Ashley Tisdale at the 'Sharpay's Fabulous Adventure!' DVD signing in L.A. on April 19.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Singer22

Whoa. So much actually going on in this photo. First we were all, Yeah, AshTiz looks great. Oh, she appears to be in front of a shelf in a bookstore, and we love bookstores and the way they mostly have agreeable lighting. Some of them even have a Starbucks where we can caffeinate our faces off and ooooh what do we have here? A supercute cinched-waist dress with kicky little gathers and... WAIT, OH SNAP. This "sweet" dress is actually stealth sexy: On a cursory glance it looks demure and angelic with its modest neckline and short but not too-short hem.

Check it out—not only does the gauzy cutout plunge down to the waist, but it's actually similarly sheer in the back as well, save a thick band of opaque fabric where the zipper is (it's stylized so it's way cute and not obtrusive). And at no point does anything devolve into unsavory territory because the creamy color keeps everything above board and wholesome for a daytime or well-lit indoor event. The dress does come in black too, which is fascinating because it's not that the color switch renders it skanky or anything (NOT AT ALL) but it looks like a totally different dress and would look stellar out on the town. In fact, when you look at both, there's something distinctly ballet-ish about the delivery, which always tends to be elegant (when they're not hallucinating and stabbing evil doppelgängers with shards of glass to stake their claim as PRIMA BALLERINAAAAAAA [because they are soooo hungry and tired]). Plus, our favorite part? Is that the dress, called the "Lulu" from Love & Lemons is only $88 clams! Righteous. Check out all the views and linkage here.

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ZOMG you guys, it's prom season and while MTV Style's coverage will be going FULL TILT starting May 2 (mark your calendars), last night marked the world premiere of Disney's prom movie entitled, Prom (well, right), which will see nationwide release next weekend (May 29, to be exact). Squeeeeeee. And while there's a lot to be gleaned from the trailer which you can see here, the basic premise is that Aimee Teegarden's character, Nova Prescott (good bougie name!), wants to have The Perfect Prom (*lightning crash*) along with a buncha other couples who also want everything to be "just right." And then there's this "bad" boy, Thomas McDonell, who looks like if Keanu Reeve's genes and Johnny Depp's genes made a beautiful baby son (read: RIDIC HOT) whose "punishment" is that he not only HAS TO go to prom but he has to work on the prom committee with the gorgeous Ms. Teegarden who is seriously as cute as a button. Like, maybe even a little bit cuter than when she's on the greatest television show about sports and the only one I've successfully ever watched about football—Friday Night Lights. But prom is all about DRESSES so let's pluck some ideas out from the red carpet style of Debby Ryan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Aimee, Tara Lipinski (random!), Amber Lancaster and Rebecca Black.

Debby Ryan, Kendall and Kylie Jenner, and Aimee Teegarden at the 'Prom' premiere in Hollywood on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Disney's Debby Ryan wears a floral printed, light pink, lavender, and gray column dress with a splendidly fitted bodice and tight horizontal gathers aplenty. In our extensive prom research (aka diligent rifling through of magazines), we discovered that tons of fash-obsessed teens are interpreting current spring/summer 2011 fashion trends into their dresses and this floral, no-SOOOOO-evening-wear-ish maxi option is an awesome one.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner went for twinsies appeal in matching royal blue dresses of exactly the same length, and while it may look a little spooky, the color itself is a definite win. Look it, if you and your hard-core bestie are DROP-DEAD SURE you want to wear the same color, just do it. We'd suggest a little more variation in the silhouette and differing hair/makeup/accessories (these ladies' shoes are deliriously cute) but otherwise, pshaaaaw, it's prom, do what you want.

Our star, Aimee, went for classic glam but did it in a totally age-appropriate way and rocked a stunning slight-sweetheart beaded dress in an elegant silver and clutch. The somewhat muted sheen makes the look totally modern and refined while the loose hair keeps the aesthetic young and carefree.

Tara Lipinski, Amber Lancaster, and Rebecca Black at the 'Prom' premiere in Hollywood on April 21.
Photo: Getty Images

Cocktail lengths were big last night, and Olympic figure skater Tara Lipinski wore a white and black dress with a white overlay. The bold, contouring stripes not only flaunt her already small waist but also accentuate her curves, which is critical for those petite gals among us. Plus, it gives the dress a harder edge, which with all that white and mesh could've skewed too girly.

