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Happy Birthday, America! While you may be getting on in years (you’re a stately 238 this year, congrats), you’ve still retained your sense of independence and fun, which is what we love about you. And while the Senate might frown on the use of wearing reproductions of the American flag on your clothes and accessories, we do not. We believe in life, liberty, and right to wear flag prints. In honor of your special day, we've rounded up a bevy of of babes, each wearing their own interpretation of Americana. Just a note. This roundup is best accompanied by a patriotic soundtrack and any of the following: a hot dog, a hamburger, and/or a sparkler. So, without further ado...



Britney Spears for 'Rolling Stone'.
Photo: Rolling Stone

Remember in 2000 when Britney Spears was on the cover of Rolling Stone wearing lace-up red leather pants and a midriff baring flag-printed halter top? Man, they grow up so fast, don't they?



Katy Perry in 2013 and 2010.
Photo: Getty Images

Katy Perry might be the most patriotic celeb there is (minus Springsteen because—really—no contest). The "Dark Horse" singer has done just about everything you can do: hang out with VP Joe Biden, offered to pen a theme song for Hillary Clinton, performed at Obama's campaign rally in 2012 in a spandex ballot dress, and performed for our servicemen at the "VH1 Divas Salute the Troops" concert in 2010 in a pair of hot pants, thigh-high white boots, and a flag halter top. Bruce? You might have some competition after all.


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Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks on the cover of 'Galore.'
Photo: Rony Alwin for Galore Mag

Azealia Banks (times three!) is on the cover of Galore's brand new Music & Friendship Issue. And, rather than having you traipse all over town to round up three different covers, as many mags do, Galore has given us three Azealias for the price of one. Multiple images means multiple outfits, which, maybe, should be the new cover standard?

The A.Z. front-and-center wears a metallic crop top and matching skirt, which, surprisingly, are not sold together but are the creations of two different companies: That's Totally Fine and This Is A Love Song. Along with coordinating metallics, the MC also shows off her affinity for pasties for the cover with some 3-D butterflies (and very little else). We've seen a lot of pasties in our day, but it's been a while since we've seen any that would mess with the drape of your shirt. (Side note: There are so many pasties in the world, y'all.)


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Azealia Banks

A Still from Azealia Banks' 'ATM Jam' video.
Photos: Universal Music Group

It's been a while since we've seen or heard from Azealia Banks. The release of her album, Broke With Expensive Taste, keeps getting delayed (right now it's slated to come out in January 2014), so she hasn't had much to promote. Last summer, though, she released "ATM Jam," a song produced by the man of summer 2013, Mr. Pharrell Williams. Today, the video was released, and it's so full of outfits and day-glo that we barely even noticed Pharrell doesn't make an appearance. Between electronically-altered outfits and actual clothing changes, there are a lotta looks: let's peep 'em all!

Azealia Banks

A Still from Azealia Banks' 'ATM Jam' video.
Photos: Universal Music Group

The video opens not with Azealia herself, but her three colorful friends. This one, who will be known as "Blue" from now on, matches her clothes to her hair throughout the entire video. In this first shot, she's wearing a blue crop top that has "Melons" emblazoned across the front because she loves fruit a lot, I guess.


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As far as festivals go, Glastonbury is one seriously epic musical trip. This four-day event truly stands in a league of its own, from the massive grounds (the fence stretches eight miles) to the notoriously dreary weather (Hunter boots as a fashion statement, y'all!) to the widely international lineup. And as much as we wish we could witness all 2,000 acts in person, even those of us not lucky enough to put their passports to use this weekend can still get filled in....well, fashion-wise, at least. Several of our favorite style stars hit the stages decked out in some majorly diverse looks. Whether it's Azealia Banks channeling a dino in a spikey bodysuit to the Haim sisters doing signature California cool, check out our top stylish performers below and try not to feel too much FOMO. It's the next best thing to purchasing a plane ticket to England, we promise.



Solange at Glastonbury.
Photo:Getty Images

Our girl Solange made her Glastonbury debut in a MAJOR way, dressed in a geometric print suit by Teatum Jones and Sophia Webster pumps. We already know that this lady looooves a good print, and she definitely didn't disappoint. Throw in some swingy braids, pink lips, and tons of attitude, and, welp, you've got yourself a killer performance outfit.


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Things can get a little bit messy at most music festivals (remember last year's tornado at Lollapalooza?!) but this weekend's Governors Ball was a true test in fandom, thanks to a little thing called MUD. After a massive rainstorm invaded New York City on Friday, festival grounds were mucky, dirty, and just plain gross for the rest of the weekend. While Mother Nature may have affected the audience wardrobes (trading sneakers for wellies was a non-negotiable in knee-deep dirt), luckily she didn't damper the rad performance outfits one bit. From Azealia Banks and her glowing neon onesie to Kendrick Lamar's wild graphic sweatsuit, see which artists hit all the right style notes at Governors Ball below.


azealia banks

Azealia Banks at Governors Ball.
Photo:Getty Images

Leave it to Miss Azealia Banks to bring a much-needed dose of color into the murky dampness of Saturday afternoon with her neon pink and orange ensemble. With multiple strategically-place cutouts and even attached gloves, this super-short romper gave everyone something electrifying to stare at while bouncing along to "212." The look is a complete 180 from her recent cat-inspired ensemble at the 2013 Life Ball, but capped off with back high-tops, she hit the coveted middle ground between glamorous AND festival-appropriate.


