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Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Georgia May Jagger will all walk at the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony.
Photo: Getty

Supermodels at the Olympics? What will they think of next? What was at first just a rumor has now been confirmed: an all star cast of British models will be taking to a specially designed catwalk as a part of the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony, which is titled "A Symphony of British Music." The blowout celebration, which will also include performances from Adele, Queen, One Direction and George Michael, will showcase designers Vivienne Westwood and Alexandre McQueen. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell and Georgia May Jagger will be joined on the runway by Stella Tennant, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and Lily Cole. Everyone appearing at the event is reportedly doing it purely for love of country--spokespeople for the Olympics say that the fee for each performer is a single pound, or, in US dollars, approximately $1.55.


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This isn't to say that the well-dressed men and women of the world are a dime a dozen, but when TWO sartorially savvy individuals come together in one supernova of couple FASHUN, it's hard not to sit up and take notice. Fine, celebs have other humans who concoct outfits for them and lend them all the runways' latest swag, and that makes the likelihood that we drool over their vestments that much greater. But duo looks that are both coordinated and NOT disgustingly matchy-poo? Well, that's a fashion unicorn, no matter your tax bracket. It's rare when two stars step out in a pair of looks that strike such a harmonious aesthetic chord as the following couple outfits that we've deemed the Best of 2011, so in their honor, we're glorifying the ish out of 'em. Enjoy!


Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber at the 2011 American Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

We've been all over these Lovebirds Of The Year (a title awarded just now by me, the sole judge), Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, for their adorable couple style from Day 1. But when Selieber hit the red carpet for this year's American Music Awards and turned it waaaaay out in these Gatsby-esque Old Hollywood ensembles, we just about lost it. From the pewter silk to the '20s evocative fringe, the tailored velvet to that SIDE PART, our eyes lit up like so many color-changing Lisa Frank hearts. The retro styling on pop music's latest teen king and queen created a red carpet step-and-repeat juxtaposition so refreshing that we can't imagine forgetting it next year either.


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Katy Perry Cowboy Birthday Party

Katy Perry at her Wild West Ho Down Throwdown birthday party.
Photo: Courtesy of The Cobrasnake

So, Katy Perry threw a birthday party, and in TRUE Katy fashion, she went ALL. OUT. Even though her actual birthday was in late October (the 25th to be exact!), she continued the celebration by throwing a "Wild West Ho Down Throwdown" themed fete and invited allll of her cute-to-boot friends. I mean, we're not really THAT into theme parties, but when we were perusing through Mark The Cobrasnake's photos, we began to SERIOUSLY rethink every Cowboys and Indians college party we were invited to—our outfit could've been so much cuter. Just look at Katy! She wore a head-to-toe pink, black, and white outfit straight from Jeremy Scott's spring 2012 collection, and (as you'll see in the last photo) she even got a customized studded vest that says "Bday Gal" on the back! Adorable. Jeremy also showed up to the shindig wearing a pink and green fringe vest from his spring 2012 collection, and, um, some very revealing chaps. (Scroll down for the money shot.) Katy and Jeremy are obviously besties, and there's nothing we love more than seeing one of our favorite artists and designers collab for an all-out adorable ensemble. Other highlights from the party include: Robyn dressed up as a cactus (yes, THAT Robyn), Russell Brand as a shirtless Indian, and Katy Perry shooting another cowboy with her pink rhinestone gun. Uh-mazing. Peep TONS of photos below!!!


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Katy Perry.
All Photos: Courtesy of Katy Perry's YouTube channel

Is there anything quite as universally appealing as backstage footage? Sure, there's world peace and eradicating hunger, but nothing blows my mind quite like seeing that my favorite artists are not robots built for my entertainment, but are, in fact, real humans who eat food and work out and have relationships with other humans just like ME! When Lady Gaga started posting her "Gagavision" videos to YouTube, I was totally brought back to the days when I watched the VHS of Hanson's documentary, 'Tulsa, Tokyo, & the Middle of Nowhere' until the tape wore out. AND THEN, Katy Perry releases a new 'Candyfornia Candids' video from the Europe leg of her California Dreams tour, and I cannot be held accountable for my unintelligible screams of elation/buckling over in joy-induced sobbing/etc etc. JUST LOOK PLS THX.


