Welp, when you spend as many hours as we do thinking about prom (AFTER having graduated from high school a long, long time ago), it's only a matter of time until you start daydreaming about who you'd like to take as your date if it all went down today. Rather than just waxing nostalgic about our teenage glory days, we're taking prom to the next level (translation: our brains have been thoroughly broken by looking for a few too many princess dresses) and picking out our DREAM prom dates (for this year, anyway). It's a harder task than it sounds—we can't ALL take Ryan Gosling or Justin Timberlake or Kanye or hey, even Beyonce (uhhhh, HELLO, having a Single Ladies night with King Bey would be un-freaking-believable)—but someone's gotta we elected to do it. Read on as we delve deep into who we'd take, why we'd take him, what he'd wear and sooooo much more. Enjoy and try not to be too creeped out in the process!


Calvin Harris

Joe Jonas.
Photo: Via 'Paper' Magazine

Why he'd be a good date: Well, let me just put it this way, if this was Joe Jonas' response to a girl asking him to her spring formal then, well, prom is gonna be a ball, y'all. Between him staring longingly into the distance sans shirt (over a saxy jam, mind you) and talking about pulling his weight in the relationship while lifting dumbbells in skin-tight shorts, it's obvious Joe is total boyfriend, er, prom date material. He's funny, downright adorable, and, in case you've been living on a remote, internetless island for the past 10ish years, boy can SANG. Also, thanks to being in a band with his bros, he can dance/play guitar/do jazz hands/the whole shebang, so prom is basically that minus a million screaming girls and just me. Alone. In his arms.

What he'd wear: Not to be all, "Joe's the best-dressed dude EVAR," but he kiiinda is. Even GQ (reluctantly) admitted that he's a style star, so I'd hope he would pull out ALL the stops for his prom look. I'm guessing he'd sport a show-stopping tailored suit, a punchy shirt, skinny tie, classic oxfords, a hipster accessory (think: plastic glasses or bowler hat), and, of course, his signature stubble.

What we'd do: He'd probably want to do some semi-embarrassing-yet-still-adorable prom photo sesh before we leave (um, have you seen those pics of him jumping on a trampoline in a tux?), then we'd hit the dance floor until we sweat our balls off, and head out just before the dance ended. He'd take me to the beach where would we chill as he played some ditties on his guitar (about how gorge and amazing I am, obvi) and then we'd jump in the water—still wearing our clothes—because, um, haiiiii wet Joe Jonas. O____O Annnnd this is where I'll stop because I'm creepy and disgusting and I don't want y'all to judge me. Love you, Joe. Bye.


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Macklemore, Ryan Lewis

A still from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis' "Can't Hold Us Ft. Ray Dalton" music video.
Photo: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Ohhhhh SNAP. It feels like ages since we've been graced with a new, aesthetically dazzling music video from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, but never fear, Sharkface Gang. The wait is OVER! The Seattle-based duo just dropped their "Can't Hold Us" music video (honestly, more like short film, but you'll see for yourself in a minute) featuring the golden-throated and forever-smiling Ray Dalton, and y'all it is STUNNING. Shot on six different continents with a slew of unlikely cameos (a camel, for one), this is a definite production. Accordingly, Mack, Lewis, and Dalton all undergo several ensemble quick-changes, which means it's time for us to break the vid down look by look!


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Jaden Smith Wonderland Magazine

Jaden Smith in 'Wonderland' magazine.
Photo: Via Rory van Millingen/'Wonderland' Magazine

Sure, we've been fans of Willow Smith's style since, well, as long as this blog has existed, but recently we've been shifting our sartorial gaze toward her 14-year-old brother, Jaden. On the red carpet, he and his sister have been pulling out ALL the stops with their (sometimes coordinating!) fash-forward ensembles, and when he's not starring in blockbuster movies, he's working on his own clothing collection, MSFTSREP. Today, Jaden is officially making the transition into stylish magazine spreads, and we're obsessed with the couture skater look from his most recent shoot with Wonderland magazine. He sported a graphic rose print sweater by one of our personal faves, Katie Eary, paired with a black hoodie from his own MSFTSREP collection and baggy Monkee Genes pants. He finished the look with a set of silver rings, blonde tips, and his signature eyebrow raise.


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A$AP Rocky

A still from the "Fashion Dos and Don'ts with A$AP Rocky" video.
Photo: Courtesy of TheHour's YouTube Channel

Here at MTV Style, we spend all day every day blabbing about our own extreeeeemely strong fashion opinions, but sometimes (sometimes) we'll actually listen to the opinions of others. Fashion egghead A$AP Rocky is EXACTLY the kind of "other" we're willing to bend an ear for. He's well-versed in all corners of the industry from high fashion to streetwear. He's an excellent stylist and not afraid to take risks. He video chats with Alexander Wang and takes his Fashion Week experience to the next level, looking at home not just in the front row but on the catwalk, too. (Not to mention that the dude's devastating smile could probably charm us into just about anything.) The "Wild For The Night" MC sat down for Canadian late night talk show George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight to weigh in on some fashion dos and don'ts.


