hair rings

Rings. For your hair.
Photo: Regal Rose

Tip: If you want to find some of the best hidden gems on the internet, head to the hair accessories section on any shopping website. Beyond the flower crowns and feather headdresses, there's some seriously insane stuff happening in those deep, dark corners of the web (see: floral cat ears). Just the other day, I discovered something called "hair rings" on Asos. It's exactly what it sounds like: rings you wear in your hair. You can buy a set of open silver or gold bands for either long, medium, or short strands ($13 to $20), which you place among braids or buns. Basically, it's the butterfly clip's badass older cousin.


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It happens at the beginning of every summer: I lay on the beach and envision my skin turning into a beautifully sun-kissed shade of bronze. By the time August hits, there's no tan in sight—just a peely nose, hot pink shoulders, and, ugh, freckles. As an adult, I've always shied away from too much sun time for fear of dark spots taking over my face, so when I saw Topshop was launching a freckle pencil this July, my speckled jaw dropped. Wait, people want melanin-pigmented abnormalities on their face? OK, fashion world. You've certainly got my attention.


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Gold Shoelaces

Would you pay $15K for these bad boys?
Photo: The House of Solid Gold

I don't have anything against rich people. I really don't. But when I stumble upon websites like House of Solid Gold and see they're selling shoelaces that are the same price as a car, thinking about whoever would buy them makes my right eye twitch. The e-commerce site is pretty self-explanatory: It takes everyday items and transforms them into all-gold masterpieces, and in theory, that's awesome. I've truly never seen a more badass set of nail clippers in my life, but the more time I spend on this site, the more and more insane depressing it becomes. So, I just had to share some of the craziest items with y'all. Tip: Don't look at your bank account before proceeding.


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Harmony Korine, the auteur behind Spring Breakers and Kids, directed Dior's latest fragrance ad. The commercial features a model wandering around a decked-out mansion before stumbling across a secret garden where a heavily remixed version of Die Antwoord's "Enter the Ninja" drops in. The last time Korine was tapped to direct a fashion film was 2011, for Proenza Schouler. It was widely panned.


Still: Christian Dior's Youtube channel

Korine's films tackle issues like poverty, mental illness, and dysfunctional families. He isn't a traditional filmmaker: His work is non-linear, experimental, and surrealist with elements of Vaudevillian minstrelsy, dark humor, and absurdism. In other words, he's never been one for mainstreamers, so it's interesting to see him so restrained. In honor of Harmony Korine, here's a roundup of other outlandish fashion films. This one's for the weirdos. Mazel.


Let's start off simple. In 2001, when the only songs by French robotic duo Daft Punk on your radar was the house favorite "One More Time" or the meme bait "Harder Better Faster Stronger", they were tapped by Gap along with Juliette Lewis to shill jeans. Oh 2001, what a year to be alive.


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Rihanna Rogue

Rihanna's gone rogue, y'all.
Photo: Rihanna's Instagram

Last summer, Rihanna released her fourth fragrance, Rogue, complete with an ad campaign featuring our girl curled up beside a life-size bottle of the scent partially naked with her gams and sultry stare on full display. You might remember it, but you also might not—mostly because Rih is becoming pretty well-known for flashing her skin around like it ain't no thang. (And we're not mad at that!) But, in the UK, the Advertising Standards Authority had a major problem with RiRi's "provocative" campaign.


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The #FreeTheNipple movement is officially taking over all forms of social media. After Rihanna deleted her Instagram a couple weeks ago (thanks to the photo-sharing app taking down her topless Lui magazine cover because it violated their TOS), there has been increased debate over the injustice of banning just female nipples on Instagram. Scout Willis protested this inequality by (legally!) taking topless pics in the streets of NYC and posting them to Twitter with the caption, "What @instagram won't let you see #FreeTheNipple." And with that, conversation about the movement (which, BTW, Miley Cyrus has been repping since December) became headline news.


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Summer Goth

The Cure, duh.
Photo: Getty Images

Yo. Fellow goth kids. Pause that Bauhaus album you've had on repeat since you "found yourself" sophomore year in high school and listen up for a sec. Summer is coming, aka our least favorite time of year (well, right after spring because, ugh, pastels and sunshine), and we need to prepare. Since it also happens to be World Goth Day and 90-degree temperatures are just around the corner, we can't waste any more time getting our summer goth look on lock. Let's do this.


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Lady Gaga

What season is it? It doesn't matter!
Photos: Getty Images/Splash News

In this day and age, it is very easy to check the weather. There are myriad options, from Weather Puppy, an app that provides a picture of a puppy along with the temperature, to your run-of-the-mill Weather Channel app. If you're old-fashioned, you can look out the window. If you're famous, you can ask your assistant/hair stylist/makeup artist/chef/millions of Twitter followers what it's like outside. Considering all the constantly updated weather information out there, I am baffled by the outfit Lady Gaga wore yesterday. TRULY BAFFLED.

Obviously, it's not out of the ordinary for Lady Gaga to wear an, um, unusual outfit. We've seen her carry a claw, wear white powder all over her body, and dress in an outfit made from coffee filters. We've even seen her wear another iteration of this plaid shirt/no pants outfit before (a few times, actually). My issue, however, is not with her lack of pants, but with the fact that she wore tights on a day that it was 75 degrees in New York. Tights weather is officially over, Gaga—embrace it!


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Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, Lady Gaga, Rihanna

Photo: W Magazine, Elle UK, Versace, Vogue Brazil

If you've had regular internet access for the past year, you've probably been noticing the same trend we have: All the celebs are going shirtless. ALL OF THEM. Granted, the whole concept of going shirtless or topless isn't new. For one, the Shirtless Cover Dude™ has been an integral part of Men's Health's business model for years. And as a rule, dudes baring their chests isn't all that uncommon to begin with, especially as we head into warmer months. Or if you follow Justin Bieber on Instagram (or on magazine racks [or at airport security]).


Shirtless boyz.
Photo: @austinmahone's Instagram/@justinbieber's Instagram/@maxthewanted's Instagram

But the practice of women stripping off their tops—outside of, like, a Playboy magazine—isn't nearly as commonplace. Or at least, it hasn't been until recent days and was perhaps never more prevalent than this week. We thought 2013 was going to be the most shirtless year ever. (I mean, 2013 saw the introduction of Best Shirtless Performance to the MTV Movie Awards!) We were wrong. Gone are the days of being excited/scandalized by the occasional no-bra red carpet ensemble, topless magazine spread, or nearly-nude selfie. These are everyday sights in 2014 and THEN SOME.


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Justin Bieber

"I am fashion" - Justin Bieber
Photo: @justinbieber's Instagram

It would seem that Justin Bieber just can't win. There was that time he hoped Anne Frank would have been a Belieber. Or when his bodyguards carried him up the Great Wall of China. And of course, most recently, he paid a visit to a controversial landmark in Japan. But you know where Biebs is winning? In the wardrobe department. Just look at that oversized KTZ T-shirt with a big ol' cobra and "POISON" written in Arabic (which, BTW, you can buy for yourself if you have $365 burning a hole in your pocket). Bieber's fashionable, and he knows it. So much so, that he captioned this snap with a weighty declaration: "I am fashion." Whoa. Not just fashionable or fashion forward. Bieber. Is. Fashion.


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