lords of dogtown

Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch), Stacy Peralta (John Robinson) and Rony Alva (Victor Rasuk) in 'Lords of Dogtown.'
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

In case you haven't noticed, it's summer outside. Specifically, that so-hot-my-face-is-melting scenario when you're dreaming about running sans swimsuit through an arctic tundra. We've been searching for relief in various ways (ice cubes down tube socks, hand-held fan misters propped up on desks) but can't think of anything better than a box full of popsicles and the ultimate summer movie—Lords of Dogtown. If there's any film that epitomizes "locals only" LA living—from breezy interludes and super cute surfer dudes to seriously gnarly skate style—it's this one. Did we mention it's directed by Catherine Hardwicke (she of Twilight part uno) and stars Emile Hirsch and Heath Ledger? And it's based on the true story of the birth of skateboarding? Nikki Reed dances in moccasins all over it, too. But besides all of that goodness, it's a seriously fantastic film with the sweetest of SoCal style.

lords of dogtown

The crew hangs out at the Zephyr Skate Shop in 'Lords of Dogtown.'
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Lords of Dogtown arose out of the documentary, Dogtown and Z-Boys, which was directed by former pro-surfer and skateboarder Stacy Peralta. Not only did Peralta write the semi-autobiographical Lords, he put himself in it—albeit the younger version of himself played by John Robinson. The film follows three very different surfers, Peralta and his sometime-pals Jay Adams (Emile Hirsch) and Tony Alva (Victor Rasuk). All from different backgrounds, they skate and surf the aforementioned "Locals Only" area of the Santa Monica Pier during the early 1970s. (And when they say locals, they mean it, lest you get your noggin' bashed in.) Amidst their lazy days spent carousing amongst the palm trees looking ridiculously cute in striped tees, slouchy jeans, and faded Vans, the trio hang out at the Zephyr Skate Shop, which is owned by surf/skate board designer Skip Engblom (Heath Ledger).


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Costume designer Mona May's sketch of Cher and Dionne's outfits in 'Clueless.'
Photo: Courtesy of Mona May

The 1990s may be known as the grunge era, but in 1995, something cataclysmic happened in the world of cinema to change all that. Um, hello? We're totally talking about Clueless, aka one of the best teen movies of ALL TIME. It became a fashion phenomenon and catapulted star Alicia Silverstone, who plays Beverly Hills high schooler Cher, into superstar status. She singlehandedly stomped all over bland flannel and baggy jeans with super feminine, thigh-high, plaid mini-skirted abandon along with her best friend Dionne. Together, they wore matching outfits that were fresh off the runways and tailored to fit their personalities—such as Cher's to-DIE white Calvin Klein dress that is still relevant today—and spread their sartorial prowess to Tai (played by the forever-missed Brittany Murphy, RIP), the grunge-y new girl who gets a hilariously killer makeover.


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'Trinkets' by Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith.
Photo: Courtesy of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

Is it summer already? Because it should be, right? While the official first day of summer isn't until June 21, we're already planning potential vacays and compiling our beach reading list—even if "beach" translates to an inflatable kiddie pool or wearing our swimsuits to the park. Reading a super fun page-turner is the perfect way to pass the time, especially when it involves three girls, each with their own discernible style, who also happen to share an affinity for kleptomania. Written by Kirsten "Kiwi" Smith, Trinkets has already received stellar reviews, but it also gets major bonus points for having a cover conceived and designed by teens. Also, it grabs you from the very first page, which is no wonder given Smith's Hollywood cred. She's the screenwriter responsible for 10 Things I Hate About You, Legally Blonde, She's the Man, and The House Bunny. And not only does the book read like a movie, it'll have you wanting to change up your summer style too.