Amber Lancaster from The Hard Times of R.J. Berger, rocks a gathered turquoise, coral, brown and yellow number that's asymmetrical AND tie-dyed, two hot trends for the season. We love that she opted to go stark white with the shoe so as not to compete with the palette of the dress.

Rebecca Black from the internet and morning shows and recipient of a ton of unwarranted hateration chose to go all-white with a fitted bodice and balloon skirt. A breezy version of something that could've turned into a wedding gown nightmare were it too voluminous. The way she has it here is just right. White, whoda thunk it for a prom theme? But it works.

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Drew Barrymore at 'The Beauty Detox Solution' launch party in West Hollywood on April 13, Rumer Willis at a "Love, Loss & What I Wore' celebration in New York on March 24, and Mandy Moore at the ASPCA headquarters in New York on April 20.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh snaps! Flame-tressed goodness in threesies! Maybe it's the promise of summer and that gloriously floral springtime scent in the air, but it's definitely a season for change. And by change we mean temporarily experimenting with the color of the fibrous structural proteins that make up your HAIR! The first case of going rouge was spotted on our dear trendsetting Whitney Port earlier this month, with her typically blonde strands going strawberry and then BAMBAMBAM, we've got Drew Barrymore, Rumer Willis and Mandy Moore looking perfect for spring and debuting gorgeous red heads. It's amazing what a difference it makes. I mean, not cuhrazy to where they look that different. They were freakishly attractive ladies to begin with.

Drew opted for coppery layers that still beautifully complements her boho-chic ensemble choices and makes her skin look bright and amazing. Serious peaches-n-cream going on here. Given that this long 'do is one that she's sported for several years, it's kinda incredible that the influx of color alters everything subtly like, look at the green flecks that comprise the hazel of her eyes. Plus, it warms up all that lovely gold jewelry.

Rumer's quintessentially Rumer-ish modified pixie/bob goes for a more maroonish red, which gives a great deal of depth to her wavy tousled, asymmetrical strands. It's like the rug in The Dude's house; it really ties the room together etc etc.

Mandy's hair is GLORIOUS and always looks rich and perfect and healthy and shiny, and like it smells like either almonds or outside or field (but not if there's like animals or anything. This is not where this is going). The awesome thing about Mandy's hair is that the auburn and rusty red highlights make all types of springtime colors and floral looks feminine and beautiful. Like a girl you want to marry immediately and make her learn acoustic guitar or put on an old-school bicycle with a basket or something. Plus, she loves cats. Winner.

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Olivia Palermo in Limelight for StyleCaster.
Photo: Seiji Fulimori

Oh man, it really is incredible how consistently awesome Olivia Palermo looks (remember how well turned out she was in this shopping vid?). Check out this exclusive Stylecaster editorial entitled, "Limelight," with the former star of The City 'cause it showcases an aspect of her aesthetic that we absolutely adore--the fact that she looks so much like a 1970s starlet. Add to that a pensive, folksy, fashion element, a devastatingly beautiful acoustic guitar, textured neutrals, and BANGS and we're beyond sold. But, whaaaa there's an interview by some lovely person by the name of Kerry Pieri, you say? Awesome. We've snippeted them for you.

On her personal style:
My taste has evolved over the years, but I have always stayed true to timeless classic with a modern edge. And, of course for me it’s all about accessorizing!

Where she likes to go on holiday:
I love to travel and open my eyes to all the different forms of beauty in the world. I don’t fancy staying in the same place for very long. A few of my favorite destinations are the Maldives, St Barth's, and anywhere with a significant amount of snow to go skiing.

Favorite designers:
DVF, Giambattista Valli, Marchesa.

Fashion icons:
I’m obsessed with Old Hollywood glamour. Most of my fashion icons are from that time period: Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Carey Grant, Humphrey Bogart.

Boyfriend and dog's name (respectively):
Johannes and Mr. Butler.