An army of gingerbread men forms a kickline with Katy dressed in a skirt made of a giant strip of candy buttons, while one human man holds her up in a stunt (and maybe also provides a seat for her with his head).


Katy's on-the-road stylist extracts the blue wig from her head with clinical precision. In other news, I now can't stop picturing the wig as an autonomous, sentient being that survives by attaching itself to a host head. Sorry 'bout it.


Once the wig is removed, we see the intricate hair-sculpture that lies beneath. The helmet of bobby pins and minibraids looks kind of bizarro from behind and appears to be shellacked in place with an industrial supply of gel, but I bet those baby pigtail/flyaways still look totally cute on Katy from the front view.


Letting her scalp and natural hair come up for a little air, Katy dons a sweet embroidered and appliqued peach number to sign autographs.


This is the kind of stuff I imagine many catnip dreams are made of... MEOW!


Here's to you, Lilac-wigged Lollipop Dancer. You are an inspiration to amateur photo-bombers everywhere. Your relaxed stance, self-satisfied expression and clear full-body inclusion in this shot of Katy Perry with an excited fan are achievements I can only dream of one day accomplishing. *bows*


If cotton candy were a person, it would be Katy Perry — this belted, retro-style dress is TOO CUTE.


If I were within arm's length of Katy Perry, I wouldn't look half as composed as these girls do. Instead of polished polka dots and curls, you'd just see a tornado of frizz and vertical stripes. Of mascara down my face.


The best accessory... JK objectifying boys is wrong, but Russell Brand had to know he'd look omnomnom-errific in that expertly tailored vest and tousled hair.


Katy has every right to celebrate. Looking like a stone-cold fox in a fluffy pink tutu, encrusted heart-shaped bodice, and lavender arm-warmers (rather than a crazy lady with a Peter Pan complex) is no easy feat.


WHAT. This track jacket. The technicolor button embellishments. The pristine blue wig. *jealousy consumes*


Never have I ever wanted something like I want this bubblegum-pink Victorian-esque sofa. And maybe also those lucite end tables. And that metallic ruffle-necked rainbow-stripe leotard.


Even in sweatpants, a bubble jacket, and Uggs, on hour number 2.456534 million of a tour, Katy is 100 percent Grade A 'DORBZ, but you don't have to take my word for it. Peep the vid in its entirety for yourself. We hope she drops more STAT. *taketaketaketaketake*


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Katy Perry from her 'E.T.' music video and Kabuki.
Photo: Courtesy of Katy Perry's Facebook page/Kabuki

ZOMG. So you've all seen Katy Perry's "E.T." video by now, right? Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the space-alien, fantasy scape is no doubt gorgeous, but the one aspect that we must pay heaping scads of homage to is how AWESOME the makeup is. We'd been stalking the looks for weeks now, but when Katy revealed via Twitter yesterday that none other than THE KABUKI (you should totes follow him, he just joined) was the man behind the magic, we were just BESIDE OURSELVES with joy and excitement. Kabuki is an unimpeachable legend and GOD in the field. He's worked with Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and went so far as to be a consultant on projects with Kanye, the entire cast of Sex And The City, the Disney TRON movie aaaaaaand once upon a time even modeled for Thierry Mugler. We were lucky enough to catch up with the sickeningly talented artist to talk about what it was like onset at the "E.T." video shoot, his proudest career moments, and Katy Perry's plans to send Russell Brand into outer space! Literally!

Whoa, so you've worked with EVERYBODY, but let's start with your latest project that premiered just today, Katy Perry's "E.T." video. Super ambitious, right? What was the process like?

Makeup megastar and fantasy god Kabuki: I received the 24-page treatment and my imagination started working overtime. The director, Floria Sigismondi and Katy already had mood and a story line, so I did an outline sketch of Katy’s face so I could illustrate my makeup ideas on paper for their feedback. We agreed on our favorites. There was a great creative synergy on the set. And we chose an alien look, a fawn look and a tribal look.

Crazy hours?

There were two shooting days, and Katy was totally hands on in the best possible way. She knows what looks good on her but allowed me the freedom to do my thing. Both shoot days were long (the second day was, like, 15 hours), but we got it done and it was exciting to see her perform and bring the looks to life.

Two days to get all those looks. Wow. Were you nervous at all?