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the craft

Rachel True, Fairuza Balk, Robin Tunney and Neve Campbell in 'The Craft.'
Photo: Courtesy of Columbia Pictures

Just about every supernatural genre has been made into a movie or TV show in recent years. We've had vampires (Twilight, Vampire Diaries), werewolves (Hemlock Grove and Teen Wolf, obvs), ghosts (Paranormal Activity), and aliens (The Host and, arguably, Spring Breakers). But it's been awhile since the spotlight was solely focused on witches frolicking in our movie magic midst, that is unless you include the now defunct TV series The Secret Circle (RIP), which went poof in the night practically overnight. Sure, we're huge Bonnie Bennett fans, so all due props to Kat Graham's role on Vampire Diaries, but I want to turn your attention to the campy, beloved, choker-laden, creepy coven flick, The Craft. Not only does it defy all other cinematic witchery (Hocus Pocus, anyone?) and TV show copycats like Charmed, it takes your average teens-with-powers story and twists it into a riot-grrrl-infused parable of good vs evil. Did I mention it's also full of style sorcery? I'm assuming you're conjuring images of black lipstick, mesh gloves, and the entire contents of Hot Topic pooling around your ankles in a Manic Panic-infused slurry of striped purple angst. Fear not, there's a humble dose of 1990s mini skirt and thigh-high power in these parts, but just the right sprinkle of weirdo fairy dust, too.


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Whew, prom's ALMOST HERE. (Totally necessary to use all-caps for emphasis.) No doubt you've got your dress and shoe game on lock and are making last minute decisions on hair, makeup, and hmmm ... what are we forgetting? That's right, accessories! Prom just isn't prom without a dash of sparkle, some sort of flower somewhere, and the perfect unfussy handbag to accompany your emergency kit. But why not kick it up a notch this year and go for bold statements where your accoutrements are concerned? We've done the work for you on what's on-trend whether you're going for a full accessory look or are just looking to perk up your outfit here and there. Don't forget: this is the one event of the year where you can truly go for it! Thus, read on for inspiration...


great gatsby prom

Photo: ASOS/Accessorize.com/Topshop/ban.do

If you've been watching TV, take public transportation, or felt the return of Leo DiCaprio in your ether, then you're probably more than aware that The Great Gatsby movie is opening on May 10. Sure to kick off the blockbuster summer movie season with style (and a killer soundtrack to match… hi, Jay-Z), it seems only fitting that Gatsby flapper glamour should align with prom. Always a classy look, it's easy to Carey Mulligan-ize any long black dress or drop-waisted sheath with 1920s-esque accessories. Start with a flapper headband ($25), which gets bonus points for working with absolutely every hair style. Pair it with Gatsby drop chandelier earrings ($23), a crystal swirl brooch ($130), and a fringed facet bracelet ($25) that jangles while you dance. Don't forget to adorn your décolletage with a major rhinestone collar ($100) and a party-ready embellished clutch ($50). GORGE.


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Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains

Diane Lane as Corinne Burns in 'Ladies And Gentlemen, The Fabulous Stains.'
Photo: Paramount Pictures

All of us at some point or another have fallen in love with a movie so deeply, we've wanted to become the characters. Whether that means buying a Drive scorpion jacket or having a sudden affinity for neon short shorts, pink ski masks, and a Britney Spears slow jam sesh in the bedroom mirror (Spriiiiing Breeeeak, y'all!), the right alchemy of cinematic sound, feel, and badassery can be stylishly transformative. While there are more than a few current films worthy of style stealing, I'm interested in pinpointing the cult flicks of yesteryear. You know, the ones that birthed the choker necklace (i.e. anything in the '90s) or spawned the thigh-high and plaid skirt revolution (see also the '90s). First up is one of the coolest and most iconic punk rock girl power movies EVER made—Ladies and Gentlemen the Fabulous Stains. Though barely released in 1982, there's something so timeless and NOW about this story of a teen girl band that fools the world and themselves, that you'll find yourself considering red eyeshadow, an oversized beret, and a Gaga-style no-pants look for every day. Also? A skunk mullet.


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Arrow de Wilde in Keaton Henson's "Lying to You" video.
Photo: Oak Ten Records

We all love vids featuring our favorite superstars frolicking around in killer outfits. But, sometimes, there are those rare music videos that tell the story of the music, don't feature the artist at all, and yet somehow weave their way deep into our hearts. Keaton Henson's video for his new song "Lying to You" is in that category. Not only is it directed by photographer Autumn de Wilde, who has shot some of the most iconic figures in music history and, last time we checked in her, was shooting stylist Shirley Kurata in the raddest of outfits on House of Style, it features her teenage daughter Arrow in the main role. It's a simple yet beautiful video, and we guarantee it will make you want to freshen up your jean jacket game with—we kid you not—a tampon pin. MTV Style spoke to de Wilde about her adolescent inspiration for the video and the enduring power of badass teen girls.