Olivia Palermo in Limelight for StyleCaster.
Photo: Seiji Fulimori

CLOTHING CREDITS. (First Images) Left: Chloé bodysuit, stylist own; Vintage leather jacket, similar styles FROCKNYC; J.Mendel skirt, $1,990, at J.Mendel Boutiques or JMendel; Ring, stylist own. Right: Yigal Azrouel tunic top, similar styles Yigal Azrouel; J. Mendel skirt, $1,990, at J.Mendel Boutiques or jmendel; Vintage chain belt, similar styles FROCKNYC. (Last Image) Matthew Williamson dress $8,495, at Matthew Williamson New York or MatthewWilliamson; Giuseppe Zanotti heels, similar styles Giuseppe Zanotti; Alexis Bittar ring $175, AlexisBittar; Olivia’s own bracelet

Photographer: Seiji Fulimori
Stylist: James Worthington DeMolet
Makeup: Keiko Hiramoto, Bryan Bantry
Hair: Rutger, See Management
Manicurist: Maki Sakimoto
Model: Olivia Palermo, Wilhelmina


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Ginnifer Goodwin at the 'Something Borrowed' press conference in Santa Monica, California, on April 18, and Robyn at the Logo NewNowNext Awards in Hollywood, California, on April 7.
Photo: WireImage/Getty Images

Maaaaaaaaaaaargeeeeeeeene! Man, we've been in BIG LOVE (massive, really) with actress Ginnifer Goodwin's dizzying hairvolution since she first boldly chopped her wavy, shoulder-length layered locks into a side-parted long, straight bob to an ear-length bob and then finally to a full-on pixie with some variations being the side-swept pixie (instructions on this look can be found here [Thanks InStyle, no wonder y'all have an entire hair mag].). Her stylist, Anh Co Tran, (who has a super-cute Tumblr chock full of photos of his clients with a ton of his fashion editorial as well) is no stranger to experimentation and since he's an LA/NY-based hair magician to the stars, copping a ballsy 'do is about being in the right hands. That and enough gumption in your soul and hard to recognize that hair grows back and that despite how "craptastic" your bangs look today that everyone will cope and fewer boys than you could ever imagine would even notice. The thing we can't get over is that the fashion bowl cut mimics one of our FAVORITE Swedes in the whole wide universe--none other than the spandex cat-suit wearing, Jeremy Scott-loving, dancing-on-my-own, haaaaaaaaaang with me (forever)--Robyn. Now if they'll only answer my prayers and deign to spend time with each other on Sunday to go antiquing, then brunch, then (why not) ANOTHER round of Bloody Marys, then taking matchy poo texturing spray from their handbags to expertly groom each other's bangs like beautiful, beautiful Siamese cats to look just perfect. That would rule.

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There's a mesmerizing article on Fashionista wherein they count all the magazine covers that featured the undoubtedly beautiful, boldly colorful Spring 2011 rugby striped potassium-packed bananas Prada collection. They painstakingly compile a gallery of 48 (with a couple of additions from keen-eyed commenters) and while it's endlessly entertaining to play "Where's Waldo?" and pluck out all the instances and pick our favorites we realized we had a big, itchy question on our brains. If a massive brand like Prada is getting all this shine--even on relatively esoteric boutique titles--and magazine cover real estate is finite, when do we get to see supernew-experimental-crazy stuff? Also, why does this keep happening? Like, why such a long tail on the story? I see the inherent challenge in making YOUR PRADA cover mind-bogglingly different as to be neat because you used all the same tools for SUCH a WILDLY divergent result but what's the impetus beyond that? I realize asking whether something is "good" or "bad" for fashion can be argued to death with hairs split ad infinitum along zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz grains since it's all very subjective but WHAT SAY YOU? Do you think it's cool to see so many interpretations on he same designs? Or are your eyeballs bored out of their sockets? Tell us in the comments!

Anna Wintour on the cover of WSJ. Magazine, and Amanda Seyfried on the cover of Marie Claire.
Photo: Courtesy of WSJ. Magazine/Marie Claire

Heavy hitters on mainstream books. It's notable how versatile the collection is given how age appropriate it is across different decades. Amanda Seyfried is in her 20s and Anna Wintour is not.

The covers of Avenuel and 160g.
Photo: Courtesy of Avenuel/160g

The dazzling effect of geometric lines is undeniable in both images but did these both have to solely employ Prada stripes?

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Lady Gaga certainly knows how to mix it up with the fans. First she had the Twitterazzi FUH-REAKING out by leaking the first ever sneak peek at the cover art for her new album, Born This Way. Gagaloo is shown as a sexy motorcycle borg hybrid and given the gleaming, contorted metal body parts, her facial prosthetics seemed comparatively discreet. Gaga then quietly sat back and let message boards and Stan sites argue that her Twitpic had been a decoy and just as everyone was worked up into a lather, she released a shot of her HOLDING the physical artwork with her boot in the background. Today, she revealed, again via Twitter, that it WAS IN FACT the final artwork and that a special edition album would show a close-up of the mussed blond 'do and hyper stylized feline makeup. Rawr.

