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Over the past week we've brought you a bunch of different prom dresses for every price point. Whether you're in the market for something under $150, over $350, or anywhere in between, we've got ya covered. Today, though, we're switching focus to something a bit more exotic, as far as prom wear goes—we're talking jumpsuits and rompers. Since the all-in-one pieces are having ~such a moment~ right now, there are a ton out there. We scoured a few of our fave sites and narrowed down the options into pieces you may actually want to wear in lieu of a dress. Peep them in all their glory below!



Photo: ASOS/Urban Outfitters

If you decide to wear a jumpsuit to prom, chances are you're pretty sartorially courageous. These full-length and solid-color jumpsuits combine the length and elegance of a traditional prom dress, but let you crawl into the back of a limo, no problem. The first option gives you a sparkly top and basic bottom—it looks more like a tucked-in shirt and pants than a one-piece ($103). The second option is black and features flared legs, which gives it a skirt effect ($79). In case you're worried you'll feel all buttoned-up next to your dress-wearing counterparts, fear not—the back on this bad boy is totally open. The third option is strapless and taupe ($122). You'll be able to accessorize with anything because it's so simple. The final option has a full front and back, but it's completely sheer thanks to its lace inserts ($122).


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Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez in a still from "I Luh Ya Papi" video and at the Grammys in 2000.
Photo: Island Def Jam/Getty Images

In addition to serving up a whole lotta half-naked dudes (#hey), Jennifer Lopez's new music video for "I Luh Ya Papi" serves up some gender equality realness. At the beginning of the video, a record label exec is pitching video locations to J.Lo and her friends (I always bring mine to meetings too) and they're, like, really terrible. A water park? How about no. The zoo? Hard pass. Jennifer and her friends decide the video should feature Jennifer in the role of a ~typical~ video guy, with the gender roles reversed. There is, for example, a shirtless man washing a car/his body while J.Lo and her friends look on. Typical Thursday where I come from, TBH.

One of biggest gender reversals in the video, at least fashion-wise, though, is when J.Lo dons a jumpsuit that is quite reminiscent of her infamous 2000 Grammys dress. I can't believe people made a big deal about this, you guys. She was wearing a full-length Versace gown that showed a little bit of chest and stomach skin. Everything else was covered. Simon Cowell wore deeper Vs on American Idol every Tuesday and Wednesday night on network TV. Anyway, it seems that because she is imitating men in her video, J.Lo wears a similar print in a similar color scheme, but it ends in pants, rather than a skirt. Talk about a power suit, riiight?


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The great thing about jumpsuits is they're an all-in-one outfit. That pretty much makes them perfect for last-minute holiday party dressing. No need for matching, tucking, or checking to see if your Spanx are showing. (The not-so-great thing about jumpsuits, however, is trying to take them off when you have to go to the bathroom, BUT you can cross that bridge when you get to it.) Let's focus on the positives, like how wearing one gives you an opportunity to really let your accessories shine. Or how you can slip on a chunky sweater over your jumpsuit if you get a little chilly, while still looking really put together. Or how much flexibility you'll have to do the limbo and/or cartwheels and other assorted acrobatics (if that's where your night takes each her own).

Regardless of whether you'll be standing, sitting, or shimmying under a bamboo bar, we've rounded up a few of our favorite jumpsuits that'll keep you looking limber at your next holiday shindig.



Jump around! Jump up, jump up, and get down!
Photos: Nasty Gal/Shopbop/Pixie Market/ASOS

Nothing says Christmas like a red hot one-piece! (According to Miley Cyrus, at least.) I have no idea how to get in or out of this cut-out number (I'm sure there's a zipper somewhere), but the plunging V-neck and crisscross back straps sure do make it a smokin' choice! Plus, it's on sale and available in all sizes ($47)! You could also try channeling your inner-Katy Perry in this silk, long-sleeve leopard-print piece (eye of the tiger/leopard, same difference) that—BONUS!—has a super-forgiving drawstring waist ($287). Perfect for a party where you'll be crushing hors d' oeuvres. Or, if you want to veer on the dainty side, try this teal, chiffon slip jumpsuit with a (mostly) open back ($55). Lined with lace at the bustier, it's basically the equivalent of wearing your robe in public, but with way more leg coverage. Finally, this long-sleeve one-piece from Asos, which is decked out in blue and green animal prints and red baroque flourishes, will have people checking you out all night ($91). And not just because you'll look like a walking Magic Eye!


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Lady Gaga leather jumpsuit

Lady Gaga in a full leather jumpsuit in NYC on Aug. 20.
Photo: Splash News

Hold on, y'all—just yesterday we obsessed over Lady Gaga's insanely on-point '80s steez, but she ALREADY swapped out her sleek, short 'do for voluminous golden curls and a futuristic head-to-toe leather jumpsuit. If it wasn't obvious already, Mother Monster is the master of transformation, and to be totally honest, we have absolutely no idea what to expect at her 2013 VMA performance this weekend. (Well, except for pure and total awesomeness #duh). She was spotted in NYC yesterday sporting a skin-tight leather number, and we have to admit she looked HOT—and we mean that literally. It's pushing 90 degrees right now in the Big Apple, and we have to give her may-juh props for pulling off a turtleneck and pants look without letting a single bead of sweat drip from her face. *golf clap*


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Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart evidently has a thing for sheer jumpsuits.
Photo: Getty Images

Looks like Kristen Stewart is a believer in the adage, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." And "it," in this case, refers to dressy, sheer jumpsuits. While other pop stars and Hollywood PYTs spent their Fourth of July holidays wearing various iterations of red, white, and blue, K.Stew spent Independence Day overseas at Zuhair Murad's Paris Haute Couture show in a black jumpsuit by the Lebanese designer. Granted, it's generally good form for celebs to sport the wares of any given designer whose show they're attending, and sure, the whole sparkly sheer look is kiiiind of Zuhair Murad's thing, but we refuse to ignore that this isn't that Kristen hasn't just worn this style once or twice but THREE times.