MTV Style: How did you and Keaton Henson decide to work together?

I was asked to write a treatment for the song, which I loved instantly. I drew some pictures and typed him a letter about all of the things I wished we could do. I had really expensive ideas—fantasy videos that would be impossible to do. We got on the phone and came up with an idea together that was feasible.


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Snow white and the huntsman

A still from 'Snow White and the Huntsman.'
Photo: Movie Web

If you've watched a movie, you've probably seen a costume by Colleen Atwood. Unless, that is, you've never seen Alice in Wonderland, Edward Scissorhands (pretty much any movie by Tim Burton) or the film she's been nominated for both a Costume Designers Guild Award and an Oscar this year—Snow White and the Huntsman. But, really, you've seen her costumes. Remember those super-gothy, high-collared ensembles in Sweeney Todd (aka Scary Johnny Depp) or the covetable mini dresses Amanda Seyfried wore running alongside Timberlake in In Time? Yep, Atwood. She's been nominated for ten Academy Awards throughout her career and already has three gold statuettes hanging out on a shelf or mantel space somewhere. It's virtually impossible not to experience finger cramping while scrolling through her impressive resume, but, suffice it to say, from gloves made of scissors to an entire dress festooned with beetles, she's pretty much the top of the tops in the world of costume design. Annnnd she's an incredibly busy woman. So much so, we only got about five minutes with her in anticipation of all of the awards being given out this week. But, to our delight, she willingly opened up about Snow White, what it's like working with Kristen Stewart, Chris Hemsworth, and Charlize Theron, as well as what goes into becoming a costume designer yourself. Get the scoop below!


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Moonrise Kingdom

A still from 'Moonrise Kingdom'
Photo: Movie Web

It's hard not to play favorites when it comes to the costume design in movies this year, but if there's one movie we want to steal clothes from it's Moonrise Kingdom. Aside from offering up a 1960s utopia of pink minidresses, Peter Pan collars, Boy Scout accoutrements, knee-socks, saddle-shoes, and the coolest red wool Pendleton coat ever, the Wes Anderson-helmed teen romance was responsible for the most popular couples costume this past Halloween. (How many Suzy and Sam's did you see?) Whether it was Sam's raccoon tail hat or Suzy's raspberry beret, every inch of this flick was emanating serious cinematic fashion magic. Lucky for us, we got to speak to Moonrise Kingdom's costume designer, Kasia Walicka-Maimone, all about her Costume Designers Guild Awards nomination (she finds out tonight!), what it's like working with Wes Anderson, and her thoughts on inspiring a Halloween phenomenon.


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Can you believe it's almost summer? We can't, especially when it's still completely grey and rainy outside (*sad face*). Still, we're so down with getting in the beach-slash-picnic-slash-sunshine spirit, and one way to do that is with a festive handbag. Whether you need a school or office book bag now that will double as a beach tote later or are looking for something completely bold to change up your shoulder accessory game, we're certain you'll find these warm weather bags both delicious and summertime friendly.


Lazy Oaf French Fry Shopper, Betsey Johnson Brasil Viva Tote, ASOS Ice Cream Backpack, and Cooperative Fruit Keychain.
Photo: ASOS; Macy's; ASOS; Urban Outfitters

Nothing says summer like a vibrant array of seemingly edible handbags. Why not pay homage to that time of year when fruit is riper, ice cream is mandatory, and eating take-out in the grass is the norm? We're obsessed with this craymazing Lazy Oaf French Fries Shopper ($13.05) which is bold, bright, and hilarious. This french fry guy wants to hold your swimsuit and your snacks. Betsey Johnson's Brasil Viva Betsey Tote ($98) has summertime embroidered all over it. From the puffy pineapple and metallic watermelon slice to the gold sequined sunshine at the rim, this is perfect for pairing with a simple tank dress. Or toss an ASOS Ice Cream Backpack ($60.88)—covered in cupcakes, swirly cones, and candy—over your t-shirt, denim cut-offs, and flip flops ensemble. Don't forget to tip your keys out, too, with this adorable Urban Outfitters Fruit Keychain ($8). Who doesn't want to pull a smiling strawberry out of their handbag?


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