Lady Gaga's Special Edition 'Born This Way' album cover art.
Photo: Courtesy of Lady Gaga's Twitter

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There's no doubt that Donatella Versace is a fashion legend. And far be it for us to detract from her enormous success in steering the house of Versace given her brother Gianni's untimely death in the summer of 1997, (Oh. God. Can we actually take a moment because every time I think of Gianni Versace and Andrew Cunanan, I feel insane. Do you remember this INTENSE Time magazine cover? If you haven't already, you should read the entire article here. It is amazing. And how much do we love that there's no paywall?) but we're a little *crooked eyebrows* on some of these notions that she raises in her recent interview with Reuters. The "nut" is that while she's BFFs with musicians like Elton John and Sting and how celebs like Britney Spears, Taylor Swift and her Madgesty dons her frocks, she's totally unconvinced that a celebrity is capable of making truly creative fashion. She implies that the type of crazy-pants life that a celebrity leads makes it unlikely that they'd find true inspiration, but ultimately it's this quote that ruffles feathers.

Donatella Versace at Milan Fashion Week in Milan, Italy on Feb. 25.
Photo: Getty Images

"I think it is more a question of marketing. Some of these collections are for cheaper, mass market fashion. I don't think that creativity is there."

Hold. The. Phone. Since when was mass market fashion and creativity completely mutually exclusive? Also, what about when a very tony designer DEIGNS to make a wide-release capsule collection? Is that designer's creativity suddenly sapped entirely from the fiscal parameters of unit cost? Also, what is this about famous people leading such anthropologically specific lives that they can't design clothes? Is there nothing insular and wonky about the lives of couturiers? People are entitled to their opinions and artists will often take a controversial or unpopular stance but D.V. relax on the bold name skewering, especially when they're killing it.


Gwen Stefani at the L.A.M.B. fall 2011 fashion show in New York on Feb. 17.
Photo: Getty Images

Love, Angel, Music, Baby... LAMB needs little introduction and Gwen Stefani's clothing line that launched in 2004 has always exemplified not only Gwen's FLAWLESS personal style (the shoes are reliably incredible) but is enormously fun, fresh and consistently welcomed at Fashion Week.

Get The Look:
+ Shoes
+ Bag
+ Dress


Jessica Simpson at the Rockefeller Center in New York on Nov. 30.
Photo: Getty Images

By now we've all heard the projected $1 billion in sales that the Jessica Simpson Collection is slated to haul in this year and while Donatella will likely give the selection the side eye, there's something to be said for Jessica DOMINATING the retail scene so handily. And though the platform heels and flirty dresses as well as the sportswear line that will be added this year (with expectations to yield somewhere between $100-$200 million in retail sale), aren't rocket surgery aesthetically speaking, shopper fealty behind the JS empire lies in her attention to detail. The clothes are routinely described in reviews as flattering, and the shoes are vaunted for being comfortable, DESPITE sporting ginormous heels.

Get The Look:
+ Shoes
+ Dress
+ Glasses


Justin Timberlake at the 'Yogi Bear 3-D' premiere in L.A. on Dec. 11.
Photo: Getty Images

JT and his childhood buddy Trace launched William Rast in 2005. Named after their maternal grandfathers (how Proenza Schouler-ish), William Rast is predominantly known for their denim that enjoys the creative direction of none other than Johan Lindeberg of J.Lindeberg. And whether fashion designers like it or not, the young clothing line was enough to snag Justin Timberlake a spot on the Council of Fashion Designers of America.

Get The Look:
+ Shirt
+ Shoes
+ Sunglasses


Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen at The Metropolitan Opera House in New York on March 24.
Photo: Getty Images

Routinely labeled as the superlative in stylish stars with constant rumors circulating that they've quit acting altogether to focus on fashion, the Olsen sisters' sartorial credibility is relatively unflappable. In both The Row and Elizabeth & James (and now, the partners are undeniably creative (as subjective as something like "style" may be), and these guys have been famous for the majority of their lives.