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Daft Punk shot by Hedi Slimane.
Photo: Dazed Digital

Many of us have been having summertime shimmying fantasies since the release of a new teaser for Daft Punk's new song "Get Lucky" with Pharrell and Nile Rodgers this weekend, and just today Dazed Digital posted two new images from Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Paris musicians project. The photo series, which you may recall also features Marilyn Manson, Courtney Love, Kim Gordon, and Ariel Pink, depicts musicians self-styled in new and iconic Saint Laurent looks. Like Kim Gordon, the robots of Daft Punk chose to go with perhaps the most iconic of Yves' creations: Le Smoking. The tuxedo jacket was originally designed as an androgynous alternative for an evening dress, making menswear oh-so-very-sexy for women, but overtime it has become such a classic example of exquisite tailoring that it's no longer entirely gender specific.


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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis perform for the 2013 MTV Movie Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis just hit the 2013 MTV Movie Awards stage for an expectedly ROUSING performance of their new single, "Can't Hold Us," and welp, it looks like our performance outfit predictions were only kind of wrong (or right, if you're one of those glass-half-full types). We may have most heavily bet on the Seattle MC wearing a full-bodied fur coat, but we DID still forecast a 25% chance of fringe. And fringe there most certainly was. It wasn't rendered in the sueded leather per usual but instead as regal golden rope all along the shoulders and hemline of Mack's cobalt red carpet cape with a LOUCHE patterned lining made by friend Logan Neitzel. This was just the start of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis' self-described "modern matador" performance steez.


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WHOA there, Justin Bieber! You definitely didn't give us much notice to mentally prepare for your new "All Around The World Video". Biebs tweeted yesterday, "I have a surprise for all my beliebers tomorrow... #AATWvideo," and while the hashtag kind of gives away the whole surprise element of it all, that's OK, we're glad to get a heads up. Because of this, we were totally eagle-eying Twitter this morning and on our tip-toes ready to pounce on the fashion game as soon as the video premiered. Taking the song's title to heart, the clip follows the star literally around the world, from performances to meet-and-greets to, yes, even an inside peek into his private jet (#swaggy). This tour footage means that we've seen most of these outfits before, but if you think about it, that's a good thing! Consider this sartorial whirlwind your chance to live vicariously through the Biebs (for a few minutes, anyway)... no passport required.


A still from Justin Bieber's "All Around The World" music video featuring Ludacris.
Photo: Island Records

Aw, the video opens with Justin ASLEEP on his private jet! (Side note: Does he actually sleep in a beanie?) But before long we get a glimpse at the rest of his outfit, which includes a black T-shirt, baggy black pants, and olive green sneaks. Moving on...


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Theophilus London Surface

Theophilus London shows off one side of his Surface to Air bomber jacket.
Photo: @TheophilusLondon's Instagram

Rapper Theophilus London is no stranger to fashion collaborations. He's hooked up with everyone from Del Toro to Stussy under his creative agency LVRS, and he's about to add another yet another name to his fashion resume—Surface to Air. We got wind of this hook-up thanks to a Mr. Porter interview from in the fall, and just last night he (finally!) debuted a piece from the collection via Instagram. In one elusive pic, Theo wrote "Testing 1 2 3," as he stood in the shade wearing a black bomber jacket with silver zipper detailing along the front and patches along the arm. Had Surface to Air not regrammed the photo with the caption, "Surface to Air x @theophiluslondon. Available soon. @lvrswatt #regram #surfacetoair #theophiluslondon #collabs," we never would've even KNOWN it was an original LVRS creation.


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Hey guys! Yes, we're talking to YOU. We all know that prom is a special occasion, a formal event, something you'll remember forever, yadda yadda yadda, but who says you can't be comfortable all night long while you're at it? Proving that prom doesn't have to be stuffy, this week we showed all the dudes out there how to look slick minus the traditional tuxedo action, and now we're taking things a step further (heh) with the very best sneakers to wear to prom. Believe it or not, your favorite casual brands CAN work with formalwear—it's just a matter of how you style 'em. Hey, if Frank Ocean, Logan Lerman, and Russell Westbrook can do it, why can't you? So get the lowdown below... you can thank us later.


Frank Ocean looks sharp in black lowtops at the 2013 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images/Mr. Porter

When it comes to classy sneakers, it really doesn't get more understated and cool than Common Projects. Luxe and subtle, these black leather lace-ups bring an extra dose of style anywhere... even your high school dance floor. While they're definitely not cheap at $390 a pop, Frank Ocean proves that this slick number is definitely worth saving up for. Start counting your pennies now!


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A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky for The Coveteur.
Photo: The Coveteur

As soon as you've broken the trance of A$AP Rocky's half-smile, we have serious FASHUN business to discuss. Evidence abounds that this Harlem-native is a bonafide fashion killa, and yet, with every new interview or, you know, transcribed phone call with Alexander Wang, we feel like we're learning SO MUCH about Pretty Flacko's sartorial philosophy. Honestly, a lot of the time he's dropping historical knowledge and sage style advice. It's fascinating. The Coveteur recently caught up with Rocky while on Rihanna's Diamonds World Tour in Toronto.

Earlier this week, a beauty-focused interview excerpt circulated wherein Dat PMF divulges priceless information about daily exfoliating, cleansing his face with Witch Hazel, his hair care regime, and his opinions on ladies wearing makeup. As if that wasn't illuminating enough, Coveteur has just dropped ROCKY'S FULL CLOSET FEATURE. There are Kenzo flat brims on cutting boards. There are Goyard bags on wardrobes. Best of all, though, there's another highly informative interview. Highlights include Rocky's casual mention of Alessandro Dell'Acqua amidst Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Dior without dropping a beat, and these are the five things we learned.


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