Best Coast Our Deal Video

Best Coast's Bethanny and Drew Barrymore roll dice.

Remember last week? Whoa, do you remember last week? I maybe do not. Anyway, remember when you were neck-vein deep in all of our glorious Supervideo footage? And you were all, "Whaaa? A Drew Barrymore-directed Best Coast music video for that hauntingly tantalizing summerjam 'Our Deal'? Sweet, this rules. I am SO thankful (yeah, this is STILL you talking, you're also SO longwinded) these people made this for me and my face holes because it feels good and all these pretty, pretty people like Chloë Moretz and Tyler Posey are all googly-eyed and lovestruck and hugging all up on each other in fantastic jackets, which is just pleasant as experiences go."

And then, you turned on us, instantly ungrateful: While three minutes and change PLUS a bonus feature of the fashion closet AND another interview with the stylist Alicia Lombardini was cool, maybe you wanted more? Say, seven minutes more (boy am I ever GOOD at math!)? Well, it seems that your surly, squeaky wheelishness gets some good oil because we've got the EXTENDED supervideo for you today. Here it is. Motorboat it. Actually don't because these darling actors are sorta on the young side and you're being gross. Be cool, man. BE. COOL.


Best Coast 'Our Deal (Extended Version)'


Watch: The Drew Barrymore-Directed Best Coast Supervideo For 'Our Deal,' With Fashion Bonus Footage
Watch: Director Drew Barrymore And Stylist Alicia Lombardini's Wardrobe Tour Of 'Our Deal' Supervideo
Photos: Behind the scenes of Drew Barrymore's Best Coast Supervideo!

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Director Drew Barrymore and the Best Coast Supervideo stylist, Alicia Lombardini.
Photo: MTV

We know, we know, you CANNOT POSSIBLY be expected to keep your wits about you while we bust a DELUGE of Drew Barrymore x Best Coast 'Our Deal' Supervideo magic at you bubububuWAIT it gets MORE INTENSE. As we mentioned earlier, a big part of what makes this technicolor, multi-generational, mercilessly beautiful vision so engrossing is how involved the costume designer, Alicia Lombardini, was in the ideation of the final look. Director Drew Barrymore's aesthetic was peripatetic and SPRAWLING but the impressive part is how seamlessly the elements flowed together.

First of all, all the characters from Tyler Posey to Chloë Moretz and Donald Glover to Miranda Cosgrove, and even Bethany "Best Coast" Cosentino's cameo displayed a convincing, cohesive outfit. Once you've suspended disbelief that any warring squads could be SO ATTRACTIVE and well dressed, you can completely imagine each person selecting their respective ensembles as they go into battle.


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Miranda Cosgrove and Chloë Moretz on-set in the Drew Barrymore-directed Best Coast Supervideo for 'Our Deal.'
Photo: Estevan Oriol

OK, it's such a MAMMOTH COSMIC JOKE that I'm paid money to do this job sometimes. Like, to where I called my mom JUST to tell her I have a "business trip" that involves Drew Barrymore and that I "can't talk right now" because I'm "on location." ANYWAY, MTV Style's MEGA excited because finally, after many, many moons of waiting and hand-wringing and NOT BEING ABLE TO DIVULGE IN DETAIL about our next Supervideo, it is here. And ain't she a beaut (totally rhetorical question obvs)? For your eyeballing pleasure, we present the Drew Barrymore-directed video with Best Coast for "Our Deal." It's like Romeo & Juliet, where the Capulets are this gang called The Night Creepers and the Montagues are The Day Trotters. Holy swoon.


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Miranda Cosgrove and Chloë Moretz looking badass.

Have you ever met Drew Barrymore? It is basically the best thing ever. There's this odd halo around her head, and when she smiles with her eyes it's like a punch in the face. It. Is. So. Amazing. Essentially she is a goddess but that's beside the point. Entirely. She's also CUHRAZY talented as a director, and I had the fortune of being on-set for this Supervideo between Drew and one her favorite artists, Best Coast, for her song "Our Deal."

There were old-school Adidas galore, gobs of donated Levi's, leather jackets with hand-sewn patches, ENORMOUS hair, racks upon racks of the dreamiest sweaters and onesies, and there was even this embroidered HAWK on a crewneck cropped sweatshirt that made my face melt (don't worry, I held it far enough away that I didn't get any flesh juice on it). It was an awesome two-day shoot, craft services had at least six or eight types of candy, and by the way, no big deal, *shrugs unconvincingly* but Donald Glover, Miranda Cosgrove, Alia Shawkat, Chloë Moretz AND TYLER POSEY aka Gorgeousface McNomnompants from our own Teen Wolf were there.