One of my biggest worries was, 'Is Katy Perry going to sit still for hours in a makeup chair and let me go a crazy with her face? [But] Katy is quite a trooper and a delight to work with. We developed a great rapport and she told fun stories, like how she wanted to buy her new husband, Russell Brand, tickets to a flight to outer space.

As you do...

James Franco on the 'Candy' cover and a 'Vogue' cover.
Photo: Courtesy of Candy/Vogue

Name some people, living or dead, that you would lovelovelove to work with?

Cher, first and foremost; David Bowie in 1972, his glam rock period (I wouldn't be a makeup artist if it weren't for him); Grace Jones; Elizabeth Taylor; Greta Garbo – an endless list, really.

'Paper' magazine cover and the NARS Fall 2005 ad campaign.
Photo: Courtesy of Paper magazine/NARS

Man, you've given us so many memorable moments. What career highlights are you most proud of?

Working with Michael Jackson for Ebony and L'Uomo Vogue. Those were his first photo shoots in 10 years, and they wound up being his last. That's something that I'll always cherish. I'm also proud of my work with Lady Gaga for the 2009 VMAs because it seemed to me that that was when she had arrived. Kylie Minogue is awesome to work with. And all of these shoots that I've done with fashion photographer Steven Klein.

Amazing. *swoons*

Michael Jackson on the cover of 'Ebony' and 'L'Uomo Vogue.'
Photo: Courtesy of Ebony/L'Uomo Vogue

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Kanye West at the Givenchy show in Paris on March 6.
Photo: Getty Images

• It seems that everyone is swagjacking Kanye West's style this week—both Liv Tyler AND Brad Goreski turned up in similar ensembles! But those aren't the only celebs to go matchy poo. Tell us who won these fashion face-offs: Nicky Hilton vs. Jaime King and Amanda Seyfried vs. Hailee Steinfeld.

Katy Perry looked ridic cute carrying around her portable A/C unit at a Paris fashion show! Or as some call it—a "fan." Awww, you guys... "fan" reminds us of fat Karl Lagerfeld. We miss that guy sometimes.

• What were hot dudes up to this week? Bradley Cooper looked surprisingly studly with bedhead, Hugh Jackman's dog put up some stiff style competition, Russell Brand cleaned up his act (and we love it!), Alan Cumming worked it in a NYC rainstorm, and Ian Somerhalder, Penn Badgley, and Matt Bomer bared their chesticles.

• HEY! Kate Middleton! Buy one of these wedding dresses! They would be PERF for the big day. #justsaying

• This week in breaking trousers news: Taylor Momsen actually wears some (gasp!) and Georgia May Jagger makes her own.

• So, if Rihanna would've been in The Bodyguard remake, this is proooooobably how she would've looked.

Alice In Wonderland star Mia Wasikowska is proving to be quite the style maven. Let's take a look back at all of her best looks.

• Kat Graham shot the video for her new single "I Want It All," and we got a sneak peek! Not only does her hair look full and fabulous, but she's sporting a chain bustier by The Blonds. Want it. Now. All. Thanks.

• Question: Do we love this Emma Stone outfit? Help us decide! #weirdtresting

• Spring trends are in full force. This week we loved: ankle strap shoes, harem pants, flared trousers, slick suits, and feather earrings.

• And last, but CERTAINLY not least, our little Friday GIF to you: Chloë Sevigny's hypnotic face.

Have a stylish weekend, friends! We'll catch up with you Monday morning.

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Russell Brand in New York on March 8, at the Oscars in Hollywood on Feb. 27, and at 'Cosmopolitan' magazine's Fun Fearless Males of 2011 event in New York on March 7.
Photo: Getty Images

Remember that ol' kooky-haired eyeliner wearin' wild child Russell Brand? Well, while his dirty mouth hasn't changed, the comedian sure tidied up his look with sleek suits and (gasp!) non-teased hair. We spotted him in New York yesterday wearing a perfectly tailored burgundy suit with a crisp white shirt, lean black tie, lace-up boots, and aviators. At the Oscars, Russell sported a black-and-blue suit with a matching checkered shirt, black satin tie, and black shoes. Earlier in the week at a Cosmopolitan event, the Brit wore head-to-toe slate gray and a SUPER WINSOME smile (awww). We give Mr. Brand propers for not relying on a plain black suit, like, ever and for getting suited and booted without transforming into a total snoozefest formalborg. Our favorite? His burgundy ensemble. So simple. So clean. So... hot.