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azealia banks

Azealia Banks performs at the 2013 Life Ball.
Photo: Getty Images

Here's the thing about Azealia Banks: when she likes something, she really, REALLY likes it. Case in point? Her imitable mermaid steez, which has infiltrated into just about each and every aspect of the Harlem-bred rapper's persona. Her hair, her accessories, her mixtape name, her um, pasties....everything. And while that obsession with seapunk hasn't exactly died out, this weekend she paid homage to another one of her favorite fashion muses: the cat. Now, you might remember how almost exactly one year ago the MC channeled a feline at Prada's 2012 Met Gala party in full cat makeup. We're talking 3-D whiskers, black triangle nose, an extremely awesome cat eye (heh), the whole shebang. She even coordinated her handbags, sporting not one but TWO furry custom Prada kitten clutches in both white and black. That ensemble was definitely memorable enough on its own, but leave it to Azealia to one-up even herself this weekend.


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A Still From Azealea Banks' "Yung Rapunxel".
Photo: Polydor Records

Having just watched Azealia Banks' new video for "Yung Rapunxel" about, oh I don't know, 300 times, I can tell you that the world feels a little intense. An obvious homage to Aaliyah's iconic "Are You That Somebody," the atmospheric, graphic clip is a logical next step for Azealia aesthetically. Why so obvious, you ask? The first shot depicts Azealia, her eyes two different colors, wearing a bandana, with a bird of prey flying out of her third eye. Now, Aaliyah was as much known for her bandanas as for her washboard abs, and hawks feature famously in "Are You That Somebody." Since the influence is so clear, it's a true case of looking back while moving forward—pushing the aesthetics originally introduced in that video through even more evocative images. And the clothes! Azealia is giving us some major 1999 flashbacks with her raver steez, and as traumatic as U.F.O. pants were for me (we don't speak of that again), Azealia is WORKING some classic late '90s looks.


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It's the home stretch, y'all! We are soooo close to the end of the year, we can almost TASTE the Auld Lang Syne and New Year's glitterbombing. All month long, we've been counting down the biggest and best style moments of 2012 from the typical like best hair, nail art, and campaigns to the silly (e.g. cat ladies, sticker apps, and Instagram selfies). What's next on deck? A personal favorite: the year's best fashion lyrics.

MTV Style exists, in part, due to an intrinsic and unavoidable relationship between music and fashion. That happy creative marriage manifests itself in a couple of different ways from designers inspired by musical muses to high fashion performance outfits to renaissance musician/designers dominating everything from the runway to retail à la Kanye West and Jessica Simpson. The point of intersection we're interested in today is the "Fashion Lyric." Musicians, especially MCs, have been writing style references into their songs for years, but this year, fashion lyrics feel more prevalent than ever. I mean, what are the chances of both Yeezy and Nicki Minaj penning rhymes about Vogue EIC Anna Wintour in the same year? And believe us, that's only the tip of the iceberg. We made it our duty to sift out all the best nuggets from this year's offerings (yes, non-singles from new album releases this year were fair game!) and relay them back to you. Peep our round-up of the best fashion lyrics of 2012 from Macklemore & Ryan Lewis's ode to thrift shopping to A$AP Rocky's expert integration of Maison Martin Margiela, and there's even a nod to Lady Gaga's Philip Treacy runway wardrobe extravaganza. Enjoy!


Kanye West

Photo: Getty Images/MTV


Nicki Minaj, Anna Wintour

Photo: Getty Images/MTV


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Ahhhh, we're almost halfway through December, friends, meaning our "Best Of 2012" posts are almost halfway done. :( But before we get too sad, let's look back on all the awesome stuff we've covered so far. We dished on the best campaigns, best grills, best band style
and best celebrity nail art, just to name a few. So, sit back and relax as we keep all the goodness rolling out!

If there's one thing we're experts on here at MTV Style, it's HAIR NEWS. Some of the biggest hair transformations (see: Miley Cyrus) have caused the biggest waves (heh) on our blog, and we SO aren't mad at that. From killer retro updos to statement ponytails to super-short shaved 'dos, there wasn't as shortage of highly-talked-about locks over the past year. So, let's take a look back at all the best hair trends from 2012, shall we?


Best Hair 2012

Rita Ora, Gwen Stefani, and Ke$ha.
Photo: Getty Images

2012 was ALL about the bleached 'dos—the brighter and more platinum the color, the better. Our favorite bottle blondes included Rita Ora, Gwen Stefani and Ke$ha. Rita went for an old Hollywood look with soft, deep-parted waves, while Gwen rocked her sleek signature blonde hue. Ke$ha went all-out glam rock with her stick-straight platinum 'do, which carries tons of killer volume.


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Between the ridic nail art, band style, and facial hair happening this year, it's tough to keep up with it all before we officially cruise into 2013. But don't worry! We've got your back. The MTV Style crew has been scouring the internet for the ultimate best-of guide for 2012, and the best part is, it's only just beginning. Not that you REALLY needed an excuse to keep checking back, or anything...

Sure, advertisements are about pushing a product. But let's be real: sometimes the art direction, overall concept, or the star of the campaign is just SO good, that it doesn't even feel like an ad in the first place. These are images that you'll want to rip out (or print, because it's 2k12) and stash away in your drawer along with old issues of your favorite magazines or middle school art projects. At least that's how we feel, anyway, and we've waded through ALL of options this to year to present our very favorites. So whether it's starring a singer, an actor, or, ya know, a model, click through for the very best campaigns of 2012.


Katy Perry

Katy Perry for GHD.
Photo: Courtesy of GHD

With several GHD campaigns to her name already, Katy Perry has the super-glam, glossy fash thing on lock. But this shimmery edition stood out the most to us this year because a.) there's glitter, so obviously and b.) the combination of the Brooklyn bridge backdrop and seawater motif is just TOO good. Oh, and did we mention her side-swept purply-pink hair?! Well, let's just say Ariel would be jealous...


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