Get The Look:
+ Shoes
+ Dress
+ Sunglasses

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Wow. Um. So I know this is definitely filed under the Dewey Decimal System under, "Uh DOY" but Jessica Alba is really pretty. Like, seriously, who but she can take heaps and heaps of photos of themselves in challenging lighting on a smartphone and still look so consistently angelic. Plus, she does stuff like make adorable fugfaces that are SO charming that they're winsome, too. She really should consider acting in movies and being in magazines or something... Anyway, to celebrate Diane von Furstenberg's hosting of The Red Ball in Beijing, as a part of her ongoing Journey of a Dress (an exhibition that celebrates the esteemed designer's more than 40 years in the business), Jessica Alba cataloged the entire journey on Twitter. From delicious meals, to shopping, to partying, to hobnobbing with other exceedingly gorgefaced actress types, to goofing around on random Sino-rickrack, all the goodness can be seen on the DVF site but check out our sneak peek below. Man, we <3 the immediacy of the interweb. *HUGS*

All photos: Courtesy @jessicaalba




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Whitney Port at the 2010 Coachella Festival in Indio, California.
Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port's website/Photo Agency

OMG you guys. Coachella is TOMORROW, and if you haven't already made your head splode from thinking what permutation of shows you're gonna watch, there's a pretty nifty cheat sheet here. But if you're fretting about what combination of things to pack/wear/ditch to ensure utmost comfort without looking like some tragic, dehydrated, feral festival gross monster (remember last year's train wrecks?), well, lucky for you (and, let's face it, ALL OF US), our girl Whitney Port has broken down the math into WAY easy, followable rules. She's got a handy-dandy, sorta-obvious-but-not-in-the-throes-of-last-minute-spazz-packing guide. Here are our highlights.

COMFORTABLE SHOES: "Go with Converse or flats. Boots can be cute, but you'll end up with pretty embarrassing tan lines and they can often get a bit hot."

From left: Kimchi Blue Canvas Mary Jane, Converse All Star Stonewashed Canvas, and Marie Animal Print Pumps.
Photo: Courtesy of Urban Outfitters/Converse/Topshop

Our solution (from left): These floral lace-ups will securely stay on your foot whilst dancing, waiting for the facilities, DASHING from show to show.

Chucks need no introduction. Heavy co-sign 365. Reliable. Comfortable. Ubiquitous (for very good reason). Plus, if you don't presently have a pair in rotation (for shame) these are stonewashed so as not to be embarrassingly immaculate.

Animal-print pony flats go with EVERYTHING for any occasion.

FLOWY, LOOSE DRESSES: "These won't take up much room in your luggage, and they're easy to move around in. Plus they're good in the heat."

From left: Funktional Asteroid Dress, Savannah Tank Dress, and Striped Prints Strapless Dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Need Supply/Nasty Gal/Forever 21

Our solution (from left): This flowy, micro-Asteroid (NEED WE SAY MORE?) print dress has multiple points of interest. Looks just as good under a denim jacket or M-65. And is extremely memorable for "missed connection"-type scenarios.

A pretty, pretty, demure Peter Pan collar perfectly offsets your artfully beat up sneakers (see Chucks above). Plus, so evocative of the LEGENDARY baby-doll dress of grunge yore.

Yes, you and your boobs will be tugging at the top of this printed, strapless dress, and you definitely should pack a bandeau unless you're petite up top BUT you and your boobs will look AMAZING and funky tan-line-free for expert Coachella status.

COMFY SUNGLASSES: "Ones that actually shield the sun and that you're not constantly worrying about falling off. It's also not a bad idea to bring a cheap $10 pair that you wouldn't be too heartbroken about losing."

From top to bottom: Look Of Love Sunglasses, Charlie Sunglasses, and Monroe Cat Eye Sunglasses.
Photo: Courtesy of Modcloth/Fredflare/80sPurple

Our solution (from top): We live and DIE by cheapo sunnies and love this floral variation on the classic Lolita theme.

Tortoiseshell in a very RIGHT NOW silhouette. For 12 bucks.

Gigantic, incognito frames for late nights and squint-faced mornings after.

STATEMENT NAILS: "Getting my nails done since I'm leaving tomorrow for Coachella and I need to get something crazy!"

Whitney Port picking out nail designs on April 13.
Photo: Photo: Courtesy of Whitney Port's website

Aaaaaaand, if you're so organized as to have extra fash-time to add a little something to the ensemble as a whole, definitely get your nails done in an appropriately outdoorsy theme. Peep Ms. Port's nail post, too.

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