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Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga at the NYC Gay Pride rally.
Photo: Terry Richardson

For the first time since early this year, Lady Gaga chose NYC's Gay Pride Rally this weekend as her first public appearance post-hip surgery. Gagaloo didn't just show up, though. She spoke out in celebration of the Supreme Court's decision to rule the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional AND to perform an inspired a cappella rendition of the National Anthem, swapping in lyrics like "Oh say does that star-spangled flag of pride yet wave," and "O'er the land of the free and a home for the gay." Naturally, she also looked fantastic doing it.


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Miley Cyrus Willow Smith

Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith sport the same striped jumpsuit!
Photo: Getty Images

Honestly, we really hate pitting two people we love oh-so-much against each other, but when we noticed that Miley Cyrus and Willow Smith wore the EXACT same striped Chanel jumpsuit, we just had to talk about it. You might remember Miley sporting the black and white number back in March paired with a gold choker necklace, stacked bracelets, bright red lipstick, studded earrings and her signature blonde strands, but just yesterday, Willow stepped out wearing a similar get-up—complete with a new platinum 'do!


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Often when we think of Paris Haute Couture (you know, as we do), we imagine the world's best designers going buck wild, cobbling together teetering two-story-high platform heels, dreaming up dresses that look more like architectural masterpieces than cocktail party wear, and concocting hairstyles that seem to defy all laws of physics and gravity. The designs that traipse down the runways during this biannual City of Lights affair are often too fairy-tale fantastic for us to ever envision pulling off IRL. However, that doesn't mean there aren't real trends buried in the bells and whistles and Hot Wheels racetrack harnesses of Paris Haute Couture Week, though. Walk with us as we unpack some of the week's most relevant trends!


Zuhair Murad, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jantaminiau, Valentino

Jumpsuits at Zuhair Murad, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jantaminiau, and Valentino.
Photo: Getty Images

Nearly every designer at Haute Couture Week had a version of the jumpsuit, and most were printed, embellished, or constructed from metallic jacquard. Many of the long-pants onesies were also long-sleeved, like these looks from Zuhair Murad, Jantaminiau, and Valentino. But, a few, like this number by Jean Paul Gaultier, modelled by Karli Kloss, were strapless with a jacket worn over top.


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Formerly scoffed by many as the slightly less-beloved long-legged cousin of the romper, the elusive JUMPSUIT is working its way to becoming a commonly seen and widely accepted silhouette. That's right. The utilitarian onesie is no longer the exclusive uniform of skydivers and motorcycle racers. Nor is it relegated to the stage as a fanciful performance outfit in the form of a neon spandex catsuit. Nope. The jumpsuit is ready for real life where it can roam free in the wild of city sidewalks and cul-de-sac barbeques.

Riding the wave of the '90s revival alongside Justin Bieber and Willow Smith's classic sitcom t-shirts, Lady Gaga's vintage Versace, and Nickelodeon's '90s Are All That, the jumpsuit is cleaning up its act this time around, abandoning the painted-on plastic/latex/PVC of the nineties for more sophisticated, relaxed cuts and easy, (PRAISE BE) breathable fabrics. Sure, you end up basically naked every time you have to use the bathroom, but the refreshing figuration is WORTH IT.


Maria Menounos, Olivia Palermo, and AnnaLynne McCord wear solid jumpsuits.
Photo: Getty Images


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Jessie J performs at the Glastonbury Festival in Glastonbury, England, on June 25.
Photo: Getty Images

When we spotted British pop star (and fashion icon!) Jessie J performing at the 2011 Glastonbury Festival, we were more than a little impressed with her onstage ensemble, but we noticed something a bit strange—Jessie is sporting a GINORMOUS white boot! From whence did moon boot come? Did she break her leg? She did? And she's still performing? Whoa. Respect. Apparently Jessie J double fractured her left ankle after falling off the stage during a rehearsal (ouch), but you'd never know from her killer smile and seriously fierce aplomb.

At first glance, her Tron-inspired black and white jumpsuit makes our neck veins pulse with envy, but upon closer inspection, her beauty game is even MORE on lock. She rocked her characteristic, angular black bob with purple and gold rhinestones framing her royal purple peepers, which matched her lips in a solid shade of magenta. Her talon-esque gold nails complemented her huge doorknocker necklace and two-finger wing ring PERFECTLY. And we even think it's cute how she wore Wellies on stage just like the muddy crowd. Awww. Our girl deserves that velvet throne—even with a broken ankle she STILL reigns fashion queen.

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