What? You didn't know Bruce Lee was a DJ?
Photo: @justinbieber's Instagram

Justin Bieber doesn’t always wear shirts (actually, make that rarely), but when he does, he makes sure they’re really cool—like this "DJ Bruce Lee" tee from Urban Outfitters ($28.00), for example. Yesterday, Bieber snapped a neck-down selfie of the soft knit shirt, which depicts Lee, a martial artist made famous in films from the seventies, as a modern-day DJ. HI-YAH! *wicki-wicki!* (That's a record scratch sound FYI.) In the re-purposed still, a shirtless DJ Bruce Lee looks all set to spin with his super-imposed headphones, a pair of tinted aviators and a gold medallion necklace (but in actuality, he was probably about to karate-chop the crap out of someone). “This shirt is so hard …” Bieber captioned the photo. (Not as hard as your abs! WHAAAT!)


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Nicki Minaj on set for her Kmart Collection shoot.
Photo: @nickiminaj's Twitter/a>

Nicki Minaj is “super, super excited” about her Kmart Collection and (duh) SO ARE WE. Barbz, it’s been almost two months since Her Minajesty revealed the first looks from her new line, and now—only a day away from its online launch—we’re still getting sneak peeks of never-been-seen-before outfits. GAH. Now, we have to change our whole shopping strategy. THANKS A LOT, NICKI. Earlier today, Minaj tweeted out some behind-the-scenes footage from her Kmart photoshoot (set to her single with Mavado, “Give It All To Me”) and we spied not one, but TWO, new hot pink outfits for two ~very~ different occasions.

The first is a matching two-piece hooded sweatsuit, appropriate for both chilling AND (if you add heeled booties and a studded cap, à la Nicki) very stylish errand running. Or maybe brunch. You do you. The second is a hot pink blazer and high-waisted, body-con skirt combo, perfect for distracting dudes in business meetings (although, probably not suitable *puns* for every office).


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The Carrie Diaries

Style yourself like Samantha.
Photo: CW/bebe

Rejoice: Young Carrie Bradshaw will finally meet young Samantha Jones! The Carrie Diaries doesn't return to our TVs until October 25th, but The CW released a poster for the second season, and we are so excited to see that it features Carrie and Samantha. All our old fashionable friends are back together! Actually, they're meeting for the first time (since The Carrie Diaries is a prequel to Sex and the City), but whatever. We are verrrrry excited to see what Samantha dressed like in the '80s: if this poster is any indication, we're in for some serious style.


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Curl up with a bowl of this clothing.
Kate Spade/Mr. Gugu & Miss Go/Society 6/Pozzanghere/Target

Happy Friday, y'all! Friday means new movie releases and movies mean POPCORN (at least in our minds, anyway). We scoured the interwebz for the best popcorn-themed food out there because--hello!--how awesome would it be to eat popcorn while wearing popcorn? Eating the popped stuff in normal clothes is fine, but in popcorn-themed swag? ONE MILLION TIMES BETTER. Plus, most of the stuff we found is perfect for ~lounging~. BRB, getting all this stuff, putting it on, microwaving some popcorn, and watching all the Netflix.


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Miley snaps a selfie in a shirt from Discount Universe.
Photos: @mileycyrus' Twitter/Discount Universe

Earlier this week, Miley Cyrus tweeted a mirror selfie while brushing her teeth with the caption #neverforget. We kind of walked away that day scratching our heads (Never forget … to brush for two minutes? Never forget … to keep your bedazzled phone charged?)—but now, after seeing pics of her wearing the exact same shirt in her very ~adult~ photoshoot with Terry Richardson (SUPER NSFW), it all makes a lot more sense (#neverforget the Terry shoot because BURNED into our brains forever). And since we’re clearly keeping tabs on every movement Miles makes (Heh. “Movement.” Get it? Like the documentary? Sorry, we couldn’t help it.), we decided to track down her crazy-vivid tee, which is still available for purchase! (Although, it’s mad expensive, so we’re not necessarily suggesting that you do.)