+ Which Russell Brand suited-up look do you like best?

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Who says you have to wear a floor-grazing gown to look good at the Oscars? These fly guys sported tuxes and suits, and—thanks to a few personal touches—looked just as fierce as their female counterparts.

'THE SOCIAL NETWORK' CUTIES: Andrew Garfield (in Louis Vuitton), Justin Timberlake (in custom-tailored Tom Ford), and Jesse Eisenberg (in classic tux with a skinny tie) proved that just because you play a geek on TV doesn't mean you're not chic in real life.

Andrew Garfield, Justin Timberlake, and Jesse Eisenberg on the Academy Awards red carpet on Feb. 27.
Photo: Getty Images

BOWS FOR THE BOYS: Mark Wahlberg (in a Giorgio Armani two-button tux), Josh Hutcherson (in a perfect-fit ensemble), and Mark Ruffalo (in a sharp tux with a black-buttoned shirt and Tods shoes) look just as comfortable in a suit and bow tie as they do in roughed-up jeans and a tee.

Mark Wahlberg, Josh Hutcherson, and Mark Ruffalo on the Academy Awards red carpet on Feb. 27.
Photo: Getty Images

GUYS IN TIES: Josh Brolin, Russell Brand, and Christian Bale put their own twist on the standard suit and tie ensemble. Josh chose a navy suit with a royal blue tie, Russell spiced up his look in a striped shirt, and Christian rocked triple-black.

Josh Brolin, Russell Brand, and Christian Bale on the Academy Awards red carpet on Feb. 27.
Photo: Getty Images

Top Looks
Top Trends
Red Carpet Live Blog

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8:26 pmNatalie Portman glows as she shows off her growing baby bump in a violet silk chiffon Rodarte gown with matching shoes and fringe earrings.

Natalie Portman on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

8:16 pmZachary Levi, who is singing with Mandy Moore at tonight's show, proves (once again) why we chose him as a Hottest Hustler a few weeks ago. This guy looks amazingly sharp from neck (the bow tie!) to toe (the shiny lace-ups!).

Zachary Levi on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

8:01 pm — We're seeing a trend! Sandra Bullock ALSO wore red on the red carpet. Her pick: a classic and beautiful Vera Wang strapless gown with a full and fabulous bustle.

Sandra Bullock on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

7:56 pmGwyneth Paltrow looks sleek and modern (like we'd want to look on a red carpet!) in a metallic gold Calvin Klein gown with a deep skinny V-neck front.

Gwyneth Paltrow on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

7:53 pmJustin Timberlake might just be the best-dressed man on the red carpet. Probably because his Tom Ford tux is custom-tailored to fit him like a glove.

Justin Timberlake on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

7:51 pmNicole Kidman, who is nominated for Best Actress, looks statuesque in a strapless origami-style Dior gown.

Nicole Kidman on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

7:49 pmReese Witherspoon took a cue from all of the men in black and white tuxes. She's rocking a strapless B&W Armani Privé gown with a super-subtle train.

Reese Witherspoon on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

7:44 pmHalle Berry can do no wrong, especially when it comes to her dress picks. She looks flawless in a nude glittery Marchesa dress with tulle details around the skirt.

Halle Berry on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

7:41 pmAndrew Garfield, who is presenting tonight, looks totally dapper in a Louis Vuitton tuxedo (with a bow tie) and shoes.

Andrew Garfield on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

7:35 pm — Presenter Hilary Swank rocks a glittery strapless gown by Gucci. The silver feathers around the skirt are so funky and fun!

Hilary Swank on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

7:33 pm — Best actor nominee Jesse Eisenberg makes nerdy look so freakin' chic in a classic black suit with a skinny tie.

Jesse Eisenberg on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

7:24 pm — Who's digging the lacy, form-fitting Dolce & Gabbana gown that Scarlett Johansson is rocking? WE ARE!! Our only critique is that the maroon hue doesn't pop off the red carpet as much as we'd like it to.

Scarlett Johansson on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

7:09 pm — In a sea of black and white tuxes, Jennifer Hudson brings a pop of color in this tangerine Versace halter dress. And the word on the street is that she's wearing purple shoes underneath!