Here's a sneak peek of the Romeo & Juliet-themed video. The "families" were called the Day Trotters and the Night Crawlers. There are brawls and breakdancers and graffiti. It was like a birthday party. Check it. OH, PS: Drew Barrymore's creative director is maybe the most handsome man in the world. He literally (and I hate when people use "literally" incorrectly) has the best hair. It is a water-colored dream sequence of AWESOME. Harps play when it moves. LITERALLY. ahhaha jk jk jk.

Tyler Posey is attractive.


If you want to see a super-cute interview with Drew and Bethany, check out our pals at Buzzworthy!

AND if you want to see this Supervideo in its entirety (of course you do), it airs NEXT Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 10 a.m. ET. Do eeet.

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Emma Roberts and Justin Baldoni.
Photo: Courtesy of Cults

Emma Roberts is one of Hollywood's young darlings, but it was an iconic French actress whom she channeled alongside Dave Franco (yep, that's James' younger bro below!) in the new Patrick Hoelck-directed Supervideo featuring the song "Go Outside!" by Cults. Let's take a peek at the clip's retro-style looks.

Emma Roberts.
Photo: Courtesy of Cults

Emma's voluminous hairstyle and kohl-rimmed peepers are an obvious tribute to French model and actress Brigitte Bardot. The sexy, just-rolled-out-of-bed 'do looks so effortlessy pretty, while the feathery/full lashes give the 20-year-old star a GORGE doe-eye look.

Emma Roberts and Dave Franco.
Photo: Courtesy of Cults

In these playful shots, Emma rocks a Zara Kids striped top, Gap black high-waisted skinny jeans, and a thick black headband with a '50s-style bump.

Dave Franco and Emma Roberts.
Photo: Courtesy of Cults

Dave looks equally chic in a Band of Outsiders ensemble, including a white and blue stripe button down and black trousers. James Franco, who?


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Anna Kendrick is one of our favorite rising style stars. Which is why we are so psyched to see her star in a brand-new video/short film/supervideo that MTV and Mean magazine released today. It features the music of LCD Soundsystem's song 'Pow Pow.' In the video, Anna Kendrick plays a goddess with magical powers, darting around Los Angeles encountering big, huge villian-y guys. But she doesn't look like your typical heroine. "The director [David Ayer] wanted Anna to look like somewhat of a free spirit," says Maya Krispin, the wardrobe designer for the video. "She is basically a goddess in disguise. She can play anyone she wants when she goes around as a normal, unassuming person among everyone else." See every outfit Anna wore in the supervideo, look by look, with commentary from wardrobe designer Maya Krispin below.


"The shot with all the accessories on the bed — this was where we see her picking out her character for the day. We basically wanted an array of accessories, all different, to show that she can be anything she wants depending on what she chooses for the day — things that she can combine with her outfits to turn her style into anything she wants. There was an array of various items, from jewelry to hairbrushes to handbags." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"Anna's dress was Twelfth Street By Cynthia Vincent. The rest of her look was all vintage, including her top and jewelry." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"She wore some lace-up brown boots with a chunky heel and socks, which only some people can pull off! We tried a bunch of looks, and this was our favorite and she felt most comfortable in it."
— Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"I loved the nude dress with her skin tone, and the sequins on the top worked really well with the lighting of the video." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

A shot of Anna Kendrick's vintage earrings.

"We wanted this scene to be more dramatic. This is where we find out that she is this super-human goddess. The white outfit was vintage. It is so different from the others that it just sets her up as someone completely different as a character, but we can tell that it is still her.The director [David Ayer] wanted something white and simple. It was actually two dresses that we combined to make into one, and connected with a sash." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"There was some bee symbolism that [director David Ayer] mentioned was important in this scene, and that is why she wears a brooch on her neck. She was meant to look like a goddess, but not the typical grecian goddess we are used to seeing. We wanted to do something different." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"Her face was meant to be quite pale, as she was playing a larger than life character." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer

"In this look at the end, a gym look, she is wearing a Alternative Apparel T-shirt." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer To be exact, the shirt is the aa1042w7 Washed Deep V Pocket Tee by Alternative Apparel ($34,

"I think the fashion contributed to the video by just sort of rounding out the character that Anna was playing — this free spirited, young, unassuming, ingenue-type girl (or at least that is the role she is going for that specific day in the context of the video)." — Maya Krispin, Wardrobe Designer


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