and why there isn't one in New York City...yet.


In matching black tees, Marc Jacobs (on the right) took a quick twitpic with Marc Jacobs' president Robert Duffy. But, who's been drinking? Could have fooled us!


Robert, who clearly has an appreciation for Japanese style and creativity, couldn't have left Tokyo without meeting with some of the city's up-and-coming designers.


Talk about a storefront that draws you in! The Tokyo store features fish tank glass windows. AMAZING!


Sooooo, you couldn't make it over to the Aoyama MJ store in Tokyo on Jan. 5. Neither could we. Sneak a peek inside the store with this pic. Do you see the glorious, glorious wall o' bags!?


After meeting and mingling all day, Robert Duffy (in a snazzy b&w scarf) partied with models and fashionistas inside the flagship.


After a whirlwind few days in Tokyo of book signing, meeting journalists and chatting with customers, Robert Duffy finally signs off. Next stop...London.

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