Jennifer Hudson on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:59 pm — Bucking the black-and-white tux trend, Russell Brand wears a black-and-navy ensemble with a horizontal striped shirt.

Russell Brand on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:57 pmAmy Adams' L'Wren Scott '40's-style glitter dress is fab, but the biceps that she's baring are even more awesome!

Amy Adams on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

6:53 pm — Lovely is probably the best way we can describe Michelle Williams' look—her lightly coiffed pixie, her circle diamond earrings, and her glittery Chanel frock.

Michelle Williams on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:51 pm — Performer Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine wears a lot of nude/beige on red carpets, so this lacy Valentino number was no big surprise. But we love it nonetheless!!

Florence Welch on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:48 pmAnne Hathaway looks red hot in a strapless, body-hugging Valentino gown. Check the gorgeous train details!

Anne Hathaway on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:44 pmMandy Moore, who is slated to perform tonight, may have looked to "Oscar" for inspiration—she sparkles in a glittering gold Monique Lhuillier gown.

Mandy Moore on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:34 pmMila Kunis dazzles in a peekaboo lavender lace tiered Elie Saab dress paired with pink clutch and minimal jewelry.

Mila Kunis on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:28 pm — Cutie Hailee Steinfeld takes a cue from Black Swan in a ballerina-esque light pink Marchesa gown.

Hailee Steinfeld on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: Getty Images

6:15 pmJennifer Lawrence heats up the red carpet in a fiery Calvin Klein Collection gown. One word: smokin'!

Jennifer Lawrence on the Academy Awards red carpet.
Photo: WireImage

The 83rd Annual Academy Awards is tonight! Will King's Speech win for Best Film? Will Natalie Portman take home an Oscar for her role in Black Swan? Who knows! The more important question (as far as we're concerned) is: What will the stars be wearing? Will young nominee Hailee Steinfeld rock something new from Prada or something vintage? Will cohost James Franco keep his ensemble classy or kooky? Well, it's time to find out. We'll be here live-blogging the red carpet arrivals, so come back and tell us what you're loving/hating. And for the whole kit and caboodle, click here to check out the MTV Style Academy Awards fashion gallery!

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The style theatrics witnessed on the red carpet at last night's 53rd Annual Grammy Awards were just the beginning. Onstage was where the real fashion drama went down. Performing stars slipped out of their fancy suits and frocks (or their green egg, in Lady Gaga's case), and into fierce performance outfits.

KATY PERRY: Love was in the air when Katy Perry hit the stage to perform. While footage of her wedding to Russell Brand played in the background, Katy, in a bejeweled Giorgio Armani tutu, belted out "Not Like the Movies." So sweet.

Katy Perry performing at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

LADY GAGA: After teasing everyone on the red carpet by incapsulating herself in a womb/egg, Lady Gaga emerged in a Mugler by Nicola Formichetti-designed yolk-colored while performing "Born This Way."

Lady Gaga performing at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

RIHANNA AND EMINEM: We've seen this duo perform together before, and (save for Eminem's constant serious-face) they always seem to shake it up style-wise. This time, Rihanna wore a blooming yellow and black Christian Dior ball gown, while Eminem wore a black leather jacket with a hoodie and black jeans.

Rihanna and Eminem at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

CEE LO GREEN AND GWYNETH PALTROW: While Gwyneth Paltrow looked rather demure (if you don't count the time she jumped on the piano and started dancing around), Cee Lo Green totally outdid himself during his performance of "Forget You." The rapper dressed as a peacock muppet. Need we say more?

Cee Lo Green and Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

JADEN SMITH, JUSTIN BIEBER, AND USHER: In the shock of the night, boy-phenom Justin Bieber walked away with zero Grammys (he's young...he still has time), but he did perk up the crowd with a medley performance of his songs. Jaden Smith (in leopard print pants) and Usher (in an electric blue getup) gave him moral support.

Jaden Smith, Justin Bieber, and Usher at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

RIHANNA AND DRAKE: Wearing a fringed bustier set, Rihanna shook and shimmied onstage during a calypso-like rendition of "What's My Name," which she performed with Drake, who wore all black (what's up with the rappers wearing straight black onstage?).

Rihanna and Drake at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Top Trends
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