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Take me to your tacos.
Photos: Urban Outfitters/Shop Jeen/Zazzle/ODYSSEYROC/Amazon

Here’s what we like about tacos: Everything. Seriously, there’s nothing bad about tacos. I dare you to name one thing. Other than when the hard corn shell sometimes cracks and splays your taco insides everywhere. That sucks. But that doesn’t count, so name one more thing that’s bad about tacos. *hums Jeopardy theme* See? You can’t do it. If you make them the right way, you can pretty much hit up every single food group within a single taco. Can sushi do that? Nope. Can hamburgers do that? Nope. Can pizza do that? OK pizza can also probably do that, but today we’re talking about tacos. And in honor of tacos (hard AND soft), we’ve rounded up a slew of the most tasty taco gear around. Break out the guac, y’all!


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Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik on stage in a Misfits skeleton shirt.
Photo: @onedirection Instagram/Misfits Official Store

Looks like Zayn Malik has caught Halloween fever early. After a brief break, the One Direction guys are back on tour (thank you, we've missed you!) and in Australia. While the fivesome used to hit the stage in coordinated outfits, the Take Me Home Tour has been more relaxed, and allowed the boys to ~express their personal styles~ when performing. One member (see: Harry Styles) is even allowed to wear the same pants day after day. Being in 1D is so chill, man.


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Hailee Steinfeld for 'ASOS' magazine.
Photo: Michael Hauptman/Courtesy of ASOS

Hailee Steinfeld stays steady killing it with her style, so seeing her on the cover of ASOS magazine was a total DUH moment. “Fashion is something I’ve always been interested in,” she told the mag. “I used to watch the Oscars but paid no attention to the awards ... It wasn’t until I started attending red carpet events and was flown out to Paris for my first show, and saw how much is put into it all, that I had this new appreciation for everything. Now it’s become a huge part of my life.” OMG, SAMESIES! I didn't get into fashion until I was flown out to Paris for MY first show either! JK I have never been "flown" anywhere, unless you count my parents paying for half my flight home for Christmas.

At 16, the former face of Miu Miu makes high fashion look easy. She’s forever rocking the biggest names in the biz and has a keen eye for quirky details. Needless to say, if I can’t pay my rent next month, it’s because I purchased EVERYTHING she’s modeling. On the November cover of the U.K. retailer’s monthly mag, Hailee appears to have stumbled up on a super-sweet rope swing while frolicking in the woods, as you do in your Chelsea ankle boots. Wearing head-to-toe ASOS goods, I suddenly find myself in desperate need of an over-sized color block coat and leopard print pants: two things I would have never paired together on my own, but suddenly makes all the sense in the world.

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Jay Z

Jay Z's collaborating with Barneys.
Photo: Getty Images

Dads: notoriously hard to shop for. Luckily, this holiday season, those rumors that Jay Z might to team up with Barneys are true! AND Hov asked some of his fave designers to design exclusive pieces for his "New York Holiday" collection. So long, ties! See ya, shaving kits! Hello, Balmain scarves and Balenciaga leather backpacks. Jay tapped a number of high fashion labels including Lanvin, Rick Owens, Proenza Schouler, and Acne to design pieces in a black, white, gold, and silver color scheme. Subtle, but shiny. Jay also designed some collection pieces, including watches timepieces, and a cigar box humidor.


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Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain performs with Nirvana for "Live and Loud."
Photo: Getty Images

Typically when we think back on classic grunge style, our minds are flooded with a deluge of plaid flannel and Doc Martens. Oft overlooked but integral to Seattle grunge poster boy Kurt Cobain's signature steez was the nubbly, haphazardly worn, thick-knit sweater. We're looking back at the Nirvana frontman's iconic knitwear not just because it's autumn-appropriate or because we just miss them, but also because in honor of 20 years passing since the band's final album In Utero, we've just unearthed clips of the band's 1993 "Live and Loud" concert, performances of "Heart-Shaped Box" and "Rape Me" and previously vaulted, never-before-seen nuggets of "Very Ape" and "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" from the group's rehearsals and dude's brass buttoned Grandpa cardigan is giving us serious sweater envy.


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